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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ballad of Caucasian Rage Boy !

I was informed today via anonymous Yokki Mail that the EDL are good and wholesome, and I am a sooper sekrit commie leftist bigmouth bitch who should STFU & die immediately if not sooner for daring to dispute that! They politely held back JEW, of course.... for now....

Common sense should tell a person that these guys are shitheads just from LOOKING at them, never mind who they actually are or the crap that comes out of their mouths. What is ironic to me is that most people go off railing against some behavior or another, whether it is virtual as in LGF or in the real word as in the Jihad - only to fucking EMULATE the very behavior they claim to despise, to a tee, in their own team costumes. Brilliant. Caucasian Rage Boy Akbar! Our Jihood is Whiter than Yours! It's not fascism when WEEEEE do it! WE CAN DO THIS SATANIC MOLOCH SHIT EVEN BETTER THAN YOU CAN! Well mazel freakin' tov to you geniuses!

No matter how many times I explain to people that I understand that they feel lost and helpless and betrayed by their leaders in the face of the Jihad, that I understand deeply that these are the only people that you perceive to be "standing up to jihad" - no matter how much irrefutable information I give you that many of these so called anti jihadists are just as bad as the jihad itself - You will turn the blind eye out of expedience, out of fear, out of laziness, out of shallowness of moral character, out of stupidity, out of tribal affiliation, out of complacency, out of ignorance, out of vanity, out of hatred.... take your pick. In any event you will chose to stay blind. Let those who have eyes, see:

HEY! Big Nicky started out as a jihoodie too!

So did DeWinter .... they all do

With friends like him who needs enemas?

Quote: Originally Posted by British_Preservation
"And by harping on about Jews you are playing into their hands. Nobody listens to this "blame the Jews" crap, regardless of whether or not it's true. The cunning Jews have set it up in such a way that anyone who dislikes them looks like a raving, neo-nazi psychopath. That's not what I think, but it's what Joe Public thinks, unfortunately. It's like beating a dead horse."

But seriously, if Islam takes over you won't have to worry about Jews, I assure you...
Eradicating the Jews just isn't on my list of priorities. (FOR NOW -bz) Eradicating Islam from this land, is.

Female Division!
Fat angry chicks for killing people! It's not fascism when she does it!

Female Division in action!

Somehow your rageboyz do not make me feel any fookin' SAFER than their rageboyz...

Once there are no more Muslims to kill and they are done hiding their Jew hate and appropriating Israel as an excuse for their own fascist nationalism who the fuck you think they gonna turn all that jihoodie rage onto?

EDL supporters when they think no one is looking:
"Israelis are the most vindictive nation on earth. It stems from their religion of course. A quick glance through the rules of the Talmud will show you what makes them tick."
Here they burn a Nazi flag in hoods..... to prove they are not Nazis:

Stormfront on the Nazi Flag Burning EDL:
"Unfortunately we have to cover our faces" - "No doubt to hide your big hook noses."
STORMFRONT ~ Re: The Israeli Flag adopted by the English Defense League
Wolf, the nu-nationalists had their day here on SF. They used it, abused it, they tried to control it and us, and so it was taken away from them.

Here's what our Chief of Staff, Jack Boot, has to say on the jewish question:

Two concerns are salient on Stormfront these days.

The first holds that we are not radical enough about the Jewish danger, the other that we are too radical about it.

Some say we should permit no reservations or debate about the danger to be expressed here; and again, some say that naming the Jew is no way to win friends and influence people.

My friends, Stormfront was never primarily a recruiting tool, nor were we ever focused on getting out the vote. These are valid but secondary goals.

Stormfront is about the truth. Stormfront is first and foremost a place to forge stronger ties among those of us who have already formed a consensus, a means by which we keep this consensus vital, and a medium for our far-flung kinsmen to communicate most effectively. Stormfront is many other things, yes, but principally we are the global meeting hall, the virtual Committee of Correspondence, for one particular, singular tribe of the Aryan nations.

What defines this tribe? We are the keepers of the flame. We are the speakers of the truth. We can't tell what the future holds, or by what means our people will regain their resolve, their courage, their Faustian spirit - but we will be there. We, our tribe, may be the only reason our people survive the gathering storm. We may hold up the only light left in the rapidly darkening gloom of the New World Order.

David Duke is our leader. His strategy is clear: tell the truth. Does he concern himself overmuch with the tactics of telling the truth? No; your tactics are for you to decide. He says this: don't tell our activists to minimize the threat of Jewish Supremacism.

Tell the truth. Don Black, ironically the Quiet Man, our leader in his own right, has given us the means: Stormfront.

Stormfront is primarily for and about those of us who realize the preponderance of evidence and the verdict of history illuminate the Jewish Problem. Focus on this truth will justify itself in the end.

We don't speak of cults and temples. Many kinsmen are welcome here, despite that they may not agree with our core conviction. The British National Party are friends and allies. Other organizations like them are friends and allies - people we gladly welcome here. But all kinsmen should know who we are and what Stormfront is about. All kinsmen should know that we will quiet the noise here from time to time as we see fit, when that noise may become distracting. We welcome discussion - of course! - but we will not be overwhelmed by debate or discord.
Re: English Defence League counter protests at London Pro Palestinian rally
Quote: Originally Posted by GratefulFred
At this point the neo-nazis are the best we can hope for. There are millions of muslims and not millions of neo-nazis. Plus the neo-mazis aren't having 8 babies per family. Perhaps an anti all immigration group will spring up that will look to curb all non-productive immigrants from entering the country.
How do you think the already small Jewish community in the UK would cope if the neo-Nazis gained more influence? Do you you think the Hitler lovers now will respect Jews if they have a common enemy? No. Neo-nazis are stupid thuggish and villainous; they are not the answer to this probem or any problem. They are despised the world over by all decent people and have no credibility amongst anyone other than crude racists. I'm amazed that you would say anything in their defense.

The problem is this wet pathetic Labour government, who have allowed this invasion to happen. A leader needs to come into power who is not afraid of addressing these problems; the UK needs a strong leader, like a Churchill who will put their foot down and say no to Muslim demands. ~ Formally known on Israel Forum as Aviva.
Well.... they will stone her ass too I suppose. But it's not fascism when they do it.

Our Jihood is better than yours.

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