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Saturday, September 12, 2009

WFRL: Bulgarian Chicks

WFRL: Can You Dig It?

WFRL: Big Mouth Strikes Again

The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat its fruit.
~Proverbs 18:21

Climbing Mount Agenda Without a Rope

Darwin and Dawkins Dilemma: Climbing Mt. Improbable

Global-warming theory and the eugenics precedent

Heard on the street: “I am a working scientist with a mortgage and family to support. I am paid to conduct research into Evolution. Who will pay me to conduct research into Intelligent Design?” Filed under “Follow the money”. The article below makes a similar point about eugenics “research” in the past and global warming “research” today.
Atheistic Fundamentalism: Ridicule Them into Unbelief!
Yeah like that'll work. Mock me all ya want, punks. BTW I have seen the identical shit expounded on at other blogs we used to visit, obviously taking their cues directly from Biggus Dickus the Zoological Meme Meister himself:
Anyone who doubts the evangelistic nature of certain fundamentalist atheists ought to pay attention to the musings of Richard Dawkins on his own website. This from a comment (comment #16) he wrote to a post by Jerry Coyne at earlier this year:

"Michael Shermer, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott and others are probably right that contemptuous ridicule is not an expedient way to change the minds of those who are deeply religious. But I think we should probably abandon the irremediably religious precisely because that is what they are – irremediable. I am more interested in the fence-sitters who haven’t really considered the question very long or very carefully. And I think that they are likely to be swayed by a display of naked contempt. Nobody likes to be laughed at. Nobody wants to be the butt of contempt"

And so Dawkins advocates the use of ridicule and belittlement. How is this unlike a political party, fearing defeat on some policy debate, issuing a talking-points bulletin encouraging members to just make fun of the other side. Would anyone take such an approach seriously? Where I come from, such tactics are considered clear indicators of a lack of meaningful persuasive argument: “If I can’t rationally convince you, I’ll bludgeon you into agreeing with me using mockery and derision.”
Over the years, Scott has found her fight to be much less about science and more about politics

Metamagician and the Hellfire Club: Eugenie Scott's speech Sep 8, 2009
... Eugenie Scott's speech at Dragon*Con ..... (BTW, from a purely Darwinian point of view which society is superior and more successful: one that ... The new eugenics will have even more powerful tools at its disposal, ...
Please grok to the fullest that this is the woman that received front page adulation at what used to be your favorite blog!
SEE: Eugenics Society - Eugenie Scott
Her frickin' NAME is EUGENIE, OK? I couldn't write this shit if I tried.

NCSE Events -Eugenie Scott

[PDF] The Establishment of an Evolutionary World View in Public Education
NCSE Executive Director Eugenie C. Scott, was Humanist of the year in 1993;. Signatory to the Humanist Manifesto and the Eugenics Society;
Another name to be aware of is Richard Lynn:
Richard Lynn: The condemnation of eugenics went too far ~ needs reassessment
EUGENICS: A Reassessment by Richard Lynn

Richard Lynn on Dawkins' Site

Richard Lynn, Fearless Champion of Truth!
The Branding of a Heretic: Are religious scientists unwelcome at the Smithsonian?
Wall Street Journal, 2005

Galton proposed a replacement for traditional religious dogma, the new field (with a name he coined) of eugenics,
which he defined as “the study of agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations, whether physically or mentally.” He proposed that after eugenics first gains acceptance as an academic matter and then as a practical matter, that it should enter a third and final stage:

"It must be introduced into the national consciousness as a new religion."
"Man is becoming God. Those who see in national socialism nothing more than a political movement know scarcely anything of it. It is more even than a religion. It is the will to create mankind anew".
~ Adolf Hitler
What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right?
Richard Dawkins
THE NEW SCIENTIST: The Dawkins Dogma
THE notion of the "selfish gene" is the most successful scientific metaphor of the past 30 years, followed not far behind by "the extended phenotype". Both were coined by Richard Dawkins and are, as it happens, the titles of his first popular science books.
.....but this shit is not happening today, and I am a crazy woman, right So-Smarts?

WTF is World Evolutionary Humanism, & Why Should You Care?

Religion is a Product of Evolution, You Snake Handling Moron !

The "Negro Project" & Scientific Racism

Margaret Sanger would have loved Barack Obama!
"We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
BEHOLD! Thus spaketh the Obamassiah, 2006:
Does he even know he is a useful idiot? I think not.
Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values. It requires that their proposals be subject to argument, and amenable to reason. I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning the practice, I cannot simply point to the teachings of my church or evoke God’s will. I have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all.
Obama: Abortion is a 'health benefit'

Rehabilitating Eugenics
Princeton U ~ 2005
Instead, devotees of the new eugenics invoke the languages of choice and prevention. “Children of choice,” “Redesigning Humans, “Remaking Eden,” – these are just a few of the book titles by advocates of the new eugenics. Supporters of the new eugenics frequently invoke freedom as the animating influence behind their support for the new eugenics (one recent book title is “Liberation Biology”).

But it is choice and prevention that actually guide them. Choice and prevention, of course, are not inconsistent with the principles of a modern liberal democracy, and both are frequently invoked as rationales for a range of decisions we make as a society – about everything from abortion to terrorism. Both, however, suffer from serious weaknesses as guiding philosophies for our new genetic age.

The earlier incarnation of eugenics reached its logical conclusion in the horrific policies of fascist Germany. But the new incarnation of eugenics is thriving in the societies where it first flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century– liberal democracies.

Exploring this question requires two things: First, debunking the myth, still embraced by many, that eugenics and liberal democracy are incompatible. History shows us how well suited they are. The fact that liberal democracies, including our own, now have in place protections against the kind of state-sponsored eugenics popular in the early twentieth century does not mean we have escaped the siren song of eugenics. It merely means that we have found new ways to justify our ineradicable desire to improve ourselves. Second, we must trace the three pathways by which eugenics has been rehabilitated: through science, politics, and culture. In doing so we can begin to understand why an increasing number of Americans believe that the new eugenics is inevitable, and why it is no longer shocking to ask the question: must eugenics be a dirty word?
Dick Dawkins: "Eugenics may not be so bad!

Mind you, this is the man that the blog you used to love gives hat tips to.

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch"
NYT: Eugenics Alert - Why We Must Ration Healthcare
Complete with screaming commie style signs.

You have advanced kidney cancer. It will kill you, probably in the next year or two. A drug called Sutent slows the spread of the cancer and may give you an extra six months, but at a cost of $54,000. Is a few more months worth that much?

The author of the above piece is one PETER SINGER.

Peter Singer Joins Obama's Health Care Administrators
Peter Singer says infants aren't normal human beings with rights to life and liberty: "Characteristics like rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness...make a difference. Infants lack these characteristics. Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings."
Obama Care, rationing, and Peter Singer

Peter Singer: Obama wins: The president-elect must act to restore America's global image and reverse the corrosive legacy of the Bush years.



Scientists should unite against threat from religion
By Dawkin's pal: Sam Harris
Ya. OK. But it's still me that's crazy. If my GOD is not real, you tell me, scientist: WTF is there to be threatened by?

I wonder if half these so-smarts even realize they are supporting anarchists
The conception of struggle for existence as a factor of evolution, introduced into science by Darwin and Wallace, has permitted us to embrace an immensely wide range of phenomena in one single generalization, which soon became the very basis of our philosophical, biological, and sociological speculations
It's a fucking religion, you morons

UK: Every secondary school to be given Dawkins DVD
Can I get a little separation of Militant Atheist Alien Worshiping Eugenicist Loon and State?
Every secondary school in England and Wales will receive a free DVD by renowned atheist Richard Dawkins to celebrate the anniversary of Darwin's Origin of the Species. The speech was originally delivered as part of the professor's 1991 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for children, and is being distributed by the British Humanist Association with funding from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
The Next Thousand Years Television Series Participating Scholars
Initial Scholar List: To date the following scholars have agreed to participate in the development of The Next Thousand Years television series. Some of these scholars will serve on The Next Thousand Years Scholar Advisory Board and most of them will serve as consulting scholars on individual programs.

Richard Dawkins, Charles Simonyi Professor, Oxford University, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, England

Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara, CA USA
Hubbard, THE SCHOLAR, BTW, is totally fucking batshit crazy, and her middle name is MARX. AHAHAHA!:
Hubbard's "Christ Consciousness"
New Age leader, Barbara Marx Hubbard has staled, "people will either change or die," for "that is the choice." According to those who would concur with Hubbard, Christians will need to be more open minded so they too can receive the mark of the Antichrist. If they will not join with the global community and its agenda, they will be killed by the "opened minded" New Agers. She states that, "This act is as horrible as killing a cancer cell. It must be done (or the sake of the future of the whole. So be it; be prepared for the selection process which is now beginning. We, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity
VIDEOS: ~ Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Untold History of Humanity As Seen Through Evolutionary Eyes!
"National Socialism is nothing more than applied biology."
~ Rudolph Hess

REASON ONLINE: Science Fiction 'Czar': The disturbing intellectual record of Obama's "Science Czar"
Dr. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy—better known as the "science czar"—has been a longtime prophet of environmental catastrophes. Never discouraged but never right.

And thanks to resourceful bloggers, you can read excerpts from a hard-to-find book co-authored by Holdren in the late 1970s, called Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, online. In it, you will find the czar wading into some unpleasant talk about mass sterilizations and abortions.

It's not surprising. Holdren spent the '70s boogying down to the vibes of an imaginary population catastrophe and global cooling. He also participated in the famous wager between scientist Paul Ehrlich, the now-discredited Population Bomb theorist (and co-author of Ecoscience), and economist Julian Simon, who believed human ingenuity would overcome demand.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a question of eugenics
If Ginsburg does see eugenic culling as a compelling state interest, she'd be in fine company on the court. Oliver Wendell Holmes was a passionate believer in such things. In 1915, Holmes wrote in the Illinois Law Review that the "starting point for an ideal for the law" should be the "coordinated human effort ... to build a race."
Sotomayor Says She "Never Thought About" Rights of Unborn

Republican Senator Jim DeMint says that he is troubled by Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor after she told him she had "never thought about" the rights of the unborn child."When I asked if an unborn child has any rights whatsoever, I was surprised that she said she had never thought about it," said DeMint in a statement. "This is not just a question about abortion, but about the respect due to human life at all stages, and I hope this is cleared up in her hearings."
N.C. to dedicate marker to eugenics program
According to the So Smarts none of this ever happened though. So STFU!
Raleigh, N.C. — State officials are dedicating a historical marker to remember the forced sterilization program that affected thousands of people in North Carolina. The North Carolina Highway Historical Marker will be dedicated Monday at the North Carolina Community Colleges building in Raleigh. Social reformers advocated for eugenics programs a century ago as a way to cleanse society of the mentally handicapped and mentally ill. North Carolina adopted its program in 1929 and aggressively continued the program after World War II, targeting the program at the poor. About 7,600 people were sterilized between 1929 and 1975. A state House panel has recommended that the state give $20,000 to victims of the eugenics program.
Progressive Genocide
Less than 100 years ago, America's finest minds were convinced the nation was threatened by sexually insatiable female morons. A new history of the eugenics movement sheds light on a bizarre chapter in U.S. history.
Methodists apologize for loving death
“The United Methodist General Conference formally apologizes for Methodist leaders and Methodist bodies who in the past supported eugenics as sound science and sound theology. We lament the ways eugenics was used to justify the sterilization of persons deemed less worthy. We lament that Methodist support of eugenics policies was used to keep persons of different races from marrying and forming legally recognized families. We are especially grieved that the politics of eugenics led to the extermination of millions of people by the Nazi government and continues today as ‘ethnic cleansing’ around the world.”

The Release of the Destruction of Life Devoid of Value

(Life Unworthy of Life). Its measurement and form.
By Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche, 1922
The little booklet only including 60 pages and first published in 1920, was of an outstanding importance for the discussion of "euthanasia", even after the beginning of the "Third Reich". With his juridical arguments in support of the killing of "life devoid of value", which clearly opposed all preceding positions, Prof. Dr. jur. Dr. phil. Karl Binding (1841-1920), a highly respected penal law expert, triggered off an avalanche. In his part of the booklet, Dr. med. Alfred Hoche, a professor in psychiatry from Freiburg, provided a cost-benefit analysis regarding psychiatric care and described sick and disabled people as "people with deficits", "elements of minor value" ,"mentally dead" and "ballast existences". On the basis of a regulated procedure of applications and after the examination by a commission consisting of two physicians and a legal practitioner, both authors requested the painless killing of "incurably" sick persons against their will. They especially referred to inmates of "fools homes" and to cases without hope in "mental homes".
The New Untermenschen (Killing Infants for Research)
They harvest the "donor organs" while the " anencephalic neonates" (umm that'd be BABIES to luddites like you and me) are STILL ALIVE. SCIENCE!
"American Eugenics Party" pamphlet detailing their views

"American Eugenics Party" ~ Party Platform

American Eugenics Society Records
“Well, eugenics was a very fashionable science in the 1930s and nowadays it isn’t. Post Hitler there are people who say not only that eugenics is morally wrong but also that it doesn’t work scientifically. That is bollocks. It works with horses, cows and pigs and ducks. Of course it would work with humans. It’s quite another matter to say that it would be a good thing to do. It comes down to a moral and political choice. Just as the H-bomb. As for only giving examples of bad religion, that is not what I wanted to do even if I seem to have done it. I think I could have been accused of that not so much in the book but in the television programme I did for Channel 4 called The Root of All Evil. But a television programme does not have a single author. It was a kind of ‘over my dead body’ title, for example.”
~ Richard Dawkins

History of Genetics - EUGENICS

Building a Perfect Race: Modern Eugenics and American Law
One hundred years after the first Indiana law, eugenics might be expected to be a thing of the past. Yet practices that might be considered eugenic persist, and there is good reason to expect them to flourish in the near future. In this presentation, Professor Mehlman described the history of eugenics and its treatment by the courts, and discussed modern practices that might be deemed eugenic and their likely fate in the courts.
GAGDAD BOB: I Ain't Gonna Work on Darwin's Farm No More: The Limits of a Limitless Science

Self Directed Evolution

The Radical Population Control And Eugenics Agenda Of The Global Elite
STFU Crazy Spleen, none of this is happening!

"The Eugenics Quarterly" changed it's name in 1969 to "Social Biology"
In short, eugenics is the applied science of Darwinism (social darwinisim).The Malthusian catastrophe where the lower class all die and the well-to-do survive, became the inspiration for eugenics. The modern eugenics movement started in the United states in the late 1800’s and continues under different names today. The original eugenics movement eventually was promoted in Germany, and Hitler was so inspired by the Americans he created his own genocide based on the laws of eugenics. This would have been the ultimate goal of the eugenicists, but they failed. The eugenics operations in the us changed their names. Today they are called ‘population control, or planned parenthood, or one child policy. and screening for unborn children has begun to determine their genetic standing. Billions of dollars are being poured into the population control agenda today. The old money of the Rockefeller blending with the new money of Gates, Buffet and others.

Google Search: Richard Dawkins / Social Biology

Google Search: Eugenie Scott / Social Biology
We in the Eugenics movement are not interested in competing against Adolph Hitler or Karl Marx for some minuscule little 1,000 year Reich. We are interested in competing with Jesus Christ and Buddha for the destiny of man.
~ Favored Races Manifesto by James L. Hart

Friday, September 11, 2009

WFRL: Digital Monkey

Floatin' Powa News Service: For The Cause Of Allah ~

All Hail Glow Ball Dhimming:
New York's Sept 11 museum to display hijacker perspective
Well isn't THAT special... like a kick to the balls.
A museum dedicated to the September 11 attacks will display written quotations drawn from "martyrdom" videos made by the hijackers, along with witness testimonials that will be screened to prevent sympathizers from praising the perpetrators, museum officials said on Thursday.

Previous attempts to put into context the motivation of the men who used hijacked passenger planes to attack the United States on September 11, 2001, have been met with emotional public opposition, with politicians canceling plans for an "International Freedom Center" in 2005. But the president of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum said photographs of the 19 hijackers would be displayed along with the quotes as part of the "witness testimony" in the museum. The memorial and museum are planned for the World Trade Center site undergoing reconstruction in lower Manhattan.

The underground museum should open by 2013. Museum president Joe Daniels told reporters the exhibit would present the facts, focusing on "what happened on that day, why it happened, what does it mean to live in a 9/11 world."

Museum scours world for new videos of 9/11 attacks
You mean the ones they will not play on TV? Like this one?

Last views from the World Trade Center

Flight 93 Memorial
This memorial is shaped like.... a crescent, which points to Mecca. To boot, it is called "The Crescent of Embrace". Yet another special kick to the balls.


Netanyahu risks US anger by building settlements

Crescent of Betrayal.... indeed

UN's Ban concerned at Israel settler approval

Jerusalem must be made Judenrein by decree of International Law!

Judge orders work to end on Jerusalem settler project

IAF calls for pardon 3 Jordanians of spying for Hamas

BiBi Aide To Reside Under Bus For Blabbing Putin Pow Wow
At least one person will pay the price for the fiasco of the prime minister's visit to Russia: Maj. Gen. Meir Kalifi, Benjamin Netanyahu's military secretary. It isn't that Kalifi is free of blame in this story, but it seems that the speed with which he was identified as the near sole person responsible for the embarrassment was meant to spare others responsible, including Netanyahu, his political adviser, Uzi Arad, and his media adviser, Nir Hefetz, from any blame.

Sacrificing the military secretary, who lacks political support or any personal commitment from Netanyahu (having been appointed to the post during the tenure of Ehud Olmert), is not particularly media savvy and whose military career is in any case close to its end, is expected to put an end to the rumor mill surrounding the sensitive nature of the visit, and the failed effort to keep it a secret.
BiBi Had Agreed to Give Up Golan In 1996
Danny Yatom, who was head of Mossad during Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's first term in 1996, said Thursday that the premier then agreed to withdraw from the entire Golan Heights in exchange for a peace deal with Syria and the normalization of ties between Jerusalem and Damascus.
Prime Minister Netanyahu's secret trip to...where?
Persistent queries and theories produced the first version of the explanation that evening. The prime minister spent the day visiting a "security installation" in central Israel, where meetings had run longer than expected, said a statement, curiously issued by his military secretary, Gen. Meir Kalifi, and not his usual news media advisers. That's one long meeting. You can drive from the border with Lebanon to the border with Egypt and back twice in that time.

The next day a Palestinian newspaper chimed in, reporting that he had visited an Arab country that does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and that he had taken Kalifi and National Security Adviser Uzi Arad with him. The agenda was said to be Iran. This was one step closer. Kalifi and Arad evidently did join the magical mystery tour -- but to a different destination. Wednesday, Israeli news reports said that Netanyahu had made a flash visit to Russia. Yes, he had visited a security installation, but proceeded from there to the airport, where he had leased a private plane from an Israeli tycoon to avoid attention and flew to Russia with Kalifi, Arad, a select security detail -- and according to one report, another senior person. The lot of them returned at 3 a.m.

A senior official in Jerusalem confirmed the basic information and the prime minister's office did not issue a denial; a spokesman for the Russian prime minister said Vladimir Putin was busy that day with his pre-planned schedule, "which did not include a meeting with Netanyahu," but didn't explicitly deny it either. Finally, another statement said Netanyahu was on classified business and that his military secretary issued the cover story to safeguard it. Israel has a few specific issues with Russia, like the omnipresent Iran. And then there's the sale of advanced Russian military know-how.
Plot thickens over Israeli pm's secret trip

Israel linked to 'hijacked' ship mystery

The Gilad Shalit BRAND

Visit by Jordanian media delegation to Jerusalem comes under fire
The Jordan Press Association (JPA) denounced Wednesday the Kingdom's professional associations which called the visit by a media delegation to Jerusalem an act of normalization with Israel. The delegation's visit to Jerusalem is meant to shed light on Jordan's achievements and efforts to preserve the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, said JPA President Abdul Wahab Zgheilat.

"The visit is not an act of normalization at all. Journalist is different than any other profession and the visit is organized by the Jordanian government," said Zgheilat. Jordan's 14 professional associations, which have over 150,000 members, said Wednesday a visit by a delegation of journalists to Jerusalem that started on Tuesday is considered a type of normalization with Israel.
New Fatahssholes Appointed

Erekat: no statehood without Gaza

Israel flap escalates as Toronto fest starts

LEBANON: Nuclear material removed
And brought straight to Vlad. For safekeeping.
The United Nations' nuclear watchdog days ago removed a stockpile of radioactive material from Lebanon. According to an announcement today by the International Atomic Energy Agency, a cargo plane carried 36 Cobalt-60 "sources" from Lebanon to Russia for safe storage about 11 days ago.
Hariri quits, casting Lebanon into further uncertainty

Schulte: Syria may have several nuclear sites

EU Presses Syria to Explain Uranium Traces

EU Opens Talks On Turkey's Accession To Energy Community

Sudanese Women Kick Some Jihadi Ass
Sudanese women's rights activists scuffled with Islamists and riot police on Monday before a court session for Lubna Hussein, who faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers deemed indecent by the authorites.
NIGERIA: Rebellions and insurrections
This article was provoked by the recent armed rebellion in Nigeria led by a religious sect which goes by the name Boko Haram. But I have decided to situate the bloody "affair" in a broad historical context. A college dictionary defines rebellion as " an attempt by some of the people in a country to change their government, using violence; opposition to authority within an organisation, a political party, etc; opposition to authority; being unwilling to obey rules or accept normal standards of behaviour, dress, etc". The same book of reference defines insurrection as "a situation in which a large group of people try to take the political control of their country with violence". A synonym of insurrection is uprising. We shall adopt, and proceed from, these simple definitions.
Al-Qaida: Tales from Bin Laden's volunteers

Yemen's Saleh says rebels getting funding from outside
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Wednesday Shi'ite rebels in the north were receiving funding from groups in Iran as well as from Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. "We can't accuse any official parties in Iran, but there are Iranians communicating with us and saying they are prepared to mediate ... which means they are communicating with them (the rebels)," Saleh told Arabic broadcaster Al Jazeera.

"The same goes for Moqtada al-Sadr in Najaf in Iraq, he wants to become a mediator, which means they have links ...this we can say with absolute transparency," he said, referring to the populist Iraqi Shi'ite figure who is close to Iran. Saleh also said two "cells" in Yemen's security apparatus had received money from Iran, around $100,000, and would face prosecution, without giving details. Last month fresh fighting erupted between Zaydi Shi'ite Muslims in the Saada region and government forces. The conflict first broke out in 2004.
US risks being sucked into Yemen civil war
Tens of thousands of refugees are fleeing a vicious civil war that threatens to turn the key Arab peninsula state of Yemen into a terrorist stronghold and to suck the US into another sensitive conflict zone.

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki accused of sinister purge to become dictator
The Iraqi opposition accused Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister, yesterday of purging the American-trained security apparatus so that he could attain quasi-dictatorial powers.
Al Basrah Oil Terminal essential to Iraq's economy
Eighty percent of Iraq’s gross domestic product is pumped through pipelines and onto tankers at the Al Basrah Oil Terminal 30 miles off the coast of Iraq in the Persian Gulf. The ABOT is a vital part of Iraq’s economy, and it is the job of the United States Sailors and Coast Guardsmen stationed there to keep it safe, according to Commander Thomas Shultz, the chief of staff officer for Commander Task Group Iraqi Maritime.
Truck Bomb Kills at Least 19 in Iraq

If anything I've been too nice, says Tariq Ramadan
Tariq Ramadan was in the Netherlands to talk about his dismissal by the city of Rotterdam and the Erasmus University because of his ties with Press TV in Iran. 'It is all about the local elections.'
Iran plans protests on 'Jerusalem Day'
Reformists to use last Friday of Ramadan, which marks annual Palestinian support rallies in Tehran, to protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime, including transfer of financial aid to Palestinians in 'disregard for the Iranian people's money'
Iran submits proposals for possible nuclear talks with world powers
It reads something like DIE JUDEN DIE but I am rusty on my Farsi.

Obama's Iran policy fails to learn lessons of 9/11
Oh he learned them fine.... he has just chosen the side of DIE JUDEN DIE!

No suspension of uranium enrichment: Iran

Dore Gold: The Rise of Nuclear Iran
The international community, explained Gold, points to Pakistan and North Korea as unstable regimes that possess nuclear weapons and yet they have been contained. Thus, why not view Iran in the same light? The weakness of this argument reflects a misreading of Iran's long term strategic goals. Neither Pakistan nor North Korea are attempting regional supremacy. Pakistan is focused on its bottomless conflict with India, and North Korea has no plans to conquer Japan; the Norks, in fact, are focused on maintaining their iron grip on the reins of power. Iran, on the other hand, is an expansionist Islamic theocracy seeking to export their Shia revolution.

IRANIAN FM Mottaki: Iran, Brazil Able to Play Major Roles in New World Order

Raped and beaten for daring to question President Ahmadinejad
Ardeshir, an engineering student dressed in jeans and T-shirt, tells his story in a corner of a Tehran park obscured by trees — he no longer trusts telephones or the internet. He smokes, fidgets, has bags beneath his eyes. Sometimes he cries. At one point he has to break off and return another day. His distress is hardly surprising: he was locked up, beaten and raped multiple times for daring to protest against President Ahmadinejad’s disputed re-election. A psychologist said Ardeshir, 19, is depressed and may be suicidal: “He has extreme feelings of self-hatred resulting from a sense that he will never be clean again, and from shame over the repeated rapes.” A hospital report confirms he suffered anal damage. He has temporarily abandoned his studies temporarily and seeks solace by playing the santur, an Iranian instrument.
Iran's Mousavi "urges calm after arrest of his allies"

Abdullah: Afghan vote "state-engineered" fraud

Karzai Praises Election Panel

Taliban presence seen across almost all Afghanistan

Obama's Afghan Election Failure
The administration had emphasized that its primary goal was a credible election process, not the victory of any particular candidate or group. President Obama and his aides had sharply urged Karzai publicly and privately to make this vote as close to fair and free as possible in a country at war. Karzai not only disregarded the pressure; he used it to campaign as a nationalist fighting outside influences.
China - the Golden 'BRIC' in the Flat Panel TV Wall?
The Glow Ball needs much tantalum

China National Petroleum Corporation poised to snap up oil

Sinopec (CHINA): Plan To Double Fujian JV Refinery's Capacity

IEA Raises 2009, 2010 Oil Demand Forecasts on Growth in China

China Continues its Quest for Resources with $30 Billion CNPC Loan

Asian Energy: China-Myanmar pipeline project to begin amid criticism

Myanmar junta siphons gas revenue offshore

India takes up with Myanmar reports of China 'base' in Coco islands
India has taken up with Myanmar reports of China having a maritime base in the strategic Coco islands near the Andamans islands but was told there is no movement of the Chinese Navy in the area, a top Naval officer said today. The officer also said the Navy had no report of any Chinese presence in the Indian waters near the Andaman and Nicobar islands." There is no report of any Chinese movement in our waters in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands," Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Naval Command Vice Admiral Anup Singh said when asked about reports of Chinese incursion into Indian waters. On reports of Chinese presence in the Coco Islands near the Andamans, Singh said India had taken up the issue with Myanmar which has jurisdiction over the island, but the latter had denied the report."We have had a dialogue with the Myanmar government which has clarified there is no Chinese presence in Coco islands," he added.
About 5 billion dollars from Total and Chevron flow into junta's secret acounts
Energy giants Total and Chevron are helping Myanmar’s military employ forced labour, hide its abuses and killings, and fill its coffers to the tune of nearly US$ 5 billion, neatly stashed away in accounts in two Singapore-based offshore banks, EarthRights International (ERI) said in two separate reports.
Chevron signs $60 bln gas deal with SKorea, Japan

Hormats Pledges Focus on China Rights, Iran Investment at State
HAHAHA! Good Gabbing, Gwylo! Gold Man speak with forked tongue.
Robert Hormats, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive nominated for a top State Department economic post, said today he would raise human rights concerns with China and discourage international investment in Iran. “I expect to be working in China a fair amount if confirmed,” Hormats, 66, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at his confirmation hearing in Washington. Human rights will be “an important topic” in conversations, he said.
FEBRUARY 20, 2009: Clinton: Chinese human rights secondary to economic survival
Hillary Clinton has told China that the US considers human rights concerns secondary to economic survival.
Hormats reports to Hillary, and the above is the official US State Department position. Hormats practices white man's taqiyya.

Taiwan ministers culled after typhoon criticisms

Taiwan replaced a number of ministers in a cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday following public criticism over it response to a deadly typhoon, in a move that is unlikely to alter the administration's pro-China policy. Shi Yen-shiang, chairman of Taiwan's China Petroleum Corp, was named economics minister, while Lee Sush-der kept his position as finance minister, newly appointed Premier Wu Den-yih told a news conference. Wu was named premier on Monday after his predecessor Liu Chao-shiuan resigned amid criticism that the government did not act quickly or strongly enough after Typhoon Morakot drenched the island's southern mountains, triggering massive landslides and killing up to 769 people.

"The most important thing for us to do is rebuild the public's confidence," Wu said at a Wednesday handover ceremony. Taiwan's entire 42-member cabinet had offered to resign, but not all members were replaced and most analysts see no significant changes in President Ma Ying-jeou's foreign, economic or China policies emerging from the new cabinet.

US Wants Direct Talks to Bring North Korea to Six-Party Forum

World system moves towards new order: Singapore official
STFU there it is again.

Cameco Will Open Office in India as Uranium Demand May Triple

COLD WAR II: What happened to the fall of communism?
HAHAHA! Stupid Oymerikan plebes. Do I look fallen to you? Careful, dogski.
~ Vlad

Russia Signals Opposition to New Sanctions Against Iran

US and Russia diverge over Iran

Only ostensibly.

Russia Rejects New Iran Sanctions

Russian Activists Demand Truth About 1999 Bombings

European envoy asks Russia about NGO killing

You may ask in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled first, tovarich Envoy.
~ Putin on the Ritz

Putin System Recalls Features and Dangers of Late Soviet Period

Factbox: Chavez's ties with Russia: arms, energy, politics

Putin praises Venezuela for recognition of Abkhazia, S.Ossetia

Russian uranium miner sees price up in 2010

Gazprom set to launch $500 mln paper issue


SCO judges' meeting concludes in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan ready to invest $22M in digital television

'Informal' Caspian Summit Opening In Kazakhstan, But Iran Not Invited
We informally do not invite you.

Iran angered at exclusion from Caspian Sea summit

Shorty, please.
~ Vladimirski so much bigger than youski!

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will visit Orenburg, Kazakhstan

Fairy tale can come true, Canadian space tourist says
OH the glory of Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan, our repressive friend
The arbitrary jailing of a leading activist has dramatised concerns about Kazakhstan's human rights record as it prepares to assume the chairmanship of Europe's top body overseeing democracy and human rights, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The case has also shone a Libya-style spotlight on the British government's policy of encouraging business and investment links with a repressive but oil-rich dictatorship – a policy pursued during a visit there this week by Europe minister Glenys Kinnock.
Kazakh leader asked to stay for life
The Kazakhstan presidency said on Thursday a resident of a provincial city had asked President Nursultan Nazarbayev to stay in his post for life -- a report that could be a tactic to prepare ground on the issue.
Asian Development Bank approves fiscal stimulus loan to Kazakhstan

Criminal probe into MI-8 helicopter crash launched in Kazakhstan
The criminal probe into crash of the military helicopter, which killed 10 military, was launched by the Military Prosecutor's Office in Kazakhstan, reported Novosti-Kazakhstan. The helicopter of the National Security Committee crashed in the Ugam canyon on Tuesday during a reconnaissance flight near the Kazakh-Uzbek border. Ten people died and three people were injured and taken to the hospital in the city of Shymkent.
Tajikistan detains two Russian soldiers for murder
The former Soviet republic bordering Afghanistan hosts a 7,500-strong Russian military base, which includes Russia's largest infantry group abroad. "Two soldiers ... (from the Russian base) have been detained today on suspicion of murder," the source said.
Tajik Border Region Launches New Antidrug Campaign

Turkmenistan sees Russian gas deal in September

Turkmenistan To Free 1284 Prisoners In Amnesty
Look how benevolent and gloriously democratic we are, comrades! Later, most of them will be rearrested anyway. Turkmen dog and pony show AKBAR!

Yushchenko to travel to Turkmenistan to secure natural gas supplies

Inmates escape from penal colony in Uzbekistan, kill 6, wound 2
Ten inmates escaped from the tightened security penal colony in Tashkent region of Uzbekistan on September 6. They killed 6 people, including a woman and a 3-year-old child and wounded 2 people, a source in the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan told Interfax-Kazakhstan yesterday. "Two prison guards were killed during escape and inmates were able to take over the guards' weapon," a source said. The prisoners attempted to hide in Gazalkent village near Tashkent, where they killed a nursery teacher and a 3-year-old kid.

NATO expresses gratitude to Uzbekistan for its support

Uzbekistan and China sign a number of documents on cooperation

US bank denies misleading shareholders
Bank of America has launched a last-ditch attempt to shield its most senior executives from allegations they misled shareholders, after the New York attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, signalled that he was close to laying charges against them. The legal controversy over BofA's acquisition last year of Merrill Lynch appears close to a denouement, after Mr Cuomo said he had found four occasions on which executives should have revealed important information about spiralling losses and expenses at Merrill. But BofA has hit back, insisting that a December document outlining the Merrill acquisition ahead of a shareholder vote "did not contain any false or misleading statements".The bank's legal adviser, Lewis Liman, wrote: "Bank of America and Merrill Lynch properly reported Merrill Lynch's results when they were required to do so – after the close of the quarter."
Commerzbank under fire in banker bonus battle

Dutch banks move to cap bankers' bonuses

Former Morgan Stanley banker convicted in HK

Lloyds Taps Ex-Goldman Partner At GBP1M+/Yr

Geithner: Treasury phasing out bank-bailout programs

London Suicide Connects Lehman Lesson Missed by Hong Kong Woman
Yu Lia Chun, a retired hospital orderly in Hong Kong, never heard of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. before she got a call last September from her banker. “He said, ‘Did you hear the news? Something has happened to Lehman,’” Yu, 66, recalled in an interview in June. “I didn’t get it.”

Yu, who has a sixth-grade education, said she thought her money was in a savings account. She didn’t know she had lent it to a bankrupt American securities firm. Eventually, she found out that her HK$1.2 million ($155,000) nest egg was gone. Her children lost another HK$3.8 million because Yu had persuaded them to make similar investments. “There is no way a person like me could understand any of this,” Yu said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue in a coffee shop in Hong Kong’s financial district. “Sometimes I feel like jumping off a building.”

What hit Yu and her family was a tidal wave triggered halfway around the world by the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history. The Sept. 15, 2008, collapse of Lehman, with $613 billion in liabilities, had unforeseen and far-flung consequences that devastated those, like Yu, who didn’t know their fates were tied to the New York-based investment bank.
Lehman Monday Morning Lesson Lost With Obama Regulator-in-Chief

Oil India $570 mln IPO oversubscribed 31 times
State-owned explorer Oil India's $570 million IPO was subscribed nearly 31 times on Thursday, quelling fears investor appetite for new offerings had waned in the wake of a tepid market debut for two recent big listings. Robust demand for Oil India's IPO also boosted hopes the government will look to sell more stakes in state firms as it looks to raise funds and cut a widening budget deficit.

Is Financial Reform Already A Failure?
Only if it's INTENT was to succeed.

US Economy: Trade Deficit Widens Most Since 1999

BG oil find in Brazil could be 2bn barrel 'megafield'

Venezuelan Government Can't Keep its Fingers out of the Metals Sector

Obama To Chair UNSC Session As China, Russia Push UN To Replace US Dollar As Reserve Currency
If September is to be governed by presidential instincts and an over-valued view of the role of the United Nations, it may mark a significantly bad turn for American power, particularly economically. And that would inevitably translate into an eventual high surcharge on American security on many levels and in many places. The Financial Times notes that President Obama will be the first US president to chair a UN Security Council session. September 24th, President Obama is to preside over a UNSC session focusing on "nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament - one of several global challenges that the US now wants to see addressed at a multinational level." Anyone keeping score on the UN Security Council (to say nothing of the IAEA) on issues nuclear?
United Nations: BRICs Need Alternative to US Dollar
The U.S. dollar’s role in international trade should be reduced by establishing a new currency to protect emerging markets from the confidence game of financial speculation according to the United Nations.
Boulder County Dems cheer Obama's health care speech

Supporters spurred by Obama

Maryland - Amid choruses of affirmative "uh-huhs", supporters of President Barack Obama gathered around a large television in a basement in this Washington suburb to watch his rousing speech on health care.
Plouffe: Now or never for health care
Never works for me.

Overhaul of ICE detention system for immigrants in question

Biased media fails to investigate abortion part of health reform bill

Real racism found in pro-abortion position
"Liberalism" requires racism, it needs a permanently aggrieved underclass as conveyance.

USEC Signs $1.2 Bln Nuclear Fuel Supply Contract With Exelon
Enriched uranium fuel provider USEC Inc. Thursday revealed a contract valued at nearly $1.2 billion to supply separative work units from its American Centrifuge Plant for fueling reactors run by Exelon Generation Co. Exelon that operates several commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S. said the American Centrifuge Plant is important to it as a source for increasing fuel supply diversity, as also for the country, as an important component of energy and national security. As per the deal, USEC said it would start fueling Exelon reactors from year 2012.
FEBRUARY 4, 2008: Obama Hearts Nuke Giant Exelon

Well isn't this a cozy little group: Obama, Exelon, and their consultant, Obama's main man David Axelrod. A partnership made in heaven for the nuclear giant Exelon, which has given "at least $227,000" to Obama's campaign that eventually got them legislation from the Illinois Senator written with their best interests in mind. If this was a story about Clinton rewriting legislation to benefit one of her biggest campaign contributors, who also happened to be Big Nuke, there would be blaring headlines across the web. That it revolves around nuclear leaks and helping provide cover for Exelon, a big biz corporate contributor for Obama, against the best interest of a community, is not a small issue either. You cannot buy this type of free pass from the traditional media. They have to be willing to be complicit in it, because any way you slice it this is a huge story.

The report in the New York Times is alarming. For one thing, you've got to wonder why he told a whopper in Iowa when the records are so easily revealed. Of course, to win. But when it concerns radioactive leaks and the protection of citizens, we're talking about the morality of personal politics and professional ethics. Guess Obama knows the press has been asleep where he's concerned and counted on that continuing. Oops.

CACI Intl. Gets $47 Mln Deal To Support "Center For Excellence In Disaster Management And Humanitarian Assistance"
The award, for one base year and four option years, continues the company's work in supporting the COE-DMHA's mission of educating, training, conducting research, and assisting in responding to natural and manmade disasters in the Asia Pacific Region.
Raytheon wins $93M pact to ramp up production of new missile

Dissident cleared of PSNI assault
Gary Donnelly, of Kildrum Gardens in Creggan, was accused of attacking three officers who brought him to court over a protest at Raytheon in August 2006.
NORTHCOM Exercises Need More Coordination with States
GAO also finds inconsistencies in exercise reporting. The US Department of Defense (DoD) organization responsible for supplying military assistance to civil authorities during a disaster must improve coordination of its exercise program with states and integration of its exercises with national frameworks, congressional investigators said Wednesday.

US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) conducts exercises to examine its level of preparedness in providing assistance to US civil authorities but it should consistently involve the states in the planning, execution, and assessment of those exercises, said the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in a report titled "Homeland Defense: US Northern Command Has a Strong Exercise Program, but Involvement of Interagency Partners and States Can Be Improved."

Furthermore, DoD should determine exactly when NORTHCOM, based in Colorado Springs, Colo., must use planning and documentation requirements delineated in the National Exercise Program (NEP), a unified system promulgated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that sets priorities for participation in exercise and details procedures for agencies to follow in national-level exercises.
Obama Issues 10 More Ethics Waivers To Hire Lobbyists
Further ridiculing his laughable ethics rules, Barack Obama has issued 10 additional waivers to hire lobbyists in violation of an executive order he proudly signed upon taking office.
The Fusion Center: Inside southern Nevada's counter-terrorism center

Fusion Centers raise privacy questions

Westinghouse In Talks On UK Nuclear Fuel Ops Site

Protective pill soon available for people near nuclear plants

Proposed uranium mill deeply divides southwestern Colorado communities

Wyoming: Pre-Feasibility Study for Reno Creek Uranium Mine

Religion of Peace!
The Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, in his address in the Final Ceremony, highlighted that: “no religion and no faith can act as the spark for conflicts, violence, and wars. The name of every religion is peace, because peace is the name of God. The participants to the Congress did not meet to compete and fight. They met to build together mutual bonds of fraternity and reconciliation, which the work of peace stands upon. We are grateful that the call for peace has risen to heaven from Krakow, city of peace. It is the hometown of the pilgrim of peace, John Paul II, who left this city to serve humankind and proclaim peace to a troubled world.”
Mark Garlasco, A.K.A. FLAK88
Garlasco's internet handle is FLAK 88. "88" happens to be the white nationalist world's code for HEIL HITLER, BTW.
Human Rights Watch investigator accused of collecting Nazi memorabilia Watchdog organisation has had tension with Israeli government over criticism of military actions in Gaza...
Wrong man for UNESCO
Oh I dunno seems to me he'd fit right in.
Could UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, dedicated to encouraging "peace and security by encouraging collaboration among nations" - soon be headed by a man who boasted that he would publicly burn all the Israeli books he could get his hands on?
Creation film sparks evolution arguments
LOL. Got that right, Dick.
As Richard Dawkins put it: "One side or the other has got to be wrong, and not just slightly wrong but catastrophically, ignominiously, disastrously wrong....
Hey.. I mean... what's to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn't right, anyway?

Jesus Christ, the Pope has forgiven the Jews!

Bob Dylan's harmonica up for sale

AFRICA: We still want mines nationalised

Ecuador Oil Minister,Chevron Trade Warnings Over Interference

Chevron says Angola project yielding oil

Oh noes... there go the big heads!



4.9 Mb - VANUATU




German Geothermal Project Induces Second Thoughts After the Earth Rumbles
Government officials here are reviewing the safety of a geothermal energy project that scientists say set off an earthquake in mid-August, shaking buildings and frightening many residents of this small city.
Purdue Receives $105 Million For Earthquake Research Center

Israeli Archaeologists Find Largest Cache of Jewish Rebel Coins

Rare medieival Hebrew prayer book to go on display

Bible-Era Mystery Vessel Found -- Code Stumps Experts
Experts are stumped so often they should have to drop the moniker.
What sets the newfound cup apart is its inscription, which is still sharply etched but so far impossible to understand. Similar to intentionally enigmatic writing in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the cup's script appears to be a secret code, written in a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic, the two written languages used in Jerusalem at the time. "They wrote it intending it to be cryptic," Gibson said.
Archaeologists find early menorah depiction

Remains of Jesus-era synagogue found in Israel

Mars Colony 'will make the world a better place'
Hey! I know! The Glow Ball will know peace when the So Smarts send all the Juden to Mars! Certainly soon after we get there we will find out Mars also belongs to The Ummah, that we must die, and the Marshad will begin.
The thinkers included such notable people as Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist, author Margaret Atwood, and Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin entrepreneur. The group did find reasons for hope even if some suggestions were a little far-fetched reports the Telegraph. J. Richard Gott, professor of astrophysical sciences, Princeton University said, "We should establish a self-supporting colony on Mars. That would make us a two-planet species and improve our long-term survival prospects by giving us two chances instead of one. It would change the course of world history - you couldn't even call it world history any more." And he added, "We should do this before money for the space program runs out."
An Insider's Guide to the Large Hadron Collider
Fuckin' thing broke the day they started it up.They are getting ready to try again.
On September 10, 2008, proton beams were circulated successfully for the first time around the LHC’s large ring. Project leader Lyn Evans and the international team of researchers working at the lab were elated. “It’s a fantastic moment,” said Evans. “We can now look forward to a new era of understanding about the origins and evolution of the universe.” Nine days later, however, that heady summer of hope screeched to a halt due to a devastating malfunction. Before particle collisions had even been attempted, a faulty electrical connection in the wiring between two magnets heated up, causing the supercooled helium surrounding them to vaporize.

Liquid helium is a critical part of the LHC’s cooling system that keeps its superconducting magnets functioning properly. In gaseous form, the helium began to leak profusely into the vacuum layer that surrounds the system, thwarting attempts by emergency release valves to channel it off safely. Then came the knockout punch. The flood of helium slammed into the magnets, jostled them out of position, and destroyed more wiring and part of the beam pipe. Upon inspection, technicians realized that it would take many months to repair the damage, recheck the electrical and magnetic systems around the ring, and attempt operations once more. Currently, the LHC is scheduled to go on line in September 2009.
Scientists Make Discoveries as They Map the Continental Shelf
Could be extinct, could be not.
While the researchers divulged few details, saying it will take time to analyze the data, they said they had discovered a massive seamount and what could be an extinct underwater volcano during the 41-day mission.
Porn, fireworks, diamonds made with child labor
Children are used to produce everything from pornography in Ukraine to fireworks in the Philippines and diamonds in Sierra Leone, the US Department of Labor said in a report.The report, published on Thursday, lists 122 goods "produced with forced labor, child labor, or both, in 58 countries" from Afghanistan to North Korea to Uzbekistan."

Agricultural crops comprise the largest category, followed by manufactured goods and mined or quarried goods," said the report, which was mandated by Congress in 2005, when lawmakers passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.Child labor was more common than forced labor, and the goods most often produced by children were cotton, sugar cane, tobacco, coffee, rice, and cocoa in agriculture; bricks, garments, carpets, and footwear in manufacturing; and gold and coal in mined or quarried goods.
Every heart
To love will come
But like a refugee
~ Leonard Cohen