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Saturday, March 28, 2009

MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: DIDACUS

The Saint Song
A short song naming over a hundred saints,
sung to the tune of a popular Gilbert and Sullivan song
AKA known as 'The Element Song by Tom Lehrer


Born in Cadiz, Spain, and christened Joseph Francis, the youth spent much of his free time around the Capuchin friars and their church. But his desire to enter the Franciscan Order was delayed because of the difficulty he had with his studies. Finally he was admitted to the novitiate of the Capuchins in Seville as Brother Didacus. He later was ordained a priest and sent out to preach. His gift of preaching was soon evident. He journeyed tirelessly through the territory of Andalusia of Spain, speaking in small towns and crowded cities.

His words were able to touch the minds and hearts of young and old, rich and poor, students and professors. His work in the confessional completed the conversions his words began. This unlearned man was called "the apostle of the Holy Trinity" because of his devotion to the Trinity and the ease with which he preached about this sublime mystery. One day a child gave away his secret, crying out: "Mother, mother, see the dove resting on the shoulder of Father Didacus! I could preach like that too if a dove told me all that I should say."

Didacus was that close to God, spending nights in prayer and preparing for his sermons by severe penances. His reply to those who criticized him: "My sins and the sins of the people compel me to do it. Those who have been charged with the conversions of sinners must remember that the Lord has imposed on them the sins of all their clients." It is said that sometimes when he preached on the love of God he would be elevated above the pulpit. Crowds in village and town squares were entranced by his words and would attempt to tear off pieces of his habit as he passed by. He died in 1801 at age 58, a holy and revered man. He was beatified in 1894.

Comment: Didacus was such a poor student that the Franciscans wouldn’t have him. When Capuchins finally took him into their order and eventually ordained him, he proved to be a powerful preacher—to everyone’s surprise. As we often do, Didacus’s contemporaries expected little from someone with a slow mind. Didacus proved to them that intelligence is not the only measure. The person who has a loving heart, a listening ear and a wealth of compassion is, in the long run, much wiser.

Let the Bongos Begin!

Didacus was a preacher-man
A saint of wide reknown
His voice would echo through the chapels
All around Cadiz town.
The Franciscans wouldn't have him
The thought his wit too meager
So he was forced to join the Capuchins
Who proved to be more eager
Under their cowl he learned to speak
And words poured forth like wine
Or unction on the open sores
Afflicting all mankind
Despise the Franciscans he could've
Had he before God no dread
But took it all in stride, and said
"I always wanted a white foamy head."
~ Lucius Septimius

We are called upon to witness
To teach to the world
The words of salvation and grace
Didacus, the teacher
Rejected as too dim
He would not heed to judgment
The voice of pride
But found his own voice
In service and humility
It is truly a miracle
And most worthy of God
When the faith of man
Overcomes the pride of man
It is the word, the spirit
The water of life
Which opens the mouth
When called, he heard
When humble, he was filled
Where he had been mute
He spoke now the words of Grace
Like Peter the Rock
Who when the tongues of flame
Anointed his dull head
And rewarded his faithfulness
And the humility and pain
That followed his final faithlessness
With the word of truth
The greatest sermon of all
Preached by the one who seemed dim
By the measure of the world
But whom God chooses
To be his voice.
~ Lucius Septimius

Blessed Didacus of Cadiz
Went to buy a Cadillac
But his credit only heaven
Would describe as "In the black".
So he settled for a Hyundai
Sporty model though it be
And the lesson for us all is
Shop and live humility.
I could not even fakus
a poem about Didacus
~ Q the Lone Deranger

(coughs quietly)
There once was a man named St. Didacus
Who yearned to study Leviticus
Concerned as he was with priestly legislation
He schemed to effect total monopolization
Not only the Franciscans who rejected him so thoroughly
But also those Capuchin Friars who embraced him assuredly.
~ Chief Glowing Clackers of Nanuk

Saint Didacus
got himself preordoomed
So he took his one way ticket ta palooksaville
and rode like thunder
All the way to the end of the line

Wholly Heyoka around the edges
You don't make Tzadikim without driving wedges

Pretty good for a bad student.
The Franciscans can kiss his moderately schizoid ass.
~ BabbaZee

Didacus, they made a saint.
though back in the day,
they swore he ain't.
He didn't do what the saintly do ~
he had no fork,
no silver spoon.
Didacus, constrained by fate
They swore he can't,
they sez he ain't.
Joseph, Francis,
What's yer face?
Just hit the bricks,
stay off our place.
Didacus, they swear he ain't
made of the what
to be a saint.
You can not walk
The Franciscan Way!
cried they ~
Go clean the barn!
Go bail some hay!
Go darken someone else's day!
Didacus, it's just your fate
ain't got the what
what makes a saint.
Inside your skull
much stone reposes...
Didacus thought,
he'd say that to Moses....
am I?
We'll see what's who,
We'll see who's why!
Didacus, constrained by fate
They sez he can't,
they swears he ain't.
So Didacus becomes The Great,
despite the what
they said he ain't.
Behold the Sainthood
of the Ain't
by scars
and clods of taint.
Andalusians of grandeur, meet fingers of fate.
~ BabbaZee

Camille Saint-Saëns
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
As performed by Itzhak Stern

WFRL: The Israelites

Desmond Dekker & The Aces
The Israelites

Now, the Israelites settled in Egypt
in the region of Goshen
~ Genesis 47:27

But on that day I will deal differently
with the land of Goshen,
where my people live;
no swarms of flies will be there,
so that you will know that I,
the LORD, am in this land.
~ Exodus 8:22

The only place it did not hail
was the land of Goshen,
where the Israelites were.
~ Exodus 9:26

The phrase, “land of Goshen,” appears in the general description of territory occupied by Joshua's forces (Joshua 10:41; Joshua 11:16). Apparently it refers to the hill country between Hebron and the Negev. Some believe the phrase refers to a country.

2. The “land of Goshen” may have been named after the city of Goshen located in the district of Debir (Joshua 15:51). Goshen may have been the chief city of the region at one time. The ancient city was either located at Tell el Dhahiriyeh, twelve miles southwest of Hebron or at a location further east.

3. Goshen is primarily recognized as an area in the northeast sector of the Nile Delta. It was occupied by the Hebrews from the time of Joseph until the Exodus.

The original meaning of the term is still debated. Some Egyptomologists suggest an association with the Egyptian word kspgr508/arposem, meaning “inundated land.” The “land of Goshen” first appears in papyrus of the Twelfth Dynasty. See Egypt. Other believe it has a Semitic origin which might indicate that settlers were in the region by 2000 B.C. or earlier. If the term is derived from the Semitic root, gosh, it probably refers to fertile land suitable for both cultivating or grazing cattle. Twice (Genesis 47:6,Genesis 47:11) Goshen is described as the “best of the land.” In the latter passage it is equated with the “land of Rameses,” which was probably identical with or near to the “field of Zoan.” See Avaris; Rameses; Tanis; Zoan. Zoan was apparently the Egyptian capital during the Hyksos period.

Goshen has been recognized by various names. (1) Goshen (Genesis 45:10; Genesis 46:34) is translated in the Septuagint “Arabian Gesem.” The change probably resulted from the translators identifying Gesem with Geshem (Nehemiah 2:19; Nehemiah 6:1-2,Nehemiah 6:6), the Arabian king who was Nehemiah's foe (see Geshem). Until recently, Goshen was believed to be Gesem in the Egyptian name of Arabia. (2) Goshen is also rendered as Heroonpolis (Genesis 46:28) in the Septuagint. Joseph met his father there. Some scholars equate Heroonpolis with the Egyptian storage city, Pithom (Exodus 1:11). See Pithom. (3) At the time of the Exodus, the Hebrews were still in Goshen (Exodus 8:22; Exodus 9:26), but began their Exodus from Rameses (Exodus 12:37; Numbers 33:3), which was a city they helped to build (Exodus 1:11). Unfortunately little is known of the region prior to Rameses II. Possibly, the Hebrews settled here with the Hyksos during Joseph's time. Undoubtedly, Goshen, “land of Rameses,” refers to the land around the city of Rameses and in the vicinity of Pithom. (4) It is generally agreed that Goshen is to be located in wadi Tumilat which stretches from the eastern arm of the Nile to the Great Bitter Lakes. Texts from the about 1250 B.C. describe how nomadic tribes moved from Edom past the Merneptah fortress in Teku to the wells of Pithom. See Merneptah. Teku is wadi Tumilat. It is approximately 35 miles long and covers 900 square miles.

Goshen is significant for biblical studies for four reasons. (1) The pharaoh assigned Goshen to Joseph's family when they entered Egypt (Genesis 47:6,Genesis 47:11). The “Hebrew Sojourn” occurred there. (2) The territory lay on a route from Palestine to Egypt. (3) It may be possible to date Joseph's entrance to Egypt with the Hyksos control of the Delta. (4) Both the two cities which the Hebrews built, Rameses and Pithom, and the Hyksos capital at Zoan are key issues for settling on a date for the Exodus.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Misnaming Empire, One Theft at a Time

Jane's Addiction
Been Caught Stealing

To plunder, to slaughter, to steal:
These things they misname empire;
and where they make a wilderness,
they call it peace.


World leaders react to the announcement by US President Barack Obama of a "comprehensive new strategy" for both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We particularly appreciate the recognition that the al-Qaeda threat mainly emanates from Pakistan and it poses a danger to Afghanistan and our international friends here. For the moment we have a very warm and positive welcome for the outcome of the review.

Pakistan is willing to play an active, constructive role in this because we feel our peace and security is linked to Afghanistan's... there is spill-over. I think the new Obama administration's approach is a very positive approach.

The government of Pakistan... believes that it is an extraordinarily positive sign that the Obama administration is thoroughly re-examining its policy toward our region, re-evaluating and re-invigorating our common efforts to contain terrorism and extremism. We have been especially pleased by the new level of consultation and partnership that the administration has demonstrated in producing this new strategy and President Obama's personal engagement at this critical time.

I believe that today a number of threats are still there. And in that sense we are ready to participate in the efforts directed at putting things in order, at preventing terrorist attacks. On the other hand, I do believe that sooner or later, there must be a normal political system in place in Afghanistan. It is impossible... to rule Afghanistan from abroad. Afghanistan should find its own path to democracy.

All eyes now turn to the upcoming NATO summit and the administration's efforts to sell this strategy to our allies. Some will attempt to reach back to the Iraq surge debate, dust off the arguments used to oppose the successful strategy, and apply them to [the] president's new Afghanistan strategy. We cannot allow this minimalist approach.

Do not focus more on troops because as long as their number increases, humanitarian aid and assistance will be ignored and undermined. So what Afghanistan needs to have more is humanitarian aid and assistance. Afghan men... what is important for them is standing on the front line and fighting for their sovereignty. Right now the insurgent side have very sophisticated weapons. But on the Afghan side you have old Kalashnikovs from the Soviet invasion - these things are not matching each other.

Because it will take over a year for these additional forces to be trained, President Obama's commitment of US troops will bolster the commitment of the Afghan government and NATO to stay the course.
NATO confirms first high-level meeting with Iran on Afghanistan
Iran and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held their first secret and informal talks in 30 years in Brussels where NATO is headquartered, focusing on Afghanistan, the alliance confirmed here Thursday.

The meeting took place on March 9 between NATO's Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy Martin Erdmann and Iran's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, Ali-Asghar Khaji, NATO deputy spokeswoman Carmen Romero told Xinhua.

Israeli nukes are the problem

Khatami calls nuclear row ‘a satanic conspiracy’
Satan naturally being the Juden.
He also hailed the election of Barack Obama as a “phenomenon” that the American people had been “praying for”.
Iran Plans to Attend Forum on Afghanistan

US welcomes Iran in Afghan meeting

Russia urges crackdown on Afghan drugs, insurgents
Bad Vlad, he must to break you.

Medvedev to hold talks with UN, OIC heads at meet up on Afghanistan

OIC and Russian cooperation important

Russia, Islamic world can't be opposed to one other - OIC leader

UN body adopts the OIC resolution on "religious defamation"

A United Nations forum on Thursday passed a resolution condemning "defamation of religion" as a human rights violation, despite wide concerns that it could be used to justify curbs on free speech in Muslim countries.

The U.N. Human Rights Council adopted the non-binding text, proposed by Pakistan on behalf of Islamic states, with a vote of 23 states in favour and 11 against, with 13 abstentions.

Gorbachev upbeat on US-Russia ties after Obama visit

The New York Times Drumbeat Against Jerusalem
Within the span of just 24 hours, two New York Times Op/Ed writers continue the drumbeat for re-dividing Jerusalem.
Blast kills 50 at Pakistan mosque

Guyana's president in Jordan

The Obama administration purges the language of war
How very... GramscianWhorey.
Saul Alinsky, Obama’s community-organizing inspiration, wrote at length about words in Rules for Radicals, about their power to inspire and to enervate. “In communication as in thought, we must ever strive toward simplicity” when it is our purpose to inspire. Such a purpose calls for “a determination not to detour around reality.” An opposite purpose, Alinsky writes, calls for an opposite approach. Avoid the “force, vigor, and simplicity” of the right word, and “we soon become averse to thinking in vigorous, simple, honest terms.” Instead, “We strive to invent sterilized synonyms.” Such “new words,” Alinsky taught, “mean something different, so that they tranquilize us, begin to shepherd our mental processes off the main, conflict-ridden, grimy, and realistic power-paved highway of life.”

Tranquilized, we will sleep. As we found the last time we tried this, our enemies won’t.
IAEA fails to elect new leader
Two men with differing visions for the International Atomic Energy Agency failed Friday to win enough support to become its new chief, splitting the vote among the agency's developed and developing countries.

A meeting of the agency's 35-nation board was adjourned prematurely after neither Yukiya Amano of Japan nor Abdul Samad Minty of South Africa got the required two-thirds majority needed for victory.

With an inconclusive initial attempt to find a successor for IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, board chairwoman Taous Feroukhi of Algeria was expected on Monday to invite member nations to submit — or resubmit — candidates within the next four weeks before a new meeting.

"The slate of candidates is considered to have been wiped clean," she told reporters.

Japan OKs deployment of missile defense system
Unleash The Sashimi of Scorn!

AMERICAN THINKER: UN Climate Change plan would 'reorder' world economy
The longer you know me the less insane I will seem.

A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations "information note" on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an "effective framework" for dealing with global warming.
The 16-page note, obtained by FOX News, will be distributed to participants at a mammoth negotiating session that starts on March 29 in Bonn, Germany, the first of three sessions intended to hammer out the actual commitments involved in the new deal.

In the stultifying language that is normal for important U.N. conclaves, the negotiators are known as the "Ad Hoc Working Group On Further Commitments For Annex I Parties Under the Kyoto Protocol." Yet the consequences of their negotiations, if enacted, would be nothing short of world-changing.

UN panel touts new global currency reserve system
A UN panel of expert economists pressed Thursday for a new global currency reserve scheme to replace the volatile, dollar-based system and for coordinated steps by rich countries to stimulate their economies.

"A new Global Reserve System -- what may be viewed as a greatly expanded SDR (Special Drawing Rights), with regular or cyclically adjusted emissions calibrated to the size of reserve accumulations, could contribute to global stability, economic strength and global equity," the panel said.

Bachmann Bill Would Ban Global Currency:
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has introduced legislation that would "bar the dollar from being replace by any foreign currency." A statement from Bachmann's website:

“Yesterday, during a Financial Services Committee hearing, I asked Secretary Geithner if he would denounce efforts to move towards a global currency and he answered unequivocally that he would," said Bachmann.

"And President Obama gave the nation the same assurances. But just a day later, Secretary Geithner has left the option on the table. I want to know which it is. The American people deserve to know."

On Monday, Geithner and Bernanke both rejected the idea of a global currency in Congressional testimony. But in remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, Geithner indicated he was open to the idea.

Multitudinous Sound & Fury, Signifying Absolutely Zero:
House Republicans have released their response to President Obama's deficit-laden budget -- but the spending plan includes little in the way of specifics.
Budget moves through Senate committee
Like shit through a goose.

Geithner Is Overreaching on Regulatory Power

Ya think?

SIFMA interested in Treasury's resolution-authority plan

So, WTF is a SIFMA?
SIFMA is a non-profit industry association that represents the shared interests of participants in the global financial markets. SIFMA members include international securities firms, U.S.-registered broker-dealers, and asset managers.
The Association represents the industry on regulatory and legislative issues and initiatives, and also serves as a forum for outreach, training, education, and community involvement. Member participation is the very core of who we are and the key to our effectiveness. SIFMA has offices in New York, Washington, London, and Hong Kong, where our sister organization, the Asia Securities and Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA), is located.
Rep. Manzullo to Geithner: Your Plan Is 'Radical'

In testimony before the House Financial Services committee that just adjourned, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner just had to defend his institutional takeover plan against charges of radicalism.

"Do you realize how radical your proposal is?" Rep. Donald Manzullo (R-Ill.) asked.

"It's not radical. . ." Geither began, before Manzullo interrupted him.

"You're talking about seizing private businesses and you don't consider that radical?" Manzullo replied, his voice rising.

Manzullo is trying to get Geithner to give details of the plan -- that's where Geithner got stung before -- but Geithner doesn't have them yet.

If the plan were not radical, Manzullo said to Geithner, "you would have answers to some of my questions, such as, what size business would be subject to this?"

Thrift Regulator Probed for Backdating
Thrifts or savings and loan institutions are retail financial companies that typically offer basic banking activities as well as mortgage lending. Thrifts do not have capital markets or investment banking arm like their larger, more diverse financial counterparts.

The regulator came under pressure last August after it was learned that the OTS had allowed now-defunct mortgage lender IndyMac, which had a thrift subsidiary, to backdate a May $18 million capital infusion to the end of the first quarter. IndyMac failed in July.

Treasury set to reveal top reforms
Is that what they call it nowadays? We used to just call it stealing.

Willem Buiter Takes Fed and Treasury to Task
Not that they listen to him, sadly. Buiter famously told the Fed in a presentation at its Jackson Hole conference that it was guilty of cognitive regulatory capture.

Buiter argues that the games the Fed and Treasury are playing, with the Fed providing loans and guarantees that properly should come from the Treasury, is bad for accountability and puts Fed independence at risk.

The idea of the Fed chief appearing jointly with the Treasury secretary to pitch an initiative to Congress would have been completely unthinkable pre Greenspan. Buiter also argues that if the Fed sustains too much in the way of losses, it will need to go to the Treasury for recapitalization (while it in theory can simply print money, in practice it can undermine monetary policy)
Fed Buys $7.54 Billion of It's Own Debt in Hypnotic Gesture of Futility:
The Federal Reserve bought $7.541 billion of Treasuries in its second outright purchase of U.S. government debt in three days as part of the central bank’s efforts to lower consumer borrowing rates.

The majority of the purchase was $5.625 billion of the 1.375 percent note due March 15, 2012, that was issued this month. Seven of the 18 securities maturing from April 2011 through April 2012 listed for possible acquisition were bought, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkWeb site.

Central banks in the U.S., U.K. and Japan are buying government debt in the latest step to broaden efforts to unfreeze credit and end the recession after cutting benchmark interest rates close to zero. The Fed bought $7.5 billion in debt on March 25, the first purchase since the early 1960s by the central bank under a $300 billion plan announced March 18. “The Fed’s monetization of government borrowing is in economic terms a hugely powerful liquidity tool,” said Lena Komileva, head of Group of Seven market economics in London at Tullett Prebon Plc, the world’s second-largest interdealer broker. “It also helps to address investor fears, by depressing government yields and private sector borrowing costs and signaling a firm commitment by the Fed to keep monetary liquidity flowing for a long time.”

SEC Seeks Expanded Authority Over Hedge Funds
BTW...they must find a way to make all these "Hedge Funds" sharia compliant.
Which was why the Gold Man postponed their hedge fund conference back in February.

Critics Say Senate Bill to Rescue Newspapers May Invite Government Control of News
NO! Unheard of! Absurd!


Oil watchers see stage being set for surging prices

US Oil, Gas Rig Count Down 46 To 1039 This Week

The Nabucco Conspiracy
The $10 billion Nabucco pipeline story reads like a Bourne-style political thriller. Since its conception in the early 1990s the project’s narrative has been full of international intrigue geared to helping Europe plot its escape from the ‘tyranny’ of Russian energy supremacy. But almost two decades on we are still not at chapter one and the future remains uncertain, spawned in intrigue, in no small part due to the sabotaging efforts of the EU’s anti-Nabucco “fifth column”: Germany.
AIG, GM, & Raytheon Stock Climb in Europe

DHS awards Raytheon contract for Stand-Off Radiation Detection System (SORDS)
"The purpose of SORDS is to develop an advanced nuclear sensor that can determine the type and location of radiation sources at much greater distances than current systems. We are excited about helping DNDO accomplish its mission to protect the homeland," said Michael Del Checcolo, vice president of Engineering for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.
Shiver Me Timbers, More Pirate Tales from the Gulf of Aden:
The Bow-Asir, a Norwegian chemical tanker captured by pirates off the Somali coast, is travelling north, the ship's owner Salhus Shipping said Friday, adding it had not yet received a ransom demand.
33 Filipino seamen seized in Somalia in two separate pirate attacks

Gov blames zealots for militia report
Gov. Jay Nixon on Thursday blamed the "overzealousness" of a Missouri State Highway Patrol unit for a report slammed by conservatives because it links various right-wing organizations with the modern militia movement.
Fargo Flood Waters Break Record, Spur Evacuations
Pray for the Righteous in Fargo.

AP: Jewish groups denounce Oliphant Gaza cartoon
Just Jewish Groups?
No one at AP found it offensive?
[ crickets ]

UK: Channel 4 plans 'animal autopsies' programme fronted by Richard Dawkins
Serial killers everywhere are setting their TIVOS...

NY: End of Rockefeller drug laws

Investigators Get Government Approval for Fake Medical Product

The Government Accountability Office was able to register with the Health and Human Services Department a fictitious institutional review board and panel of doctors and scientists that was led by a dog named Trooper.
Alaska volcano erupts again

Wiped clean: Volcano turned fertile island to sterile lump

Dozens of small earthquakes continue to shake the desert of SoCal

6.0 strikes off Japan

5.8 shakes northern Peru

The Salton Sea Swarms

Israel bong bust nets 15000 marijuana water pipes
OH, the huge manatee!

Steal Away
Mahalia Jackson & Nat King Cole


MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: GASTROENTEROLOGIST

And so, it was decreed
& concurred upon
by the resident poets of this cluster
that we should throw out a word & see what is heard
on as regular a basis as we can muster.

Today is the first go round.
Welcome to MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos.
Enjoy your beating.
And don't forget to tip your whipper.
~ BZ

Cab Calloway ~ Betty Boop
St. James Infirmary Blues

Any MFer that ends with IST
Is bound to say somethin
that gets me PISSED
I think HE'S the one
been givin me gas
It's time that I popped
a cap in HIS ass
My gastroenterologist
His mama was a jackal
and he's on my list!

There are those we revere because they save our lives
The brothers Salk, the Curies, the Curriers and Ives
They broaden out perspectives, the painters and biologists
But who is there to greet with joy the gastroenterologist?

That fellow coming after you with slippy fingers and
a scope to go from one end past your sphincter and your glands
The guy who has the camera, the nippy tools and such
He’s taking snapshots, but I cannot say you’d like them much.

They mostly show last weekend’s binge on turkey breast and pie
They’d never be good Christmas card-I think you can see why.
But praise the poor man anyway, for he will guard your gizzards
It’s only his attentions that have kept you from the buzzards.

Besieged I am by legions of -ists
Ideology, medicine, they enter the lists
Species-ist, secularists
Proctologists, pharmacists
Marxists, paleontologists
Upon my soul they have a tryst
At them I shake my brazen fists
Their -isms all have made me pissed
Feminists and communists
Even gastroenterologists
And all their sundry apologists
Fie on you all, I list
Into the pit, go, I insist.
Rest assured, you shan't be missed.

If Gastro Enters the Ologist
and 3 Wood is an Economist
where TF is my pancreas?
Gastro enters,
Ologistically, naturally.
MFer took my spleen.
Gastroenterologist -
Who knew?
Like a Brooklyn plumber
in a Pacific volcano
he explored there
in utter shock and ignorance...
& then the caldera appeared.

Fourteen tooty toot tooth
and half an eleventy:
Heaven or it's antipode,
s'where he'll send me.

With gloves and metal snakes he greets me
With weapons of ass destruction he reams me
Would that I had the Power
To tell you what is in my bowels tonight!

Forever navigating undulating passages
Consumed with hot gasses
and the remnants of yesterday's snausages.
That light at the end of the tunnel
is a train.

Castro's Gynecologist
Wait a minute...he's got a dick.
~ BabbaZee
Too dada?
There once was a Gastroenterologist
A flake, a fool, an apologist
He reamed out my ass
inducing much gas
with which I became a seismologist

Nie widizala dupa slonca...
An ass that has never seen sunshine!

(this was not really an entry... and it doesn't use the word-- but I like it)

Van Halen
US Festival, 1983
Somebody Get Me a Doctor

WFRL: @ St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast

...where I stole the margarine.

Frank Zappa & the Mothers
Saint Alphonzo´s Pancake Breakfast

Thursday, March 26, 2009

WFRL: A Moi De Payer, So What?

Sidney Bechet
A Moi De Payer
(With Me To Pay)

Miles Davis & John Coltrane
So What?

WFRL: High Culture For Low Brows

Robert Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders
Persian Rug


After years of speculation, R. Crumb has finished his "Genesis project." According to his official website, the graphic novel is 201 pages and scheduled for release this fall.

Here's Crumb describing the project during a Time Magazine interview in 2005:

"I was fooling around with Adam and Eve one day. Doodling about Adam and Eve. At first I did this satirical take off on Adam and Eve -- lots of jokey asides and Jewish slang because they're Jewish right? God is Jewish ... Finally I got over fooling around and I realized I just had to tell it straight."

CRUMB: Maybe I should be more correct.


CRUMB: It's not nice to draw those pictures of women with no heads and those jiggaboo images of black people and stuff. I didn't realize how hurtful it was when I did it. I was surprised when people didn't love me after that. I want everyone to love me. Please love me.

Spring, 2009

Robert has finished the Genesis project. It's 201 pages. He has also finished the Cover, the Introduction, the commentary (for the back sleeve) and also the Map, which will be in the beginning of the book. The book is soon going to production and it's planned to be released this fall.

"I experienced an invasion of my mind
by a transcendentally rational mind,
as if I had been insane all my life
and suddenly I had become sane"
~ Philip K. Dick

Floatin' Powa News Service: Seizin's Greetings from the United States of Sham Wow!

Scene from "Gremlins II"
"Canned Food & Shotguns"

AIG Political Street Art
These posters are plastered all over my neighborhood way out here in Obama County, Brooklyn USA, the very epicenter of Obamaganda.
Obama: "Palestine" a priority
A televised news conference on Tuesday in the US highlighted what are the current priorities for President Barack Obama - the US economy and the birth of "Palestine."

BiBi Sells Out:
Netanyahu 'will be peace partner'
Israel's next prime minister, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, has said his incoming government will be a "partner for peace" with the Palestinians. He said he would negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, a change of tack after being critical of previous talks.
BiBi's new plan? $$$ for peace

Israel's Netanyahu says he doesn't expect US policy pressure
You know what that statement says to me? He has already capitulated, so naturally there will be no pressure.

Israel bombed arms convoy in Sudan
During the recent Gaza war, Israeli aircraft conducted a daring mission into the heart of Africa to deny Hamas terrorists a resupply of weapons, according to a report by CBS News on Wednesday. Citing unidentified American intelligence sources, CBS revealed that in early January, a squadron of Israeli warplanes entered Sudanese airspace and bombed a convoy of 17 trucks carrying weapons north to the Gaza Strip.

The use of mosques for military purposes by Palestinian terrorist organizations
The following is an article submitted to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center by a researcher from Israel's Bar-Ilan University, titled “Clinging to the Altar” (March 14, 2009). The article looks at military uses made by Palestinian terrorists of Temple Mount mosques throughout the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Pro-Peace Suicide Jews:
WASHINGTON, Mar 25 (IPS) - Contrary to the views of the likely incoming right-wing government of Israel, most U.S. Jews favour peace negotiations with a Palestinian unity government that would include Hamas, according to a new poll released here Tuesday by the year-old, pro-peace Jewish lobby group, J Street.
Al-Qaeda and the global jihad continue to recruit Palestinian operatives on the Internet

UN urged to reject bar on defamation of religion
Some 200 secular, religious and media groups from around the world on Wednesday urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to reject a call from Islamic countries for a global fight against "defamation of religion."

The groups, including some Muslim bodies, issued their appeal in a statement on the eve of a vote in the Council in Geneva on a resolution proposed by the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

The UN's 'Alliance of Civilizations'
By Claudia Rosett
Obama has chosen a murky venue for his venture into Middle East politics.
Anti-Semitism on Arab media:
The popular Qatari TV channel Al-Jazeera is still used as a venue for blatant anti-Semitism. The reputable cleric Sheikh Yussuf al-Qardawi presents the conflict with Israel as a campaign between Islam and the Jews and says that Jews should be killed, citing a well-known Islamic tradition.
Israeli MI chief: Iran has crossed nuclear threshold

Did you know our National Security Advisor takes his "daily orders" from Kissinger?
I didn't! ~

U.S. National Security Adviser Jones gave these remarks at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.

"Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.
Mythical Moderate Glow Ballin' Taqiyyalope Khatami's thoughts on world politics:
MOHAMMAD KHATAMI, FORMER PRESIDENT OF IRAN (voiceover translation): For sure, the coming of Obama was a new phenomenon in America. This change was very exciting. ... However, we have to wait and see how fundamental this change will be. For the betterment of America itself, Europe and the third world, America needs to feel like a brother and a friend rather than a big brother and master.


RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Many Jewish groups say the other litmus test for the Iranian regime is its support for those who deny the Holocaust. Mohammad Khatami says he's never been a Holocaust denier, and that anti-Semitism only happens in Europe.
MOHAMMAD KHATAMI (voiceover translation): The Holocaust was a reality that happened in Europe. And in my opinion, it was a tragedy. And today, any act similar to the Holocaust should be condemned, no matter where, whether it is anti-Semitism happening in Europe, or actions against the downtrodden people of Africa, in Palestine against the Palestinians and anywhere that an act of genocide is happening.
Khatami: Kuffars, GTFO of Afghanistan:
“We see that some troops are coming all the way from the other side of the world to establish peace and security there,” Khatami told students at the Australian National University in Canberra. “We tell them, leave them alone, they would not cry any more.”

Khatami is on an visit to Australia sponsored by Melbourne’s La Trobe University.

In Canberra, Khatami ducked questions about Iran’s nuclear programme, co-existence with Israel, treatment of Baha’is and women.

Afghan Commission For Talks With Taliban Unveils Program
Or was that Pogrom?

Obama, NATO chief discuss Afghanistan war, Russia

Kabul Opens Bidding by Energy Firms

Afghan suicide bomber blows himself plus 6 more jihadis up in work accident

Defying Obama’s Dhimmipolitik
Defying and Defeating Barack Hussein Obama’s Dhimmipolitik:
The Nature of the Modern American Economic Crisis - Republican Leaders, where are you?

Dhimmipolitik defined: The statecraft of ethically, economically, politically, diplomatically, and militarily submitting to the dictates of Shariah Law; accepting the supremacy of Allah’s Rights over Individual Rights and National Sovereignty via policies of appeasement and surrender.
All the better with which to seize you with, my pretty!

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner yesterday asked for new authority that some economists say amounts to nationalization powers in case his latest bank bailout proposal fails.

A day after unveiling a $1 trillion plan to buy up toxic subprime-mortgage holdings, Geithner said he needs expanded authority to seize troubled non-banks - such as huge financial firms, insurers and hedge funds - in the event of their possible collapse.

Geithner, appearing before the House Financial Services Committtee headed by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton), said he wanted to avoid a repeat of the government’s pumping massive amounts of money into American International Group, the giant insurer now on life support.

Geithner to Outline Major Overhaul of Finance Rules
Must be the seizin' of the which!

US GOVTS: Proposed Resolution Authority To Be Led By Treasury, FDIC
The Treasury Department today outlined its proposed legislation for a resolution authority, which would be headed by the Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and informed by the Federal Reserve.

The authority would allow the government to place a systemically important financial firm into conservatorship or receivership and then to administer its orderly reorganization or wind-down if the Treasury Secretary and FDIC - in consultation with the Fed and other appropriate regulatory agency - deems that institution at risk of becoming insolvent and in turn, detrimental to US financial stability.

Obama Plans to Propose Stronger Financial-Fraud Rules

Obama to meet with bank CEO's Friday
Render unto Seizer what is Seizers, MFers, or we will unleash the Populist Anger!
President Barack Obama will meet with about a dozen top bank chief executives on Friday, including executives from JPMorgan & Co, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, two sources familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

The meeting will come just days after the U.S. Treasury Department provided details on a government plan to cleanse banks' balance sheets of up to $1 trillion of distressed loans and securities.The sources did not speak on the record because the White House has not yet announced the meeting.

Today in our Populist Anger Propaganda Department:
BusinessWeek: Will Populist Rage Hurt Corporate America?

NYT: Another View: Curbing ‘Mobocracy’ With Competence

REUTERS: Wall Street backlash could spread with US bank plan
AIG Fights a Fire at Its Paris Unit
Executives' Resignations Put Billions in Contracts at Risk of Default
US Dollar in the Crosshairs Ahead of G-20 Summit

Geithner, Bernanke reject new global currency idea

Geithner open to China's "evolutionary" proposal
Sho' ain't what he said on Tuesday:
Geithner, at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the U.S. is "open" to a headline-grabbing proposal by the governor of the China's central bank, which was widely reported as being a call for a new global currency to replace the dollar, but which Geithner described as more modest and "evolutionary.
"Forex Traders Skewer US Dollar (USD) on Geithner Botch Up
"Botch Up" or Sham Wow? You decide:
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner sent the U.S. dollar (USD) into a tailspin after remarks he made to the Council of Foreign Relations regarding the USD as the world's reserve currency. The USD slid as much as 1.3 percent against the euro (EUR) within 10 minutes of news accounts of Geithner’s remarks.
Toxic Assets and the Government's Web
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ~
~ Shakespeare

WSJ: Toxic assets were hidden assets ~
We can't afford to allow shadow economies to grow this big.
Speaking of shadows...
Shadow EU President?
To say that the EU is in on the brink of another crisis as a result of the fall of the Czech government would be an exaggeration.

But the defeat suffered this week in Prague comes at an awkward time for both the European Union and the Czechs who hold the EU's rotating presidency.

While the long-term thrust of EU policy is not in question, the Czechs must now guide the bloc with a caretaker government in the midst of global financial crisis. Moreover, the Czech government's loss of legitimacy could lead to a damaging power struggle within the 27-member bloc.
Czech PM Topolanek officially resigns

House committee OKs bill to limit pay at bailed-out banks

Roubini Says Stocks Will Drop as Banks Go ‘Belly Up’

Financial Jargon Buster

Our A-Z will help you understand the terms used every day by those working in the financial services industry - from mortgage advisers to stock brokers.
Potential Constitutional Obstacles to Nationalization

CEO's, Financiers & Duke academics to discuss Nationalization
Former Wachovia Corp. CEO Robert Steel, corporate lawyers and Wall Street executives gather in North Carolina to discuss what it would mean if Washington nationalized financial institutions staying alive largely thanks to taxpayer money.
The discussion into the effects of nationalization on the banking industry, consumers, and free enterprise is Wednesday evening at Duke University's law school. This is the first of several planned discussions charting the "post-crisis" economy.
Experts weigh bank nationalization at DUKE:
The School of Law hosted a panel discussion in the Star Commons Wednesday to explore the issue of "Nationalizing our Banks." Despite the U.S. Treasury's recent efforts to inject billions of dollars into American financial institutions, the panel generally agreed that permanent nationalization of banks was not a solution to America's financial problems.


Prominent economists such as Paul Krugman and Alan Greenspan have suggested the idea of nationalizing banks recently, Burnside noted. Krugman, a New York Times columnist and a professor at Princeton University, told Bloomberg News Tuesday that the U.S. government would eventually have to "seize" large banks as the economic crisis worsens.
Roubini: Geithner Plan Won’t Prevent Bank Nationalizations

Emanuel Banked an Easy $300K from Freddie Mac

Bold claims of stimulus jobs can’t be measured
Hey, Associated Press: Way to look after the public interest! A month after the Generational Theft Act was rushed through Congress and signed into law, the news service tells us that the jobs projections were basically pulled out of thin air. The title of the AP’s penetrating, belated analysis: “Bold claims of stimulus jobs can’t be measured.”
US ongoing jobless claims rise to record 5.56 million

Won't You Take Me to Shanty Town?
Shanty towns and tent cities are popping up across the country as the U.S. economy worsens, but, The New York Times reports, they are not just emerging in big urban areas, but also in smaller towns.

"While encampments and street living have always been a part of the landscape in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, these new tent cities have taken root — or grown from smaller enclaves of the homeless as more people lose jobs and housing — in such disparate places as Nashville, Olympia, Wash., and St. Petersburg, Fla.," the Times reports

Gordon Brown's vision of global morality for the G20 is threatened ...
by "Westminster sleaze". Freeloading by MPs makes a grim contrast to Gordon Brown's lofty ambitions for a new ethical capitalism, argues Mary Riddell.
That thing reads like it was written by a 15 year old girl who incessantly reads romance novels.

Russian & Chinese Investment into U.S. Real Estate
Stealth Seizers.
Hey...don't think of it as bondage to foreign governments, think of it as an opportunity to learn to speak Russian & Chinese!

Russia hails Russian Language Year in China

Obama To Meet Presidents Of China, Russia
President Obama will sit down with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at next week's Group of 20 summit in London, the White House said Wednesday.
HK officials to attend G20 summit as Chinese delegation members

Billionaire Li Ka-shing: China Will Lead Global Recovery
KASHING!!!! OOOhhhhh the HUGE manatee!

China’s Zhou Says Economy Recovers on Decisive Action

People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the world’s third-largest economy is recovering and contrasted his government’s “decisive” action with delays in other countries.

“Leading indicators are pointing to recovery of economic growth,” Zhou said in an article on the central bank’s Web site today. The government “has taken prompt, decisive and effective policy measures, demonstrating its superior system advantage when it comes to making vital policy decisions,” he said.

Zhou called this week for the creation of a new international reserve currency, signaling concern at the dollar’s weakness and China’s ambitions for a leadership role at next week’s Group of 20 summit. Finance Minister Xie Xuren urged world leaders today to step up economic stimulus to restore market confidence and to fend off trade protectionism.

China's power threatens US
China is expanding its military capabilities at high speed, and no one knows what they are going to do with them, a new Pentagon report warned.
PDF ~ China: 2009 Military Power Report

8 Georgian dissidents to remain in custody
A Georgian court ruled Wednesday that eight opposition supporters accused of plotting a coup and terrorist acts should remain in custody for two months as they await trial.Police released video recordings this week allegedly showing the men trying to buy weapons with the intent of causing violence during opposition protests next month.

Armenian Ex-Official Turned Activist Jailed

Dmitry Medvedev held talks with President of Turkmenistan

Russian, Turkmen leaders vow work on energy deal

Transcript: FT Interview with Sergei Lavrov


Gazprom warns Ukraine against going ahead with pipeline plan

Gazprom & Japan’s energy agency sign agreement

Missouri State Highway Patrol orders militia report shut down
Uproar over a law enforcement document linking various right-wing organizations with the modern militia movement prompted the Missouri State Highway Patrol on Wednesday to cease distribution of the report.


The document was compiled by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, a Fusion Center in Jefferson City.

Restive & Angry Thai Populists Surround PM's Office
Tens of thousands of protesters surrounded Thai premier Abhisit Vejjajiva's office Thursday, stepping up efforts to topple him on the day the government launched a cash handout scheme for the poor.

Police said around 35,000 red-shirted supporters of fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra had started arriving at Government House in downtown Bangkok to press their demands for Abhisit to call snap elections.

Dalai Lama banned to placate China, S Africa admits

Populist Outrage in aftermath of China's YouTube censorship!
As of Monday, youtube is unavailable in China, an unexplained move apparently made in response to the existence of a video of Chinese soldiers beating Tibetan monks, says the BBC
A Fungus Among Us

More states move toward allowing medical marijuana use

Mighty white of them.

US psychiatrists to end drug company seminars
The American Psychiatric Association said on Wednesday it will end medical education seminars and meals sponsored by drug companies at its annual meetings to reduce chances for financial conflicts of interest.


Psychiatrists have been at the front of a controversy over conflicts of interest following accusations last year by Republican U.S. Senator Charles Grassley that prominent Harvard University psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Biederman and others failed to fully disclose payments from drug companies.

Psychiatric drugs represent billions of dollars in global sales. Last July, Grassley asked the APA to provide information about its financial ties with the drug industry.

Microsoft Word Developer Blasts Into Space
Oh yeah? Leave him there, I say.
BTW? This is the dude who's money is behind Dick Dawkins:
Charles Simonyi, a former Microsoft executive who oversaw creation of the company's ubiquitous Microsoft Word software and other Office products, on Thursday blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Russian-made Soyuz-TMA spacecraft bound for the International Space Station.

Rip Off
"Just Fucking Enjoy Yourselves For a Change!"

All foreign feet down Oxford street
Faces from places I've never been
All the shops and restaurants
Ask for money I haven't got

It's just a fake make no mistake
A rip off for you but a rolls for them
It's just a fake make no mistake