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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Darwingelical Propaganda and the Evolution of Belief

(DICK) Dawkins goes much further when he states that "[i]t is absolutely safe to say that if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid, or insane (or wicked, but I'd rather not consider that)."

OK. Language check here for all you purple proles. This is a war for your BELIEF SYSTEM:
"to believe in evolution"
I want you to notice how the language in this so called "debate" is consistently posited as stated as above, that one must "BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION" or not BELIEVE IN evolution, and if one does not "BELIEVE" in evolution, one is an unhinged lunatic upon whom ridicule, derision and scorn must be heaped immediately.

Evolution is a partially described biological MECHANISM, it is not an a scientifically identifiable originating CAUSE. Science, taken as a school of thought, offers no identifiable originating cause.
"to believe in evolution"
This statement is more accurately then a statement of THEOLOGY or PHILOSOPHY, which both deal with BELIEFS and IDEAS, and not at all a statement of science, which purports itself loudly to deal purely with physical evidence and observable, provable processes only.

An observable, describable, working mechanism, biological or man made, is self evident as a mechanism. It either exists or does not exist, there is no call to "believe IN it " or no, it either is there and can be seen, described, and "proven", or not. I do not believe in my lungs, they are there, and they work, as evidenced by my continued breathing. They can be seen, described, and proven. My lungs are not the cause of my body. They are an obvious and observable operating mechanism contained within it.

What the Darvangelists are doing with language here is elevating a partially described MECHANISM (evolution) to the level of a fully blown CAUSE (GOD). They are deifying a PROCESS because they refuse to acknowledge, can not identify, and are, on some level ~ at war with the MAKER.

This is not a legitimate "debate". The terms and definitions it is being premised upon are entirely intellectually dishonest. This is insanity. This is classical idol worship. This is PROPAGANDA.

This is an all out war for the terms and definitions you, the spudniktariats, will use to define your reality in your brave new Glow Ballin' future. They want the control of the words in your mouth. He that owns your words, your terms and definitions, controls thought itself. Whether you believe in GOD or not, you can not allow this theft of thought to take place if you intend to stay free. Do not become their next useful idiot. Unfortunately, many have already evolved themselves into that regrettable position.

If science claims to want religion to stay the hell out of it's business then science would do well to stay the hell out of religion's business. Why should any scientists give a rat's ass what you BELIEVE? Because their end game is to own and direct what you believe, which has shit to do with science... but has all to do with power.

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