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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rose Tattoo

That fading flower,
his glorious beauty,
set on the head
of a fertile valley,
will be like figs
ripe before harvest—
as soon as people see them
and take them in hand,
they swallow them.
~ Isaiah 28

So... you still think the Internet is free?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Savoy Truffle

“I have food to eat
that you know nothing about.”
~ John 4

Working Class Hero

Though we are slaves,
our GOD
has not forsaken us
in our bondage...
~ Ezra 9

Bill Black Chats with Dylan Ratigan
Ratigan is a fierce critic of prominent politicians in both parties for what he views as their destructive policies and slavish efforts to aid the wealthiest and most politically powerful at the expense of the best interests of America and its people. He is passionate about these subjects and far less predictable than many of his peers because he is not a political partisan.

Cozmik Debris

Elijah said
to the prophets of Baal,
“Choose one of the bulls
and prepare it first,
since there are soOOOoo
many of you.
Call on the name of your god,
but do not light the fire.”
So they took the bull
given them
and prepared it.
Then they called
on the name of Baal
from morning till noon.
“Baal, answer us!”
they shouted.
But there was no response;
no one answered.
And they danced
around the altar
they had made.
At noon....
Elijah began to taunt them.
“Shout louder!” he said.
“Surely he is a god!
Perhaps he is deep in thought,
or taking a shit,
or traveling.
Maybe he is sleeping
and must be awakened.”
So they shouted louder
and slashed themselves
with swords and spears,
as was their custom,
until their blood flowed.

Midday passed,
and they continued
their frantic prophesying
until the time
for the evening sacrifice.
But there was no response,
no one answered,
no one paid attention.
~ 1 Kings 18


The Seeress of Roebuck
C/O Fred and Frida Austere
999 Leper Colony Way
Smegmakovitchstan, Outer Mongolia

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Sears Closing 100 To 120 Stores
is that a real poncho
or a Sears poncho?

Monday, January 16, 2012