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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hitchens vs D'Souza: The Dogma of Materialism


Posted Jul 18th 2008 1:10AM by Dinesh D'Souza

My Las Vegas debate with Christopher Hitchens continues to attract attention and comment.

If you'd like to read an account of the debate, you can do so here.
(I posted it below~ bz)

Also on Monday July 21, at 4.30 pm Eastern time, I'll be debating Richard Dawkins (yes, Richard Dawkins!) on Al-Jazeera (yes, that Al-Jazeera). This is a noteworthy development because Dawkins has so far refused to debate me. But now we're appearing together on the Riz Khan television show, which I understand has some 25 million viewers worldwide. If you want to watch Monday's debate live you can watch it here. The segment will also be posed on the web and I will link to it on this blog.

I also hope that, upon seeing for himself that I am not a Hitlerite kind of speaker, Dawkins will summon up the courage to step into the public arena with me. Like one of the atheist commenters recently said on Dawkins's own website: all the best spokesmen for unbelief have gotten a whipping from this D'Souza guy and it's now up to Dawkins to try and redeem the reputation of atheism.

Given that my thoughts are currently focused on how to deal with Dawkins, I'm going to post here on a question that seems to mystify him and many other scientific atheists. These fellows wonder: if there is reasonably good evidence for evolution--as, by the way, both Dawkins and I believe there is--why do around 50 percent of Americans refuse to accept it? The conventional wisdom among Dawkins and others is that Americans oppose evolution because they are religiously committed to a literal reading of the Book of Genesis.

But there is a much better explanation of why Americans reject evolution: the idiotic claims of leading champions of evolution who are promoting an atheist agenda. Consider Dawkins himself, rebutting the claim that there are significant "gaps" in the fossil record. Dawkins concedes that there are such gaps, but then writes this: "The gaps, far from being anoying imperfections or awkward embarrassments, turn out to be exactly what we should positively expect."

In other words, the absence of evidence for evolution is itself proof that the theory is correct! This is so bizarre that it makes one wonder what the presence of evidence might do to this theory. Would a complete fossil record without gaps be evidence against Darwinian evolution, as we hear that Dawkins and his fellow biologists "exactly" and "positively" expect that such evidence should not be present?
Dawkins finally puts his cards on the table by saying of evolution: "Even if the evidence did not favor it, it would still be the best theory available." And if Dawkins is dismissed as a crank, here is Harvard cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker making the same point. "Because there are no alternatives, we would almost have to accept natural selection as the explanation of life on this planet even if there were no evidence for it."

We have here the weird spectacle of so-called scientists who are so wedded to a theory that they cannot even imagine it not to be true. This is a level of dogmatism that would embarrass any theist. Even the strongest religious believer can imagine the possibility that there is no God. So how can these self-styled champions of reason adopt so closed-minded an approach?

The short answer is given by Harvard biologist Richard Lewontin, who in a 1997 essay in the New York Review of Books makes a revealing admission: "We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant proises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment--a commitment to materialism. It is not that the methods of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation for the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori commitment to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, the materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door."

And you thought I was making this stuff up! No wonder Americans are skeptical of these apostles of skepticism. They are peddling their own metaphysical dogmas in the name of science, even though few are as honest as Lewontin in admitting it.


"The 20th Century was really an attempt to create the secular utopia," D'Souza said. "It's failed miserably. So the one great experiment of creating secularism, of creating the religion-free society, has been a terrible failure."

At the end of debate, the conference host asked the audience – through an informal show of hands – who they thought won. Surveying the hands, the host named D'Souza the champ.

Later that night, the comment about the debate igniting sparks proved eerily prophetic as thunderous lightning bolts lit up the skies above Bally's Las Vegas, the rumbling sound reverberating throughout the Strip.


Queen @ Live Aid
We Will Rock You/ We Are the Champions

3 Wood Roundup: The God of ChaChing & You

Money Honey ~ Eddie Cochran

Shabbat Shalom Feral Nation ~

I don't understand a word that 3 Wood says.

Here's a roundup for those of you who do.

My uneconomic and instinctive opinion is that this dollar gone bad crapola is all orchestrated to force us into a common currency like the EURO.The nascent NAU is not a myth, and they want to institute a single currency (The AMERO).

IMO they will do whatever they need to do to make sure it happens.

Koom bah humbug, ya one world MFers!


What do you do for money, honey? ~ AC/DC

It looks like we are in for more turmoil on Wall Street.

First, Wachovia Bank was downgraded:

Wachovia cut to underperform by Oppenheimer

"LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Oppenheimer analyst Meredith Whitney downgraded her rating on Wachovia to underperform from perform, saying expenses simply cannot come down fast enough to offset a fall in its mortgage portfolio and on-balance sheet loans."

Keep an eye on this and other key large banks in the coming weeks. The Fed's had to take over IndyMac a few days ago and more bailouts may be in the offing. This volatility will tend to cause some havoc in the ability of these banks to sell CD's and raise cash to manage their liquidity.

Then there's this:

Euro hits all-time high as dollar plunges

"NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Growing worries about U.S. financial institutions kept the dollar under heavy selling pressure Tuesday, clearing the way for the euro to set a new all-time high above $1.60.

"Confidence in the U.S. currency is at very low ebb right now," said Russell Jones, head of fixed income and currency strategy at RBC Capital Markets.

The dollar also remained under pressure after U.S. economic data showing retail sales rose less than expected in June, while producer prices rose more than expected.

Retail sales rose 0.1% last month, after a 1% increase in May. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had been looking for sales to increase 0.3%."
Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

This article is dead on and is very close to what I have been saying for a long time.


The current banking crisis has a whole lot to do with being PC and avoiding discrimination lawsuits by the banking industry. The bottom line is, for a whole lot of reasons including relaxation of regulations and standards, banks found it a lot easier to give loans to risky applicants, pocket the fees, and then sell off the loan to someone else if possible. You can't sue a bank for discrimination if they gave you the loan, you see. Well, the upshot is a whole bunch of people got loans who really could not afford them, and now you see the result.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is stepping up it's market oversight activities.

SEC subpoenas top firms over Lehman, Bear stock move: report

"LONDON (MarketWatch) -- The Securities and Exchange Commission has subpoenaed firms including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch as part of a growing effort to crack down on possible manipulation of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns stock, according to a Bloomberg report. The regulator is seeking trading records and emails the report said, citing people familiar with the situation. On Tuesday the regulator moved to curb short selling in the shares of primary dealers as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac amid widespread concern that negative bets from short sellers have added to the sector's problems."

For those unfamiliar with stock market terms, "short selling" is where you borrow the stock from your broker and sell it (thus betting that the stock price will go down), then buy the stock back at hopefully lower price, give it back to the broker to complete the transaction, and pocket the difference as profit. The problem is that in short selling you are betting that the market will go down and you have no limit to your risk if the market rises. Therefore, down through history it has been known that some short sellers might take other actions (such as leaking false rumors to the media) to try to drive stock prices down.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, but given that the SEC is issuing subpoenas they must think they found something. Don't be surprised when all this is said and done that some of the market volatility you have been seeing lately has been helped along by some creative and industrious individuals here and there. My guess is there are some very nervous people going through the "prisoners dilemma" exercise in their minds at this very moment. If there has been chicanery going on, the first one to the DA's office gets a deal.... the others get to sing Jailhouse Rock.


I believe that a major contributing factor to the recent stock market drop was the elimination of the "uptick rule" about a year ago.

Shorts on the run

"The problem is that last July, just a few weeks before the Wall Street credit crisis erupted, the SEC changed a seven-decades-old rule that prohibited short sellers from selling a stock short if the last trade was lower -- on a downtick. The stock had to be rising, or on an uptick, for them to short. This rule was put in place to prevent excessive shorting from exacerbating a stock's decline."

Translated into English, it used to be that if you were going to sell stock short (speculating that the price would drop) then you could only complete the second part of the transaction on and "uptick", i.e., the price ticking back upwards. That prevented people from continuing to short more and more of the stock and artificially driving the price downward. Well, with the cancellation of that rule a year ago, the door opened to potential market manipulation by smart operators to make a quick killing and force prices down. The SEC should change the ruling back.

"The SEC made a smart move Tuesday when it ring-fenced Fannie, Freddie and the primary dealers from so-called naked shorting, or shorting without actually borrowing the underlying shares of a company. It should expand that to the rest of the market. And it should reverse the uptick rule, if only for a few months, just to see what happens."
I'm not an atavistic old fogey, but since the "uptick rule" worked well for 70 years before last July I see no reason to have changed it. That one step should help eliminate at least some of the volatility in the market.

~ 3 Wood

Missing Links & The Seven Nation Army

The Boss Hoss ~ Seven Nation Army

"The LORD is with you, mighty warrior"

The New Untermenschen (Killing Infants for Research)
They harvest the "donor organs" while the " anencephalic neonates" (umm that'd be BABIES to luddites like you and me) are STILL ALIVE. SCIENCE!

The Release of the Destruction of Life Devoid of Value
(Life Unworthy of Life). Its measurement and form.
By Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche, 1922

The little booklet only including 60 pages and first published in 1920, was of an outstanding importance for the discussion of "euthanasia", even after the beginning of the "Third Reich". With his juridical arguments in support of the killing of "life devoid of value", which clearly opposed all preceding positions, Prof. Dr. jur. Dr. phil. Karl Binding (1841-1920), a highly respected penal law expert, triggered off an avalanche. In his part of the booklet, Dr. med. Alfred Hoche, a professor in psychiatry from Freiburg, provided a cost-benefit analysis regarding psychiatric care and described sick and disabled people as "people with deficits", "elements of minor value" ,"mentally dead" and "ballast existences". On the basis of a regulated procedure of applications and after the examination by a commission consisting of two physicians and a legal practitioner, both authors requested the painless killing of "incurably" sick persons against their will. They especially referred to inmates of "fools homes" and to cases without hope in "mental homes".

The Goreacle and Tony Blair attend Jihadist Sponsored Saudi Hosted Koom Bah Yah Da'Wa from Hell


See also yesterday's missing links on this subject

Also see:

This One World Koom Bah Humbug Da'Wa to the Dhimmi ~Ism Conference in Al Andulus brought to you by Jihad Inc.

Kuntar: I'm jealous of the Zionists

UK Pays the Jizya in the vain hope of loosing their head last

Know Nothings Fucking around with the Spirit World Whilst Fucking, Not so Fucking Smart



Screwface know-a who fi frighten!
Screwface know-a who fi frighten!
Like I told, they say, "Coward, man".
Gonna keep some bones
And all violent man gonna weep and moan.
He that exalted him say, "Yeah!"
Shall be obeyed.

Remember Jah - Jah children deh!

Don't dread no pain.
Fear do we go now
To the rivers of ungodly waters, we'll fear no foe

(fear no foe, fear no foe).

Wherever I go,
Not even the pestilence
That crawleth by night

Can't do - wo-wo-wo - me no wrong (just can't do me no wrong).

Oh, now!
I tell you already!
I tell you what I know:

(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!)

A Different Kind of War

Muslim Girl Magazine




Queen Condi of the Amalekites Counts Coup

WTF is COUNTING COUP you may ask
? I'll tell you!

In the No Shit Sherlock Dept: NYT seen as anti-Israel

An acceptable financial renumeration must have been arranged, Slick does nothing for free

I cast thee out, Asmodeus!

Flipping the bird to the Gaiassiah, at the risk of being branded a heretic of course

After publication of this story, the APS responded with a statement that its Physics and Society Forum is merely one unit within the APS, and its views do not reflect those of the Society at large.
Of course not.

Israelis await their new gas masks.. KOOM BAH YAH!

Are you going to believe me, or your own eyes and ears, dhimmis?

Methicans and Jihadists, BFF

WHY TF does the "World Bank" have shit to do with any of it?

Spleen Search: WORLD BANK (scroll from the bottom up)

Arab media mocks Hizbullah 'victory'

We will continue to kill you till you submit, Dhimmi - written in So-Smartese

Offend a fag and go to jail


Salafi Jihadists in Gaza

WTF is SALAFISM you may ask? I'll tell you!

Yusef Islam (who useta be Cat Stevens) wins damages for "veiled woman slur"


It's your own fault, bitch. Now get back in the bag.


They seek an exit strategy. Sho 'nuff!

6.6 Quake off the Coast of Japan

5.2 Quake in Ecuador

6.7 Quake in the Solomon Islands

3.1 Quake on the New Madrid Fault

5.1 Quake in Indonesia

5.3 Quake in NW China

5.2 Quake in SW China

3.1 Quake in NW Illinois

2.8 Quake near the Petrified Forest

3.2 Quake in Fiji

5.2 Quake in Pakistan

5.2 Quake in the Marianas Islands

Carole King ~ I Feel the Earth Move

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucius: Liturgy for the Feral Nation

A Divine Liturgy written by St. James in the year 54 A.D.

A Feral Service

Like most of the Ferality, I am someone ambivalent about Churchianity. That is not to say I'm not a church-goer. I was for many years until circumstances arose that made that aspect of my life more complicated. In any event, for a long time I have been fascinated with the early Church and its relationship to later practices and the implications for believers today. My comments reflect my studies, my beliefs, and my experiences.

The earliest Church was Christ and the Apostles; from there it expanded out in the wider community. But what was the shape of that community? The initial recipients of the Gospel were Jews, and their religious life followed the patterns of Judaism. But, again, what was that? First, we have to be clear that Judaism in the first century AD was not Judaism as it exists today. The two are related, to be sure, but modern Judaism and Christianity are both outgrowths of currents in the Holy Land, and particularly in the region of Galilee.

The restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem marked the reesablishment of the Jews as a nation, but religious life had changed in the periods of exile and the diaspora. Only a minority of Jews lived in Judea, and only a minority of those were in a position to attend regularly to temple ceremonies. That latter, moveover, had a primarily political funciton. Ordinary religious life focussed around the synagogue. This was particularly true in the more distant areas, such as Galilee and the Hellenistic cities of Greece and the eastern Mediterranean.

We know relatively little of the early synagogue. It appeared to be fundamentally a room where men sat and discussed Torah. From the Jewish tradition the book of Acts and Pauls letters we can construct a little bit about the patterns. On Friday evening there would be a gathering at the synagogue where prayers would be offered. Upon returning, the Sabbath lights would be lit and the blessing said over the cup and the meal. At the conclusion of the Sabbath there would be a time for further contemplation or discussion of Torah -- the "upper room" of the Bible.

In the diaspora communities it would have been common for Jews and Gentiles to attend portions of the observances together -- the Gentiles being "God-fearers," those who accepted the God of Abraham but had not made the formal conversion to Judaism. And after the initial spread of the teachings of Jesus, members of the synagogue community would include Jews, Gentile God-fearers, and followers of Jesus.

The book of Acts and Pauls letters to the Corinthians tell us what ulimately happened -- the followers of Jesus were expelled from the Synagogues. This seems to have appeared more or less simultaneously throughout the diaspora world between 50 and 60 AD. Thereafter Christians had to gather in private homes. What occured was merger of the Sabbath synagogue service and the home observances.

We have two good pieces of historical evidence for the character of worship in the diaspora communities in the period after 60 AD. The first is the Epistle to the Ephesians. Scholars have long been troubled by this letter because it is not very "Pauline" in its language -- the vocabulary and syntax are very different from Paul's other letters. The late biblical scholar Markus Barth argued -- quite convincingly in my opinion -- that the reason for this is that the letter is largely knit together from hymns and liturgical texts in use in Ephesus. Much of the letter, when analysized closely, is actually writen in metrical verse. Barth showed that certain formulaic passages bear similarity to Greek religious texts from Ephesus. As an example, Ephesians 2:12-18 have obvious hymn-like characteristics.

That passage reveals much more, though. It shows how the early Christian community was made up of exiles -- Jews alienated from their community and Gentiles set apart from theirs. Keep in mind that the religious cults of the ancient world were essentially political -- to be a full citizen required participation in the pagan rites. A Christian could not do that, and would thus be alienated from his city. But through Jesus, the divisions between Jews and Gentiles had been erased.

The clearest sign of this would have been both -- Jew and Gentile -- together in the worship of the Lord.

What would that worship look like? Here our best source is a text known as the Didache. It is a very ancient text from Egypt, only discovered in the 1870s. There has been considerable argument over the date, but the best estimates suggest it had to have been written either shortly before or after AD 70. It contains the oldest formula for the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

On the Lord's own day gather together and break bread and give thanks (eucharistesate) having first confesed your sins so that your sacrifice may be pure. But let no one who has a quarrel with a companion join you until they have been reconciled, so that your sacrifice may not be defiled. [14:1-2]

The thanksgiving prescribed is markedly similar to the Kiddush:

First concerning the cup:

We give you thanks, our Father,
for the holy vine of David your servant,
which you have made known to us
through Jesus, your servant;
to you be the glory forever.

And concerning the broken bread:

We give you thanks, our Father, for the life and knowledge
which you have made known to us
through Jesus your servant;
to you be the glory forever.
Just as this broken bread was scattered
upon the mountains and then was
gathered together and become one,
so may your church be gathered together
from the ends of the earth into your kingdom
for yours in the glory and power
through Jesus Christ forever. [8:2-4]

The line "to you be the glory forever" seems to have been a response. As for the first part, it is highly likely to have been based on a local version of the standard Sabbath blessing. This blessing is for the beginning of the meal; afterwards there is a post-meal blessing:

We give you thanks, Holy Father
for your holy name which you
have caused to dwell in our hearts,
and for the knowledge and faith and immortality
which you have made known to us
through Jesus your servant;
to you be the glory forever.
You almighty Master, created all things for your name's sake
and gave food and drink to men to enjoy,
that they might give you thanks,
but to us you have graciously given
spiritual food and drink and eternal life through Jesus your servant. Above all we give thanks because you are mighty
to you be the glory forever.
Remember your church, Lord,
to deliver it from all evil
and make it perfect in your love,
and gather it, the one that has been sanctified,
from the four winds into your kingdom,
which you have prepared for it,
for yours is the power and the glory forever.
May grace come, and may this age [or "world"] pass away.
Hosanna to the God of David.
If anyone is holy, let him come;
If anyone is not, let him repent.

Simple, beautiful, and contains all that one needs.

For a decade now, this has been our Friday evening blessing, following the lighting of the lights. I usually add a psalm, and then during dinner we generally discuss some issue of scripture, generally following up on a question from one of the boys. My sense is that this is how the early community, barred from the synagogue, would have done things -- carry out the Sabbath eve requirments, say the appropriate blessings, and then enjoy an evening of food, friendship, and fellowship.

It is the practice for those who have been made strangers and sojourners in their own city as well as those divided by the lines of Jew and Gentile. It is intended to draw both together in fellowship and faith, to make them fellow citizens in the city of the faithful and thus to consecrate them to the work of building up Christ's body, as Ephesians says.

A Feral liturgy!





Ancient Byzantine Chants from The Divine Liturgy,
Holy Eastern Orthodox Church of Antioch
Sung in Arabic and Greek

You Down with OIC?

Naughty By Nature ~ You Down With OPP?

For background on the OIC see the following Spleen posts:

57 Ways to Weave Your Cover

WTF is the OIC & why should you care?

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) wants to criminalize Christianity at the U.N.

By Dr. Laurie Roth Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Since 1999, the OIC has been pushing with the U.N the ‘Defamation of Islam’ campaign. The OIC isn’t a small fry committee trying to be heard in the U.N., but is being pushed by the 57, Muslim nation members in it and reflects the Declaration of Human Rights in Islam which is only reflected by Sharia law. That is how they want human rights defined and filtered through, Sharia law.

What is it the OIC exactly wants and is pushing through the U.N.? Its actually quite clear when reading through even a little of this rubbish. On the surface they say they want to cover the defamation of all religions, but amazingly only one religion is mentioned by name as persecuted of sorts, Islam. According to Patrick Goodenough, International Editor,, the text states they have “deep concern that Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.”

They refer to that nasty mental illness that so many of us have, Islamaphobia, when we happen to in our hate and illness notice the forced sexual mutilations, beheadings, forced conversions, honor killings growing in America, buildings continuing to blow up, body parts continuing to fly past our windows and ongoing threats. Take more medication you mentally ill, hateful people. Don’t you know that real, international, religious freedom must submit to the wonder and edification of Shari Law?

The way this anti protection of religion and freedom piece of rot reads would only criminalize Christianity and push the execution of more Christians who are already being sentenced to prison and death for reading the wrong material, mentioning a verse to a Muslim or doing practically anything that might engage a real discussion in a Muslim country with a Muslim.

Patrick Goodenough,, says it like it is in pointing out that this religious defamation idea is being used as a shield and a sword. “In Islamic countries, blasphemy laws are used as a shield to protect the dominant religion, but even more dangerously, they are used to silence minority religious believers and prevent Muslims from converting to other faiths, which is still a capital crime in many Islamic countries.”

Justice Scalia from our own Supreme Court recently reminded us of a few things of importance: “America is at war with radical Islamists. The enemy began by killing Americans and American allies abroad: 241 at the Marine barracks in Lebanon, 19 at the Khobar Towers in Dhahran, 224 at our embassies in Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi, and 17 on the USS Cole in Yemen. On Septemeber 11, 2001, the enemy brought the battle to American soil, killing, 2,749 at the Twin Towers, in New York City, 184 at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and 40 in Pennsylvania.”

Lets call this what it is. This aggressive effort of the OIC to slam this through the U.N and get the defamation piece approved by the U.N. itself is nothing but a declaration of War against freedom of speech internationally and Christianity. This is hidden in fancy, protective words, it would only protect MORE persecution, targeting and murder of more Christians and suck out even any soft ray of freedom a Muslim in a country might want to even discuss or compare their faith with any other. This will be brought up later this year at the U.N. again. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will give an expected report on the measure put together by the OIC in Pakistan last year and passed in a vote 108-51.
Lets talk more about the OIC’s special glasses of protection they want to cram down our mentally ill, freedom loving throats.

All freedom and religious protection must go through Sharia law. Lets see, beatings for wives and women, yes; Execution of gays, yes; crucifixion of robbers, yes; beheadings of Christians who preach the gospel, of course; execution for any convert from Islam to Christianity…..on and on it goes and reads. Gee, don’t you feel enlightened, inspired and eager to have the U.N. pass this Defamation of Islam Act? Have you figured it out yet that this is nothing but a bold maneuver of the Islamic countries to destroy Islam’s enemies and conquer the world, using violence, threats and killings as usual, but with an added flare, the most powerful International legal body officially behind them, the U.N.

If this passes with the money, power and push of the 57 members of the Islamic countries and friends, and the anti-semitic, anti-Christian and anti American U.N., get ready for an unprecedented blood bath world wide from the Religion of peace. Normal witnessing and sharing by a Christian pastor or missionary will be a crime, insulting and defaming Islam. That will mean a massive prison sentence or death sentence.

When are we all going to wake up and smell the sick tasting coffee? We are in a world war with Radical Islam. It isn’t Islamaphobia that we are struggling with! It isn’t hate for Muslims and their right to choose and express a different faith we are struggling with! It is that Sharia Law represents the complete opposite to our freedom of speech, constitution and the bill of rights! It is barbaric and condones beatings, torture and killings as a matter of course. OK, no more shy talk…..IT IS EVIL and the opposite of religious and personal freedom. It still blows my mind that Dr. Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, has even suggested that Sharia Law should be implemented and allowed in Britain due to how many Islamics have immigrated and developed there. He also puts his other fat foot in his mouth when he criticizes Christianities’ history of violence and its harsh punishments….bla bla. After all, everything to make peace with the big dogs who control oil and want to kill you. Kiss up. Don’t tell the truth or defend the truth!

Read more about this nightmare push by the OIC at the U.N. and what you can do to sign a petition against this at Stand up for REAL freedom of speech worldwide. If someone of ANY faith believes in what they follow, they should be allowed to debate their theology, discuss it and share it. If it is so right on, attract people because they are drawn to its compelling love and truth, not forced to follow it, stay with it or die. I have taken insults, questions and attacks for decades against my Christian faith. That is fine. I don’t wish to kill people because they feel differently. Let me share why I believe and what my theology is based on in love, if we disagree, fine.

Radical Islam will not stop until it takes over our legal system, our cultures, our moral framework, the U.N., our school curriculums and our lives if necessary. I say a big fat NO to Radical Islam. Come and Kiss My Grits!

The official Palestinian news agency on the evening of 13 July carries several reports on meetings PNA President Mahmud Abbas held today with international leaders on the sidelines of the Union for the Mediterranean in Paris.

Abbas held meetings with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Cypriot President Dhimitrios Khristofias, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Abbas discussed with them "issues pertaining to the Middle East area and briefed them on the efforts to advance the peace process and the situation in the Palestinian territories."

At 1309, the agency reports that Abbas also met with OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and briefed him on "the latest developments in the peace process and the obstacles it faces in light of the continuation of settlement activity in the Palestinian territories and the measures in occupied Jerusalem."

Originally published by Palestinian news agency Wafa website, Gaza, in Arabic 13 Jul 08.


Missing Links in the Days of Dhimwits & Da'was

Dear World - Written by Rabbi Kahane 1988

Understand this, Feral Nation:


It went into implementation immediately, despite what we were told at the time.

Spleen search: BAKER PLAN (scroll up from the bottom)


Spleen Search: Mottaki

Iran briefs ally Syria on international standoff over its nuclear program

Spleen Search: GOLAN HEIGHTS

Basher Al-Assad was treated to a red-carpet welcome in France.
The French have a long and dishonorable tradition of pimping and whoring!

Israel & Syria "talk" more peace bullshit, Turkey eyeballs hungrily

Self Loathing Israelis Volunteer to Jump in Oven

Sarko the Pimp has a Dream



BTW Turkey and Syria Comprise most of the land mass of Biblical "Assyria"


Ephraim feedeth on wind, and followeth after the east wind: he daily increaseth lies and desolation; and they do make a covenant with the Assyrians, and oil is carried into Egypt.
~ Hosea 12:1


TURKEY: Flags, Veils & Sharia

Saving Iraq's Christians

More Capitalists Caliphellate Sharia

Terrorist sponsored Da'wa Bullshit in Al Andulus proposed as permanent UN body

"Interfaith Dialouge" website

The list of invited luminaries is only available as a PDF

It's a regular who's who of dhimmis, jihadists, pimps, whores, dirtbags and fools

Part one :
“Dialogue and Its Religious and Civilizational Foundations,” will be chaired by the secretary-general of the Millennium World Peace Summit. Topics include “Dialogue in Islam” and “Dialogue in Christianity.”

Part Two: “Dialogue and Its Importance in Society.”The World Conference of Religions for Peace will present a paper on “Dialogue and Interaction of Cultures and Civilizations,”

The president of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace , will deliver a “Dialogue and its Impact on Peaceful Coexistence.” Not to be missed: “Dialogue in the Face of Calls for the Clash of Civilizations and End of History.”

Part Three: “Common Human Values in Areas of Dialogue,” this chaired by the secretary-general of the World Conference of Religions for Peace. Guests include the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); the secretary-general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (Iran) and the rector of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue at the Vatican.

Part Four: “Evaluation and Promotion of Dialogue” led by by the useful idiot secretary-general of the Jewish Congress in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Part Five: “Disseminating of Culture and Co-Existence of Dialogue.” Lectures include “Media and its Impact on Disseminating the Culture of Dialogue and Co-Existence.

The final communique will be an address given by the assistant secretary of the Muslim World League. I did not include a link to the MWL here, because every time I try to load it it crashes my browser.

Iranian News Agency Press TV Publishes Excerpts From Nasrallah's 7/16 Speech

"Welcome to the martyrs, the Lebanese, Palestinian, and Arab martyrs. They are the privilege of this Ummah. "

I got yer Ummah. Right here.

At Israel Matzav:

Here's a picture of Lebanese mass murderer Samir al-Kuntar at Wednesday's 'victory rally' in Beirut. AP sez he is "Gesturing Symbolically"


here's Al-AP's caption:

Samir Kuntar gestures as he symbolically breaks through makeshift prison bars during celebrations for his release in Beirut.

here's Al-AP's caption:

Released prisoner Samir Kantar salutes people as he arrives to pay his respects at the grave of slain top Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh, south of Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, July 17, 2008. Five Lebanese prisoners who were set free as part of a prisoners swap between Lebanon and Israel prayed Thursday at the grave of Mughniyeh, pledging to follow his footsteps.(AP Photo/Darko Bandic)

Russian Oil Baron, Jailed in Siberia by Putin, Applies for Early Parole

Russia's $8 billion in arms sales for 2008

Very Rare Albino Eagle Appears in Colorado

Mosques of America Calendars - Now for Sale at the US State Department

Dig the LANGUAGE in this piece! It's the PROTOCOLS! THEY ARE TRUE!

A New York fundraiser and a Las Vegas gambling czar have become major headaches for Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, raising new questions about the relationship between Jewish Americans and the Jewish state.




Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sherab Zangpo vs Uncle Chom

The THE: Angels of Deception 1986

The subversion of language is an exceedingly important element of the nihilist strategy: the preemptive brainwashing that can be produced by polluting the words - creating chaos in their meanings - is impossible to compare, in its depth and reach, to any other weapon used by the nihilists in their cultural war against Truth. Subversion by definition (Latin “subvertere” : to turn “vertere”, from beneath “sub ”, teaches us the Merriam-Webster ad vocem) , setting upside-down the meaning of the words is the main weapon of the cultists of the great “almighty” nothing.

The examples of the subversion of language are everywhere but we must turn to the great “masters” of the cult of the nothing to see some outstanding examples of language driven crazy.

We find an extreme example of subversion of a word in a column published on the Net by one of the great “masters” of the far left, supposed to be (if we want to listen to the leftist propaganda) a lucid intellectual. This column by Noam Chomsky can be found HERE

In it he happily carries on all the usual far-left blathering about the “fact” that “the political class in Washington and London” represents only itself and that the claims of the Free World to be fighting for Freedom are just lies, while the TRUE “world” is instead well represented by the polls conducted all over the four continents that would show a deep, diffused hate for America.

(Any idea of how these polls are organized in Countries where there is not the faintest trace of free speech is not discussed by the author, who anyway seems to have been voting with his feet since many decades ago and has never decided to move out and away from the dictatorial cage of “Washington and London”. He never moved to live in those “four continents” where the right to hate America is the only “civil right”…but this is not a point worth discussing of course, because we all know how childish the leftists are in their hypocritical whining…)

The important point is instead that all the leftist generic blathering in this column mutates into specific chaos-work when Chomsky interestingly states (evidently to present an enlightening example of how we should think and read the TRUE reality of the world) that the hijacking of the ship Achille Lauro by palestinian terrorists, had been a “retaliation” for the bombing (by the Israeli Air Force) of the HQ of the palestinian terrorists…

In the published column’s text: “The Achille Lauro hijacking was a retaliation for the bombing of Tunis ordered a week earlier by Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.” [Editor’s note: of course no bombing of the city of Tunis had been “ordered”, what had been ordered was the bombing of the HQs of a terrorist organization in Tunis, and for everything we know, Tunis is still there and has not faced any “Hiroshima” destiny…but you never know, maybe “Washington and London” have rebuilt a plastic Tunis and are telling us another lie… ]

As the reader certainly remembers, and Chomsky mentions, during the hijacking of the Achille Lauro Leon Klinghoffer, the handicapped Jewish-American civilian confined to a wheel-chair (“crippled American” in the language of Chomsky, suddenly oblivious of political correctness but still able of acknowledging that this had been a brutal murder), had been murdered and thrown into the Mediterranean Sea by the terrorists.

Chomsky is clever enough to use the word “retaliation” for the hijacking and not directly for the murder, but his court of law tactics evidently cannot hide the fact that the murder of Klinghoffer falls inevitably under the large shadow of the word “retaliation” that he uses for the hijacking.

Now, we have to look at this word, “retaliation”.
It’s of common usage on newspapers and on TV news, isn’t it ?
Yes, in fact this is how they brainwash us.

Let’s see.The Israeli Air Force attacks the HQs of terrorists in Tunis (by the way, funny how the bosses of international terrorism tend to settle down FAR from where the action of their pawns and puppets is).

It can be certainly said that the IAF attacks were “in retaliation” of the terrorists’ attacks in Israel, isn’t it ?

Strangely enough, Chomsky says instead the “retaliation” was the further act of terrorism, by the same organization whose HQs had been bombed in Tunis.
Let’s see: someone knocks down the door of your home and attacks you. You answer and punch him.

Do you think that - if at this point the crook punches you again - any judge would find his behavior rational, let’s say…a “retaliation” caused by your defending yourself and your home ?
Of course not.

But here the case is slightly darker. Here the crook, that you have sent running away from your home, goes to someone else’s home. Maybe someone who has your same last name. Let’s say someone confined to a wheel chair. In the course of this attack, the crook kills this person and throws him into the sea.
And that, in Chomsky’s words, is a retaliation for you defending your home.

Funny way to use words, isn’t it ?
And don’t forget, this guy is a great intellectual, who has been teaching in a great university. This is even funnier, isn’t it ?

Evidently there is a rat here, somewhere.
We all know which rat. The crooks, oops, the “intellectuals” like Chomsky think that Israel has no right to defend herself, HENCE the terrorists have any right to “retaliate” against Israel... defending herself.

For the chomskys of this world it doesn’t matter that the formation of the State of Israel had been ratified by the United Nations, it doesn’t matter that, in spite of international law, all the Arab neighbors of Israel have attacked Israel in 1948, in 1956, in 1967 and in 1973 with the DECLARED goal of destroying Israel and throwing all the Jews of Israel into the sea and that they have been defeated by Israel four times but never punished by the international community for committing the crime of an illegal war. (Evidently, this is the behavior of that “international community” that Chomsky praises at the beginning of the column.) It doesn’t matter even that, after FOUR genocidal wars have failed, the Arab neighbors of Israel have supported, financed and organized powerful terroristic organizations to carry on THOUSANDS of bloody attacks inside Israel, killing thousands of Israeli civilians in the last four decades.
All this doesn’t matter for the chomskys of this world.
For him, a terrorist attack is a “retaliation”.

You know, he wants to put in your mind that, in the best case, the whole problem is the famous “cycle of violence”. You know, the old “cycle of violence”: a gang of crooks attacks your home, you defend yourself, they burn down the house of your relatives.
A cycle of violence.

Just that. Not a crime. Not a repeated crime, no, no. Just a “cycle of violence”.
And the crooks have the right of “retaliating”.

If you had not defended your home, if you had done the crooks the favor of letting them kill you, rape your Wife and children and throw them into the sea, everything would have been OK.

If Israel had not committed the "crime" of resisting FOUR genocidal wars and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of acts of terrorism, everything would be peace and happiness in the Middle East.

Eternal peace.

The same peace and happiness of the killing fields of Cambodia.



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