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Monday, March 16, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: My Strength & My Song

The LORD is my strength and my song;
he has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father's God, and I will exalt him.

The LORD is a warrior;
the LORD is his name.
~ Song of Moses / Exodus 15

Niggun of Jerusalem
Gia Beshitaishvily

Europe to Netanyahu: Agree to Palestinian state, or else

SOLANA: Palestinian stance key to EU-Israel ties

Two Israeli Policemen Shot Dead In W. Bank

UAE Seeks US Early-Warning Plane
And we will give it to them.

Saudi Shiites threaten to ‘secede’ from Saudi

Iraqi Christians Caught in Crossfire

Torture of Christian converts in Libya

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Libyan intelligence officials have detained and tortured four Christians for converting from Islam. The Christians have been imprisoned for the past seven weeks in Tripoli, Libya's capital.

Libya's External Security Organization is believed to be behind the detention and torture of the Christians, according to our sources. The security agents have barred the families from visiting the detained converts and are putting severe physical and psychological pressure on the Christians in order to force them to reveal the names of other converts. Fearing for their lives, converts from Islam are on the run.

Baha'i pray for captives in Iran

Glow Ballers to Back a New Improved Mythical Moderate Taqiyyalope:
Mohammed Khatami to withdraw from Iranian presidential race
Many believed that Mr Khatami stood a good chance of ousting his conservative rival, but the entry of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Iran's influential former Prime Minister, to the race raised fears that it would be split.

Advisers to Mr Khatami say he is abandoning his presidential run in order to prevent that from happening. The former president has almost certainly calculated that Mr Mousavi is the stronger candidate with more chance of winning over the centreground.

OK so why is Mir Hossein Mousavi better than Khatami for them?
Let's see if we can see.
Mousavi refused to run for the 1997 elections, which caused the reformists to turn to Mohammad Khatami, who won in a landslide victory.

He was considered one of possible candidates of the reformist alliance to run for the Iranian presidential election, 2005, which had led to long speculations. But he finally declined the offer of certain parties in the reformist alliance on October 12, 2004, after a meeting with President Mohammad Khatami and the two other major members of Association of Combatant Clerics, Mehdi Karroubi and Mohammad Mousavi-Khoiniha.

In the early years of the Islamic Republic, Mousavi was the editor of the official newspaper of the Islamic Republic Party, the Jomhouri-e Eslami (Islamic Republic) newspaper.

OOOHH kay so reason # 1 is in IRAN he has more mojo than Khatami... Khatami is just the stunt double, the B-side, the sweet- n-low.

Iranian FM visits Saudi Arabia

Iran Supports OIC Active Role in Islamic World
In other news, humidity is moisture in the air.

Iranian Qods Force Operatives Captured In Iraq

US confirms downing Iranian drone over Iraq

If it's so freakin' clandestine why am I posting it here?
President Obama and his aides are preparing to send a secret message to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, inviting him to open a clandestine "back channel" for direct talks between the United States and Iran.
All is propaganda.

US Intel does not rule out Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapon from abroad
In testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, US intelligence chief Dennis Blair warned that it would be difficult to convince Iran to give up its quest for nuclear weapons by diplomatic means. By 2010, he estimated, Tehran would have enough fissile material for a weapon.He told the committee Tuesday, March 10 that "the agencies" could not "rule out that Iran has acquired from abroad or will acquire in the future a nuclear weapon or enough fissile material for a weapon."
US Welcomes Malaysia's Views On Middle East Peace Process
"We would certainly welcome ideas from Malaysia, how to convey a sense of confidence in the peace process to all the participants. We certainly appreciate what the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) can do, with Malaysia playing an important role there," US Ambassador to Malaysia James R. Keith said in a recent interview with Bernama.
Malaysia's Casual Anti-Semitism

Malaysia: Ties with Israel impossible

UN RADIO: Malaysia says: no justification for Israel’s excessive use of force in Gaza

There is no justification for the disproportionate, indiscriminate and excessive use of force in Gaza, not even in the name of self-defense.

That's what Malaysia told the UN Security Council Wednesday during debate on the crisis in Gaza.

Malaysia's Ambassador Hamidon Ali says "Israeli action is against the rule of law..."
He says "its action clearly demonstrates Israel's complete disregard for international law and a violation of the UN Charter."
But he adds that Malaysia remains "confident that the security Council ...will take the necessary and appropriate action..."

Okeedokee then!

Sharia Finance Provides Bridge Between Middle East and Indonesia

The Protocols of the Drinkers of Coffee

Starbucks: home of the Zionist genocidal apartheid bean!
Tamil Tigers 'forcibly recruit UN man'

GULF NEWS: The clock runs out on market economy
The Depression led also to xenophobia and authoritarianism. Frightened people become tribal: dividing lines open within and between societies. In 1930, the Nazis won 18 per cent of the German vote; in 1932, at the height of the Depression, their share had risen to 37 per cent.
White House declares economy "sound"
The economy is fundamentally sound despite the temporary "mess" it's in, the White House said Sunday in the kind of upbeat assessment that Barack Obama had mocked as a presidential candidate.
On the other hand...
The Obama administration is increasingly concerned about a populist backlash against banks and Wall Street, worried that anger at financial institutions could also end up being directed at Congress and the White House and could complicate President Barack Obama's agenda.
God forbid The Royal Obamanable's agenda should become complicated!

AIG Reveals Biggest Beneficiaries of Its Rescue

Obama Orders Treasury Chief to Try to Block AIG Bonuses
The threat of populist backlashes and complicated agendas is of utmost exigence, ya know.

G-20 Turns Sight on Banks’ Toxic Assets in Coordinated Move

Leftist Ex-CNN Reporter Wins El Salvador Presidency

Chavez: Russian jets welcome, but no Venezuela base

China, once again against the People of Sudan

Sudan's president orders all foreign aid groups to leave country

Vatican backtracks on girl's abortion you is, or is you ain't?

Stem cell researcher Stemgent raises $14M

Vermont begins hearings on same-sex marriage bill

French physicist wins $1.4 million religion prize
French physicist and philosopher of science Bernard d'Espagnat won the Templeton Prize for religion on Monday for work which acknowledges that science cannot fully explain "the nature of being."

David Plouffe Warns of "Big Weeks" to Come

Actor Ron Silver dies

Alert status raised after Redoubt explosion

They only lowered it last week. Why I have no idea.

The Beinoni Niggun
Yoshi Dember

When does a Jew sing? a Hebrew writer once asked.
His answer: when he is hungry.

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