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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: My, what a big mouth you have!

Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
Little Red Riding Hood

Condi's buddy Chief PA Negotiator Erekat:
Israel real threat not Iran
The Chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, has slammed Israel's deliberate attempt to portray Iran as a threat to the region.

"There is a line in Israel saying that Iran is a danger to the region. This is absurd and unacceptable", Erekat said at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Jordan.

"The real threat to the region is in fact the Israeli occupation," he added.
BiBi's statement at the press conference with the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, at Sharm el-Sheikh
We wish to expand this peace, first and foremost with our Palestinian neighbors. We want to see Israelis and Palestinians living together with the prospect of peace, security and prosperity. We believe that these three things go hand in hand, one does not come at the expense of another, one does not come in place of another, but rather peace, security and prosperity go together.

Therefore, we wish to resume the peace talks between ourselves and the Palestinians as soon as possible and I fervently hope that they will be renewed in the coming weeks which in turn will set in motion the processes which will strengthen the economic cooperation between us and of course the activities of the Palestinian security apparatus that serve the security for both peoples.
Shame on you BiBi. Yoni sees you.
Jewsus too.

We Fooled You,We Intend to Destroy You. So Now What Will You Give Us?
We shouldn't forget that except for the fact that Arafat himself is dead, the leadership of Fatah and the PA today is exactly the same as it was in the 1990s. Hamas is worse. When someone who is trying to fool you now brags about how they did so in the past, attention must be paid
Turkey urges Israel to accept Syria's overtures
In other news:
Grandma urges Little Red Riding Hood to accept Big Bad Wolf's overtures.
Snuff film at 11.

Jordan king touts "57-state solution"
AKA 57 ways to kill the Juden
Jordan's King Abdullah used a speech at an economic forum on Friday to push the idea of expanding an Arab initiative for peace with Israel to include the entire Muslim world.

The U.S.-allied king told the Times of London this week that U.S. President Barack Obama wanted to promote a peace plan involving all Muslim countries and not just Arab nations.

Obama is due to address the region in a speech in Cairo next month and foreign ministers of the 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference are due to meet in Syria on May 23.
Obama's Middle East peace quest
We got us a Purple Proser Deluxe-a-Wanky right here:
As the Obama administration looks poised to launch itself into the Middle East process, the BBC's diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams reflects on observing nearly two decades of US peace-making efforts.

It is 1991. As a rainy Jerusalem spring gives way to a typically scorching summer, George Bush senior's envoy - the tall, patrician, steely Texan, James Baker III - shuttles in and out of the city, eight times, nudging and cajoling the Israelis and Palestinians towards an accommodation.

Standing outside the American consulate, I sometimes imagine I can hear the sound of stubborn Middle Eastern heads being cracked together by this dogged mediator.

The air is ripe with possibility. Despite the daunting obstacles, I am hopeful. And a little bit involved.
(located in Arlington VA) :
Open Letter to President Obama about Promoting Democracy and Defending Human Rights in the Middle East
We are heartened by your promise to listen to and understand the hopes and aspirations of Arabs and Muslims. By shutting down Guantanamo Bay and forbidding torture, your administration will inspire greater confidence between the United States and the Muslim world. Last month, in your first major interview, millions of Arabs heard your call for mutual respect on one of the Middle East’s most watched television channels. They were encouraged to find that you hold a resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict as an urgent priority, as evidenced by the appointment of Senator George Mitchell as your envoy. Reaching out to the people of the region so early on in your presidency is a step of no small significance. But it is a step that must be followed by concrete policy changes.
The Mideast Nuclear Arms Scramble
by Amir Taheri
Fears that the Obama administration intends to let Iran become a nuclear power has sent other Middle Eastern countries shopping around for partners to help them join the nuclear club.

Saudi Arabia is the latest, announcing last Sunday that it's reached an "agreement in principle" with France to develop a "nuclear industry for peaceful purposes." It becomes the third Arab country -- after Egypt and Qatar -- to seek French help in joining the nuclear club. The United Arab Emirates, which has signed a pact with the United States not to enrich uranium, is negotiating a similar deal with France.
Enter the Frogmen:
Pakistan in 'French nuclear deal'

Iran to host summit with Afghanistan, Pakistan

German Double Cross on Durban II

Remember that Germany had the courage and conviction to refuse to participate in the Durban II racist "anti-racism" conference? Remember that Germany decided it would not sit on the anniversary of Hitler's birthday - opening day of Durban II - and listen to Iranian President Ahmadinejad promote another Holocaust? Remember that Germany refused to lend credibility to Durban II by deciding not to attend any of it?

That was weeks ago when the fiasco of Durban II was in the public eye. Today, the same Germany has double-crossed Jews, Israel and all those who care about anti-Semitism and the demonization of the Jewish state. Germany has now agreed to the outcome document from Durban II - the document which "reaffirms" Durban I's smear that Israelis are racists. Confirmation of Germany's position on the Durban II outcome document can now be found on the website of the German mission to the United Nations: the "document, from the German point of view, is an acceptable basis for the continuing struggle against racial discrimination and xenophobia."
Seven Existential Threats
The State of Israel copes not only with one but with at least seven existential threats on a daily basis. These threats are extraordinary not only for their number but also for their diversity. In addition to external military dangers from hostile regimes and organizations, the Jewish State is endangered by domestic opposition, demographic trends, and the erosion of core values. Indeed, it is difficult if not impossible to find an example of another state in the modern epic that has faced such a multiplicity and variety of concurrent existential threats.
Iran's Khatami meets Saudi king
Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami met the Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh on Thursday, where he had attended the 28th meeting of the InterAction Council.

Established in 1983, the InterAction Council is an organization comprised of former heads of state, who meet to discuss and make recommendations on political, economic and social problems.
ElBaradei urges Iran to engage with US

Pakistan Hopes for $1 Billion Loan from Asian Development Bank
Pay the Jizya or pay with your blood.

Jewish cemetery desecrated in Oslo
The Jewish section of an Oslo cemetery was desecrated with swastikas and graffiti painted on headstones, Norwegian media reported on Friday. Television images showed black swastikas and the phrase "The War is Not Over" painted on a number of tombstones at the Sofienberg cemetery, which was used between 1869 and 1917 and is considered a heritage site.

The main organisation representing Norway's Jewish community said it planned to file a police complaint. Some 1,300 Jews live in the Scandinavian country out of a total population of around 4.8 million.

In March, Norwegian Jewish leaders reported a dramatic increase in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment in the country following the Israeli operation in Gaza, accusing the Norwegian media and intellectual elite During the war, Olso, the Norwegian capital, was fraught with violent anti-Israel demonstrations. Numerous government officials decried Israel’s actions in Gaza and during a march against the operation shouts of "Death to the Jews" were heard.
Iran: Plutonium or Uranium? Does it matter?

UN nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty debate ends with no agreement
Keeping things vauge is of the utmost importance

Leon Panetta's mission: To stop Israel bombing Iranian nuclear plant
Why don't we just all jump into the oven right now and save all these beasts the trouble, hmm?

Somali President Approves Islamic Law, Attacks Continue
President Ahmed said Somalia is a Muslim country and the people support Islamic law. He instructed his cabinet ministers to implement the legislation and defended the bill from the criticism of the insurgents threatening the government. Mr. Sharif said this is the first time Islamic law has been introduced in Somalia, so what reason do they have for opposing it, other than to destroy the country?
Nigerian MEND "declares war" after army offensive
Nigeria's main militant group declared "all-out war" in the heart of Africa's biggest oil and gas industry on Friday after the security forces used gunboats to try to flush its fighters out of the creeks.

Navy gunboats exchanged fire with militants along Chanomi Creek in Delta state, a region which is home to U.S. energy giant Chevron's (CVX.N) Escravos export terminal and Nigeria's 125,000 barrels per day Warri refinery.
OIC made sure Kenya lost race for UN seat

Venezuela temporarily seizes pasta plant
And.... Death to Potatoes!
And Jewish Oranges too!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, USA, May 5 (Tierramérica) - More than 20 million hectares of farmland in Africa and Latin America are now in the hands of foreign governments and companies, a sign of a global "land grab" that got a boost from last year's food crisis.

Rich countries that are short on land or water at home are looking to secure food-producing lands elsewhere as a way to ensure food security for their populations, said Joachim von Braun, director of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

"There is a major lack of transparency in these land deals," von Braun said in a telephone press conference from Washington.

The IFPRI study, "'Land Grabbing' by Foreign Investors in Developing Countries," by von Braun and Ruth Meinzen-Dick, which was presented last week, estimates that 15 to 20 million hectares have been acquired or are in the process of being sold.

Von Braun pointed out that this is equivalent to about 25 percent of all the farmland in Europe.
Ukraine IDs Thousands Of Stalin's Victims Buried Near Kyiv
Their remains scream WAKE UP at a comatose world.

Conservatives Reject Possibility of “Grand Bargain” With Russia
Oh those kooky conservatives! Rejecting a pact with Satan, how crazy are they?
Bolton asks the question: What's black & white and wrong all over?
"The [Obama] administration's Russia policy is wrong. The administration's Iran policy is wrong. The administration's Russia-Iran policy is wrong," former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said during a panel discussion Wednesday at the American Enterprise Institute
In American Pravda:
US Laments Russian Veto of Georgia Peacekeeping Plan
Lament in one hand and foment in the other and see who goes to the gulag first, proples.

Adding frustration to Oymerika's lamentations:
US frustrated with Russia over Georgia monitors

Detention Center Chief Killed In Russia's North Caucasus
And the Purge Rolls On....
Attackers shot dead Vitaly Bogatyrev as he returned home from work on May 14.
Ex-officials of rebel Georgia area: leader corrupt
Leaders? Corrupt? Unheard of! Absurd!

European Court Orders Russia To Compensate Chechens
No one orders Badass Vlad. Not no one, not no how.
You will see.

Suicide Bomber Kills Two Police In Chechnya

Behind the Delays of Russia's Security Strategy

Earlier this week we blogged about Russia's new National Security Strategy, a document signed by the president which was delayed one month in its publication. What was happening during that month, and what changes were being made? The Power Vertical has some theories:

Russia warns against Eurovision gay protest
NO FAGS FOR YOU! And death to potatoes!
~ Bad Vlad, Ubercilliously Macho Grand High Sovietski of Peace

Moscow police break up gay pride rally

Perhaps my friends you did not hear my peaceful request the first time.
~ Bad Vlad, A Heterosexual Impaler
Riot police broke up several gay rights demonstrations in Moscow on Saturday, hauling away scores of protesters hours before the capital hosted a major international pop music competition.No injuries were reported, but the detentions could damage Russia's reputation on gay rights and its image as a modern nation, as the country tries to play gracious host during an event being televised around the world.

City officials had warned they would not tolerate marches or rallies supporting the rights of gays and lesbians.

Activists had targeted Moscow, which was holding the finals of the Eurovision song contest, to press their claims that Russia officially sanctions homophobia.Police seized gay rights advocates as well as some members of religious and nationalist groups that staged counter-demonstrations.

They also took away gay rights activists for talking to reporters, and ripped the bra and shirt off one female protester.
Have her stripped, washed and brought to my Dacha!
~ Bad Vlad, the Impaler

Russian Journalist Found Guilty Of Libel For Prison Reports

Azerbaijani's State Oil Co Demolishes Offshore Mosque
State oil company SOCAR says the reason for the demolition is due to preparations for Oily Rocks' 60th anniversary, in which structures without a certain architectural style are being demolished.
Gazprom Is Ready to Buy All Gas From Nabucco Base in Azerbaijan

U.S. Karabakh Envoy Defends His Role

... the Azerbaijani president's foreign-policy adviser said he sees double standards and clear evidence of "Christian solidarity" among the co-chairs of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's Minsk Group
Russia, European states to sign gas pipeline deal
I told you... winter comes again soon to the Euro dhimmi serfs.
HA HA HA! My name is called Vlad!

Gazprom pipeline project harms Arctic tundra

It is my tundra and I will harm it all that I please, capitalist pig.
Who is to stop me, hmmm?
~ Badass Vlad

Russia warns of war over Arctic oil & gas riches

Armenian Activist Deemed 'Mentally Ill,' Then Freed
Scores of opposition activists are still jailed for their actions after last year's election.
Oman's Renaissance hopes to cash in on lucrative Kazakhstan oil

Kazakhstan Won't Repay BTA Debt, Central Bank Says

Banking sector in Kazakhstan failed free market test
Huh? Whatski?
Igor! Look over there! Balls are flying!

IMF urges Kazakhstan to solve banks' problems
Offical urging, second only to the strongly worded letter as a tool of utter bullshit.

Kazakh President's Son-in-Law Tells All

Turkmenistan grants mass prisoner pardon
If you have been following my coverage of The Stans lo these many malevolent months you already know why they did this. Don't worry they will hunt them all down and shoot them later. Count on it.

Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline to deliver Uzbek gas

Uzbekistan: Andijon Refugees Say Relatives Tortured, Killed

FBI Probing SEC Attorneys for Insider Trading

Some Insurers Wary of Treasury Bailout; Ameriprise Declines Funds

Don't make Czar Paulson slip you his left as a convincer!

That mysterious BofA/CCB stake sale

...a small group of investors led by buyout firm Hopu Investment Management
Please recall that HOPU is the Gold Man's Chinese Fang

The Hedge Fund Transparency Act: Will it Work?

China Foreign Currency Bonds Have "Huge Potential"

US Contractors Fired at Kabul Car
The contractors were trainers hired by Paravant LLC, a subsidiary of Xe. Paravant has terminated contracts with the four men "for failure to comply with the terms of their contract," according to Xe spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell. "Contractual and or legal violations will not be tolerated," she said.

Paravant was set up to subcontract to Raytheon Co. on a large U.S. Army training contract, according to a person familiar with the situation. Raytheon referred questions to U.S. Central Command, which runs the military effort in Afghanistan.
Senate panel plans hearing on wiretapping
The Justice Department confirmed Wednesday that it had reined in the NSA’s wiretapping activities in the United States after learning that the agency had improperly accessed American phone calls and e-mails while eavesdropping on foreign communications. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the NSA program is classified. The Senate hearing will be closed to the public. It will delve into questions raised by The New York Times story that have not been covered in closed-door informal briefings, a committee official said. The official would not say what those issues are.
ACLU all wrong on fusion centers
Yet more idiotic Pro Fusion Center commentary

Health care deal likely to include public, private plans
Public private? Is that the oxymoron of the week or something?
Jumbo Shrimp!

UT prof didn't report even more Glaxo cash

U.S. Attorney's Office: Stay off Drudge!

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts directed employees earlier this month not to log onto the Drudge Report website with government-issued computers due to potential viruses on the site.

In an e-mail message sent May 4, Paul Harvey, an information-technology official for the Boston office, wrote that security specialists with the U.S. Attorney’s Office at the Department of Justice asked them “to reformat/reimage two computers because the user visited the site.”

“Please avoid the Drudgereport website from the [United States Attorney’s Office] computers,” Harvey wrote.

Obama asks Israel to drop out of Senate race
And he does.
This dude was running against the chosen NARAL infanticide candidate Gillibrand
(see yesterday's links)
By persuading Rep. Steve Israel on Friday to drop a run for the Senate just days before he was to announce it, President Barack Obama sought to clear the field in next year's Democratic primary for appointed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Obama sent a signal to other potential challengers when he invoked "party unity" in his appeal to Israel, seen as the most formidable opponent as a proven fundraiser who had already hired a campaign manager.

But other rivals to Gillibrand, an upstate moderate Democrat appointed to the Senate in January, gave no hint they are ready to stand down.
Rep. Israel decides against Senate run
After a 15 minute phone conversation with The Obamanable...

Obama: Crucial role for Huntsman in China

Stunner: Obama picks Huntsman
Me and Oscar Madison's bookie? Not so freakin' stunned, thank you.
If you did John Bolton would be president right now. Maybe Keyes would be VP.
When will you believe me?
In a stunning -- and seemingly savvy -- move, President Obama announced this morning that he was nominating Utah Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman to be his ambassador to China. Huntsman speaks Mandarin fluently, has a daughter adopted from China, and served as George W. Bush's deputy U.S. trade representative. Besides Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who this week announced he's running for the Senate in 2010, Huntsman was shaping up to be the moderate Republican voice in a potential 2012 presidential field that includes Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, and even Newt Gingrich.

UCCCCHHHH, please with 2012 already.

Catholics astir over Obama's speech at Notre Dame
Astir, huh? Must be akin to restive.
Meantime the Pope has yet to peep on this.

New York City health chief to head CDC
Frieden led efforts to ban smoking in New York bars and restaurants and to ban trans fats in food. He also pushed to require restaurants to post calorie information on their menus in an effort to reduce obesity.
Obama Picks Pro-Abortion head of CDC
New York City has paid millions of dollars over the years for abortions for poor residents and required medical students there to lean how to do abortions. Frieden, who will take over the CDC in June, feuded with pro-life advocates by distributing millions of free condoms in 2007.

New York City’s bishops issued a scathing denunciation at the time. “The decision of the city of New York to distribute [26] million free condoms to the public — and minors as well, according to news reports — is tragic and misguided,”

Cardinal Edward Egan of New York and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio said at the time. “Our political leaders fail to protect the moral tone of our community when they encourage inappropriate sexual activity by blanketing our neighborhoods with condoms," they added.
Judge forces parents to give their 13 year old son chemotherapy against all of their wishes

Plouffe Daddy warns of 'swiftboat' attacks on Obama's health reform

Area Synagogue Builds Jerusalem Replica in Lego Blocks
Whatever floats your boat there, dude.

Darwin comes to Jerusalem
Really? I thought he was dead, Jim.
Did he have one of those kooky Jewish ressurection things?

The occasion is being celebrated all over the world, and as part of the festivities a British council has set up an exhibit displaying Darwin and his many theories.

The show is being held in countries around the globe, accompanied by translations and additions submitted by each of the nations it visits. At Jerusalem's Science Museum the exhibit will be presented in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Labeled 'Darwin Now', the show presents photos and documents from the life of the famed scientist, as well as sketches showing Darwin's ideas on the origin of various species.
Deadly volcano threatens DRC
Like I said the other day, the Congo is so overflowing with evil at the moment I would not be a bit suprised if it just spontaneously combusts and disappears off the face of the earth.

6.7 rattles New Zealand islands

Little Red Riding Hood
Al Jazzbo Collins

WFRL: Pandora's Box

Procol Harum
Pandora's Box

John William Waterhouse ~ 1896

While horsemen ride across the green
and Snow White still remains unseen.
Pegasus, the winged horse,
relays his messages by Morse.
And like some pirate sailor
We crossed the Spanish Main
And brought our magic carpet
to a marble staircased plain.

While Handel plays his melody
Doctors cause uncertainty
And though I know the lifeguard's brave
There is no one for him to save.
And like some pirate sailor
We crossed the Spanish Main
And brought our magic carpet
to a marble staircased plain.

Cock Robin views his frozen feet
and wraps them in a winding sheet
and calls out for his favourite drink
the Persian that's as warm as mink.
And like some pirate sailor
We crossed the Spanish Main
And brought our magic carpet
to a marble staircased plain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

WFRL: DJ Q-Burn Spins......

Credence Clearwater Revival
It Came Out of the Sky

Floatin' Powa News Service: Order My Steps

Bone Thugs & Harmony
Order My Steps (remixed)

Psalm 83 Akbar
Hamas leader calls OIC head to rescue Jerusalem
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called the head of the Organization of Islamic Conference on Thursday to update him on the latest developments in the Gaza Strip.

Haniyeh reportedly told Secretary-General Eklemeddin Ihsanoglu of life under the Israeli siege and the consequences of the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian news agency reported on Friday.

Following the call, Haniyeh "praised the Organization's effort toward supporting Palestinians in Gaza through relief campaigns, and urged Ihsanoglu to make further efforts to rescue Jerusalem and its Islamic holy sites, including Al-Aqsa, from Israeli actions taken against the city," the report said.
Why are British MPs courting cowardly Hamas?
WHY? Please! Tony Blair himself was the go between for Hamas and Gerry Adams!

Melanie Phillips: The Final Solution
This is what the American, British and EU governments are attempting to force Israel to accept. As the man says, it’s not a two-state solution -- it's a final solution.
"They can only be strung along for so long..."
~ US General Keith Dayton on the his Palestinian "nationalist" American created army

Look someone else figured it out too....
PA still seeks Israel's demise, US-trained army could attack Jewish state

A top Palestinian Authority official admits the "two-state solution" is really just a means of bringing about Israel's collapse, and the American general training up the new PA army reveals those troops could turn on Israel.

Speaking with Lebanon's ANB Television last week, Palestinian Authority representative in Lebanon Abbas Zaki said he personally doesn't desire any kind of peace deal with Israel, but explained that establishing a state in Judea and Samaria with eastern Jerusalem as its capital will be a step toward Israel's destruction.

Said Zaki: "In my opinion, with such a solution, Israel will collapse. Because if they get out of Jerusalem, what will be left of all their [the Jews’] talk about the Promised Land and the Chosen Nation? What will be with all the sacrifices they gave and then they are told to leave?"

Most Israelis are no longer blind to the fact that most Palestinians still harbor a long-term desire to destroy the Jewish state, so Zaki's words surprised few.

More worrying was US General Keith Dayton's apparent revelation this week that the Palestinian soldiers he is currently training could attack Israel in the near future.

Speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Dayton said, "There is perhaps a two-year shelf life on being told that you're creating a state, when you're not."

Writing in the liberal magazine The Nation, investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss noted, "To my ears, at least, his subtle warning is that if concrete progress isn't made toward a Palestinian state, the very troops Dayton is assembling could rebel."

During the opening months of the last intifada in late 2000 and early 2001, uniformed Palestinian Authority troops armed with American weapons and training did indeed directly engage Israeli forces and attack Israeli civilians.

Jerusalem's "Christians" appeal to the Pope to help them in their quest to destroy Israel

CIA chief in secret Israel talks on Iran
Once again, HOW secret can it be if I am posting it here?
CIA chief Leon Panetta has held secret talks in Israel with top officials who assured him the Jewish state would not launch a surprise strike on Iran, a report said.

According to the public radio report, Panetta arrived in Israel two weeks ago for a round of talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defence Minister Ehud Barak and other top officials.

Report: CIA Chief Warned Israel Not to Bomb Iran in Secret Visit
This shit has been out in the open for years now, PLEASE!

Syrian official: Israel must return Golan Heights
Straight outta the Baker Plan, I told you this years ago.

$100 Million Jerusalem Project Reportedly Under Way

Islam On Line: On the Temple Mount

Saudi Arabia: Rumblings from Al-Ais volcanoes send villagers into state of panic
Rumblings from the direction of extinct volcanoes in Al-Ais, which was hit by a series of tremors over the last couple of weeks, sent villagers in the area into a state of near panic in the early hours of yesterday.

“Most of the local people spent the night in a state of extreme anxiety when a thunder-like rumble was heard,” one worried resident told Arab News yesterday.

Not so frikkin' EXTINCT yet, huh Achmed?

Blair Sees 'Moment of Opportunity' for Middle East Peace
I'll bet he does.

Tony Blair Has Helped Destroy One of the Oldest Churches on Earth

If George Bush and Tony Blair were "crusaders", as Muslims insist, then they were the worst in history. Worst, that is, as in the most ineffective. What other Crusade has resulted in the Christian population of a country being almost totally destroyed?
Tony Blair to address Churches’ Media Conference
The Rt Hon Tony Blair will address the forthcoming Churches’ Media Conference via video about “doing God and doing media”.

Tony Blair joins a list of distinguished speakers at the event in Derbyshire. Attorney General Baroness Scotland will ask whether there is still room for faith in the public arena, and Philip Graf, chair of the OFCOM Content Board and the Radio Licensing Committee will discuss the future of Public Service Broadcasting with BBC Media Correspondent Torin Douglas.

There will be contributions from journalist Edward Stourton, Muslim theologian Mona Siddique and computer games guru Paul Jackson. and many more.
Doing God and doing media, huh?
[insert your own wildy heretical and sarcastic comment HERE]

On Tony Blair's Faith Foundation:
Written by someone who obviously hates Israel and America and furthermore is a bit confused on other things as well, but worth the read:
One of the aims of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation will be that of remaking the major religions, just as his colleague Barack Obama will remake global society. With this purpose, the foundation in question will try to expand the 'new rights', using the world religions for this end and adapting these for their new duties. The religions will have to be reduced to the same common denominator, which means stripping them of their identity ...

This project threatens to set us back to an age in which political power was ascribed the mission of promoting a religious confession, or of changing it. In the case of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, this is also a matter of promoting one and only one religious confession, which a universal, global political power would impose on the entire world.

Blair discusses Mideast peace, Iran, with US lawmakers

US Says No Deadline on Nuclear Diplomacy With Iran
Take your time, no hurry......

Baha'is say jailed leaders in Iran face harsh new accusation

They have been in prison a year now

Arrests Over The Jewish Oranges In Iran
Iran’s Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei has said that the people responsible for importing oranges with Israeli stickers have been detained.

In April, oranges bearing "jaffa sweetie Israel-po" stickers were sold in several Iranian cities, including in Tehran and Karaj.
GOP Sen. hopeful heard calling Schumer 'that Jew'
I can't stand Schumer either but that ain't why.
Nice GOP ya got there, Rushbo!
THAT JEW, huh?
Imagine if he had called Obama "That nigger".
Matter of fact read the whole article that way, replace Shumer with Obama and Jew with nigger.
Seems really bad doesn't it.
The excuses seem very lame don't they.
Well... it read that way to me to begin with.

A Jewish Philosophy of History



In one of his books, Cardinal Ratzinger subtly attacked Judaism by saying that “the New Testament is merely an interpretation of the Tanach, starting with the story of Jesus.” He audaciously avowed, says Minerbi, “the Tanach during Jesus’ time had not yet achieved its final form and taken on the quality of definitive canon. He thus proposed [contrary to Romans 9, 10, and 11] a new version of the old theory of supercession [or replacement theology] according to which the Church is the true Israel.”

Ahmamadmanjihad: Just another Uncle Chom?
We had heard this rumor a while back if you remember but it is interesting to note as the author states in the piece that the accusations have gone unaddressed.
But Ahmadinejad was too young at the time to be among them. So the question remains as to how he developed his anti-Israel fervor. There is no reference to such feelings or activities in his short autobiography. He grew up in a village near a small town in the desert. However, an accusation made by Mehdi Khazaali, the progeny of the prominent Ayatollah Ahmad Khazaali, may shed some light on Ahmadinejad's psychosis.

Khazaali claims that Ahmadinejad's real family name is "Saboorchian," a Jewish name that he changed to "Ahmadinejad." Khazaali, naming a few other prominent leaders of the Islamic Republic as new converts to Islam from Judaism, questions whether a Jewish cabal has crept in and taken over the revolutionary government!

As outlandish as Khaazali's claim seems to be, it has gone unchallenged. If there is any shred of truth in it, then we can see Ahmadinejad's fierce anti-Israel sentiment under a different light. Could he be just another convert unsure of his newly acquired identity, resorting to extreme measures to prove himself? Could he be the watered down, modern equivalent of Tomas de Torquemada?
And Now...... JIZYA, anyone?

Taliban Extorts Protection "Tax" from Christians in Swat Valley

Muslim clerics flay imposition of 'Jizya' on Pakistani Sikhs

Taliban attack Sikh homes for non-payment of jizya

Pakistani Taliban’s Terror-Jizya on Sikhs

UN watchdog sees nuclear states doubling
YA THINK? Good time for us to give ours up, huh?

Russia offers to revive European arms-control deal
HA HA HA! My name is called Vlad. Winter comes soon again, my friends!

Linkage is everything in Russian-US nuclear talks
We are destroying warheads, Americans are storing them," said Yevgeny Yevstafiyev, a Russian defense expert and retired general. "They have return potential. And we are not monitoring this. It's a very important question and a lot of spears will be broken over it." Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was more diplomatic.

"We think the main thing is having an agreement that includes all warheads and all carriers. As for the warheads in storage, it is important to understand how they will be counted," Lavrov was quoted by RIA-Novosti as saying. But Moscow was "not categorically saying ‘no' to those positions that the Americans are presenting."

Somehow I do not believe you are destroying your warheads, sorry Yevgeny Yevstafiyev.

ElBaradei warns of new nuclear age
NO! Absurd. Unheard of!

US Has Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban

Really? This story, IMO, is total propaganda.
How is it possible when...

But Pakistani officials have continued to deflect American requests for more details about the location and security of the country’s nuclear sites, the officials said. Some of the Pakistani reluctance, they said, stemmed from longstanding concern that the United States might be tempted to seize or destroy Pakistan’s arsenal if the insurgency appeared about to engulf areas near Pakistan’s nuclear sites. But they said the most senior American and Pakistani officials had not yet engaged on the issue, a process that may begin this week, with President Asif Ali Zardari scheduled to visit Mr. Obama in Washington on Wednesday.

“We are largely relying on assurances, the same assurances we have been hearing for years,” said one senior official who was involved in the dialogue with Pakistan during the Bush years, and remains involved today. “The worse things get, the more strongly they hew to the line, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve got it under control.’ ”

N-reactors: Kazakhstan likely to be first customer
India’s efforts to develop an export market for the indigenous 220 MWe Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR) could take-off soon, with Kazakhstan possibly the first overseas market for Indian-made reactors.

Discussions between Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) and the central Asian nation’s nuclear utility Kazatomprom are at an advanced stage and a feasibility study on using Indian PHWR designs is in the works for an unspecified number of nuclear reactors.

According to Government sources, while feelers have also been received from ASEAN countries, Kazakhstan is likely to be the first breakthrough.


These MFers really are crazy.
Maybe Simonyi and his trust fund baby Dawkins can help them locate their Fallen Grey Gods.

Torture allegations in Kazakhstan
“I conclude that the use of torture and ill-treatment certainly goes beyond isolated instances,” Manfred Nowak said in a statement issued today in Astana, following a nine-day visit to the country.
Kazakhstan signs Russian pipeline law

Oil Advances for Second Day on China's Imports, Weaker Dollar

Oil Tops $60, Defying Recession
Gee I wonder how THAT happened....

Iran says oil price may rise more on China, India

IEA: Oil Demand Recovery Months Away

The nationalization of two gas projects of the US-based Williams Companies was made official on Thursday.
FACTBOX-Major US financial regulation reform initiatives

Big Banks Buzz Around the TARP-o-Meter

Bank of America accuses JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs of "cheating" on stress test

FORBES: Excerpt: 'A Failure of Capitalism'
The world's banking system collapsed last fall, was placed on life support at a cost of some trillions of dollars, and remains comatose. We may be too close to the event to grasp its enormity. A vocabulary rich only in euphemisms calls what has happened to the economy a "recession." We are well beyond that. We are in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Obama Wants Government Control On Bank Paychecks
HA HA HA! All your bank are belong to us.

Next Crisis Is On The Way
The Obamanable Bushman never lets a good crisis go to waste

Former Pension Agency Chief Under Investigation
The former Bush administration official in charge of the federal agency that guarantees pensions for 44 million Americans is under investigation over his contacts with several major Wall Street firms seeking to obtain lucrative contracts.
US Sen Finance Panel Takes On Health Coverage In Closed Meeting
There are so many CLOSED MEETINGS of finance panels lately.
Must be closed meetings season, which is generally followed immediately by pogrom season.

Senators open to compromise on healthcare revamp
Oh sure,why not. Koom Bah Yah and all that.

Good listener Obama puts Grassley at ease


Plouffe Daddy to Covocate at Cornell

William "RAYTHEON" Lynn speaks at Joint Warfighting Conference
Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn spoke to thousands of military, government and industry leaders at the Joint Warfighting Conference, hosted at the Virginia Beach Convention Center May 14.

"President Obama said it is time to break out of the conventional thinking and keep pace with unconventional threats. In this first budget, rather than treading water, we are making waves. We're making hard decisions, bold changes, and far reaching reforms. This budget is one of the most dramatic sets of reform I've ever seen."
It certainly is.

UK: Judge drowned in 4in of water after night's drinking

IRELAND: In their anti-religious fervour, many of the socialist MEPs make arch-atheist Richard Dawkins look like a shrinking violet
Labour belongs to the Socialists. They are a complete disaster. If anything, they are even more anti-religious than the Liberals. They also have tremendous party discipline. Members of the EPP are quite likely to vote against their party. The Socialists hardly ever do.

This means that, although the EPP is bigger than the Socialist bloc, the Socialists are arguably more powerful because they are a more cohesive grouping.

We are the Obamanable. Resistance is Futile.
The North Central Texas Fusion Center is Collin County's new criminal and intelligence data gathering center. But it may be gathering more criticism than acclaim as questions mount about how the million dollars to fund it are being spent. Fusion centers began springing up after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Funded mostly by grants, they were fostered by the need for law enforcement to better share information. Collin County's North Central Fusion Center has drawn national attention, but not for its innovation.

Instead, the spotlight is due to its questionable operations and relationships of the man who created the center.
Police agencies tout enhanced cooperation
Propaganda piece on an Arizona Fusion Center

Warrant Required to Use GPS to Track Suspects
Any warrant can be waived merely by citing EXIGENT CIRCUMSTANCES however.

Q&A With the New Drug Czar
Jewsus save us from Drug Czars, New and Old.

NARAL Goes Early For Gillibrand
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will pick up the endorsement Friday of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, a leading abortion-rights group that in the past has backed all of the senator’s rumored Democratic challengers, the DN's David Saltonstall reports.
“We see a champion in Kirsten Gillibrand,” NARAL president Kelli Conlin told the DN. “We want to back that champion and be a part of her victory.”

Gillibrand, who was appointed by Gov. David Paterson in January to fill Hillary Clinton’s old U.S. Senate seat, doesn’t have to run for re-election until next year.

Some states pass sovereignty measures
For some states, the message to the federal government is clear:
Back off.

Legislatures in Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota this year have approved resolutions asserting sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and suggesting that Uncle Sam "cease and desist" from interfering in their business.

The Paul L. Williams Defense Fund
Why is this lawsuit so important? Why is the situation at McMaster University so alarming? And why must you give to fight the lawsuit against award-winning journalist/author Paul L. Williams?
Congress Moves Bill to Address Energy and Earthquakes
You can bill in one hand and shit in the other and see which saves you from the earthquake first.

Lord, Raise Me Up

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Not a license... a responsibility ~

The Prophet Zimmy
Gotta Serve Somebody

by Rabbi Avi Shafran

Even with the surfeit of silliness passing these days for “Torah commentary”– the manufactured “midrashim,” “original interpretations” and Biblical passages turned on their heads – I was flabbergasted to read a homily disparaging the Chafetz Chaim.

The Chafetz Chaim, of course – Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan – was renowned for his saintliness and sagacity, and for his monumental works on Jewish law, including two on the laws against slander. When the Polish sage died, in 1933, The New York Times’ obituary noted that he had shut down his store when he realized that its success born of his renown was imperiling other local storekeepers’ income.

What exercised the contemporary sermonizer, whose words appeared in an Israel-oriented magazine, was the Chafetz Chaim’s comment on an undisputed halachic ruling, that even a sinner, if Jewish, can be counted as part of a prayer-quorum. The Chafetz Chaim had elucidated the reason behind the ruling: “Even though he is a sinning Jew,” the great rabbi explained, “his holiness endures.”

The magazine-homilist, a Jewish educator, found that statement “not so enlightened,” indeed “particularly problematic in an era when racism has fallen out of favor.”

Racism? To most of us that word implies mistreating, or at least disliking, someone because of his ethnicity. There are observant Jews who are racist; observance, unfortunately, doesn’t preclude any of a number of irrationalities. But affirmation of “Jewish election” – the concept that the Jewish people was chosen by G-d to be a holy nation with a holy mission – has about the same relationship to racism as a sizzling steak has to a slab of cold tofu. (No angry e-mails, please – I like tofu!) For that matter, Jewish chosen-ness is a belief held by many non-Jews as well.

And what sort of “racism” permits its targets to switch races? While Judaism doesn’t encourage conversion, anyone not born Jewish but willing to undertake commitment to the faith’s laws and undergo the conversion process is fully welcomed into the Jewish people. Does David Duke let Pakistanis join his whites-only club? Would Louis Farrakhan let Mr. Duke become an honorary black?

The bottom line: Jewish chosen-ness, from the Jewish perspective, entails no disparagement of others. It is not a license but a responsibility, to live by the laws of the Torah and to set a holy example for others – to shine forth in belief and behavior as the prophet Isaiah’s “light unto the nations” (42:6).

But, yes, even one who has failed to shoulder that responsibility doesn’t thereby lose that responsibility, or his status as part of his people. The relative who let you down, even terribly, remains your relative.

The derivation itself of the concept of a prayer-quorum implies as much. The Talmud divines the requirement of ten men for a public declaration of G-d’s holiness (like, for example, the recitation of the Kaddish) from the use of the same Hebrew word, b’toch – “among” – in both the verse “And I will be [declared] holy among the Jewish people” and the verse “Separate yourselves from among the congregation,” the latter concerning the followers of Korach, who rebelled against Moses and Aaron. Since the word “congregation” – “edah” – in that latter verse is in turn used in yet a third one, “How much longer, this evil congregation?” (referring to the ten Jewish men who scouted the Holy Land and delivered a misleadingly discouraging report), the Talmud concludes that a “holiness” prayer-quorum requires ten Jewish men (Berachot, 21b).

And so the very source of the quorum is rooted in references to sinners. That speaks loudly about the Jewish faith’s demarcation of Jews as special, sinners and all.

Maybe the contemporary educator is not aware that the concept of Jewish election itself dates somewhat farther back than the Chafetz Chaim, to the Torah itself. Or maybe he is, but rejects the idea nonetheless, choosing to see it as “racism.”

I suspect he doesn’t really deny what is, in the end, a basic Jewish conviction; he’s just uncomfortable in our universalist times with the notion that the Jewish faith sets Jews apart (the essential meaning of the Hebrew word for holy, “kadosh”) . But I think that he knows it does and, deep down, accepts the fact. That alone could explain why, as the biographical note at the end of his essay states, come fall the writer will be joining the faculty at a Jewish day school in California.

Not a Catholic, Muslim or Hindu school. A Jewish one.


[Rabbi Shafran is director of public affairs for Agudath Israel of America.]

WFRL: One for PK

The Fools
Psycho Chicken

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Seizer, The Gold Man & The Return of 3 Wood ~

Carry On My Wayward Son

The ever polite Professor 3 Wood hath returned to Virtual Goshen. Dude must be totally unhinged.

"May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson , saying nine U.S. banks were “central to any solution” of the credit crisis, told their leaders to take government aid or be forced to by regulators, according to a memo prepared for an October meeting.

“If a capital infusion is not appealing, you should be aware that your regulator will require it in any circumstance,” Paulson’s one-page list of talking points for the session with the banks’ chief executives said. “We don’t believe it is tenable to opt out because doing so would leave you vulnerable and exposed.”

Investing $125 billion in the banks was a shift for the Bush administration, which had proposed buying troubled assets with $700 billion Congress approved 10 days earlier. The memo was among Treasury Department documents containing details about the Oct. 13 meeting.

“Most Americans are going to be uncomfortable with the government forcing the banks into this arrangement,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a nonprofit research group in Washington that obtained the documents under a Freedom of Information Act request."
Then you add to that the fact that the new administration is using the acceptance of TARP money as a license to run the bank and tell them how much you can pay people, and you have a big mess. Upshot of all this is, it will be a very long, long time until private business will cooperate with the government again in the future.
~ Three Wood

HA HA HA, polite man!
Obviously you have been out of town.
Our Name is called Obamanable Bushman.
Your cooperation is not required,
and the concept of private has been decreed Haram.
Render unto Seizer what is Seizers, MFer.

The Geithner-Goldman connection

Documents Reveal How Paulson Forced Banks To Take TARP Cash

Kneel Cash Carry Returning to Rocket Science
Maybe he'll fly away.

Goldman's banker quits for return to pharmaceuticals
After narrowly missing out on top job, Mr Symonds, 50, quit AstraZeneca in June 2007 to join investment bank Goldman Sachs, where he was charged with building new client relationships. His appointment was so senior that he joined as one of Goldman's 300 elite global partners with a pay package of around £5m.
The rise of China's ultimate dealmaker
All about the Gold Man's Fang...

Goldman Takes Heat for Conflicts at Whitehall
One of Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s premier real-estate funds is in discussions with its lenders to restructure debt on some of its biggest investments: Nevada casinos, German office buildings and a U.S. hotel chain.

The wrinkle: One of the main lenders on those deals is Goldman Sachs.

Ubersecretary Paulson: Bad Idea

Czar Paulson's DNA

Gold Man Sacks: Satan Clause ~ The Anti-Santa

Glow Ballin' Porkulations of DOOM

Mapping the People's Republic of Goldman Sachs


Ok, now this gets interesting. In a hearing not covered by the so-called "mainstream media" but covered on Cspan, Liddy, AIG's CEO, in response to a question by Rep Kaptur said: "When The Fed set up Maiden Lane they took on responsibility for settlement of all of the CDS."

WHOAH! Ok, now we're getting into interesting territory.

Specifically, I quote: "The Federal Reserve decided we should pay 100 cents on the dollar", but Mr. Issa nailed the truth on this in a followup - they could have purchased those contracts for far less in the open market at the time.

The bottom line is that the testimony was that The Fed decided to settle the contracts in a non-economic manner that resulted in screwing the taxpayer by transferring more than $100 billion dollars of taxpayer money out to these banks when the cash value at the time was FAR LESS. (Mr. Issa, by the way, is one of the Congressfolk who actually does understand securities - and it shows. He refused to let this go until he hammered it into the ground and got the answer in plain, irrefutable English.)

Bluntly - we got raped. Is it any surprise that CNBC is refusing to cover this? Is it any wonder how the banks managed to "report decent profits"? The allegation just made by Liddy is that Bernanke and The Fed literally stole $100 billion dollars from you and I by intentionally and wantonly overpaying on the settlement of these contracts! I want to see indictments; nothing less is sufficient any more.

Treasury asks for control of derivatives market

WASHINGTON --The Obama administration is asking Congress to extend its oversight of the financial system to include the shadowy market of derivatives, the kind of complex financial instruments that helped bring down the giant insurer AIG.

In a two-page letter sent Wednesday to congressional leaders, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he wants to create a central electronic-based system that would track the buying and selling of derivatives. He also wants to ensure that financial firms selling the instruments have enough capital on hand in case they default and subject them to stringent standards of conduct and new reporting requirements.

The legislative proposal is the administration's first major step in overhauling the nation's financial regulatory system.

"All (over-the-counter) derivatives dealers and all other firms whose activities in those markets create large exposures to counterparties should be subject to a robust regime of prudential supervision and regulation," Geithner wrote in his letter.

Q+A: Derivatives~What they are and why they matter

Collectively, you are a source of strength and resilience for the U.S. financial system. And you will play a critical role in laying the foundation for economic recovery.
The Collective Must Render Unto Seizer What is Seizers! Independence is not an option!

US moving ahead on bank oversight

SEC proposes tougher investment adviser rules

Wells Fargo to pay government $312.5M dividend

California State Treasurer calls on US Treasury for help

Senate Takes Up $100 Billion Emergency Spending Request for IMF
That's International Mutha Fuckas to me, see.

Carlyle to Pay $20 Million to Resolve Cuomo Probe

Carlyle Group agreed to end “pay to play” tactics in its public pension fund business and pay $20 million to resolve a corruption probe by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Under the agreement, Carlyle will adopt Cuomo’s code of conduct, which bans investment firms from using placement agents or other third parties to negotiate with public pension funds to obtain investments. To avoid pay-to-play schemes, investment firms will be prohibited under the code from doing business with a public pension fund for two years after the firm makes a campaign contribution to a public official who can influence the fund’s investment decisions.

Carlyle Group is big with the Glow Ballin' Oymerikan Caliphabulous Bush/Clinton Nexus
2001: It is hard to imagine an address closer to the heart of American power. The offices of the Carlyle Group are on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, midway between the White House and the Capitol building, and within a stone's throw of the headquarters of the FBI and numerous government departments. The address reflects Carlyle's position at the very center of the Washington establishment, but amid the frenetic politicking that has occupied the higher reaches of that world in recent weeks, few have paid it much attention. Elsewhere, few have even heard of it...
The Five Whoremen of the Apocalypse