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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Say His Name!

They promise them freedom,
while they themselves are slaves of depravity—
for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.
~ 2 Peter 2

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kozmik Debriz

The nations you will dispossess
listen to those who practice
sorcery or divination.
But as for you,
the LORD your GOD
has not permitted you to do so.
~ Deuteronomy 18

One For Uncle Noodles

Their young men will die by the sword
Jeremiah 11

Spoon Fed

I led them
with cords of human kindness,
with ties of love;
I lifted the yoke from their necks
and I bent down to feed them.
~ Hosea 11

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pennsylvania Pasha

by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

Who is Fethullah Gulen?

The Turkish pasha presents himself as a moderate Muslim who espouses peace, goodwill, and interfaith dialogue.

He has produced a documentary to attack the claims against his movement that have been made on this website – - including the claim that he maintains an armed fortress in Saylorsburg, PA.

But trips to Gulen’s complex prove otherwise.

His neighbors have complained of fully automatic gunfire erupting from his complex and of a low flying helicopter that combs the area in search of any intruders.

Is Gulen really a benign old Muslim gentleman who retired to the Pocono Mountains from his native Turkey for reasons of health?

Is he really an educator of international renown? Has he really captured the love and admiration of political and religious leaders, including Hillary Clinton and Pope John Paul II?

Or is he the alleged “most dangerous Islamist on planet earth, a committed jihadi who manifests the Muslim practice of taqiyya and seeks to establish a universal caliphate ruled by shariah? Little about Gulen, as U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan discovered, is known – - not even his date of birth. Some of his followers maintain that he was born in 1934; others 1938; and still others 1942.

On his website, Gulen says that he received the UNECO award from Pope John Paul II in October, 2005. But the John Paul II died on April 2, 2005.

Gulen, in his application for permanent residency in the United States, maintained that he was “an educator of extraordinary ability and renown.” But Gulen does not possess an elementary school education, let alone a high school diploma. He is semi-literate and speaks no English. To substantiate his ability and renown, Gulen, on his application, provides a long list of his scholarly works. But all of his works have been published by The Light Publishing Company and Tughra Press, two firms that are owned by the Gulen movement.

Gulen states that his works are the subject of entire courses in schools throughout the country. Maybe they constitute the subject of classes in the Gulen charter schools that he has established throughout Central Asia, Europe, and the United States. But not one leading college or university offers a course on Gulen and his educational philosophy.

In his application, Gulen further maintains that he has delivers scholarly addresses to gatherings of scholars and academics. But no audio or video evidence, let alone first-hand report, exists that these speeches were ever delivered.

Who is Fethullah Gulen?

Are the hundreds of charter schools that he has established throughout the U.S.A. really places where children are indoctrinated in the principles of political Islam and the plot to restore the Ottoman Empire? The answers come from Gulen himself. In 1999, Turkish television aired footage of Gülen delivering sermons to a crowd of followers, Gulen revealed his aspirations for an Islamist Turkey ruled by Shari‘a (Islamic law) as well as the methods that should be used to attain that goal by saying:

“You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right.

You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it … You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey … Until that time, any step taken would be too early—like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside. The work to be done is [in] confronting the world.

Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence … trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here—[just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.”
He continued:

When everything was closed and all doors were locked, our houses of isik [light] assumed a mission greater than that of older times. In the past, some of the duties of these houses were carried out by madrasas [Islamic schools], some by schools, some by tekkes [Islamist lodges] … These isik homes had to be the schools, had to be madrasas, [had to be] tekkes all at the same time.

The permission did not come from the state, or the state’s laws, or the people who govern us. The permission was given by God … who wanted His name learned and talked about, studied, and discussed in those houses, as it used to be in the mosques.”
In another sermon, Gülen said:

“Now it is a painful spring that we live in. A nation is being born again. A nation of millions [is] being born—one that will live for long centuries, God willing … It is being born with its own culture, its own civilization. If giving birth to one person is so painful, the birth of millions cannot be pain-free. Naturally we will suffer pain.

It won’t be easy for a nation that has accepted atheism, has accepted materialism, a nation accustomed to running away from itself, to come back riding on its horse. It will not be easy, but it is worth all our suffering and the sacrifices.”
And, in yet another sermon, he told his followers:

“The philosophy of our service is that we open a house somewhere and, with the patience of a spider, we lay our web to wait for people to get caught in the web; and we teach those who do. We don’t lay the web to eat or consume them but to show them the way to their resurrection, to blow life into their dead bodies and souls, to give them a life.”

What takes place in the Gulen charter schools that receive millions from the American taxpayer?

Noted Middle Eastern scholar Rachel Sharon-Krespin writes: “His (Gulen’s) followers target youth in the eighth through twelfth grades, mentor and indoctrinate them in the ışıkevi, educate them in the Fethullah schools, and prepare them for future careers in legal, political, and educational professions in order to create the ruling classes of the future Islamist, Turkish state.”

Even more telling is a comment from Nurettin Veren, Gulen’s right hand man for 35 years, who says: “These schools are like shop windows. Recruitment and Islamization are carried out through night classes.”

Is Gulen really dangerous and a threat to the United States and the Western World?

Gulen, on his website, says that he came to the United States in 1998 for reasons of health, since he allegedly suffers from diabetes.

But, in truth, Gulen fled his native Turkey to avoid prosecution on charges that he was attempting to undermine Turkey’s secular government with the objective of establishing an Islamic government. Court records show that he possesses more than $25 billion in financial assets. Under the Justice and Development Party – - Adalet ve Kalkinma, AKP – - a party which Gulen created from his headquarters in Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas – - the reclusive pasha has gained control of the Turkish government.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a Gulen disciple – - as is Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul. Thanks to such Islamists, Turkey has transformed from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – - one for every 350- citizens – - the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – - and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Despite the rhetoric of European Union accession, Turkey has transferred its alliance from Europe and the United States to Russia and Iran. It has moved toward friendship with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria and created a pervasive anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-America animus throughout the populace.

His movement with six million adherents has spread throughout Central Asia and has served to unite such newly created Russian republics as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan into a pan-Islamic state.

These countries were populated by Turks – – Turks who were once part of the Ottoman Empire – – Turks who still speak Turkish and practice Turkish customs. Turkey, under the AKP, has forged a strong alliance with Iran. This alliance was largely achieved through the workings of the Gulen movement among the Azeri population of Iran who speak Turkish rather than Farsi.

In the wake of the AKP’ attempt to lead a fleet of ships, filled with pro-Palestinian activists, through the Gaza blockade on May 31, Turkey has strengthened its ties to Syria, Lebanon and much of the Muslim world. Placards depicting the smiling face of Tayyip Erdogan are omnipresent in Saudi Arabia.

Gulen’s dream of creating a universal caliphate is becoming a reality, and he has garnered support from such US dignitaries as Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

In May, Gulen created his latest lobbying group in Washington, D.C. – - the Assembly of Turkic Federations (ATAF), which already has shelled out millions to American politicians so that they will remain sensitive to his efforts to further the cause of militant Islam.

ATAF celebrated its formation with a gala celebration in a plush lounge of the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Among those in attendance were U.S. Senators Richard Lugar, Robert Casey, Frank Lautenberg, Jeff Ningaman, Roger Wicker, Mark Warner, Kay Hagen, and fifty-three members of the U.S. House of Representatives.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Iyov - Job - Chapter 28
1. For silver has a mine, and gold has a place where it is refined.
2. Iron is taken from earth and copper is smelted from stone.
3. He made an end to darkness, and every end He fathoms-a stone of darkness and the shadow of death.
4. A stream burst forth from the place of its flow; those who cause the foot to be forgotten are removed, yea, from man they are lifted up.
5. A land from which bread emerged, and its place was as though turned into fire.
6. Its stones [were] a place of sapphire, and it had gold dust.
7. A path unknown to brigands and which the eye of a vulture did not see.
8. Proud beasts did not tread it, neither did a lion pass by it.
9. He stretched His hand upon the flinty rock; He turned it over from the root of the mountains.
10. In the rocks, He split rivers, and His eye saw all precious things.
11. He bound up the depths of the rivers, and [from] Taalumah He brings out light.
12. But wisdom-whence will it be found, and where is the place of understanding?
13. No mortal knows its value, and it will not be found in the land of the living.
14. The deep says, "It is not in me," and the sea says, "It is not with me."
15. Fine gold cannot be given in its place, neither can silver be weighed out as its price.
16. It cannot be praised with jewelry of Ophir, with precious onyx and sapphire.
17. Neither gold nor glass can equal it, nor is a pure golden vessel its exchange.
18. Coral and crystal cannot be mentioned, and the striving for wisdom [is more precious] than pearls.
19. The topaz of Kush cannot equal it; it cannot be praised with jewelry of pure gold.
20. Now whence does wisdom come, and where is the place of understanding?
21. It is hidden from the eyes of all living, and it is concealed from the winged creatures of the heavens.
22. Destruction and death said, "With our ears we heard its report."
23. God understood its way, and He knew its place.
24. For He looks to the ends of the earth, and He sees under all the heavens.
25. To make a weight for the wind, and He meted out the water with a measure,
26. when He made a decree for the rain and a way for the clouds [and] the thunders.
27. Then He saw and counted it, prepared it, yea, searched it out.
28. And He said to man, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord is wisdom and shunning evil is understanding.' "

As Time Goes By

For a thousand years in your sight
are like a day that has just gone by,
or like a watch in the night.
~ Psalm 90

With the Lord
a day is like a thousand years,
and a thousand years are like a day...
~ 2 Peter 3

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Jimmy


Do not merely listen to the word,
and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.
~ James, the Brother of Jesus

Fuller Shit!


by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

East Turkistan is not a real country, although it receives millions in foreign aid from the United Nations and the United States.

Only one organization and one country recognize the existence of this mythical place – - the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Turkey.

The leader of this country does not reside in the steeps of Asia but in Chicago, Illinois.

East Turkistan represents an area of the Xinjiang province of China that is south of the Tian Shan mountains. It is inhabited by 8 million Uyghurs, 1 million Kazaks and Kyrgyrs, and 7 million Han Chinese.

East Turkistan was made a country by the proclamation of Morton Abramowitz, a former Ambassador to Turkey, and CIA operative Graham Fuller in a ceremony that was held in Washington DC in September 2004. They also singled out Enver Turani, a resident of Chicago, to serve as the head of this new phantom government.

Why would Abramowitz, who now serves as a senior fellow at The Century Foundation and Fuller, presently a senior political scientist for the Rand Foundation, take such extraordinary measures to carve out a “nation in exile” from a vast swath of mainland China?

The answer resides with the Gulen movement and gives further credence to the allegation that Fethullah Gulen, who lives within a mountain fortress in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, is “the most dangerous Islamist on planet earth.”

In recent years, the CIA has assisted Gulen in his effort to restore the Ottoman Empire and to create a New Islamic World Order by channeling billions into the coffers of his movement. More revenue was provided by UNOCAL, Gulen’s major corporate sponsor, which has major oil and natural gas interests in the “stans” of Central Asia. Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, once worked as a senior consultant for UNOCAL.

Gulen, an exile from Turkey, used some of this money to fund the Justice and Democratic Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma, AKP), which has gained control of the government in his native land.

Abdullah Gul, Turkey’s first Islamist President, is a Gulen disciple along with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, the head of Turkey’s Council of Higher Education.

Under the AKP, Turkey has transformed from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – – one for every 350- citizens – – the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – – and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Gulen also used a portion of his vast fortune to establish thousands of Islamic schools throughout the newly created Russian republics of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

These countries were populated by Turks – - Turks who were once part of the Ottoman Empire – - Turks who still speak Turkish and practice Turkish customs.

According to Sibel Edmonds, who served as a translator of Turkish governments for the FBI, the CIA sought to gain control of the vast natural gas and oil reserves of the newly created Russian republics by using Turkey as a proxy since the inhabitants of these countries remain virulently Anti-American.

Fethullah Gulen represented the means for the CIA to gain a footing in Turkey and the Turkish republics.

Like the inhabitants of the new republics, Gulen is a Turk, who intent upon the establishment of a universal caliphate, and a militant Islamist, who seeks to indoctrinate youth in the political teachings of the Qu’ran.

The strategy has worked like a charm from the jinn and untold millions of inhabitants of Central Asia are members of the Gulen movement who seek unification under a newly restored Islamic order.

Moreover, Turkey, under the AKP, has forged a strong alliance with Iran. This alliance was largely achieved through the workings of the Gulen movement among the Azeri population of Iran who speak Turkish rather than Farsi.

But, for total control of the natural resources of Central Asia, the CIA recognized the necessity of setting the stage for the annexation of the portion of China’s Xinjiang province that is largely inhabited by Turkish Muslims (Uyhars, Kazaks, and Kygyrs) into the new pan-Islamic empire.

The plans to accomplish this objective, according to Sibel Edmonds and court documents concerning Gulen’s application for permanent residency in the US, got underway in 1999 under the Clinton Administration.

Hundreds of Muslim Uyghurs from Xinjiang were transported to Afghanistan – -thanks to the CIA – - for training in Afghanistan under Osama bin Laden and the mujahadeen.

Following their training, the Uyghurs returned to Xinjiang to form The East Turkistan Islamic Movement, an organization affiliated with al Qaeda that has launched terror attacks throughout the Xinjiang province.

Like the Gulen Movement, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement was funded by money from the CIA’s control of the poppy fields.

Sibel Edmonds testified that he US needed “to keep its fingerprints off these operations” in order to avoid a popular revolt in Central Asia and severe repercussions from China and Russia.”

Court recorders and testimony from former state department officials support the following conclusions:

1. The CIA has allowed the flow of heroin from Afghanistan into Europe and the United States in order to fund the Gulen movement.

2. The CIA has worked to establish a pan-Islamic state throughout Central Asia, including the Xinjiang province of China, in order to gain access for US firms to the substantial oil and natural reserves of this geographic area.

3. The CIA has worked with Osama bin Laden in order to create the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, a new Islamic terrorist organization.

Unfortunately, the above is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for more.

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Well.... now I KNOW they are a beard for jihad:

Graham Fuller, a former CIA official and expert on Islam, characterized Tablighi Jamaat as a "peaceful and apolitical preaching-to-the-people movement."
Dig this Dhimmi MFer!
Ex-CIA spy Graham Fuller: The West is wrong about Islam

The Future of Political Islam by Graham E. Fuller

Graham Fuller was a participant or observer in the following events:

1984-March 1985: US and Pakistan Begin Training Afghans to Attack Inside Soviet Union

May 1985: ’Fuller Memo’ Codifies US Policy Towards Arming Iran

September 1999: CIA Analyst Suggests US Use Muslims to Further US Interests in Central Asia

September 11, 2004: Some US Officials Recommend Working with Muslim Brotherhood

January 3, 2008:Graham Fuller goes native

Graham Fuller is also a senior resident consultant at the RAND Corporation

Someone Asked the Imam:
is it true the Tabligh Jamaat is product developed by the C.I.A?Is it true that the funds required to set up the Ijtimas are funded by the British?


The Right Truth: A World Without Islam - Review

Monday, July 19, 2010

Once Upon A Time In The West

Oh Lord,
if I have found favor
in your eyes,"
he said,
"then let the Lord go with us.
Although this is a stiff-necked people,
forgive our wickedness
and our sin,
and take us
as your inheritance."
~ Exodus 34

Sweet Child In Time

Come, my children,
listen to me;
I will teach you
the fear of the LORD.
~ Psalm 34

Happy Birthday Karen

Sunday, July 18, 2010