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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Night Late Show
Charlie Chaplin ~ His Prehistoric Past

Shakin' All Over

Johnny Kidd & the Pirates ~ Shakin' All Over

A small earthquake struck northern Israel on Wednesday without causing casualties or damage, the national seismological institute said.

The quake, the epicentre of which was 50 kilometres (30 miles) off the northern coast near the seaside town of Acre, registered 3.2 on the Richter scale, the institute said.

In June, scientists warned of the dangers of a large earthquake in southern Lebanon that could radiate across the region, urging local medical services to prepare disaster relief plans.

Since February, abnormal seismic activity has been noted in southern Lebanon, which suffered some 500 minor quakes in a three-month period, the Israeli health ministry said.

Similar concern has been voiced by Lebanese seismologists.

Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days


Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

~ Mark 13:8

3 Wood: The Sharia Marches On

KAMELOT ~ March Of Mephisto

The spread of Sharia law into the financial world continues

8/11: UK: Interest-free Sharia MasterCard launched

The issuance of Sharia compliant credit cards is key. The world revolves around credit. These prepaid cards should be a very fast selling item. Working like a prepaid cell phone, it will provide a certain amount of anonymity as well as mobility to the user. Since there is no interest payment stream to keep track of, it's like buying travelers checks. You can use these just about anywhere.
Making financial instruments Sharia compliant is actually easier than one might presume.

All you have to do is change the interest charged into a fixed fee that is taken off the top and there you have it. The banking industry has been shifting more and more to a fee based service delivery anyway over the last few decades, so they will probably jump on these types of products like a duck into a June bug.
Just imagine, no interest to collect and keep track of, no delinquent accounts to manage. The Bank manager's dream. And Sharia keeps on spreading.

The march toward a sharia compliant financial hub continues.



As discussed before, some banks are scrambling to repackage conventional investment instruments into being sharia compliant to tap into that large and profitable market. It's not all that hard, just strip the interest payments, charge a fixed fee in place of the interest and there you have it. As this trend continues, you will see a potential growing power in sharia financial market to dictate what you can and cannot do.

Right now they are focused on staying away from such things as the pork industry and pornography.
How long until Christianity is outlawed by these banks? I would not want to be a Christian and working in one of them, that is for sure. If you think China is repressive against Christianity, just wait to see what happens in the UK with this.

~ 3 WOOD

Singin' in the Baath Tub

Sam Lanin's Troubadors
Singin' In The Bathtub

30 December 2006: A young man signs the condolences book at the Jordanian Baath Party offices in Amman where party officials were receiving condolences following the execution of Iraq's ousted leader Saddam Hussien

The Syrian-Iraqi Baath party and its Nazi beginnings
(& Commislamist present)


The chances of a lightning-quick war in Iraq evaporated with the unexpected determination and guerrilla tactics of the Baath Party militia. Trapped between a civilian population which viscerally hates them, and the advancing allies, it was predictable the petty bureaucrats and young thugs behind Saddam's totalitarian rule would fight it out. But who are the members of the Baath Party?

In Arabic, baath means renaissance or resurrection. The Baath Arab Socialist Party, to give the organisation its formal title, is the original secular Arab nationalist movement, founded in Damascus in the 1940s to combat Western colonial rule. But since then, the Baath Party has undergone many chameleon-like twists in belief and purpose. Even the young men in Iraq who today claim its discredited banner might be surprised at the party's real origins.

Those beginnings lie thousands of miles to the west, in the leafy streets and pavement cafes of the left bank of the Seine in Paris.

Here, in the 1930s, the two founders of the Baath Party were educated at the Sorbonne University. They were middle-class Arabs from the then French colony of Syria.

Michael Aflaq was a Greek Orthodox Christian and would become the main ideologue of Baathism, preaching freedom from Western colonialism, Arab unity and socialism. And Salah al-Din Bitar, born of a Muslim family in Damascus, would be the practical politician, later becoming prime minister of an independent Syria.

Back home in French Syria, they became teachers by day and political intriguers by night. Early Baathist ideas were strongly fringed with fascism, as you might expect from a group of men whose ideas were formed in France in the turbulent Thirties.

The movement was based on classless racial unity, hence the strong anti-Marxism, and on national socialism in the scientific sense of the word, such as nationalised industry and an autarkic economy serving the needs of the nation. Hence, the antipathy towards Western capitalism.

But the rise of German fascism also played a role. Many in the Arab world saw Hitler as an ally. In 1941, the Arab world was electrified by a pro-Axis coup in Baghdad. At that time, Iraq was nominally independent but Britain maintained a strong military presence. An Arab nationalist by the name of Rashid Ali al-Kailani organised an army coup against the pro-British Iraqi monarchy and requested help from Nazi Germany. In Damascus, then a Vichy French colony, the Baath Party founders immediately organised public demonstrations in support of Rashid Ali.

After the Second World War, the Baathists emerged as the leadership of Arab nationalism for two reasons. First, they were the only force with a coherent ideology. Second, the existing Arab political elites were blamed for the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Nor was Islam a competitor. For the Western-educated founders of Baathism, Islam smacked of backwardness. For the nascent Islamic fundamentalists, the Baathists were substituting Arabism for the much wider historic conquests of Muslim civilisation. But it was that pan-Arab nationalism that appealed to discontented Arab youth in the Fifties and Sixties.

Baathism had something else to offer these youths: its tight, disciplined internal organisation which - at any rate, before the party became corrupt - stood in sharp contrast to the ramshackle nature of many Arab civil institutions.

Like the Nazi and Communist parties, the Baath is organised through small cells in a rigid hierarchy. Members are expected to devote their life to the party. In Iraq, would-be members pass through four stages even before becoming a full member: supporter, sympathiser, nominee and trainee. Currently, there are about two million Iraqis in these categories. The system requires passing successfully a series of tests, so full members of Saddam's Baathist organisation are the most hardened and fanatical of his supporters.

With war looming, Saddam has extended this principle with the establishment of Fedayeen Saddam, many of whom have been in action against allied troops. The Fedayeen consists of teenage level members or novices eager to move up in the Baath hierarchy ladder. In this respect, they are very reminiscent of the Hitler Youth.

It is estimated that there are about 40,000 full members of the Baath Party in Iraq. Each is assigned to an autonomous cell. A cell consists of three to five members, only one of whom would have a link to the next level of operation. This limits the ability to penetrate the organisation from without. This structure was born of the original clandestine and illegal life of the Baathists before they came to power.

In 1947, the Baath Party was set up as a single party covering all the Arab counties, under a National Command (actually a pan-national body). In each Arab nation, a Regional Command - ostensibly the leadership of the local Baath Party - was created. The Iraqi branch of the Baath party was established in 1954. In the post-war period, the restored Iraqi monarchy was stoutly pro-Western, but it was overthrown in a military coup in 1958.

The new Iraqi strongman was Abdel Karim Qassim. He disappointed pan-Arabists like the Baath by rejecting joining a United Arab Republic with Syria and Egypt.

As a counterweight to the Baath, Qassim allied with the Iraqi Communist Party (the strongest in the Middle East).

On 8 February, 1963, the Baath Party staged a bloody coup against Qassim, killing thousands of communists. Many believe that the CIA was involved in the coup as a way of destroying communist influence in the region. Ali Saleh Al-Sa'adi, the Baath Party secretary general, said: "We came to power on a CIA train."

The Baath would not remain in power long. In November of 1963, there was an army counter-coup. But the humiliation of the Arab leaderships in the Seven Day War with Israel in 1967 finally gave the Baathists their moment, and the movement definitively seized power in 1968. The Syrian Baath had already grabbed power in 1963.

Once in power, the nature of Baathism changed. Both in Syria and Iraq, economic and military necessity required an alliance with the Soviet Union, eroding the old anti-communism. The attractions of power resulted in personal corruption.

The late President Hafez al-Assad of Syria was listed by Forbes Magazine as the eighth-richest person in the world, worth $2.3 billion - an impressive accomplishment in a state where the economy is nationalised.

The biggest change was the transformation of the party into the machinery of government. As in the old Soviet Union with the Bolshevik Party, the lines between party, state and military became totally blurred and internal democracy was eroded. That paved the way for dictatorship and the cult of personality in the shape of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam added a twist not seen in Syria, and much against the original spirit of Baathism. Religious sentiment is taking over from the secularism that once defined Iraqi Baathism. Saddam's government has increasingly turned to Islam in its desperate search for legitimacy, playing down the Arab nationalism that once served as its ideology.

What of the Baath Party in other Arab countries? National rivalries mean pan-Arabism is dead and the supra-national Baath Party structure is now an obsolete shell. The Baathists in Palestine and Jordan have been liquidated. In Syria, power is now in the hands of Hafez al-Assad's son, who - despite his anti-Western rhetoric - has purged the old party hierarchy and is quietly moving Syria towards a market economy.

And what of the founding members of the Baath movement? Michael Aflaq became an adviser to Saddam but was soon sidelined as the dictatorship mutated. He died a disappointed man in Baghdad in 1989.

Salah al-Din Bitar broke with the corrupt Syrian regime and went into exile in Paris where, long ago, the Baathist dream was born. There he was assassinated in 1980, most probably by the Syrian secret service.

What are the Baathists doing now, you may ask?
I'll tell you!

Jun 17, 2008 :

Iraq law on Baathists not being implemented

BAGHDAD, June 17 (Reuters) - When the Iraqi parliament passed a law in January aimed at rehiring former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party, U.S. President George W. Bush praised it as a step towards national reconciliation.

The Accountability and Justice Law replaced the deBaathification Law, under which tens of thousands of former Baathists, mostly Sunni Arabs, were purged from government and security posts following the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

But five months later, implementation of the law is bogged down by infighting between politicians, and the committee once tasked with hunting out Baathists in government has found itself in the odd position of overseeing the process of rehiring them or offering them state pensions.

The government has still not appointed a seven-member panel to replace the deBaathification Committee, whose enthusiastic purge of Baathists from government posts prompted minority Sunni Arabs to accuse them of conducting a witch-hunt.

The Accountability and Justice Law was the first of a series of so-called "benchmark" laws that Washington pressed Iraq's Shi'ite-led government to pass to foster reconciliation. Sunni Arabs, dominant under Saddam, had complained that the deBaathification programme amounted to collective punishment.

The law is seen as crucial to easing sectarian tensions between Iraq's majority Shi'ite sect and Sunni Arab Muslims that pushed the country to the brink of civil war in 2006.

Ali al-Freji, 43, sits in his office behind the high walls of Saddam's former propaganda headquarters in Baghdad.

Freji is a director-general in the Accountability and Justice Committee, where staff rebuke visitors who still refer to it by its old name, the deBaathification Committee.

Freji, a former opponent of Saddam's rule who says he was jailed in Germany for more than a year for breaking into the Iraqi embassy there, sees himself as a man with a new mission.

"We are doing a professional job by offering former Baathists a new start and stop their suffering," he said.

Aww. My heart bleeds for them. [SNIP]

NOW: This is very very strange. WTF are these documents doing at the Hoover Institution?

Who should get the Baath Party's secret files?

The Hoover Institution, the conservative-leaning think tank located at my alma mater Stanford University, is finding itself in a bit of hot water over some 7 million pages of Baath Party records that both Iraqi and American archivists now say were taken by an "act of pillage" and must be returned to Iraq immediately.

The documents came to Stanford as part of a deal with the Iraq Memory Foundation, a nonprofit group run by Kanan Makiya (above left) -- an Iraqi exile known for his outspoken advocacy for the war in Iraq. Makiya, who stumbled upon the documents during the invasion's nascent period in 2003, maintains the information they contain is too dangerous for general view because they explicitly mention individuals who collaborated with the Hussein dictatorship:

This was not stuff for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to have access to," he said in a recent interview. "This stuff was dynamite."

And he knows all the names now, what power he has....

Why are key Iraqi records at Stanford?

A lot worse things have happened in Iraq, but the removal of the Baath Party archives from the country - 7 million pages that undoubtedly document atrocities of the Saddam Hussein regime - is significant.

The documents were seized shortly after the fall of Baghdad by Kanan Makiya, an Iraq-born emigre who teaches at Brandeis University and heads a private group called the Iraq Memory Foundation. Despite protests from the director of Iraq's National Library and Archives, the documents were shipped to the United States in 2006 by Makiya's foundation and in June deposited with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University under a deal struck with Makiya.

'Act of pillage'

The move was criticized in both countries. The Society of American Archivists said seizing and removing the documents was "an act of pillage" prohibited under the laws of war. Iraq's acting minister of culture, Akram H. Hadi, issued a statement in late June expressing the Iraqi government's "absolute rejection" of Makiya's deal. The documents "are part of the national heritage of Iraq," the statement declared, and must be returned to Iraq promptly.

Given the hundreds of thousands of deaths and the millions of refugees, why should anybody care about Iraq's archives? It comes down to whether you care about what happens to Iraq. It's part of its cultural patrimony. It's part of its ability to hold the previous regime accountable.

100 million other pages of Iraqi government documents are still in the hands of the U.S. military after being seized during the fruitless search for weapons of mass destruction. The documents now at the Hoover Institution were taken from the Baath Party Regional Command Headquarters in Baghdad and are particularly significant because they almost certainly reveal who secretly collaborated with Saddam - politically explosive information.

How did one man get possession of the entire Baath Party archives?

Makiya is best known not for his foundation or his 1989 book "Republic of Fear," but for his crucial role in persuading Americans - particularly leading journalists - to support a war to overthrow Saddam. "More than any single figure," Dexter Filkins wrote in the New York Times in October, Makiya "made the case for invading because it was the right thing to do." Makiya was an ally of Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney, and gained fame for a face-to-face meeting with President Bush two months before the U.S.-led invasion during which he said American troops "will be greeted with sweets and flowers."

Shortly after U.S. troops took Baghdad, Makiya and some associates discovered the documents in "a labyrinthine network of basement rooms under the Baath Party's regional headquarters," according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Makiya told a Chronicle reporter in January that he received permission from the Coalition Provisional Authority, which ruled Iraq at the time, to move the documents to his parents' home in Baghdad. In 2005, Makiya's foundation reached an agreement with the U.S. military to move the documents to the United States, and they finally arrived at Stanford in mid-June.

Makiya and the Hoover Institution assert that Baghdad is still too unsafe for the archives. They promise to protect and restore the documents, and eventually return them to Iraq.

It's true that chaotic and violent conditions after an invasion can endanger such crucial government documents. But what ought to happen in such circumstances is clear: It's the responsibility of the occupying power to protect and preserve the documents in question (along with the rest of a country's cultural heritage, such as the National Museum in Baghdad, which, of course, was looted as U.S. troops stood by). If the archives required protection, that was the job of the U.S. government and military, not a private individual.


Kanan Makiya:

In 2003 Jeet Heer wrote in the National Post, quoting Christopher Hitchens, that Makiya is "known to veterans of the Trotskyist movement as a one-time leading Arab member of the Fourth International."

Former Trotskyist
Stephen Schwartz responded that he, Makiya and Hitchens were part of a "three-and-a-half international", and that Makiya's "Trotskyist past had nothing whatever to do with his role in advising the Bush administration".

Fourth International (FI) is a communist international organisation working in opposition to both capitalism and Stalinism. Consisting of followers of Leon Trotsky, it has striven for an eventual victory of the working class to bring about socialism.

Kanan Makiya is currently the Sylvia Hassenfeld Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis University

Soon I had these two lives. I became very active in the anti-war movement, which was burgeoning in the United States. And I was very active in supporting the emerging Palestinian Resistance Movement. I passed through the Nationalist Palestinian groups and I ended up in the Marxist one. All of this happened very rapidly. Within a span of a year I became a Marxist and was attracted to Trotskyist politics. The great influence on me was Emmanuel Farjoun, a member of the Israeli Socialist Organisation, Matzpen. He was also a student at MIT, much older than I. He had enjoyed a socialist training from day dot having grown up in a left socialist kibbutz. It was a revelation for me to meet an Israeli who was critical of his own society. He explained a) basic socialist principles which, of course, were completely new to me, and b) the nature of Israeli society, which was also a revelation for me. We became very, very close friends, almost brothers, for the next twenty-five years. (We fell out over the Iraq war but that's another story. That's sad, very sad.)

OK - I had heard of the "Third Way" AKA "Third Position" AKA "International Third Posistion" but the "Fourth International" was news to me:


Middle East Articles from the Fourth International


"Thus when the “Arab Party,” led by the Mufti, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who acted as the mouthpiece of the Nazis among the Arabs, was revived in June 1944, the Arab Stalinists, organised in the National Freedom League, hastened to send the following telegram to the leadership of the party:
“The National Freedom League in Palestine congratulates you on your decision to bring your national party into activity, and we believe that this decision will help us all in unifying our efforts in the service of our dear homeland.”


The Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. has announced an “Agreement for the Sale of Large Quantities of Crude Oil” to the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. for a period of 20 years. One of the terms of the agreement is the “prior investigation by the parties of the possibility of constructing a pipeline from the Persian Gulf to the Eastern Mediterranean.”

1978: The Terrorist International and Western Europe ~ a must read

2004: From Russia With Terror - Traces KGB roots and control of various Jihad organizations

If the "Third Way" belongs to the Dhimmicrats as it openly does, even citing Blair and Clinton in the WIKI articles embedded above, it stands to reason that this is a legitimate question....does the "Fourth International" belong to the Republicrats?

The Fourth International is also incarnate as "The Internationalist Group" , the League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP) and the Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI)

"The League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP), based in the United States, is dedicated to the restoration of authentic Marxism and the political independence of the working class everywhere. Our guiding slogan is Re-create the Fourth International, and we are joined in this task by adherents to the Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI) abroad. We publish the political and theoretical magazine Proletarian Revolution."

BTW... the "Third Way" is intimately connected to both American White Power and Black Power groups and racial nationalist movements worldwide.... HELLOOOOOO OBAMA

All I intended to do was show the roots of the Baath party to you.....and look where I ended up! Yes, here is a "First International" and a "Second International"... but I won't subject you them today! Now I know where jihad learned to use millions of different names for the same old crap.


1961: Dwight D Eisenhower

Missing Links: Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles ~ Tomorrow Never Knows

Stalin's ghost shapes 21st century crises in Europe

Why are we surprised?
Frankly, I'm not surprised, I knew a year ago. Why are YOU surprised?

PEACE IN OUR TIME! Russian convoy moves DEEPER inside Georgia

UN making a grab for our arctic oil


Jordan Bans Jewish Religious Objects

SADA CUMBER, brand new US OIC Rep, Dhimmis up for GWB

Iran warns Israel not to act ”stupidly”

Iran training "assassination squads" inside Iraq

Ahmamadmanjihad: We'll fill the gap in Iraq when the US leaves

Al-Sadr Urges Followers To Sign Blood Pact Vs Occupiers
Al-Sadr urged "believers to sign with their blood an oath of allegiance to the imam Mahdi," in a statement read during Friday prayers by Sheikh Assaad al- Nasseri in the Shiite holy city of Kufa, south of Baghdad.

Iranian president expresses hope to sign energy deals with Turkey

Hezbollah: US, Israel foresook Georgia

Saudi spy chief meets with Musharraf

Go right ahead and kill Shirin Ebadi, say mullahs

Atheists abandon attempt to ban baptisms

Commies to get rights in CA public schools???

Obama confirms relationship with red mentor

Howard Dean calls GOP the "white party"
and WTF color is he?

Whore of Churchianity and Pals

Obamanable Snowjobman wants you to kill your babies

Cabaret ~ Tomorrow Belongs To Me

Friday, August 15, 2008

Throw back the little ones - and pan fry the big ones

Steely Dan ~ Throw Back The Little Ones

Lost in the Barrio I walk like an Injun
So Carlo won't suspect something's wrong here
I dance in place
And paint my face
And act like I belong here

Throw back the little ones
And pan-fry the big ones
Use tact, poise and reason
And gently squeeze them

Hot licks and rhetoric
Don't count much for nothing
Be glad if you can use what you borrow
So I pawn my crown
For a ride uptown
And buy it back tomorrow

Throw back the little ones
And pan-fry the big ones
Use tact, poise and reason
And gently squeeze them

Done like a matador I pray for the weekend
And hope the little girls still throw roses
Else I'll change my bait
And move upstate
Before the season closes

Throw back the little ones
And pan-fry the big ones
Use tact, poise and reason
And gently squeeze them

Spleen Flashback: Originally Posted June 5, 2007

The Christian view of Gog and Magog

In short, the battle Gog and Magog is war in the latter days when a confederacy of nations attack Israel, which has been restored in the last days. These nations, which attack Israel in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, include nations, which are Muslim and have a clear animosity to Israel. Along with these Muslims nations, a northern kingdom, called Gog and Magog, which many identify, as the land Russia, will ally itself with Muslim nations, to oppose Israel in the last days. This confederacy of nations comes against Israel, God, who through Ezekiel foretells the event, defeats them. This conflict establishes Israel and restores them to the land in preparation of their redemption. The conflict also reminds the world, why Israel went into captivity for the last two-thousand years.

The Jewish view of Gog and Magog

Rabbinical writers also see the events of Gog and Magog as taking place at the “End of days”, when the nations of the world come against Israel to destroy the Jewish people. Gog and Magog is a major part of Jewish eschatology (Last things), in the days of Messiah. Though the events differ among rabbinical commentators, most write that in the battle of Magog, Messiah son of Joseph is killed by Armilus (the Antichrist) after he rebuilds the Temple. Israel then goes through a period of persecution, which ends with the coming of Messiah son of David, who destroys Armilus and begins the reign of Messiah. Quoting from the Midrash we read. And when the days of the Messiah arrive, Gog and Magog will come up against the Land of Israel, because they will hear Israel is without a king and sits in safety. Instantly they will take with them seventy-one nations and go up to Jerusalem...And the Holy One, blessed be He, will say to him: “You wicked one! You want to wage war against Me? By your life I will wage war against you!” Instantly the Holy One, blessed be He, will cause hailstones, which are hidden in the firmament, to descend upon him, and will bring upon him a great plague.... And after him will arise another king, wicked and insolent, and he will wage war against Israel for three months, and his name is Armilus....And he will go up to Jerusalem and will slay Messiah ben Joseph... And thereafter will come Messiah ben David...and he will kill the wicked Armilus...and thereafter the Holy One, blessed be He, will gather all Israel who are dispersed here and there....

The Muslim view of Gog and Magog

The Muslim view of Gog and Magog differs from both the Christian and Jewish view, in the end the Muslims and not the Jews are victors against Gog and Magog. The origin in the Quran can be traced to the legends of Alexander the Great, which developed around him. In the Quran, Alexander the Great is referred to as O Dhul-Qarneyn, Alexander builds an Iron wall of metal separating Gog and Magog to the North. At the end of time, according to the Quran, Gog and Magog will be released, they will be an enemy of Islam. The problem is of course, Gog and Magog are attacking Israel in the Biblical account, written over almost 1000-years before Mohammad was even born. The Jewish community of Medina, where he would have learned about Gog and Magog, influenced Mohammad, except in his version, Islam defeats Gog and Magog

Friction intensifies between U.S. and Russia

Russia, Iran criticize planned U.S. missile defense system

"On the eve of next week's G-8 summit meeting, relations between the United States and Russia have ebbed to their lowest level since the Cold War, fueled by Moscow's growing confidence and an apparent Russian perception of U.S. weakness. " SOURCE LINK


I'm the world's only true democrat, says Putin

Putin says Russia's tests of new missiles was in response to U.S. moves on defense shield

Rice, Russian Clash Over Kosovo Plan, Missile Shield


President aims to display softer side of power

Is it any wonder they "perceive weakness"?

Ezekiel 38:2
"Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal; prophesy against him

Revelation 20:8
and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth—Gog and Magog—to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.

Jeremiah 1:15
I am about to summon all the peoples of the northern kingdoms," declares the LORD. "Their kings will come and set up their thrones in the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem; they will come against all her surrounding walls and against all the towns of Judah.

Jeremiah 1:13

The word of the LORD came to me again: "What do you see?"
"I see a boiling pot, tilting away from the north," I answered.

Jeremiah 1:14
The LORD said to me, "From the north disaster will be poured out on all who live in the land.

Daniel 11:2
[ The Kings of the South and the North ] "Now then, I tell you the truth: Three more kings will appear in Persia, and then a fourth, who will be far richer than all the others. When he has gained power by his wealth, he will stir up everyone against the kingdom of Greece.

Daniel 11:40
At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood.

Spleen Flashback: Originally Posted July 15, 2007

(Hat Tip: FQ Kafir)

Russia withdraws from arms treaty

  • Russia withdraws from Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty
  • 1990 pact is considered a key element in maintaining stability in Europe
  • President Putin blames "extraordinary circumstances" affecting Russian security
  • Withdrawal allows Russia to build up forces closer to its borders

MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- Russia on Saturday suspended its participation in a key European arms control treaty that governs deployment of troops on the continent, the Kremlin said, a move that threatened to further aggravate Moscow's already tense relations with the West.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending Russia's participation in the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty due to "extraordinary circumstances ... which affect the security of the Russian Federation and require immediate measures," the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin has in the past threatened to freeze his country's compliance with the treaty, accusing the United States and its NATO partners of undermining regional stability with U.S. plans for a missile defense system in former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe.

Under the moratorium, Russia would halt inspections and verifications of its military sites by NATO countries and would no longer limit the number of its conventional weapons, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

In Brussels, NATO spokesman James Appathurai condemned the decision. "NATO regrets this decision by the Russian Federation. It is a step in the wrong direction," Appathurai said.

The treaty, between Russian and NATO members, was signed in 1990 and amended in 1999 to reflect changes since the breakup of the Soviet Union, adding the requirement that Moscow withdraw troops from the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Georgia.

Russia has ratified the amended version, but the United States and other NATO members have refused to do so until Russia completely withdraws.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia could no longer tolerate a situation where it was complying with the treaty but its partners were not, and he expressed hope that Russia's move would induce Western nations to commit to the updated treaty. VideoWatch a report on Moscow's decision »

"Such a situation contradicts Russia's interests," Peskov told The Associated Press. "Russia continues to expect that other nations that have signed the CFE will fulfill their obligations."

The treaty is seen as a key element in maintaining stability in Europe. It establishes limitations on countries' deployment of tanks, armored combat vehicles, artillery, attack helicopters and combat aircraft.

Withdrawal from the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty would allow Moscow to build up forces near its borders.

But Russian military analysts have said the possibility of suspending participation in the treaty was a symbolic rising of ante in the missile shield showdown more than a sign of impending military escalation.

Pavel Felgenhauer, a Moscow-based defense analyst, said the moratorium probably won't result in any major buildup of heavy weaponry in European Russia. Russia has no actual interest in the highly costly build up of forces because it faces no real military threat and has no plans to launch an attack of its won, he said.

But, he said, it could mean an end to onsite inspections and verifications by NATO countries, which many European nations rely on to keep track of Russian deployments.

For the United States, the moratorium will mostly be a symbolic gesture, he said, since the U.S. has an extensive intelligence network that keeps close track of Russian forces. But it will still be seen as another unfriendly move in Washington, Felgenhauer predicted.

"This will be a major irritant," he said. "It will seriously spoil relations. The kind of soothing effect from the last summit with Putin and (President) Bush will evaporate swiftly," he said referring a summit between the leaders earlier this month at the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Felgenhauer also said that there is no provision under the treaty for a moratorium, suggesting Russia was acting illegally. "This is basically non-compliance, and this is an illegal move," he said.

See Also: Enter the King of the North

Vladimir Putin dancing a sword dance in Saudi Arabia

Spleen Flashback : Originally Posted August 14, 2007

China and Russia Begin Teasing Washington


Linda Heard, —

Moscow and Beijing have teamed up and appear determined to send a message to the White House, singly and together, which translated could mean, “Don’t mess with us” and “Stay clear of our allies.”

The two countries are currently playing war games together with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), considered a buffer to US oil and gas ambitions in the Caspian.

The SCO claims its mission is counterterrorist but while Iran, India, Pakistan and Mongolia have been invited to attend an associated Aug. 16 summit, the US has been rebuffed.

This comes hard on the heels of a not subtle Chinese threat to the American economy. Last week, two Chinese officials made statements, which did nothing to settle market jitters.

In essence, they warned the US to quit pressuring China to revalue its yuan or else it could decide to dump its dollar reserves, worth $1,330 billion and cash in its US Treasury bonds, roughly valued at $900 billion.

In the unlikely event of China following through on the implied threat, the ensuing economic carnage could make the 1929 Wall Street Crash look like a picnic because other countries would be panicked into following suit. Incredibly, some 45 percent of America’s foreign debt is held by foreigners, which leaves the US in an extremely vulnerable position.

Not to be outdone in the audacity-stakes, Russia claims to have buzzed a US airbase on the Pacific island of Guam in a show of its military resurgence.

According to the Russian military, two of its bombers were intercepted by US jets.

The pilots smiled at one another, says Russia, before going their separate ways. The Pentagon denies any such interception ever took place.

Russia’s new confidence derives from its friends in powerful places plus the fact it is swimming in oil and gas wealth, partly because Bush’s wars and aggressive Middle East foreign policy has driven up prices.

Its recent foray into the Arctic where divers erected rustproof titanium Russian flag on the seabed of the North Pole was interpreted by some as Russia having laid claim to some of the world’s largest untapped petrochemical reserves.

In the past, the logistics of tapping into those reserves were daunting, not to mention uneconomical, but now that ice caps are melting and prices are rising, Russia sees an opportunity.

It seems so does Canada and Denmark. Last week Canada announced the opening of two military bases in the region, while a group of 40 Danish scientists are traveling to the Arctic on an icebreaker to stake Denmark’s claim.

Now Georgia has stepped into the fray by asserting a Russian military aircraft has violated its airspace, leaving behind a missile that failed to explode in a farmer’s field, near the disputed region of Ossetia.

Russia has denied the incident and accused Georgia of putting on a “theatrical presentation” aimed at canceling scheduled talks over the breakaway area’s future status.

Russia has further made it crystal clear that it does not approve of George Bush’s anti-missile defense shield being erected in Poland and the Czech Republic out of concern it could be directed at it rather than Iran and North Korea, as claimed. President Vladimir Putin initially proposed a joint missile defense venture with the US — an idea that was not well received.

And so he has decided to beef up his own defense system, modernize his army and navy and, in the event Bush’s star wars plan proceeds on his doorstep, he has threatened to direct his missiles toward Europe.

Russia’s relations with Britain have also gone south. Their erosion began when people Russia termed as British spies working under cover of the British Embassy in Moscow were filmed concealing a telecommunications device inside a dummy rock, through which secret messages could be transmitted via a palm-sized computer.

Diplomacy succeeded in papering over that embarrassing incident that was shown to viewers around the world on Russian TV. But nothing could put a lid on the mysterious death of Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned by Polonium-210 after meeting with two former KGB agents and an Italian friend in London.

Following investigation, Britain’s director of public prosecutions requested the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi, a Russian citizen and was told in no uncertain terms that Article 61 of Russian Constitution forbids the extradition of Russian citizens to foreign countries and any such trial must take place within Russia. Russia also accuses Britain of refusing to extradite Russian citizens wanted by Moscow.

The contretemps is still ongoing and has thus far resulted in the tit-for-tat expulsions of both Russian and British diplomats. This is all a far cry from those cozy post-Cold War years when President Bush said he looked his Russian counterpart in the eye and sensed his soul. The only looks they’ll be giving one another nowadays would be decidedly shifty.

It seems to be a terrible shame that such a wealth of goodwill has been so cavalierly wasted. If the Bush administration hadn’t been so intent on pushing its global weight around to fulfill a neocon agenda of full spectrum dominance we might have enjoyed a world where major powers worked together for the good of all.

Together they could have striven toward alleviating poverty and disease, reducing conflict and tackling climate change. Instead, untold billions will go toward weapons of death and destruction. This is Cold War Mark II folks — a deadlier sequel to Mark I now that China is on board. Fasten your seatbelts for an uncomfortable ride ahead!

And he will go forth
to deceive and seduce
and lead astray the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth
--Gog and Magog--
to muster them for war;
their number is like the sand of the sea.
~ Revelation 20:8

Gog is a symbolic name, representing the leader of the world powers antagonistic to God (see also Rev. 20:8). Meshech and Tubal are understood to have been the same as the Moschi and Tibareni of the Greeks--tribes that inhabited regions in the Caucasus. Rosh, which some would identify with Russia, must have designated a land and people somewhere in the same area. And therefore the Gog of Ezekiel must be viewed as in some sense the head of the high regions in the northwest of Asia. (Patrick Fairbairn, The Imperial Bible-dictionary).

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Breaking: "US Missiles in Poland won't go unpunished"
BREAKING NEWS — An agreement that will allow the United States to install a missile defense battery in Poland exposes the ex-communist nation to an attack, a Russian general said Friday.


These moves by the Soviets and the Chicoms were being telegraphed to us openly LAST YEAR ....

See my posts from last year on this here here and here
The fact that we did nothing and let this all happen telegraphs COMPLICITY to me and you can call me crazy all you want.
Every time you call me crazy, an angel gets his wings, ya MFers.

Recruiting Israeli Arabs for Terror

U.S., Libya deal closes book on Lockerbie - FOR THEM

RIP James Hoyt
James Hoyt delivered mail in rural Iowa for more than 30 years. Yet Hoyt had long kept a secret from most of those who knew him best: He was one of the four U.S. soldiers to first see Germany's Buchenwald concentration camp.

Thug hugging caliphellating CNN twat has tea with terrorists, blindfolded

One masked man brings me a chair and a heavily sugared tea so I can watch target and hostage-taking practice in comfort. It is horribly surreal.

One fighter tells me he will never let his son fire a gun. He says he fights only to make a better future for his family. But he's wearing a balaclava, with a rocket-propelled grenade over his shoulder and vowing to destroy any Israeli who enters Gaza. I struggle to marry the two.

Struggle on, bitch.

Covenant and the American Founding

Iranian interior minister's fake Oxford diploma

Georgian minister: Israel has sold us out

Musharraf Resigning

Jerome Corsi is a troofer

Meantime what he says about the coming NAU is true, and now this crap will make him look insane all around. Idiot. Ya gotta GLEAN mah ferals GLEAN, like Ruth in the field. NO ONE is telling us the whole truth.... no one. You down with SPP? ...which is why our borders have not been closed and why they will remain open.

PRAVDA: Serbian foreign minister flies to NY, questions Kosovo's independence

PRAVDA: US must choose

UN bans criticism of Islam, Sharia, Human Rights

Future Wars to be Fought with "Mind Drugs"

French "peace plan" slammed

"We feel that, in the documents presented last night both in Moscow and in Tbilisi, the principal element, the respect of the territorial integrity of Georgia, is missing," Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus said, reading a joint statement alongside the leaders of Poland, Latvia and Estonia.

The statement underlined their "full support for the territorial integrity of Georgia within internationally-recognised borders."

He's the Noam Chomsky loving coward who joined the Army so they would pay for his college then deserted when he was
called up to deploy to Iraq.
See you Sept 23 asshole.
~ Teeny Spleeny, Miss Head Loppy Dee

The Russian-Georgian War: Implications for the Middle East

NEVER FORGET! That is the purpose of EVERY Holocaust museum. Teach people the whole disgusting naked truth, and just maybe you can prevent something like this from ever happening again. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is supposed to be the nation’s leading educational institution on the Holocaust. This institution has found a way to "whitewash" the Shoah as it relates to the Arabs who participated in the "final solution. The museum has posted on its website a biography of the Holocaust-era Mufti of Jerusalem which calls the Mufti a "moderate voice for peace" when in actuality he spent most of the WWII in Berlin, working WITH Hitler.

How many times have I told you not to count her Royal Thighness out till inauguration day?

Joe Lieberman going to Georgia
What he has to say I will pay attention to. He may be the last righteous man left in the Senate

Queen Condi of the Amalekites going to Georgia to support another bullshit peace plan

Meantime if what she does in Israel these last 4 years is any indication we have now just fucked the Georgians completely.


GLICK: Russia has won

Gregorian : Santiago de Compostela

cover ~ Metallica's Nothing Else Matters