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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Religion of Peaceful Whippings



Norwegian-Iranian Mamand Mamandy had a brutal meeting with police after drinking two beers while on holiday in Iran.

"It's getting better now, but I am still in great pain," Mamandy, 35, told "My brother is a doctor, and treated me after the whipping. I was in great pain and could not sleep."

Mamandy, a Kurd, explained that he was visiting his mother in Baneh, Iran in April when he was arrested by police.
"We were on an outing with family and friends, six or seven in the evening, and were having a barbecue and enjoying ourselves. Altogether I drank two beers. The police happened to drive by," Mamandy said. He said that he was immediately arrested and taken to the police station where he was sentenced to 130 lashes.

This sentence, for beer drinking, was carried out publicly according to news agency Iran Focus.
"I received 130 lashes on the back of my body. Police whipped me," Mamandy said. He came to Norway as an asylum seeker in 1999. He lives in Drammen with his wife and they are awaiting Norwegian citizenship. Mamandy traveled home to Norway shortly after his punishment and has been since treated by his family doctor here. has been in contact with the Foreign Ministry, who said that they had not been contacted by Mamandy or his family in connection with the matter.

Gateway Pundit reports on the imprisonment of Dr. Haleh Esfendiyari an American visiting Iran, who has been falsely accused by the tyrannical government of being a Zionist agent.

We join Gateway in urging the signing of the petition to free the innocent prisoner. We must do what we can to spread the word about this and other abductions.

As One Jerusalem has reported there are other American prisoners being detained by Iran that the American media has virtually ignored.

The American Government, too.

Rice Confirms Talks With Iran
Monday, May 14, 2007


The following two pages from a pamphlet published in 2001 illustrate the indoctrination received at the centers for Qur’an memorization. It was published by one of the Qur’an memorization centers and found in the offices of the Ramallah-Al-Bireh Charity Committee
( January 20, 2004)

The pamphlet is entitled Thirty Ways to Enter Heaven [taken from] the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The fifth way appears on pages 8 and 9:

"Jihad for the sake of Allah by fighting for Allah with one’s soul and money.”

What Drives Saudi Arabia to Persist in Terrorist Financing?

Al-Jihad bi-al-Mal - Financial Jihad Against the Infidels
Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Halevi

The U.S. offensive against terrorism has succeeded in reducing the extent of global terrorism. However, under the surface, the financial channels that are the arteries of radical Islamic movements from Hamas to the Chechens continue to operate. U.S. pressure has managed to force Islamic financiers to alter their pattern of operations, but the substance of their support persists - in a financial jihad that backs the wider global jihad against the infidels.

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states remain the most significant source of funds flowing to the Islamist movements. New documents found at "charitable foundations" linked to Hamas, as well as a careful examination of the Palestinian press, indicate a continuing flow of funds directly from official Saudi organizations to these foundations, which were declared by both Israel and the U.S. as terrorist organizations.

Palestinian Authority officials recently confirmed that Saudi Arabia continues to fund charitable foundations controlled by Hamas. The World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY) and the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) are active in transferring these funds. Captured documents show that the Saudi charity al-Haramain transferred funds to the al-Quran and a-Sunna Society in Qalqilia in August 2003 - almost two months after President George W. Bush announced in a summit meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, that he had assurances from Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah and other Arab leaders that they would halt all financial assistance to terrorist organizations.

In a later captured document, dated 8 February 2004, the Hamas-linked Idhna foundation in the Hebron area thanked al-Haramain for its assistance. The chairman of the al-Haramain administrative council was the Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, a member of the Saudi cabinet.

The financial support funneled to Hamas charitable societies under the heading of "humanitarian aid to the needy" is part of a financial jihad, subsidizing the military operations of the terrorist group. The Hamas civilian infrastructure is comprised of economic, educational, and social institutions that serve the terrorist wing. Intelligence services should devote more attention and resources to uncovering how terrorist organizations avoid international control mechanisms by operating through "innocent" front groups. Western financial institutions must not allow the transfer of funds that nourish the global jihad.


A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America

A group aiming to create Islamic states worldwide has established roots here, in large part under the guidance of Egyptian born Ahmed El - Kadi

Project Permalink ~ The Muslim Brotherhood Project

More on Ahmed El-Kadi (who by the way I think is crazy like a fox, dementia my ass)

All the SOURCE links are dead , I found this snippet HERE

The Islamic Society of Boston has raised about half of the $14 million it needs to complete the new Mosque. The bulk of the money has been raised from individuals in foreign countries, especially Saudi Arabia Abou-Allaban said.

Abou-Allaban lawsuit cited a November 2004 report from a "sole source," Dr. Ahmed Elkadi, who was president of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States between 1985 and 1995.

His lawsuit charges that Elkadi was severely impaired with dementia - resulting from cerebral infarctions and a hemorrhage - at the time of his interview with the Fox network local affiliate when he identified Alallaban as a member of the terrorist group the Moslem Brotherhood.

This was no unlike the Soviets locking up those who threatened them in mental hospitals. This coming from a Dr. Alallaban, a psychatrist with a history of malpractice

Ahmed Elkadi, was leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood . He is an Egyptian-born surgeon and a former personal physician to Saudi Arabia's King Faisal. He headed the group from 1984 to 1994 but abruptly lost his leadership position and as a result turned rat.

Earlier this year he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects motor skills, speech and memory. He often has difficulty expressing himself and seldom speaks more than two sentences at a time. Sometimes, he says, he smiles for no reason other than to try to remain cheerful.

How the West Came To Run Islamic Banks
Giants like Citigroup dominate the sector, through Islamic subsidiaries and hired Sharia scholars.


A historic gathering aimed at expanding and regulating the Islamic banking system in the face of American opposition, was recently held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gamal Essam El-Din attended:


In order to maintain this robust growth in the face of US hostility, Islamic banks in nine major Muslim countries have set up the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB). On 3 November, the Malaysian prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamed officially launched the IFSB as a de facto
Islamic Central Bank, globally regulating institutions offering Islamic financial products.


Islamic Banks: A Novelty No Longer
Lenders that avoid charging interest, in line with Koranic rules, are spreading -- even among Western institutions

Lloyds launches sharia business account
Podcast: Islamophonic, the Guardian's Muslim podcast, looks at the issue of sharia compliant banking. Click here to listen

Islamic banking has grown out of its niche status, and it's about time that international markets and regulators took notice


Exploring Islamic Banking

All-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Islamic Economics

Priorities of The Islamic Movement in The Coming Phase
by Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Hamassholes, Abbassholes, Tomatoes, To-mahh-toes, let's call the whole thing off


"Hamas or Abbas, It Makes No Difference,"
Rudy Giuliani said.

Well thank GOD someone in American politics has the balls to say it. But will he have the balls to IMPLEMENT IT should he get the job? And will it be too late?


Israel lets Fatah boost troops ~

500 trained in US program to counter Hamas
JERUSALEM -- Israel this week allowed the Palestinian party Fatah to bring into the Gaza Strip as many as 500 fresh troops trained under a US-coordinated program to counter Hamas, the Islamic movement that won Palestinian parliamentary elections last year. Fighting between Hamas and Fatah has left about 45 Palestinians dead since Sunday.
The forces belong to units loyal to the elected Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, a moderate Fatah leader whom the Bush administration and Israel have sought to strengthen militarily and politically. A spokeswoman for the European Union Border Assistance Mission at Rafah, where the fighters crossed into Gaza from Egypt, said their entry Tuesday was approved by Israel. The troops' deployment illustrates the increasingly partisan role that Israel and the Bush administration are taking in the volatile Palestinian political situation. The effort to fortify the armed opposition to Hamas, which the United States and Israel categorize as a terrorist organization, follows attempts to isolate the Islamic movement internationally and cut off its sources of financial aid. Israel also carried out a series of airstrikes yesterday against Hamas targets across Gaza, killing at least six gunmen. Additional airstrikes early today killed four people, doctors in Gaza told the Associated Press.

Fatah, the movement formerly led by Yasser Arafat, has recognized Israel, in contrast with Hamas, whose charter calls for the creation of a future Islamic state across territory that now includes the Jewish state. The two Palestinian parties -- one secular, one Islamic -- have been fighting for control of various security services and, by extension, political power and patronage since Hamas won democratic elections in January 2006.

Hamas's militant brand of Islam has given it dominant political standing in impoverished Gaza, where many of its leaders were born or arrived as refugees, while Fatah remains strong in the wealthier and more secular West Bank. The Bush administration recently approved $40 million to train the Palestinian Presidential Guard, a force of about 4,000 troops under Abbas's direct control. But Israel and the United States, deeply unpopular among Arabs in the region, have been trying to avoid the perception of taking sides in a conflict that this week in Gaza has resembled a nascent civil war. Many within Fatah are avowed opponents of Israel, and any alliance with the Jewish state against the Islamic movement could damage Fatah's standing among Palestinians.


Friday, May 18, 2007

What Bush needs to acknowledge is Palestinian BLIGHT

This is not the first time he has spoken in this manner.... it really began to amp up in September at the UN when he used the phrase "daily humiliation of occupation", which spurred this CinemaBabbaZee feature. Make no mistake this is in direct correlation to Condi's announced talk with Iran as was Cheney's trip to the UAE earlier in the week .

The whores are selling us to the beasts.

HaShem will not sit still. GWB ~ you have betrayed Israel and cursed America in the process.
We will all pay for it. And I voted for you precisely because I thought that you that you understood the biblical implications as well as the temporal, I thought you were a real Christian. You are not. You are just another pathetic whore of Gramscian Churchianity.

I'll never be that wrong again. Never.

Bush acknowledges Palestinian plight

President Bush said Thursday he and British Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the plight of the Palestinian people and the "deep humiliation" they face. Bush said the two leaders were concerned about an explosion of Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip.

His remarks appeared to be an empathetic nod toward the beleaguered Palestinians, whose poverty and the heavy restrictions on imposed by Israel have generally been a bigger political issue in Europe than in the United States.

"We recognized the deep humiliation that can come as a result of living in a land where you can't move freely and where people can't realize dreams," Bush said.

"We talked about the need to reject and fight terrorism," Bush added immediately, a reference to Israel's vulnerability. "We understand the fright that can come when you're worried about a rocket landing on top of your home. "

Bush did not assess blame for the current violence between Palestinian factions and involving Israeli forces. The Gaza Strip has been the scene of battles between Hamas and Faith fighters in recent days and retaliatory attacks by Israel in response to rocket fire coming into Israel from neighboring Gaza.

More than 20 Palestinians were killed Wednesday in the most widespread factional fighting in nearly a year. Street clashes were ebbing Thursday, with three killed. In all, at least 45 Palestinians have been killed in the infighting since Sunday.

Bush, standing with Blair in the Rose Garden, said he remains committed to a two-state solution in the region, adding that this goal is attainable if both sides show strong leadership.

Blair called the situation "very dangerous" and said a two-state solution is the only path to peace.

Earlier, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Israel has shown "great restraint" in responding to repeated Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli targets.

McCormack said Israel was acting on its right to defend itself in carrying out retaliatory air strikes on a compound and other targets in the Gaza Strip.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, he said, called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the continuing violence in the region.

"She wanted to talk to them directly and see how they saw the situation. We certainly want to see a reduction or an end to the violence," he said.

McCormack said the cross-border violence started with attacks on Israel from Palestinian territory.

Israel's ambassador in Washington, Sallai Meridor, said he has held intensive discussions with U.S. officials about what he called a precarious situation that threatens to torpedo any chance for peace.

"We are sitting next to a volcano," Meridor said in an interview with The Associated Press. He called Gaza a "Hamas terror state" in the making and blamed Iranian influence. Israel withdrew occupying forces from Gaza in 2005 but largely sealed off the seaside territory, which is the power seat for Hamas. Israel and the United States consider Hamas a terror group.

"If it continues it will not only be a strategic threat to Israel but it could be the death knell for peace in the region," Meridor said.

Israel targeted Hamas with airstrikes Thursday, destroying a compound and a car carrying senior commanders of the Islamic group and killing six people.

Israel unleashed the air campaign — a hit on a Hamas command center, on a trailer housing bodyguards and two vehicles — after Gaza militants fired more than 50 rockets on the Israeli border town of Sderot in three days. One hit a school, landing on an unoccupied classroom.


Bush noted his commitment to establishing peace in the Middle East and stressed that he has instructed US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be "actively engaged," adding that "she represents the position of the Bush government, which is two states living side by side in peace."

His comments came after speculation that the White House doesn't fully support Rice or back her efforts at greater US engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.



He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep
~Psalm 121:4

Breaking News re: World Bank



For some reason he also wants to be Catholic now too

Exactly two years ago, at a cocktail party, a staff member of the World Bank told me: "I think he is a murderer." "He" was Paul Wolfowitz, then just a week away from taking the helm at the world's biggest development agency. Many at the Bank thought the same way as my friend, who said some of his colleagues had hung from their office doors newspaper articles calling for the trial of Paul Wolfowitz as a "war criminal."


I will take a few days on rumination with this thing before I proffer my thoughts. I'll bet you can guess them anyway. Basically I think Wolfie was an impediment to the financial jihad and the establishment of the world wide caliphate which is being sponsored by the UN and it's attendant organizations. For all you one-world government conspiracy theorists out there I got news for you, the one-world government they are attempting to install is the CALIPHATE.

The beast of the end of the age is ISLAM.


World Bank Resources & Partnerships, Islamic Finance

look for this and more in the "Financial Jihad" post that is coming up tonight.

It is ALL CONNECTED. Wolfie's ousting is part of the Financial Jihad. The financial jihad paves the way for the Caliphate faster than the physical jihad - it is far more insidious, far more dangerous, and almost entirely invisible to the the eyes of we who live in regular life in the day.

No...... I am not insane. Not about this anyway.
The whores are selling us to the beasts as I type this to you.

And don't be suprised if the illustrious William Jefferson Clinton guns for Head of the World Bank too in the next few days......

The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz

My head is spinning with all this World Bank Riza/Wolfie crap - I will post a some interesting articles (some that have appeared in older posts already), and then add my personal commentary to this post later on ~ the proverbial Shakespearean tangled web got nothin' on this ubertwangled story....

Notes on Shaha Ali Riza

Also note: there is only ONE picture of this woman available on the whole internet.
I find that very odd.

Axis of Soros
The men and motives behind the World Bank coup attempt:

Mark Malloch Brown spoke Monday to a crowded auditorium at the World Bank's headquarters, warning that the bank's mission was "hugely at risk" as long as Paul Wolfowitz remained its president. Only hours earlier, news leaked that a special committee investigating Mr. Wolfowitz had accused him of violating conflict-of-interest rules. A coincidence? We doubt it.

Mr. Malloch Brown, remember, was until last year Kofi Annan's deputy at the United Nations. In that position, he distinguished himself by spinning away the $100 billion Oil for Food scandal as little more than a blip in the U.N.'s good work, and one that had little to do with Mr. Annan himself. Last week, Mr. Malloch Brown was named vice president of the Quantum Fund, the hedge fund run by his billionaire friend George Soros. A former World Bank official himself and ally of soon-to-be British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Mr. Malloch Brown would almost surely be a leading candidate to replace Mr. Wolfowitz should he step down. Not surprisingly, Gordon Brown cold-shouldered Mr. Wolfowitz at a recent meeting in Brussels.

The bank presidency would be a neat coup for Sir Mark, and not just because the post has heretofore gone to an American. He also stands for everything Mr. Wolfowitz opposes, beginning with the issue of corruption. Consider Mr. Malloch Brown's defense of the U.N.'s procurement practices.

"Not a penny was lost from the organization," he insisted last year, following an audit of the U.N.'s peacekeeping procurement by its Office of Internal Oversight Services. In fact, the office found that $7 million had been lost from overpayment; $50 million worth of contracts showed indications of bid rigging; $61 million had bypassed U.N. rules; $82 million had been lost to mismanagement; and $110 million had "insufficient" justification. That's $310 million out of a budget of $1.6 billion, and who knows what the auditors missed.

Mr. Malloch Brown also made curious use of English by insisting that Paul Volcker's investigation into Oil for Food had "fully exonerated" Mr. Annan. In fact, Mr. Volcker's report made an "adverse finding" against the then-Secretary-General. Among other details, the final report noted that Mr. Annan was "aware of [Saddam's] kickback scheme at least as early as February 2001," yet never reported it to the U.N. Security Council, much less the public, a clear breach of his fiduciary responsibilities as the U.N.'s chief administrative officer. Mr. Malloch Brown described the idea that Mr. Annan might resign as "inappropriate political assassination"--a standard he apparently doesn't apply to political enemies like Mr. Wolfowitz.

Mr. Malloch Brown never made any serious attempt to reform the U.N. beyond the cosmetic, while doing everything he could to block the real reforms proposed by Americans Christopher Burnham and former Ambassador John Bolton. He was, however, energetic when it came to lecturing Americans about what they owed the U.N., such as joining the "reformed" Human Rights Council (whose only achievement to date has been to castigate Israel), pursuing a "new multilateral national security," and otherwise empowering the likes of Mr. Malloch Brown, his multilateral mates and their tax-free salaries.

Views like these help explain why Mr. Malloch Brown is in such favor with Mr. Soros, who has publicly suggested the U.S. will need a "de-Nazification" program to erase the taint of the Bush Administration. So close are the two that Mr. Malloch Brown lives in a suburban New York home owned by Mr. Soros. Mr. Malloch Brown says he pays market rent, though reporting by the New York Sun's Benny Avni disputes that. In any case, it's safe to assume that Mr. Soros's widely published views are close to Mr. Malloch Brown's somewhat more guarded ones. So it's not surprising that many on the World Bank staff would cheer Mr. Malloch Brown: He's perfect for an institutional culture in which "progressive" thinking goes hand-in-glove with a tolerance for corruption. That culture has been on vivid display in the Euro-coup against Mr. Wolfowitz. This weekend the committee investigating the claims dropped 600 pages in the president's lap and told him he had 48 hours to respond--in direct violation of World Bank staff rule 8.01, 4.09, which states that "the amount of time allowed a staff member to comment [on an investigative report] . . . will not be less than 5 business days." Following protests from Mr. Wolfowitz's lawyer, the committee gave him 72 hours.

This is the same kangaroo court that last month leaked its guilty verdict to the Washington Post before Mr. Wolfowitz even had a chance to plead his case. Our sources who have seen the committee's report tell us it is especially critical of Mr. Wolfowitz for daring to object publicly to the committee's methods and thereby bringing the bank's name into disrepute. The Europeans running this Red Queen proceeding prefer that they be able to smear with selective leaks without rebuttal.

Mr. Malloch Brown warned on Monday that, if Mr. Wolfowitz stayed as president, European countries might withhold funding from the next financing round for the bank's International Development Association. We hope he's right, though we know few European finance ministers who aren't eager to throw good money after bad. Still, it's a remarkable bit of chutzpah for the man who downplayed corruption at the U.N. to seek the ouster of the man who has fought to reduce corruption at the World Bank.

If the Bush Administration now abandons Mr. Wolfowitz as he faces a decision from the bank's board of governors, it will not only betray a friend but hand the biggest victory yet to its audacious enemies in the George Soros axis.

Official statements of Shaha Riza and Paul Wolfowitz

Statement by Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank Group 4/12/07

World Bank Justice
Wolfowitz's resignation offers a window into a corrupt institution

World Bank Jobbery
More evidence the Wolfowitz accusers chose to ignore


THAT from THIS OSOZ POST which includes much on Shaha Riza

Deal is offered for chief's exit at World Bank

"Leading governments of Europe, mounting a new campaign to push Paul Wolfowitz from his job as World Bank president, signaled Monday that they were willing to let the United States choose the bank's next chief, but only if Wolfowitz stepped down soon, European officials said."


The Wolfowitz connection: Anwar Ibrahim’s hand in Shaha Riza’s transfer

By K.S. Usha Devi

18 May, 2007
KUALA LUMPUR: Paul Wolfowitz pulled many strings to set up his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, with a cushy job outside the World Bank, according to US press reports. Was Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a long-time friend of the beleaguered bank president, one of them?

On Oct 1 last year, as chairman of the Foundation for the Future, Anwar wrote a letter to Robin Cleveland, Wolfowitz’s counsellor at the World Bank, asking for Riza to be transferred from the State Department to the foundation.

That move raised her pay by 36 per cent from US$133,000 (RM454,000) to US$193,590.

Wolfowitz had arranged her transfer to avoid a potential conflict of interest since Riza was a World Bank employee with whom he had a romantic relationship.

But last month, the World Bank began investigating allegations that Wolfowitz broke bank rules in handling Riza’s promotion and huge pay hike.

Malaysia’s former deputy prime minister was not mentioned in relation to Riza’s transfer until the scandal broke, when media reports quoted his letter to Cleveland.

Anwar and Wolfowitz had a long-standing friendship that went back 20 years to when Wolfowitz was the US ambassador in Jakarta in the late 1980s, said Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, special assistant to Anwar.

Wolfowitz spoke out for Anwar when he was jailed in 1998. After his release in 2004, Anwar went to Germany to seek treatment for a back problem and Wolfowitz, then the US deputy secretary of defence, flew over to visit him.

And in 2005, Anwar, a former finance minister, had supported Wolfowitz’s appointment to the World Bank.

According to Nik Nazmi, Anwar believed Wolfowitz was capable of doing the job as he had a passion for eradicating poverty. Anwar was also appointed consultant to the World Bank in the areas of governance and accountability.

Anwar told Bloomberg this month that the onus was on Wolfowitz to explain the salary raise for Riza.

"He has to really explain and they have to see whether the increase in terms of remuneration was commensurate with the services," he said.

Nik Nazmi added that when Anwar wrote the letter, he followed the appropriate rules and guidelines detailing Riza’s transfer to the foundation:

"As far as he (Anwar) was aware, he went through the proper channels to ask for Ri- za’s transfer to the foundation."

He did not confirm whether Wolfowitz had recommended Riza for the position and had asked Anwar to write the letter.

"The foundation board will issue a statement pertaining to Riza’s transfer to the foundation as soon as possible," Nik Nazmi said.

The foundation was launch- ed in December 2005 by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and ministers from the Middle East and Europe, reportedly with a seed grant of US$35 million, to promote democracy and reform in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to the Washington Post, the board has held only two meetings since then.

Malaysia's Former Premier Makes Peace With George Soros
Associated Press
December 15, 2006 2:35 p.m.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysia's former leader Mahathir Mohamad on
Friday buried the hatchet with George Soros, saying he now accepts
that the U.S. financier wasn't responsible for the 1997 Asian
financial crisis.

Mr. Mahathir met with Mr. Soros for the first time since the financial
crisis made them bitter foes, and declared at a press conference that
he accepts the billionaire financier's claim he wasn't involved.
[Mahathir Mohamad]

"Mr. Soros said he is not involved" in the currency speculation that
triggered the financial crisis, Mr. Mahathir told reporters after a
more than one-hour meeting. "I accept that," he said.

Mr. Mahathir has for nearly a decade accused Mr. Soros of wrecking the
region's economies through currency speculation. He had also said that
the attacks on the Malaysian economy were part of a Jewish conspiracy
against Muslim nation. Mr. Soros is Jewish.


FYI: Party Advisor: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

FYI: A group of NGOs and opposition parties then formed the Malaysian People Justice Movement (GERAK), before Reformists chosing its own NGO, the Social Justice Movement (ADIL).

Fellow travellers on path to crisis

By Eoin Callan in Washington

At about noon on March 21 2003, the US launched the first full-scale bombing of Iraq, ordering about 1,700 sorties and firing more than 500 cruise missiles.

Sometime during that day, amid the frenzied activity at the Pentagon, an e-mail was sent with an order originating in the office of Paul Wolfowitz, then deputy secretary of defence, to hire Shaha Riza, a World Bank employee.

The e-mail marked a moment – when the fate of Mr Wolfowitz, Ms Riza and the bank became inextricably intertwined.

The details of how Mr Wolfowitz and Ms Riza first became romantically linked are somewhat obscured by a non-disclosure agreement with his estranged wife, but it is thought to have followed his separation.

Mr Wolfowitz acknowledges that by the start of the Iraq war he had a “close personal relationship” with Ms Riza, an outspoken advocate of women’s rights and democracy in the Middle East.

Officials said that departmental records confirm Mr Wolfowitz showed a “personal interest” in the contract to send Ms Riza and three other consultants to Iraq to advise on postwar state-building.

E-mails sent by Pentagon staff at the time state there was “interest from Wolfowitz on down” and that the “E-ring” – or outer ring of the Pentagon, where the leadership is located – was “screaming” for immediate action on the contract.

Bea Edwards, of the Government Accountability Project, said: “The e-mails regarding Riza reflect a dependence on a very small circle in shaping Iraq’s reconstruction that was characteristic of war ­planning.”

In that circle, Ms Riza clearly stood out. Aided by a strong network of contacts, proficiency in several languages and degrees from the London School of Economics and Oxford, Ms Riza moved easily both in Washington cocktail parties and marginalised women’s groups in the Arab world.

As a secular Arab woman who supported US policy in the Middle East she had a special appeal to the neo-conservatives ascendant in the Bush administration at the time. “She was a star,” says an administration official. He described her as a fellow traveller in the “wither Iraq project” that was coalescing around Mr Wolfowitz.

The deputy defence secretary was the leading proponent of a doctrine of US power based on military might and radical democratic reforms. The invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was a first step in the vision shared by Mr Wolfowitz and Ms Riza.

The e-mails highlighting Ms Riza’s place in the reconstruction planning are contained in a copy of a Pentagon investigation launched after President George W.?Bush announced the appointment of Mr Wolfowitz to head the World Bank in 2005.

The appointment was controversial because of his close identification with an Iraq strategy that was already failing. It also offered a chance for him to work with Ms Riza to fulfil their shared ambitions to enact reforms consistent with US foreign policy.

The Pentagon probe was started when press reports about his relationship with Ms Riza “triggered recollection by auditors” from the department who sought to establish whether he “used his public office for the private gain” of his partner. The probe cleared him but the interest shown by the Pentagon auditors underlined the potential for others to see conflicts of interest.

At the World Bank, Mr Wolfowitz attempted to head this off by offering to recuse himself from personnel decisions involving Ms Riza but insisting on professional contact at the institution.

It came as a shock to both of them when the ethics committee at the bank insisted she be seconded or placed in an outlying department. “I thought he should have fought the decision by the ethics committee,” Ms Riza said in testimony released this week.

In response, Mr Wolfowitz cut himself off from the bank’s legal counsel and ordered the head of human resources to do the same as it was arranged for Ms Riza to be seconded to the State department to work on promoting democracy in the Middle East.

The gold-plated secondment package subsequently approved by Mr Wolfowitz exceeded the terms recommended by the bank’s ethics committee – and was not shared with the bank’s chief lawyer or the committee.

As the details of this secret deal trickled out in blogs and newspapers, including the Washington Post, it triggered outrage internally.

Robert Bennett, Mr Wolfowitz’s lawyer, says bank staff disliked Mr Wolfowitz because of the “baggage” he brought with him from the Iraq war. Many bank staff said in interviews that they regarded him with deep suspicion on his arrival. But others, especially senior management, say they backed his bid to make anti-corruption and governance a hallmark of his presidency.

The upper echelons of the bank had continued to support the president despite steps that angered rank-and-file staff, including hiring a coterie of Republican aides and making a controversial appointment of a corruption investigator.

“I relied much too long on advisers who came in with me from the outside for managerial functions,” Mr Wolfowitz said this week.

But it was only after details of his role in directing the terms of Ms Riza’s secondment were published in the Financial Times last month that Graeme Wheeler, his deputy, stood up at a meeting of bank vice-presidents and told Mr Wolfowitz he should go.

As a special panel was convened to investigate his conduct, people close to the board said they were also moved by disclosures in the FT that a managing director hand-picked by Mr Wolfowitz had attempted to water down policy on contraception and climate change.

The board was also swayed by reports from bank staff in developing countries that the leadership crisis was undermining the ­credibility of the institution and leaving them open to ridicule.

Five former Latin American finance ministers identified with the so-called Washington Consensus market-oriented reforms of the 1990s signed a letter calling on the bank’s president to resign. This week 37 out of 39 country managers called for a swift resolution of the crisis.

The revelations about interference in family planning policy resonated in ­particular with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who has led European resistance to a diplomatic offensive by the US to protect Mr Wolfowitz, according to people close to her.

In the wake of a damaging report by the special panel this week, the personal support of Mr Bush and Mr Cheney failed to win round key European allies.

In the White House on Wednesday the case was made that US influence within the bank was worth preserving and that the price was Mr Wolfowitz’s departure.

People close to the deliberations said the administration was divided over whether a presidency weakened by the war should expend precious political capital on saving a leadership that would be severely damaged.

Wolfowitz turns on Shaha Riza

Paul Wolfowitz has been using his lawyer Robert Bennett, and other "friends", to point fingers at everyone around him in a desperate and unseemly attempt to divert attention from his own role in the Shaha Affair.

After pointing fingers at ethics committee chairman; Ad Melkert, former general counsel ; Roberto Dañino ,outgoing HR vice president Xavier Coll, bank staff, excutive directors, Europe ,and what he now calls `Ambiguous' World Bank Rules ( see Here, Here, and Here). Today he finally turned on his girlfriend; Shaha Riza.

In an interview with NewsWeek, Robert Bennett, Wolfowitz' lawyer and spokesman says:

" It was Riza herself who pressed Wolfowitz to impose the generous terms of her new posting, according to Bennett. “She said she worked up the numbers, not Mr. Wolfowitz. She was outraged that she had to leave,” says Bennett."

In another telling part of the article, Michael Hirsh writes:

"Riza, says the longtime friend of the couple, is “very temperamental, very self-righteous, and very critical of the bank. It was amusing at first; then, it got aggravating after a while. You walk in the door admiring this Islamic woman who is very smart, and who was against the worst practices of the religious Islamic world. She had everything going for her. But I found her greedy in terms of power.”

~ A Washington source ~ May 04, 2007

Wolfowitz Hires Former Clinton Lawyer
April 23, 2007

He's defended Bill Clinton and the Duke lacrosse players, and now Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom's Robert Bennett is going to bat for another lightning rod: World Bank boss Paul Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz has faced a staff revolt and an investigation by the bank's board into allegations he gave a girlfriend who worked at the bank a 36 percent raise — in violation of bank rules. Bennett says Wolfowitz, the former deputy secretary of defense and an architect of the Iraq War, is facing political attacks from opponents of the Bush Administration. `I've handled hundreds of conflict of interest cases, and this is a `nothing' case,'' Bennett said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. ``The scandal has been created'' by people who oppose Wolfowitz, he said.



Hamassholes vs Fatahasses vs Zionist Infidels

Tanks roll into northern Gaza as IAF air strikes escalate

Yaakov Katz, THE JERUSALEM POST May. 16, 2007
The air force continued to hammer away at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday as the IDF made its first foray into northern Gaza, sending tanks and infantry to take over Kassam launch sites.

At least eight Palestinians died in the Israeli attacks, including a Hamas operative who was killed when the IAF dropped a bomb on a two-story building belonging to Hamas's Executive Force. Forty-five others were wounded in the bombing, which leveled the building and several next to it.

Three people were killed later in the day when IAF helicopters fired a missile at a vehicle in southern Gaza that the IDF said was transporting a Kassam rocket squad. Hamas operatives said they had fired three rockets from that area shortly before the air strike.

Palestinians also reported an additional three killed IAF aircraft fired on Hamas operatives late Thursday night.

Palestinian Fatah gunmen take up their positions during clashes with Hamas gunmen at the street of Rafah camp in the southern Gaza strip May 17, 2007. At least one Palestinian was killed in a clash between Hamas and Fatah gunmen in the Gaza Strip on Thursday despite a ceasefire deal, and Israel threatened to step up attacks on militants firing rockets across the border. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

Qassams ignored abroad

After overlooking continuous rockets attacks on Israel's southern communities, foreign media only gives conflict airtime after IDF fights back
Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – Qassam attacks on Sderot have received very little coverage in world media, despite the heavy barrages that have been going on for the past three days.

Only when Israel began to respond to the attacks by aerial bombings, cannons and tanks did this part of the world receive attention from the American media. [SNIP]


1. Hamas' rocket attack against Sderot and the western Negev settlements which began on May 15 continues . So far 74 hits have been identified, causing scores of injuries (most of them slight or shock-related). The attack has been accompanied by Hamas boasts of having “successfully pulverized” the Israeli settlements and seriously upset the daily lives of the local population.

2. Behind the rocket attack is the significant increase in the violent clashes between Hamas and Fatah , which have caused approximately 50 deaths since May 13. Hamas dominance has been obvious and there has been a loss of the leadership's control over the operatives in the field on both sides. Hamas' provocative attack on Israel is clearly an attempt to draw attention away from the violent internal Palestinian conflict and turn it toward the confrontation with Israel , as Hamas has admitted in its public statements.

3. So far, Israel 's military response has been limited to pin-point attacks on rocket fire and rocket launchers, and against the terrorist infrastructure, avoiding any broad ground operation in the Gaza Strip. At the same time efforts are being made to aid and support Sderot residents, including temporarily moving them out of the city as a break from the attacks.


Palestinians from different militant organizations join hands following a press conference in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, calling for unity among Palestinian people. Israel bombed Hamas targets in Gaza early Friday as security forces loyal to Fatah accused the Islamist group of plotting to assassinate Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas(AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Slipping into Darkness.....

Shalom Fellow Infidels!

We've had a power and cable outage since yesterday afternoon's kick ass storm passed through. It was a great storm...I loved it.
Likely I will not have power back till Sunday or Monday.
I am on the generator at the moment and the cable just came back up.

As soon as power is restored I will have new posts on the ADC, on "Financial Jihad", on Wolfowitz, on the war in Israel ~ and much more. Stay tuned.

I miss you all!

Mrs. Miniver, 1942 - Last Scene:

Psalm 91

Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”

Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler

And from the perilous pestilence.
He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,
Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you.
Only with your eyes shall you look,
And see the reward of the wicked.

Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge,
Even the Most High, your dwelling place,
No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;
For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.
You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.

“Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him,
And show him My salvation.”

The Pastor's speech:

This is not only a war of soldiers in uniform.
It is a war of the people. All of the people.
And it must be fought not only in the battlefield, but in the cities, in the villages;
in the factories and on the farms,
in the home and in the heart of every man, woman and child that loves freedom!
We have buried our dead, but we shall not forget them.
Instead they will inspire us with an unbreakable determination to free ourselves
and those who come after us
from the tyranny and terror that threaten to strike us down.
It is OUR war!
WE are the fighters!
Fight it then!
Fight it with all that is in us!

Original design for the great seal of the USA ~ The Exodus

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blood Guzzling Hamassholes vs Universally Despised Zionist Entity

Israel hits Hamas base

Israel bombed a Hamas base in the Gaza Strip. At least four Palestinians were killed and a dozen wounded in Wednesday's airstrike in Rafah, which Israel said targeted a building where cross-border rocket attacks have been planned. Hamas has stepped up salvoes in recent days, causing injuries in the Israeli border town of Sderot even as Hamas wages an internal turf war with rivals from the Fatah faction. "Israel will not be part of the internal Palestinian power struggle, but Israel will respond vigorously to the continued firing of Kassam rockets," Defense Minister Amir Peretz said earlier Wednesday.


A Palestinian boy holds an automatic rifle weapon during a Fatah rally against Hamas in the West Bank city of Jenin May 16, 2007. At least 16 Palestinians were killed in fierce factional fighting in Gaza on Wednesday and Israel entered the fray with an air strike on a Hamas position that killed at least four gunmen.
REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini (WEST BANK)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Israeli aircraft launched missiles at Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing at least five people, after Hamas fired rocket barrages into Israel in an apparent attempt to draw Israel into increasingly violent Palestinian infighting.

Hamas gunmen fatally shot six bodyguards from the rival Fatah movement and mistakenly ambushed a jeep carrying their own fighters, killing five. In all, 16 Palestinians were killed in the infighting Wednesday and four in the Israeli airstrike.

The streets of central Gaza City echoed with the rattle of gunfire, and were empty except for gunmen in black ski masks. Terrified residents huddled in dark homes after electricity to some downtown neighborhoods was cut off by a downed power line.

In one incident, Hamas gunmen set fire to an 11-story apartment building housing Fatah lawmaker Nema Sheik Ali, the wife of the head of Preventive Security. Witnesses said the gunmen broke into her fifth floor apartment and beat up her and two of her children with their weapons.

"They came, they broke the door," she said. "They assaulted my children and they pushed me aside, then they torched the apartment."

Shadi al-Kashir, a building resident, said his father, wife, five children and two sisters remained inside the building — trapped by the smoke-filled halls and terrified of the gunbattles raging in the entranceway. "They tried to send ambulances, but the ambulances came under fire."

At nightfall, Hamas announced its intention to begin observing a unilateral cease-fire, and President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah also called on the warring parties to hold their fire. However, similar truces the two previous evenings did not hold.



SEE: HUDNA the value of Arab Truces

RIP Jerry Falwell: You were right. Tinky Winky IS a raging queen.

Yes. Everyone made fun of him... but he was right.

They ARE brainwashing your children, and you attention to the nuances and subtleties in language and images in all your children's television programs.

Don't just stick them in front of the TV because you have other shit to do and you can't be bothered ~ you will raise a stranger with strange socialist ideas and you will wonder where the hell they got them from. Wake up. It is your responsibility to make certain what you child sees and hears and learns is in line with the Word of GOD, YOUR responsibility and and no one else's.

BTW I saw an episode with the purse recently, they refer to it as "He & Him" as he gets his purse, there is also an episode with a Tu-Tu where it is made certain that this large sexless purple thing is referred to as He & Him repeatedly. Definitely intentional. Why sex the creature at all the show is for very small children, they need to know it's a he? And if you are making it do feminine things to not call it a she is obviously the evidence of agenda.

Straight From the Gay Horses Mouth: from "Queer Christians": Is Tinky Winky gay? The sexual preference of Tinky Winky, the largest of the four Teletubbies characters on the series that airs in America on PBS stations, has been the subject of debate since the series premiered in England in 1997. The character, whose voice is obviously that of a boy, has been found carrying a red purse in many episodes and has become a favorite character among gay groups worldwide.

Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle -- the gay-pride symbol. Parents Alert from February 1999 issue of Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal Dr Falwell responded to media criticism with a Press Statement which included the following: Dr. Falwell has never seen the teletubbies' TV program. Dr. Falwell has never commented in any way on the teletubbies. He did not "out" Tinky Winky.

Dr. Falwell is publisher of the National Liberty Journal (NLJ).
"This harmless-looking character carries a red patent leather purse and has a triangle, the recognized symbol of the homosexual-rights community, on his head." 12 February 1999 edition of Falwell Confidential

"It’s a great message to kids . . . not only that it’s OK to be Gay, but the importance of being well accessorized."

Is that right. Wow.


In 2002, Dr. Falwell was interviewed for a segment that 60 Minutes was doing on Christian Zionism. With all of the challenges facing Christians in those days, Dr. Falwell made his top priority crystal clear. He looked in the camera and declared:

There’s nothing that would bring the wrath of the Christian public in this country down on this government like abandoning or opposing Israel in a critical matter.

UPDATE: Video Clip of Falwell on 60 minutes

And for that, GOD BLESS YOU, & RIP Jerry Falwell.

Time to get Wrathful, Christian Zionists.

We ARE abandoning Israel as I type this to you.


I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.

~ Genesis 12:3

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

While you were busy bitching about the Dhimmicrats, the Republiwhores we elected were quietly caliphellating your enemies

That's right, you heard me.
Go ye forth, read these as one entity,
disabuse yourself of your erroneously presumed illusions,
refuse to speak or think in the diplobabbling whore language of deception,
and then get back to me.

Cheney Opens World Bank to Iran



Shaha Riza sets tongues wagging. We're still getting lots of mail from inside the World Bank about Shaha Riza. Apparently this article from a British tabloid is doing the rounds on the internal email, while the Arab News describes her as "one of the most influential Muslims in Washington".

Riza's neighbours are gossiping too: It's an international neighborhood and he's the icon for a fabulously expensive, tragic war. It's the one thing we talk about now."

White House close to conceding on Wolfowitz

Interview of the Vice President by Bret Baier of Fox News
5/15/07 ~ Beit al-Bahr Palace, Aqaba, Jordan

Abdullah Welcomes Cheney to the UAE

Iranian President to visit UAE next week

Ahmedinejad's Messages in the Gulf


US & EU SNUB 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem at Knesset

WHICH by the way goes totally unmentioned in the e-mail I got today from the
Republican Jewish Coalition but they are still all over Pelosi's trip to Syria.


Are you a Jew who belongs to GOD or a fool who belongs to a political party?

Olmert, also..too: PM invites Arab leaders to talk peace

For your reference: THE WORLD BANK

When Joram saw Jehu, he said, Is it peace, Jehu?
And Jehu answered:
How can peace exist so long as the whoredoms
abominations and vile witchcrafts of your mother Jezebel fill this land?

2 KINGS 9:22 ~ Spleenie Paraphrase Edition