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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service ~ Stultifying Open Nosed Unwits of Stan vs: The Popes of Laodicea

... and the rest of us vs: them all.

Wings ~ 1976
Beware My Love

Israel edited out of UN racism statement
The top human rights official at the United Nations says he doesn't expect any problems or boycotts heading into the upcoming racism summit in Geneva.

U.N. Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay said the adoption of a revised declaration that removed direct references to Israel seemed to satisfy the vast majority of the nations that will attend The Durban Review Conference next month.

I heard they wanted to replace "Israel" with "JOOOOOOOOOS!" but eventually figured out that wouldn't work well. YET. Maybe next year.

SHOCKA! Jordanian dude named Mohammed threatens to blow up Chicago area Jewish schoolchildren. Unheard of! Absurd! Religion of Peace!
A 24-year-old Chicago man was charged Friday with threatening to set off explosives near Jewish schools in the metropolitan area if Israel didn't halt military actions in Gaza.
Mohammed T. Alkaramla, a native of Jordan, was ordered held without bond after being his arrest, according to the FBI.
Pakistani Christians in peril
Pakistan, much like what once happened to neighboring Afghanistan, is on its way to becoming a Taliban state, which is devastating news to Pakistani Christians. Violent insurrections incited by an array of militant Islamic groups have plunged parts of the North-West Frontier Province into anarchy. As the Taliban there gains power it markets its own extreme and intolerant brand of Islamic law that condones death for Muslims who convert to Christianity.
US may boost development, military aid to Pakistan

Taliban threaten to behead Canadian hostage
She was a thug hugging glow ballin' breathlessly willing Gramscian whore of the caliphate and now she is getting the real deal. Be careful what you wish for.
IRAN: Crackdown on cyber-dissidents continues

Israel's Peres sends holiday greeting to Iran

Khatami stepped aside for noble reasons
The oh so noble mythical moderate taqiyyalope...... is a savage.

Australian Archbishop defends Khatami meeting

Iranian Leaders Ignore Obama's Outstretched Hand

Iran's Khamenei rebuffs Obama overture

Obama Asks Iran To Stop Making Nuclear Weapons
Politely, naturally


"Bullying powers should learn how to speak correctly and be polite so Iran's cultured and peace-loving people listen to them," Ahmadinejad said
Barack Obama's appeal for a 'new beginning' with Iran has been met by an Iranian pledge to turn on the country's nuclear power plant this year
In an unusually swift reaction to Mr Obama's overture, Aliakbar Javanfekr, an aide to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Iran welcomed "the interest of the American government to settle differences".

But he said that the US government "should realise its previous mistakes and make an effort to amend them". In an almost simultaneous announcement Iran's energy minister, Parviz Fattah, said that the country would "finish and operate" its controversial Russian-built Bushehr nuclear plant by the end of the year."Iran has chosen a direction for achieving peaceful nuclear energy. We have mainly reached this aim," he said at the World Water Forum in Istanbul.

Russia says Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful

Russia: No sign Iranian nuclear programme has military purpose
This sign not in use.

Iran now on the brink of making the bomb

Iran's nuclear deception

My angry populist cup runneth over!

This is the actual headline: Populist Anger At AIG Spilling Over
The Unholy State of Obamanation must to create much "angry populism" in order to set up glorious revolutionary justification for destroying it utterly, schizoid proles. Da. S'right. You heard me.

Google News Search: POPULIST ANGER
Results 1 – 10 of about 1,013 for populist anger

Obama faces an angry nation
Of Populists!

1892, Amer.Eng., from L. populus "people." Originally in reference to the Populist Party, organized Feb. 1892 to promote certain issues important to farmers and workers. The term outlasted the party, and by 1920s came to mean "representing the views of the masses" in a general way.
Two objects of populist outrage are not necessarily better than one, so this will go under the radar:

$2.5 Billion in Merrill Bonuses Would Elude Tax

Wouldn't want to confuse all you proles now that the AIG POPULIST ANGER BRAND is working so well... so STFU and move along, nothing to see here.

This piece of pay per view populist outrage being sponsored by ACORN & pals:
The tour schedule is as follows:
10 a.m. Pick up at the Working Families headquarters in Hartford at 30 Arbor St.
11 a.m. Pick up in Bridgeport at the ACORN offices at 2320 Main St.
Tour and Protest at AIG Financial Products headquarters, 50 Danbury Road, and executives' homes
2:30 p.m. Return to Bridgeport
3:30 p.m. Return to Hartford


Lest We Forget:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 2008(UPI) -- Conservatives attacked Republican U.S. President George Bush for approving the Federal Reserve's $85 billion takeover of American International Group Inc. (NYSE:AFF)

Conservatives decried the bailout -- the third this month, after the government's takeover of the Federal National Mortgage Association (OTCPK:FDRNP) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (OTCPK:FREJO) -- as a betrayal of the party's free-market philosophy.
December, 2008: AIG Bailout Promotes Shariah Law, Lawsuit Claims

Google Search: Treasury AIG Takaful Sharia

Conservatism: The Trouble with Republicans
The Republicans are not going to garner any significant support by implicitly endorsing Obama’s aggressive takeover of the economy by bickering over such minor issues as the amount of pork in the stimulus legislation or by harping on whether or not Obama and the new Treasury Secretary “knew” about the AIG executive bonuses before taking an 80% ownership in the company.

Abetting both the Democrats and the Republicans in that exercise in fascism are the news media, which continue to report the lie that American taxpayers “own“ that 80%. I have heard no Republican point this out. Nor have I heard any conservative warn the nation about the peril of forcing AIG executives to return their bonuses, which would be an assault on contract law via ex post facto taxation, regardless of those executives‘ culpability in the subprime mortgage fiasco. No Republican has upbraided Congressman Barney Frank for demanding a list of those executives‘ names, which he would hand over to a Congressional lynch mob.
Video: Schwarzenegger defends Obama

Bloomberg pledges support for Obama economic programs

Bank of America's Countrywide Financial sues AIG unit

Goldman CFO Says No Discussions With Paulson Over AIG Trades

Goldman Sachs to Clarify ‘Misperceptions’ About Ties to AIG

Goldman Sachs defends $13-billion payment from AIG

Goldman Confirms $6 Billion AIG Bets

Goldman Sachs Made Billions Shorting AIG

Chavez May Announce Devaluation, Goldman Sachs Says
Yeah? So how TF do they know?

Here come dee bad banks:
Toxic Asset Plan Foresees Big Subsidies for Investors

Calamitous day sees banks, credit unions seized
The pace of the ongoing credit crisis quickened significantly Friday when regulators seized three banks and placed two large corporate credit unions into conservatorship, citing a need to "stabilize the corporate credit union system." Banks in Colorado, Georgia and Kansas were closed by regulators, bringing the number of bank failures this year to 20, while the National Credit Union Administration Board seized corporate credit unions in California and Kansas that have a combined $57 billion in assets. Corporate credit unions are chartered to act as a sort of clearinghouse for the credit unions that serve consumers.
Would you buy or sell the US dollar?

Stulting Unwits of the Apocolypse meet with the Russians

Russia welcomes US shifty toned Unwits
With less than two weeks left before his first meeting with President Obama, Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, hosted a group of veteran American policy makers that the Russian news media have dubbed “the wise men,” saying he welcomes the shift in tone coming from Washington.
Mother Russia is nothing if not helpful:
Russia to help defend Abkhazia, S. Ossetia borders

Turkey and Russia on the rise

Hopefully great white Soviet hunter Bad Vlad wont shoot them like he did the tiger

2006: The Geopolitics of Energy: Russia sets the pace in energy race
Speaking at a conference under the rubric "Summit on Energy Security" at West Lafayette, Indiana, this month, the powerful chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar, characterized Venezuela, Iran and Russia as "adversarial regimes" that were using energy supplies as "leverage" in foreign policy.

Lugar said: "We are used to thinking in terms of conventional warfare between nations, but energy is becoming a weapon of choice for those who possess it."


Extracts from the transcript of a meeting on September 14 between President Vladimir Putin and Alexei Miller, the chairman of Gazprom...


Announcing the "economic dialogue" with China on Wednesday, visiting US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said the dialogue "reflects the 21st-century global economy and redefines the economic relations between the United States and China." China was quick to respond, with Paulson's counterpart, Vice Premier Wu Yi, saying "It will also have a positive impact on the development of the world economy as well as on global stability and security."
Gazprom eyeing strategic stake in DEPA(GREECE)

Greek former minister:Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline is a phantom

RosUkrEnergo (RUE) warns of new Ukraine-Russia gas crisis

World Bank Official Warns Of Poverty Risk To Turkmenistan

Disagreement continues within the EU on Nabucco

Hungary's prime minister to quit
The Socialist leader, in power since 2004, told his party congress that he considered himself a hindrance to further economic and social reforms.
China’s Maturing Relationship with Latin America

Is psychiatry more corrupt than other medical specialties?
In 2007, the New York Times examined the payments made to all doctors in Minnesota in the years since that state passed one of the first laws in the nation requiring the public disclosure of payments from the pharmaceutical industry. Based on that investigation, Times reporters concluded that as a specialty, psychiatry topped the list in lucrative drug company payments.
Senate confirms Obama's "science team"

The Air Force is awarding an undefinitized with firm fixed price contract to Raytheon Missile Systems of Tucson, Ariz., for an amount not to exceed $23,000,000

Swarm of quakes bedevil Hanford, Oregon
This vexing bedevilment has scientists puzzled yet again!
It's been a jittery week at eastern Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where more than 100 small earthquakes have been detected in the past seven days.

The quakes are part of an earthquake "swarm" that has puzzled scientists since it began at the first of the year. As of Friday, monitors at Hanford had detected more than 700 earthquakes since Jan. 4, said Alan Rohay, senior scientist and seismologist with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which operates at Hanford.


Mount Redoubt blowing ash, steam

"I'm really tired of this bull," Mr. Ai said:

One of China's most prominent and provocative artists is challenging the government to end what he calls its cover-up of incompetence in managing the response to an earthquake last May in Sichuan Province that killed more than 80,000 people.

The artist, Ai Weiwei, 51, who helped design the Olympic National Stadium known as the Bird's Nest, is creating a sensation in China by posting angry commentaries about the quake rescue efforts on his popular blog.

'No living thing left' as Tonga volcano erupts

Underwater volcano creates new island off Tonga

George Harrison & Leon Russell~ 1971
Beware of Darkness

Friday, March 20, 2009

WFRL: Night Boat to Cairo!

Night Boat To Cairo

Then GOD spoke all these words:
I am the Lord your God,
Who brought you out of the land of Egypt,
out of the house of bondage.
You shall have no other gods before or beside Me
~ Exodus 20

Floatin' Powa News Service: The Stulting Unwits of the Apocalypse

Oingo Boingo
Grey Matter

Arafat: Less Authentic Than Hamas, but Just as Radical!
The despots running Arab countries (except Jordan and later Egypt) used the Palestinian refugees and the PLO almost entirely as instruments of their own national goals until 1991. Immiserating refugees by refusing to assimilate them hurt these fellow Arabs far more than it pressured Israel. Assad's disequilibrium following the collapse of his (and the PLO's) Soviet sponsor opened a window for the Madrid process to occur, after which the PLO's interests eventually diverged from his. He sought power, influence, and a greater Syria encompassing Palestine and especially Lebanon. The PLO sought opportunities for graft, mythical appeal to the Arab Street, and opportunities to claim glorious victories. Oh, and a Palestinian state too.
Dahlan: Fatah never recognized Israel

Lebanese President refuses holding direct talks with Israel

How Hamas became ‘kosher’
Today Hamas stands on the cusp of international acceptance. It may take a week or a month or a year, but today Hamas stands where Fatah and the PLO stood in the late 1980s. The genocidal jihadist terror group is but a step away from an invitation to the Oval Office. Two events in the past week show this to be the case.
Barack Obama offers Iran 'new beginning' with video message
President Barack Obama made an unprecedented video appeal to the Iranian people today, offering a "new beginning" of engagement to end nearly 30 years of animosity between the two nations.

Barack Obama's Nowruz (the Iranian new year) message is the latest chapter in a presidential charm offensive that has so far been conducted at arms length and has barely touched on several key disputes.

In the video, which was shown on a number of TV networks in the Middle East, Obama said he wanted to "speak directly to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran" to make clear his desire to establish "constructive ties" between the two countries.

"Unprecedented" my ass. Not fah nuttin but............. Al-Bushki did it too:

GWB's 2008 Nowruz Message

Recognizing Norouz

The U.S. Congress is considering a first-of-its kind resolution that congratulates Iranians and Iranian-Americans on the Norouz holiday.
Suspicion Cast On Iranian Blogger's Death
An Iranian blogger sent to Tehran's infamous Evin prison last month for allegedly insulting Iran's religious leaders and agitating against the government has died under questionable circumstances.
UN Official Attacks Western Policies on Iran and Sudan

The UN General Assembly president accused the United States on Tuesday of "demonizing" the Iranian President
Where is the Arab outrage over Darfur?


All hail yet another barbarian "peace partner" from hell:

Gov. Gul Agha Shirzai, a semiliterate former warlord, has an autocratic style, a reputation for doling out government contracts to family and friends, and a personal fortune allegedly amassed via corruption and the opium trade.
That record in Nangarhar province in the country's east has made him a serious presidential contender. It has also brought him praise from the U.S., along with a visit last summer from then-Sen. Barack Obama, who the governor likes to joke is a member of his Pashtun tribe, the Barakzais, because of his first name.
Syria's Assad praises Obama, wants meeting

In the Meantime, Chinless Syrian Stoogident meets with Hashemite King
According to a Jordanian Royal Palace statement, Assad and the king will discuss efforts to achieve a unified stance against the challenges that face the Arab world.
Who is Nouri al-Maliki?
But here's the rub: the State of Law Coalition is just a new name for al-Dawa, the oldest Shiite Islamist party in Iraq. Maliki's party seems to have won popularity by focusing on raising employment and establishing order, but al-Dawa still calls for some form of an Islamic state and seeks advice from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. In spite of Iraqi voters' concerns of Persian influence, the prime minister paid a visit to Tehran following the January vote.
UAE accounts for lion's share of investments in Iraq

Iranian Defector Reportedly Tipped Off US on Syria Nuke Plant

Diplomacy! Issuing denials before the fact always telegraphs the opposite is about to occur:
Hillary Clinton is not planning to have a separate meeting with Iran's delegation at an international conference on Afghanistan in the Hague on March 31, the State Department said Wednesday.
Forget Iran's president, the power is Ayatollah Khamenei's

Afghan clerics urge Saudi-led talks with Taliban

One thing is certain, Islam is not a religion by anything Americans believe one to be - not even close.
In fact, Islam is the antithesis of what we deem to be religious. Above all, Islam is a totalitarian political machine of blood thirsty conquest which zealously advocates the downfall of the U.S. government. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world…” because he was 100% non-political. In extreme contrast, Mohammed and the Koran bellicosely command your kingdom is my kingdom, surrender or die! Let’s be to the point. It is sheer madness, exceedingly irresponsible, criminally negligent, and strategically suicidal to continue granting religion status to an absolutely aggressive and implacable ideology that demands the destruction of our government and all other religions.
Elite Egyptian University To Build Islamic Institute In Afghanistan

Muslim Strategies to Convert Western Christians

Common Currency:
Ahmadinejad Proposes Common Currency For ECO Tehran, Iran (AHN) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has proposed creating a single currency for the 10-member nations of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) as a way to deal with the growing global financial crisis.

Muammar Qaddafi Proposes Common Currency For AfricaThe current leader of the African Union, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya has again proposed a United States of Africa at their last meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to Colonel Gaddafi integration between African States should start immediately. He proposed a single African military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely in all African countries.

New International Currency Proposed (Moscow, Russia) Ahead of the upcoming April 2nd G20 summit, the Kremlin has called for a new international currency to reform the global financial system. The Russians have repeatedly criticized the dollar’s status as the dominant global currency. Both President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin want the ruble used instead.

SHARIA ‘Can Replace Capitalism’
Muslims should seize the opportunity provided by the global financial crisis to build a system based on Islamic principles, an influential Sunni cleric said on Sunday.

“We have our own economic philosophy and system which others do not have,” Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi told a conference in Doha, Qatar.

U.S. Central Bank Goes On Debt-Buying Spree

Supporters of Capitalism Are Crazy, Says Harvard
Last weekend, Harvard University sponsored a conference called (I am not making this up) "The Free Market Mindset: History, Psychology, and Consequences." Its purpose was to try to figure out why, since everyone knows the current crisis amounts to a failure of the market economy, the stupid rubes continue to believe in it. The promotional literature for the conference opened with That Quotation from Alan Greenspan - the one in which he suggested that there was, after all, a "flaw" in the free market he hadn't noticed before.
Q&A with Goldman Sachs over AIG bailout

IRS Gives Goldman a Bear Hug

Washington, on cue, is outraged

Nineteen US states go after AIG
Here comes their 19th nervous breakdown

Senator Grassley on Controversial AIG Comments

Spitzer criticizes federal bailout of AIG

Auto Suppliers to Get $5B Government Bailout

Top Banker Leaves Kazakhstan to Protest Despotism

Prospects of Turkmenistan-US cooperation in fuel-energy sector

Rights groups says Turkmenistan's record is "abysmal"

Nicolas Sarkozy invites Turkmen President to visit France

Turkmenistan introduces biometric domestic passports

Speaking of which:
Certification Related to Implementation of The Western HemisphereTravel Initiative
Pursuant to the authorities vested in the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security, including under section 7209(b)(1)(B) of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (Pub.. L. 108-458),


we hereby certify that


That the National Institute of Standards and Technology has also assisted the Departments of Homeland Security and State to incorporate into the architecture of the card the best available
practices to prevent the unauthorized use of information on the card: That to facilitate efficient cross-border travel, the Departments of Homeland Security and State have, to the maximum extent possible, developed an architecture that is compatible with information technology systems and infrastructure used by United States Customs and Border Protection;
(ii) The technology to be used by the United States for the passport card, and any subsequent change to that technology, has been shared with the governments of Canada and Mexico
Condoleezza Rice cites regret over immigration
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she regrets the Bush administration's failure to push major immigration changes through Congress, and she warned that keeping newcomers out of America would hurt the country.

"One of my biggest regrets is that we were not able to get comprehensive immigration reform," Rice, a political science professor and the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution, said Friday during a kickoff to an economic summit presented by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

VIDEO: Rice calls for comprehensive immigration reform

Oh BTW, Stanford is still in possession of those bombshell Baath party documents too, far as I can tell ~

Gates plays down Russia, China threats

Veterans of US Diplomacy Try to Revive Nuclear Arms Talks With Russia

US 'wise men' on diplomatic mission to Russia
Behold The Stulting Unwits of the Apocalypse.

Kerry holds hearing on resetting Russia relationship

NATURALLY, as he has been a staggeringly obvious commie op for DECADES!

US Submarine, Naval Ship Collide in Hormuz Strait

Russian jets buzz U.S. Navy ships - again

Famous prisoner reaches out to Putin

Gazprom slashes gas exports to Europe

Gazprom Will Supply Gas to Northern Iran

The quiet (political) death of Nabucco

UK precapitulating

NATO expert appointed to the National Security Council
Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall - Oh lookeee, she blogs at HuffPo:
Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall is the adjunct senior fellow for alliance relations at the Council on Foreign Relations. She is also a senior research scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University, a senior adviser to the center’s Preventive Defense Project, and a 2004 Carnegie Scholar. Her work focuses on American national security challenges, including preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, defense leadership and management, and alliance politics.

Dr. Sherwood-Randall served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia during the first Clinton administration (1994–96). In this role, she developed and implemented regional security policy toward all the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, and established defense and military relationships with each of these states.
How I learned to stop worrying and love a nation dependent upon a huge federalized government

"Volunteers" of America:
The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to set up a new "volunteer corps" and consider whether "a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people" should be developed. The legislation also refers to "uniforms" that would be worn by the "volunteers" and the "need" for a "public service academy, a 4-year institution" to "focus on training" future "public sector leaders." The training, apparently, would occur at "campuses."
Obama's standing army
Again with the "populist backlash"

Obama: We're Moving Toward Broader Regulation

The Wealthiest Members of the Obama Administration

Raytheon gets $106 million Navy contract

Army Investigating How and Why Troops Were Sent Into Alabama Town After Murder Spree
The U.S. Army has launched an inquiry into how and why active duty troops from Fort Rucker, Ala., came to be placed on the streets of Samson, Ala., during last week's murder spree in that tiny South Alabama community. The use of the troops was a possible violation of federal law.

“On March 10, after a report of an apparent mass murder in Samson, Ala., 22 military police soldiers from Fort Rucker, Ala., along with the provost marshal, were sent to the city of Samson,” Harvey Perritt, spokesman for the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at Fort Monroe, Va., told on Monday.
Shut your subversive mouths, proles:
A new document meant to help Missouri law enforcement agencies identify militia members or domestic terrorists has drawn criticism for some of the warning signs mentioned.

The Feb. 20 report called "The Modern Militia Movement" mentions such red flags as political bumper stickers for third-party candidates, such as U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, who ran for president last year; talk of conspiracy theories, such as the plan for a superhighway linking Canada to Mexico; and possession of subversive literature.

More on that crap here

China's controversial choice as the second highest Tibetan spiritual figure said Sunday that Tibetans would never enjoy human dignity and freedom without the Chinese Communist Party.

Desperate Japanese head to "suicide forest"

Killer dogs sow terror in Sicily
Italian police are hunting a pack of stray dogs which killed a boy aged 10 and mauled a 24-year-old woman in the Ragusa area of southern Sicily
US deports former Nazi guard to Austria

Vermont Senate panel approves gay marriage bill

Dead Sea Scrolls were work of the Sadducees, claims academic

Scholars in uproar over challenge to Dead Sea Scrolls

The Axis of Idiots

Joe Jackson
Look Sharp

WFRL: One More Cup of Coffee

The Prophet Zimmy
One More Cup of Coffee

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WFRL: Black Coffee & Another Cigarette

Julie London
Black Coffee

Iggy Pop & Tom Waits
in "Coffee & Cigarettes"

WFRL: Cigarettes & Coffee

Otis Redding
Cigarettes & Coffee

WFRL: The Width of a Circle

David Bowie
Width Of A Circle

In the corner of the morning in the past
I would sit and blame the master first and last
All the roads were straight and narrow
And the prayers were small and yellow
And the rumor spread that I was aging fast

Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree.
And I looked and frowned and the monster was me

Well, I said hello and I said hello
And I asked "Why not?" and I replied "I don't know"

So we asked a simple black bird, who was happy as can be

And he laughed insane and quipped "Kahlil Gibran!"

So I cried for all the others till the day was nearly through

For I realized that God's a young man too

So I said "so long" and I waved "bye-bye"
And I smashed my soul and traded my mind
Got laid by a young bordello
I was vaguely half asleep
For which my reputation swept back home in drag
And the moral of this magic spell
Negotiates my hide

When God did take my logic for a ride
(Riding along)

He swallowed his pride and puckered his lips
And showed me the leather belt round his hips
My knees were shaking my cheeks aflame

He said "You'll never go down to the Gods again"
(Turn around, go back!)

He struck the ground a cavern appeared
And I smelt the burning pit of fear
We crashed a thousand yards below
I said "Do it again, do it again"
(Turn around, go back!)

His nebulous body swayed above
His tongue swollen with devil's love
The snake and I, a venom high
I said "Do it again, do it again"
(Turn around, go back!)

Breathe, breathe, breathe deeply
And I was seething, breathing deeply
A spitting sentry, horned and tailed
Waiting for you

Return to Islamberg

The Beatles
I'm Looking Through You

Where Have the Jihadis Gone?


by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.
with the able assistance of Patrick Walsh and Michael Travis

Islamberg resembles a ghost town.

The Muslim settlement captured national attention two years ago when a story entitled “Springtime in Islamberg” appeared in Atlas Shrugs, Canada Free Press, and other news pages. Since the publication of this expose, Islamberg became an item of interest for ABC News, Fox News, CNN, and other national news outlets; a subject of attention by such best-selling authors as Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel; and the centerpiece of a documentary by Christian Action Network.

But much has changed within this 70 acre Islamic settlement that is located in the dense forest between the small rural villages of Deposit and Hancock in upper New York State. The sentry post is gone and no guards are in sight.

A handful of children play in the mud and muck before rows of rusty old trailers and a few women in full burqas saunter along the rutty dirt road that leads to the heart of the squalid Muslim compound. Young men in Islamic garb no longer congregate before the makeshift mosque, and no students are in attendance at the one room shack that serves as Sheikh Gilani's “International Quranic Open University”.

The few residents who remain, clearly are not environmentalists. Sewage seeps from septic tanks and outhouses into the creek that flows at the base of the settlement. Bags of rotting garbage remain stacked between the trailers. And the once pristine countryside is now littered with junk cars, moldy mattresses, empty tanks of propane, and old appliances. Gunfire no longer can be heard from the firing ranges along the eastern parameter of the 70 acre property - - and no grunts come from new recruits at the obstacle course.

A new sign at the entrance way reads, “Welcome to Hag Islamberg: The International Quranic Open University.” Next to this sign, which features the image of a mosque emerging from the mountains, is a pot of plastic carnations. Another sign proclaims that the community is home to the “United Muslim – Christian Forum.” Such statements of welcome are offset by the “No Trespassing” signs that have been nailed to trees throughout the compound.

On the opposite side of the road leading into the community is a rack of metal mailboxes bearing such names as Abdul-Haqq, Abdul Jalil, Mumim Roberts, Abdullah Simonds, and Salam Insan.

What has happened to this once bustling complex of radical Islamists - - a place where the cries of muezzins were accompanied by the incessant rat-tat-tat of machine gunfire? Where are the Arab dignitaries that used to visit this remote community in chauffeur-driven limousines? Where are the armed sentries who warded away all intruders?

“The place was scary,” a barfly at Couzin’s Tavern in Deposit, says. “The last time I went there, I was surrounded by twenty-five Muslims with shotguns and Uzis. I haven’t heard much about it lately.” Is the place still scary?

A recent visit confirmed the following:

(1) Islamberg contains massive underground bunkers that are interconnected by a network of tunnels. A building contractor, who resides in Sherman, Pennsylvania - - approximately 15 miles from Islamberg, says that he helped to install the bunkers and that the paramilitary training that formerly took place at the firing range and the obstacle courses now takes place now takes place at these subterranean locations.

(2) The compound is no longer centralized. Many of the wannabe jihadis have moved to nearby locations, including a trailer park less than a mile away.

(3) The community is engaged in a public relations campaign designed to present Islamberg and other Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds as peaceful settlements that pose no threat to national security. In keeping with this campaign, Islamberg now proclaims itself to be the “International Headquarters” of the newly created “United Muslim – Christian Forum.”

(4) There are bodies buried in Islamberg. This fact remains to be investigated by local law enforcement officials.

A cult member meditates at the shallow grave of a dead comrade. (5) The residents of Islamberg reside in squalid and unsanitary conditions that violate New York State health and safety codes.


Islamberg was established in 1980 by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, a Pakistani cleric who served as the imam of the Yasin Masjid in Brooklyn. A quack practitioner of something called “Quranic psychiatry, Sheikh Gilani presented himself to the Brooklyn congregation as "the sixth Sultan ul Faqr,” with a lineage that dates back to the prophet Mohammed. He claimed to have supernatural powers that came from his regular reception of visits by jinn and “non-human beings.”

Sporting ammunition belts, Gilani called upon members of a Black Muslim street gang known as Dar al-Islam (DAR) to take part in the holy war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Hundreds answered the call and headed off to training camps in Pakistan, which had been established by Osama bin Laden, and other members of the mujahadeen. Under Gilani’s direction, the DAR transformed into Jamaat ul-Fuqra (“the community of the impoverished”) and continued its prison ministry under Muslims of the Americas, a new, non-profit corporation.

The sheikh soon came to realize that it would be financially advantageous to train new recruits for the holy war on American soil rather than shelling out the freight of sending them to Lahore and Peshawar.

He purchased a seventy acre parcel of land near Green Haven, set up a firing range and an obstacle course, purchased a slew of old single-wide trailers, and created a paramilitary compound called Islamberg. When released from the federal prison, former convicts now received not only the customary $10 and a suit of clothes but also a one-way ticket to Gilani’s compound.

The tiny little village in the Catskill Mountains came to include a make-shift learning center (dubbed the “International Quranic Open University”); a trailer converted into a Laundromat; a community center; a grocery store; forty clapboard homes, hundreds of single-wide trailers, and, of course, a masjid.

A sentry post was erected at the entrance to the compound where armed guards remained on watch day and night. What took place at Islamberg and the International Quranic Open University? The answers came from Sheikh Gilani in his recruitment videos: “We give [students] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.”

Similarly, in a handbook, published by the university, Gilani writes that the foremost duty of all students is to wage war against “the oppressors of Muslims.” The students are expected to sign an oath that reads: “I shall always hear and obey, and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah’s sake.”


The place became off limits to all outsiders - - even to the local undertaker who delivered bodies to the complex from the local hospital but never gained entrance. “They come and take the bodies from my hearse. They won’t allow me to get past the sentry post. They say that they want to prepare the bodies for burial. But I never get the bodies back. I don’t know what’s going on there but I don’t think it’s legal.”

The complex at Islamberg came to loom over the small towns of Deposit and Hancock like the mythical Castle Dracula in Transylvania. “If you go there, you better wear body armor,” a customer at the Circle E Diner in Hancock said in 2007. “They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body.” At Cousins, a watering hole in nearby Deposit, a customer said: “The place is dangerous. You can hear gunfire up there. I can’t understand why the FBI won’t shut it down.”


From 1982 to 1992, Gilani established other compounds (called “hamaats”) in such places as Hyattsville, Maryland; Falls Church, Virginia; Red House, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Squaw Valley, California; Onalaska, Washington, and Toronto, Ontario. REIGN OF TERROR A homegrown terrorist group, as nefarious as al Qaeda, had come into being. Members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra soon became convicted in US courts of such crimes as homicide, conspiracy to commit murder, firebombing, gun smuggling, grand theft, counterfeiting, and workers’ compensation fraud.

Others remain leading suspects in criminal cases throughout the country, including ten unsolved assassinations and seventeen fire-bombings between 1979 and 1990. In 1989, federal law enforcement officials conducted a raid on the 101-acre hamaat in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The officials recovered a multitude of handguns with obliterated serial numbers and silencers, semi-automatic weapons, thirty to forty pounds of explosives, three large pipe bombs, improvised explosive devices, shape charges, blank birth certificates, counterfeit Social Security cards, sets of Colorado drivers’ licenses with identical photos and different names, and manuals entitled “Guerilla Warfare” and “Counter-Guerilla Operations.”

They also came upon several silhouettes for target practice, including one with the words “FBI Anti-Terrorism Team” written on the target’s torso bulls-eye. In the course of a subsequent raid on the complex, the feds uncovered a weapons cache of military rifles that included American M-16s and M-14s and Soviet AK-47s. The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was conducted, in part, by members of ul-Fuqra, including Clement Rodney Hampton-El (a.k.a., “Dr. Rashid”) and Iyman Farris. Other prominent ul-Fuqra associates are Richard Reed, who attempted to blow-up a trans-Atlantic jetliner with explosives concealed in his shoe, and John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the Beltway snipers.


In 2001, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al Qaeda leader in charge of 9/11, sent Zacarias Moussaowi to live with ul-Fuqra member Melvin Lattimore (a.k.a., Mujahid Abdul-Qadder Menepta) in Norman, Oklahoma so that Moussaowi could attend flight school with Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 operatives at the Airman Flight School. The gracious Lattimore opened his doors not only to Moussaowi but also to Nawaf al Hazmi (a.k.a., Rabia al Makki) and Marwan al-Shehhi, two of Atta’s fellow hijackers. Lattimore had been convicted in 1979 of stockpiling weapons and explosives in a St. Louis mosque and his credit card was used to purchase materials for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

In 1995, while residing at the ul-Fuqra compound in Talihina, Oklahoma, he was spotted on several occasions in the company of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Despite this, Lattimore was never taken into custody and subjected to an extensive grilling. His name does not appear in the 9/11 Commission Report. He received favored status from the Justice Department since he was listed as an FBI informant.


On June 30, 2005, federal law enforcement officials finally descended upon Islamberg but not to make arrests or to investigate the reports of gunfire and explosions. They rather make the trek to the compound to take part in a communal picnic in honor of the Muslim Boy Scouts of America.

Following the visit, Agent Irizarry sent the following note to his new-found friends:

Assalamu alykum Hussein,
I just wanted to thank you again for a great day yesterday. It was a pleasure presenting to the boys. As I said they had excellent questions. The boys also demonstrated their appreciation and enthusiasm for having us present to them, and it was very much appreciated by Mike, JP and myself (sic). I have attached the pictures we took memorializing the event and we look forward to the graduation in August, Inshallah. Please send the boys and camp staff. Salaams on our behalf. Sincerley (sic),

Our sources have reported similar disappearances of young Muslim males from compounds and Islamic Centers across the United States and Canada.
Please stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WFRL: You Got Da Spirit

Eric Burdon & War
Copenhagen ~ 1971

Floatin' Powa News Service vs Absurdistan State Theater

Animation: Michel Higgs
"Theater of the Absurd"
Song: Radiohead ~ Faust Arp

Gordon Brown: Iran must talk to US

Britain defends contacts with Hezbollah

Syria says relations with Iran will remain strong
In other news, the surface of the sun is very very hot. Really.

Hez'b'Allah will win:
The head of Lebanon's Western-backed majority bloc in parliament, Saad Hariri, said on Monday that the general election in June will be a straight choice between Hezbollah and the country's sovereignty.

"Our course is justice, independence, freedom, sovereignty and most importantly -- Lebanon first," Hariri told AFP in an interview, referring to his coalition backed by the West as well as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

"That is not the case for the other side," he added, referring to the Hezbollah-led alliance backed by Syria and Iran.

The Martyr Imad Moughniyeh Group:
A group calling itself after a murdered leader of Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah said it was behind the killing of two Israeli policemen in the West Bank, in a video aired on Al Jazeera television on Tuesday.

"We claim responsibility for the killing of the two Zionists ... Expect from us even greater (operations)," a masked militant speaking for the Martyr Imad Moughniyeh Group said on the video, as he stood in front of a poster of the slain militant leader.
Serbian Imam Busted
A 21-year old imam (Islamic priest) from the Serbian region of Sandzak, was arrested in Bosnia for drug trafficking, local media reported on Wednesday.

The imam was a part of a group that was arrested in the Bosnian capital over the past week, under suspicion of being a part of an international drug trafficking ring. At least five other men were arrested as a part of this operation.

During the arrests, the police had discovered and seized 2.5 kilos of heroin, as well as significant amounts of cocaine, ecstasy, speed and marijuana.

EU to the OIC: Change your tune on Durban II or we won’t come
The European Union will attempt to form a common front in order to force the UN’s racism conference, Durban II, to deal with something other than anti-Israeli slander and attacks on free speech. Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, quoted by the Ritzau News Agency and the Copenhagen daily Berlingske Tidende, believes that the EU countries will boycott the conference unless its course is radically changed.

The EU will now attempt a final ultimatum to the countries participating in Durban II: They must put a stop to their anti-Israeli agitation and their criticism of the freedom of expression. If not, the EU will stay away.

The US, Canada, Israel and Italy have already decided to boycott the conference, which the OIC, The Organization of the Islamic Conference, has made into a smear campaign against Israel and free speech.

Newsweek erases Israel from the map:
The most radical part of the article is a graphic denial that the nation of Israel exists. In the map above Newsweek points out all of the Muslim areas in the Middle East, for the Palestinian Territories it shows the entire state of Israel. If you didn't get the point with the small map, Newsweek makes it easier, they also provide a blow up image.

Here's is the Ironic part. Not only does Newsweek Show the ENTIRE state of Israel as Palestinian Territory, but they don't include the areas traditionally assigned to the PA, Judea and Samaria.
Khatami Drops Presidential Bid, Endorses Other Candidate

Khatami to re-enter presidential race?

Another round of Ahmadineboom

Germany raids over 200 neo-Nazi premises

More than 60 years after World War Two and the Nazi Holocaust, right-wing radicalism is still a problem in Germany, particularly in the former communist eastern part of the country where unemployment is nearly double the rate in the west.

The BKA said last year that neo-Nazis appeared to have shifted their tactics and stepped up violent attacks. Government figures show anti-Semitic crimes rose at the end of last year.
France to rejoin NATO

Hungary forges closer energy ties with Russia

Russia Signaling Interest in Deal on Iran

Gazprom builds Arctic helicopter base

Russia Is Planning a ‘Large-Scale Rearming’

Obama taps Russia specialist for arms control post

U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen Rose Gottemoeller, a specialist in Russian defense and nuclear issues, for a key arms control post ahead of negotiations with Moscow, the White House said on Tuesday.

Obama plans to nominate Gottemoeller, a former Energy Department official now at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank, to serve as assistant secretary of state for verification and compliance.

That post is likely to play a strong hand in shaping U.S. arms control policy as Washington prepares for negotiations with Moscow on how to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) that expires in December.

Don't START none, won't be none, MFers.

Rose Gottemoeller ~ Glow Baller Deluxe:

Rose Gottemoeller, who served as the director of the Moscow Center from January 2006 – December 2008, is a senior associate in the Carnegie Russia & Eurasia Program in Washington, D.C., where she works on U.S.–Russian relations and nuclear security and stability.

Formerly deputy undersecretary for defense nuclear nonproliferation in the U.S. Department of Energy, she has been with the Endowment since 2000.

Previously, she served as the department’s assistant secretary for nonproliferation and national security, with responsibility for all nonproliferation cooperation with Russia and the Newly Independent States. She first joined the department in November 1997 as director of the Office of Nonproliferation and National Security.

Prior to the Energy Department, Gottemoeller served for three years as deputy director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. From 1993 to 1994, she served on the National Security Council in the White House as director for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia Affairs, with responsibility for denuclearization in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Previously, she was a social scientist at RAND and a Council on Foreign Relations International affairs fellow. She has taught on Soviet military policy at Georgetown University, and is currently teaching on Russian security in Eurasia, also at Georgetown University

Learning to love the bomb
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is likely to bring about a historic shift in nuclear weapons policy as the administration undertakes a significant effort to dramatically reduce the size of the nuclear arsenal.
Obama may visit Russia in July

How will DoD implement the CMO this time?
Defense Department deputy secretary William Lynn (RAYTHEON) will testify before the House Armed Services Committee in the coming weeks. And undoubtedly he will be asked about DoD's ongoing management problems, especially those 19 areas on the Government Accountability Office's High Risk list.
Defense Sector Rumblings Ahead
Reportedly, Defense Secretary Gates is readying the most extreme changes to the Pentagon's spending plans since the end of the Cold War. It is possible that the Pentagon will call for the termination of as many as 6 major weapons systems as soon as the end of March. Programs which are probably on the block include the DDG X Destroyer and the F-22 Lightening II. And these are just the starters. If history repeats itself -- as it has many times in such instances -- other programs will also be axed further down the road to extinction.
Obama skirts his own ban on employing former lobbyists in White House

Raytheon gets national airspace contract

Bill Ayers seeks police protection

ACORN to Play Role in 2010 Census

Barack Obama's Newest "Spiritual Advisor" is a Marxist
NO! You don't say! Unheard of. Absurd!

Continuing to bring you only the finest in frightening Book-o-Revelation level crap:
The Kremlin published its priorities Monday for an upcoming meeting of the G20, calling for the creation of a supranational reserve currency to be issued by international institutions as part of a reform of the global financial system.

The International Monetary Fund should investigate the possible creation of a new reserve currency, widening the list of reserve currencies or using its already existing Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, as a "superreserve currency accepted by the whole of the international community," the Kremlin said in a statement issued on its web site.

Mullah Russia:
Muslims are changing Russia's demographic composition, posing a major challenge to the country's domestic politics and internal stability, says Finland's Defense Ministry in its report Meeting The Challenges In Russia. The last 20 years have seen major demographic changes in Russia. At the beginning of the 1990s, there were 149 million people in Russia. By 2007 the figure was seven million less. The population is falling by around 400,000 per year.

But the situation is very different in parts of the country with a Muslim majority. There the population is growing, and, for example, male life expectancy is significantly higher than in ethnic Russian areas. If demographic trends continue in the same way, by 2015 the majority of Russian army conscripts will be Muslims. By 2020 20 per cent of all Russians will be Muslims. And three decades later they will be the largest part of the Russian population.

Since the Soviet Union broke up, the self-esteem and identity of Russia’s 20 million Muslims has intensified. In 1991 there were 300 mosques in the country. Now there are already over 8000. Most new mosques have been financed from abroad, by Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

There are now estimated to be about 60 Islamic schools in Russia, with some 50,000 pupils. There was not one Islamic school in 1991. Aside from putting the mosque in Moscow, on the international scene Russia is already an observer-member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.. There's an alliance to look forward to.
Six Bloggers of the Apocalypse

Glow Ball Food Catastrophes Imminent

Former President Bush Backs Obama’s Efforts to Repair Economy
Former President George W. Bush delivered a “folksy” one-hour speech to a Canadian audience in which he backed efforts by his successor, Barack Obama, to repair the U.S. economy and financial industry, said people who attended the event.
FOLKSY, even, purple proles!

National debt hits record $11 trillion
The eye-popping national debt surpassed $11 trillion Monday, the largest in U.S. history.

The new Treasury Department figures on the national debt were released as the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office is expected to project that the annual budget deficit will be higher than previously estimated by the White House's Office of Management and Budget. The debt, which refers to the cumulative amount of money the government owes, hit $10.9 trillion on Friday.
Senior members of the Obama administration are pressing lawmakers to use a shortcut
to drive the president's signature initiatives on health care and energy through Congress without Republican votes, a move that many lawmakers say would fly in the face of President Obama's pledge to restore bipartisanship to Washington.

John McCain’s AIG bailout revisionism
SEPTEMBER 2008: A day after he dismissed a federal bailout for American International Group, Republican John McCain announced Wednesday that circumstances had forced him to shift his position and that he supported the proposed $85 billion rescue of the insurance giant.
Grassley Accuses AIG of Sucking 'Tit' of Taxpayer

Gold Man's share of AIG's Sacks draws fire

The Fed already has the power ~ without a vote of Congress ~ to provide financing under "exigent circumstances" to any company

Necessary authorities include the power - in exigent circumstances - to guarantee liabilities, provide loans and take other stabilizing measures. But the circumstances that would trigger these authorities must be narrowly defined...
~ Czar Paulson in the Financial Times 3/17/09

Argentina moves to re-nationalize Lockheed factory

Brazilian FM: US should nationalize banks

Holy Leaf bad, Oxycontin good, prole, so get it straight:
Of particular interest, scientists are investigating marijuana's capacity to moderate autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as their role in the treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease.Investigators are also studying the anti-cancer activities of cannabis, which has been shown to halt malignant tumor growth in animals.
Dick Dawkins to receive Nierenberg Prize for "Science in the Public Interest"
In a salute to Charles Darwin in celebration of his 200th birthday, the Nierenberg family and Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego will honor British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science author, Richard Dawkins on Tuesday, April 7, 2009, with the ninth Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest. The event will be held at 7 p.m. in the Mandell Weiss Theatre of the La Jolla Playhouse on the UC San Diego campus.
Dick Dawkins: "What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right?"

William A. Nierenberg, 81, Physicist and Military Policy Adviser

SEPTEMBER 2000: Dr. William A. Nierenberg, a physicist with a passion for the ocean who spent five decades striving to mesh science, technology and policy as an adviser to presidents, military agencies and NATO, died Sunday at his home in San Diego. He was 81.
Maryland intervenes in 5 billion dolla gubbmint PEPCO power cutoffs

Focus shifts to flow of cash, arms into Mexico

Jesus Christ or John Galt? The Republican Party's Identity Crisis


Sudanese leader: No international court can touch me

Undersea volcano erupts off Tonga coast

Second earthquake in a fortnight rattles Melbourne

Drunken mayhem mars St. Patrick's in Ireland

Erik Satie
Gnossienne #4

Alfred Eric Leslie Satie (Honfleur, 17 May 1866 -- Paris, 1 July 1925) was a French composer and pianist. Starting with his first composition in 1884, he signed his name as Erik Satie.
Satie was a colourful figure in the early 20th century Parisian avant-garde. He was a precursor to later artistic movements such as minimalism, repetitive music and the Theatre of the Absurd.

"Gnossienne" is the name given to several piano pieces by French composer Erik Satie in the late 19th century.

Satie's coining of the word "gnossienne" was one of the rare occasions when a composer used a new term to indicate a new "type" of composition. Satie had and would use many novel names for his compositions; for example, "ogive" had been the name of an architectural element until Satie used it as the name for a composition, the Ogives Similarly with "vexations", "croquis et agaceries" and so on—but "gnossienne" was a word that did not exist before Satie used it to indicate a composition. "Gnossienne" appears to be derived from the word gnosis; Satie was involved in gnostic sects and movements at the time that he began to compose the Gnossiennes.