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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Truths Told Out of Season ...

...are the same as lies.

The Zombies
Time Of The Season

WOE UNTO HIM. Apologist. Appeaser. Coward.
"Muslims and Christians, precisely because of the burden of our common history, so often marked by misunderstanding, must today strive to be known and recognized as worshippers of God, faithful to prayer, eager to uphold and lift by the Almighty decrees," the pontiff said in an address at the King Hussein Bin Talal mosque in the Jordanian capital, Amman.
That's right.

Gaza's Little Helpers

What a drag it is getting old....

Germany's Steinmeier Calls on Israel to Support Two-State Peace

I got two words for Steinmeier. From one state.

Israel FM to run 'strategic dialogue' with US: sources
If I were him I would tell us absolutely ZERO.

Israel-Palestinian talks must address core issues: Blair

This from the man who was go between for Hamas and Gerry Adams.
Okeedokee then.

Netanyahu: Israel in Golan for good
This better be more than lip service, BiBi.

Israel Says Its Foreign Minister Has Been Invited To Egypt

We have all heard about this by now:
Obama to Address Muslim World From Egypt

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood dismisses Obama speech

Al Ikhwan is not impressed.

A Talk with President Obama's Advisor on Muslim Affairs, Dalia Mogahed

Q) How do you feel about being the first Muslim appointed to the Obama administration?

A) I am not actually the first Muslim. Other Muslims have been appointed to Obama’s administration. I am also not the only Muslim on the Whitehouse advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnership. I join Dr. Eboo Patel as the second Muslim on the council. I am however the first Muslim woman in this council and I feel very honored for the privilege to serve in this way, but I also recognize the responsibility that I’ve agreed to take on. I see my role much more in terms of what needs to get done rather than a historical accomplishment. I believe the accomplishments are yet to be fulfilled.

Q) Do you experience any problems wearing the Hijab in America and do you feel that it is necessary to wear it to express and identify yourself as a Muslim?

A) Hijab of course immediately identifies me as a Muslim which is an identity I wear with tremendous pride. However, I wear Hijab because, like the majority of Muslim women who wear it, I understand it to be a tenant of my faith, not to make any specific statement. Though it isn’t easy looking different in any country, I believe the US is one of the most accepting societies in the world. Most importantly, we hold religious freedom as a sacred value, and we have been a beacon and an example of this for the world. Our nation is strengthened, not threatened by allowing each person to practice their faith freely. As President Obama so eloquently said, “Our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.”

Mogahed Gets Around:
Mogahed travels the globe engaging diverse groups on what Muslims around the world really think. Her audiences have included the High-Level Group of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the Community of West and Islam Dialogue (C-100) group of the World Economic Forum, the Brookings Institution's U.S.-Islamic World Forum, British parliamentarians, American senators, and religious leaders from every faith. She has discussed Gallup findings with a wide range of opinion leaders, including Madeleine Albright, Deepak Chopra, Stephen R., Covey, Quincy Jones, and Jeffrey Sachs; Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman; evangelical leader Richard Land; bestselling author Karen Armstrong; U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel; Muslim activist and teacher Amr Khaled; and Sheikh Habib Ali al-Jifri, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Her Majesty Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan, as well as two of the highest authorities of Sunni Islam, the Grand Muftis of Egypt and Bosnia, their Excellencies Dr. Ali Gomaa and Dr. Mustafa Ceric.
Gen.: Taliban Hit Civilians, Blamed US

US to meet Pakistan's security needs
The U.S. Acting Secretary of Defense William "RAYTHEON" Lynn has assured President Asif Ali Zardari that his country will meet the security needs of Pakistan, to enable it defeat militancy and promote peace and security in the region.
Pakistan faces full scale war against the Taliban

Pakistani offers assurances on nuclear control
Is it wrong that I am laughing maniacally now?

You call it aid. We call it JIZYA
The first of the two packages is a $90 billion supplemental request for funding this year for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that includes nearly $1 billion in emergency aid to Pakistan. That money would include $400 million in new military aid, mostly for equipping and training Pakistani security forces for counterinsurgency operations. Also in the package is $500 million in economic aid to Pakistan and nearly $1 billion for economic development in Afghanistan.

The second proposal is a five-year, $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan that would shift the emphasis of US assistance from the Pakistani military, where it was lavished during the Bush administration, to development and services-building projects aimed at improving the lives of average Pakistanis.

But the Pakistani military would not go begging under the Obama administration requests, which call for $3 billion in aid to Pakistan’s military over the next five years. Last week Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, speaking on Capitol Hill, outlined a plan to basically use wartime powers in Pakistan to quickly move new Pentagon funding into providing counterinsurgency training and equipment.

Washington committed to seeking Syria-Israel deal

US envoy on new 'constructive' visit to Syria

Senior US envoy Jeffrey Feltman said he held "constructive" talks on Thursday with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, on his second visit in two months to try to improve ties with Damascus.

"We noted in our discussions improvement in our ability to work bilaterally with the Syrians since our last visit here two months ago," said Feltman, acting secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs.

Despite US Outreach, Syria Affirms Iran Ties

Iran's former PM vows to improve ties with world
Oh those whacky Glow Ballin' Mythical Moderate Taqiyyalopes!

Senators Explore Engagement with Iran
Behold the Compliciot Whores of Your Caliph Fate
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is exploring the pros and cons of talks with Iran, proposed by six major world powers including the United States. The talks would discuss Tehran's nuclear program. US Senator John Kerry says the U.S. is not interested in promoting regime change and instead is focusing on engagement.
CNN: Iran could have enough material for nuke in months

Iranian Nuclear Work Unhindered by Sanctions, CIA Report Says

Claims of 'brisk' Activity at North Korea Nuclear Site

Oh I'll bet.

Obama Releases Details Of Budget Plan

Obama's Budget Eliminates New Funding for Nuclear Detection

Senate Passes Overhaul of Defense Procurement

Obama budget allocates $130 billion for 2 wars
One suposedly against them, one definitely against you
President Barack Obama's proposed defense budget includes $130 billion for the nation's two wars, a figure that may not be enough.And his Democratic allies in Congress are threatening to set conditions that must be met before that money is handed out.

Obama sent to Congress on Thursday details of his proposed $664 billion Pentagon spending plan for the budget year starting in October. It includes $534 billion for base defense programs and $130 billion for overseas operations, including the wars he's ramping down in Iraq and ramping up in Afghanistan.

The budget aims to cover what the Defense Department needs "to fight the wars we are in today and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead, while at the same time providing a hedge against other risks and contingencies," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a statement released in Washington as he traveled in Afghanistan.

Egypt, Uzbekistan seek to boost cooperation in trade, energy sectors

Senior officers of MIA of Uzbekistan removed from their posts
The Purge is on!

Medvedev & Putin congratulate Turkmenistan on Victory Day!


Obama pursues better Russia ties
Bad Vlad thinks you are a total bufoon. And he is correct!

Clinton looks for "new level" of Russia ties

Bad Vlad thinks you are a dangerous craven whore of ambition. And he is correct!

Al JaZeera's take: US and Russia hold nuclear talks

Russia shows military power in Soviet-style parade

2 Americans Convicted of Spying on Gazprom
A Moscow court has convicted an American who once worked at oil firm TNK-BP and his brother of spying on Gazprom and handed them suspended sentences, the Federal Security Service said Thursday.

Ilya Zaslavsky and his brother Alexander received one year suspended sentences and two years probation on charges of industrial espionage, filed last year during a high-profile power struggle between the Russian and British owners of TNK-BP.
Former TNK-BP Employee Convicted For Spying On Gazprom

EU Signs a Pact on a Pipeline for Gas From the Caspian Sea
Bad Vlad laughs at your silly meaningless pact, Ha Ha!
Nabucco is the phantom of our Opera, gleeking plebe.

EU Pledges Aid to Former Soviet States

Ha Ha! You will not have money to send aid after you recieve your energy bill.
~ Bad Vlad

Analysis: Amid global recession, Russia's energy prices to rise
God Bless "analysts". In Mensa, they belong, I tell ya!

Moscow Pressuring Ukraine on its EU Pipeline Deal

Gazprom shadow falls over Hungary
Russian energy giant Gazprom may be preparing to take over a large part of the Hungarian domestic gas distribution network. A highly opaque deal is in the works as a result of which Hungary's energy security could be threatened.
ROMANIA: Videanu will meet the Gazprom representatives

SIBERIA: Population rejected Gazprom drilling plans

USA: Exxon denies deal to sell Sakhalin-1 gas to Gazprom

USA:ExxonMobil starts work on Shanghai tech centre
ExxonMobil, along with and China Petroleum and Chemical Corp, the country's largest oil refiner, and Saudi Aramco have a joint venture
USA: Chevron Confirms Discovery Offshore Republic of the Congo

Total discovers oil off Congo

UN Hides As War Criminal Bosco Surfaces in April 4 Congolese Army

When it comes to working with war criminals, the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is willing and even wants to be deceived. Bosco Ntaganda, indicted by the International Criminal Court, appears in minutes of an April 4 meeting of the Congolese Army, known by its French acronym FARDC.
UN denies working with alleged war criminal in DR Congo

Congo rebel Nkunda sues Rwanda for wrongful arrest

From SPLEEN 10/28/08: Missing Links: Africa Screams:
So, why did I post all this Congo stuff, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you:

The world is in a race to own and exploit Africa's natural resources - if you follow the missing links posts you will have seen plenty of links related to that over the past 6 months.

Islam wants the entire continent Muslim, a base for global war, and they have been killing people at breakneck speed in order to achieve that. Diamonds from Africa (among other things) fund Al Qaeda and have for quite a long time. You may be wearing a diamond right now that was mined in blood.

Russia, China and to a lesser extent the US are all in a race right NOW to co opt African resources (especially the oil, Nigeria has a greater output than Iraq for instance) and buy the various Kleptocracies favor through World Bank and UN "grants", etc.

It appears to me that all sides are attempting to use the jihad as an infantry, a proxy, like a fire that goes in first, destroys everything, but out of that destruction the land is cleared for planting. It also seems to me no one I speak to cares how many die in Africa. No one. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not Christians, not Jews, not black people, not white people, not anyone. The deaths from the various tribal wars and the jihad are in the millions, every year. Millions of Christian and Animist Africans, dead, every year. Millions more raped and enslaved. Even the so called UN Peacekeepers who are supposed to protect them rape them. And then ministries and celebrities go through the UN or UN bodies in their money raising efforts for Africa? How is throwing money at them going to help anyway, even if the UN COULD be trusted? All it does is assuage the guilt of the money thrower. It's all bullshit. Practically no one truly cares about Africa.

GOD forgive us.
Africa Screams.
Congo: Amnesty Passed for Illegal Armed Groups

Congo grants amnesty to militia figures

Recent Cannibalism in the Congo

Marauding rebels are massacring and eating pygmies in the dense forests of north-east Congo, according to UN officials who are investigating allegations of cannibalism in Ituri province, where fighting between several rebel groups has displaced about 150,000 people in the past month. Many of the displaced tell of rebel fighters capturing and butchering pygmies, Manoddje Mounoubai, spokesman for the UN ceasefire monitoring mission in Congo, said yesterday. The UN had sent six officials to investigate the accusation as well as other human rights abuses, he said. Other UN officials in the capital, Kinshasa, and the eastern city of Goma said that widespread cannibalism had already been established.

2005: Cannibalism shock as Congo atrocities revealed:

Militiamen grilled bodies on a spit and boiled two girls alive as their mother watched, UN peacekeepers have charged.

Cannibalism has been added to a list of atrocities allegedly carried out by one of the tribal groups fighting in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The area is suffering the world's worst current humanitarian crisis, with a death toll outstripping that in Sudan's strife-torn Darfur region, UN emergency relief co-ordinator Jan Egeland said on Wednesday.

"In terms of the human lives lost . . . this is the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today and it is beyond belief that the world is not paying more attention," he said.

Militiamen grilled bodies on a spit and boiled two girls alive as their mother watched, UN peacekeepers have charged.

Militiamen who have JUST RECIEVED AMNESTY.

Congo Ignored, Not Forgotten
Paying attention to the Congo would also mean reporting on the main factor fueling the conflict: the plunder of the country’s resources, which primarily benefits multinational corporations. The conflict areas of the Congo are rich with minerals like copper, tin, gold, diamonds, cobalt and coltan, a mineral used for cell phones and other common electronic devices. Rebel groups who hold these areas sell off the minerals at cut-rate prices, using the profits to maintain power as big companies look the other way. As happened with conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone and Angola, activists are pushing for a mechanism to make corporations verify that they aren’t buying the Congo’s conflict minerals.
Congo volcano 'may soon erupt'
Just a volcano?
I would not be a bit suprised if the entire place suddenly spontaneously combusts and dissapears from the face of the earth.

Israel: Shari Arison fights back: This is creeping nationalization
At a press conference ahead of Bank Hapoalim's (TASE: POLI; LSE:80OA) board meeting, controlling shareholder Shari Arison launched a naked assault on Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer. She gave full backing to the conduct of chairman Dan Dankner.

Arison said, "This isn't control. This is a raid. It is creeping nationalization, and rapid creep. I won't lie to myself, and I won't do something that I don’t believe in just to placate a demand that I consider utterly unjustifiable. I feel very hurt. An arrow was fired and the target was drawn around it. There's a feeling of McCarthyism - no law, no justice. This is simply a frame-up just because someone doesn’t like somebody else."

Czar Paulson did it, not us!
"Secretary Paulson's words were his own," the spokesman said. "(Fed) Chairman (Ben) Bernanke did not instruct him to indicate any specific action the Fed might take," a spokesman for Paulson said in a statement.
Friedman Says "I Followed The Rules" In Goldman, NY Fed Ties
Stephen Friedman, who resigned as chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank amid concerns about his ties to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), said on Friday that he "followed the rules" regarding his overlapping roles at both organizations.
Bernanke on Regulation
He must regulate you!

Regulators Seize Bank in Washington State

Impending Fund Regulations Call For Adoption Of “Best Practices”
As regulatory responses to the global economic crisis develop, managers of hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds are bracing for new and comprehensive regulations. While many proposed laws and rules have not yet been finalized, government agencies, legislators and investors around the world are in the process of formulating and debating proposals that will almost certainly result in far stricter conditions for the operation of hedge funds and other private investment vehicles than are presently imposed..
Federal Workers, Regulations to Increase

Goldman says banks need total capital of about 86.6 billion
Fire up the printing press and fill the Gold Man's Sacks.

Goldman's Test Stresses Morgan Stanley

Were the tests' assumptions "stacked in Goldman Sachs' favor?" asks Michael Hecht at JMP Securities.
Global Financial Crisis 'Vastly Worse' Than 1930s, Taleb Says
“This is the most difficult period of humanity that we’re going through today because governments have no control,” Taleb, 49, told a conference in Singapore today. “Navigating the world is much harder than in the 1930s.”
Enter the GLOW BALL GOVERNING BODY to make it all right.
Clop Clop Clop!

Investors urged to subscribe to a new world order
THERE'S that damn phrase again.
But none of this is happening, STFU!

Venezuela's state takeovers under Chavez

Venezuela's Bonds Tumble as Chavez Moves to Seize Oil Assets

Chavez's Oil Seizures May Cause 'Substantial' Output Decline

Argentines Fear Nationalization of Grain Market
As well they should.

Free Market Road Show Set to Begin as West Slouches Toward Socialism

The Free Market Road Show will gather top economists, politicians and academics to travel through eight capitals of Europe, providing not only a rationale for the free market system, but also to explain why free-market economics are essential for individual liberty, prosperity, and civil society. In light of the financial crisis and the temptation to return to failed economic policies, it is critical that experts and believers in free-market economics share their experience of freedom to bolster and protect the newly and yet fragile economies of these nations.
TICK TOCK to the nationalization of the Aerospace Industry:
Boeing Loses $4.4 Billion Deal, Has Net Order Loss

The Frock-Coated Communist
Somehow they always manage to forget the millions upon millions of dead when waxing rhapsodic about dear old Marx & Engles.

The Guardian: This epochal crisis requires us to resolve the paradox of capitalism
"Moral Capitalism" alert...

Grassley Staying Put On Senate Finance Committee
Late last week, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Charles Grassley, was said to be readying to move to a higher position within the Judiciary Committee. The idea of the shift left the U.S. Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) and Big Pharma

hopeful, and would have made Grassley the senior Republican on Judiciary, according to a recent Wall Street Journal piece.

Now, according to a new Journal article, Grassley is planning on staying put in his position as Republican head of the Senate Finance Committee. According to the Journal, the seat is “one of the centers of power in the health reform debate.” Jeff Sessions will be the Republican Head of the Judiciary until Grassley is able to move into that position at the end of 2010, said the Journal, citing the Associated Press (AP). The Republican slot in the Judiciary opened last week when Arlen Specter changed parties.
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy Hearing

Senators Offer Their Support to FDA Nominee

New Drug Achieves FDA Approval for Treatment of Schizophrenia

THEY MUST DRUG YOU. But do not dare smoke a joint. It's illegal.

Spying in the UK: Lockheed Martin Promises to "Master the Internet"
Spy chiefs are already spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a mass internet surveillance system, despite Jacqui Smith's announcement earlier this week that proposals for a central warehouse of communications data had been dumped on privacy grounds.
Raytheon's financials lure investors

US EPA honors Raytheon

Well, shouldn't we all.

Hellooooooooo EPA? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.
Raytheon reveals new plan for dealing with toxic plume
ST. PETERSBURG, FLA — Raytheon wants to zap the toxic plume spreading under the Azalea neighborhood with a combination of hot electrodes and chemical doses designed to neutralize the pollution, according to its latest plan filed this week with state environmental regulators.
Forsooth and Behold, Proples, Pleebles and Serfs!
The Grand High Obamanable Hath Issued The Royal Proclamation!
Obama's National Day of Prayer Proclamation Mentions God Only Once
Obama’s proclamation mentions God once – “I call upon Americans to pray in thanksgiving for our freedoms and blessings and to ask for God’s continued guidance, grace and protection for this land that we love” – and also refers to people who don’t believe in God, which is tied to a reference to the U.S. military.
Brooking Institution: Refining American Interrogation Law
So very refined, indeed.

Sri Lanka arrests 3 UK television journalists

White House aide resigns over NY flyover

There.... they threw you your bone, now STFU!

Dallas Police Department's Fusion Center outsmarts criminals
Propaganda piece promoting all the good work of this Fusion Center.

Texas Fusion Center issues one for Lobbyists, Muslims & Leftists:
The North Central Texas Fusion System bulletin states that it is "imperative for law enforcement officers to report" the activities of lobbying groups, Muslim civil rights organizations and anti-war protest groups in their areas.
Obama to propose $1.25B for black farmers
WTF difference does it make what COLOR the farmer is?
President Barack Obama is proposing that the government provide $1.25 billion to settle discrimination claims by black farmers against the Agriculture Department.

The White House said the money would be included in the president's 2010 budget request to be unveiled Thursday.

Obama had taken criticism earlier this year from black farmers and lawmakers who said the federal government was neglecting the need for more money to fund claims under a decade-old class-action lawsuit against the government.

Obama Wants Tax Money To Fund DC Abortions

Coercive sterilization and abortions to get US aid
The Kemp-Kasten Amendment is a U.S. law which prohibits "population assistance" funds from going to any organization that "as determined by the president of the United States, supports or participates in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization."

During most years since 1985, this law has blocked funding for the United Nations Population Fund. H.R. 1105, which was passed by the House of representatives in February, contained language which exempted UNFPA from Kemp-Kasten.When the bill came before the Senate on March 5, Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., offered an amendment, No. 607, to remove the exemption.Both senators in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia voted against the amendment; President Obama signed the bill on March 11. The amendment failed by a 55 to 39 vote.
Dr. Alan Keyes and 20 Demonstrators Scheduled to Go to the Hooskow
On Thursday, May 7, Dr. Keyes was unexpectedly approached at a press conference on public property by two plain clothes Notre Dame Policemen, and told that if he walks on Notre Dame's campus for any reason, he will be arrested.

Dr. Keyes was shocked. He stated:

"I have not even stepped foot on the campus, and they give me this warning? They told me: 'We are just doing our job.' I told them I am just coming to witness for the truth."

A special spot in hell for sinners against truth, Archbishop warns
In his circles of Hell, Dante places the people with sins of passion at the very brim -- barely burned. But at the core are those who sinned against the truth.
Vatican Is Silent on Furor Over Obama, Notre Dame
Woe. Unto. Them.

UC Berkeley Health Service Data Stolen By Overseas Criminals

New adrenaline sport sees boarders surf down active volcano
Is that right? I'm rooting for the volcanoes.

CA: 4.2 in the midst of the fires

5.2 at Panama's border with Costa Rica

5.5 shakes central Chile

The Beach Boys
Seasons In The Sun
Bet ya never knew this existed!

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