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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hamas Rejects Bush Administration's "Benchmark Plan"


Islamic Jihad fires Rockets at Israel

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The leader of Hamas rejected an American proposal for a detailed timeline to ease Palestinian movement and improve Israeli security, instead threatening new violence against Israel despite wary Palestinian government support for the U.S. plan.
The Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, said Israel is planning a military operation against the Palestinians.
“We in Hamas are also preparing ourselves for battle, and we expect hot months,” he said. He urged all Palestinian groups to “seriously prepare themselves for battle.”
Israel said Mashaal's comments show the true nature of the group.
“We never had any illusions as to the policies and goals of the Hamas and unfortunately his remarks do not come as a surprise,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.


Read it all....

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Behold the Dhimmise of The Covenant Men

In Hebrew: Brit ~ Covenant.... Ish~ Man
British Muslims Demonstrating Peacefully, 2006

This week has been another terrible one for those of us who want a society in which all races, religions and cultures mix to their mutual advantage and enrichment.

On Tuesday, five men were sentenced to life in prison for plotting to use a huge fertiliser bomb in what would have been the UK's largest mass murder.

Omar Khyam, Waheed Mahmood, Salahuddin Amin, Anthony Garcia and Jawad Akbar - first and second generation immigrants - responded to the tolerance of the British people by trying to kill as many of them as possible.

Is it absurd to hope that the exposure of their evil after a 13-month trial which cost an estimated £50 million has finally provided the wake-up call that this slumbering country so badly needs?

Or will we continue to allow the politically-correct lunatics to stay in charge of what is becoming an asylum?

I'm one of those old-fashioned immigrants to this country who feels passionately grateful, is proudly British (as well as Irish - having been born in Dublin), and believes that immigrants have more duties than rights.

And, further, that one of those is to adjust to British society rather than expecting it to adjust to them.

U.S. taxpayers subsidize terrorist propaganda and Holocaust denial in the Arab world

Mad TV

Testifying under oath recently, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice misled Congress in her strong defense of Al-Hurra, the taxpayer financed Arab TV network. It was unwitting, though. She herself was misled.

During the March 21 House Foreign Operations Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Rep. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) pressed Ms. Rice on the wisdom of providing a platform to Islamic terrorists, citing Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's Dec. 7 speech, which Al-Hurra aired live. The broadcast speech "went on for 30 minutes," she responded, "followed by commentary, much of which was critical of Nasrallah."

In fact, Mr. Nasrallah's speech was carried in its entirety, roughly an hour and eight minutes. The commentary that followed--a 13-minute phone interview with Wael Abou Faour, a member of Lebanon's governing coalition--was indeed critical of Mr. Nasrallah. He accused the Hezbollah leader of not being anti-U.S. and anti-Israel enough. While Mr. Nasrallah had claimed Lebanon's governing coalition was aligned with the U.S. and had backed Israel during the war last summer, Mr. Abou Faour said that Hezbollah was actually closer to the U.S and added that any Lebanese faction that assisted "the Israeli enemy" should not be allowed to engage in political discussion because "the only place they should be [is] in prison."

The secretary of state's testimony was without doubt delivered in good faith. But the same cannot be said of the information about the broadcast Al-Hurra provided to the State Department.

Unfortunately, there is no practicable way that Foggy Bottom, or anyone else for that matter, can effectively monitor Al-Hurra, which has come under fire since the publication of my story about it on The Wall Street Journal's editorial page in March. The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the congressionally created independent panel charged with oversight, lacks the ability to conduct even basic auditing, as English transcripts are provided only on request--which rarely happens. Worse, there is no good channel for whistleblowers to communicate with the board without fear of retribution.

With an annual budget now over $70 million, Al-Hurra has for three years served as the centerpiece of America's aggressive post-9/11 courtship of the Arab world. Insiders maintain that the network was fulfilling its mission until it hired former CNN producer Larry Register last November. Mr. Register has not, to his credit, changed Al-Hurra's dedication to showcasing the full range of U.S. politics. The other side of the network, however, has been "gutted," in the words of one staffer. Even though Mr. Register has made some improvements since the March column, Al-Hurra still produces far fewer stories about Arab government corruption and human-rights abuses. (Mr. Register did not respond to repeated requests for an interview.)



Al Hurra @ Source Watch

WSJ Columnist - US Gvt's Al Hurra Promotes Anti-Israel Agenda

2004: President Bush meets with Al-Hurra

VA based US Financed Arabic Channel "Finds it's Voice" WAPO 2004

Hey.....Let's Beat 'Em With Their Own Hammer and Sickle!

(Hat Tip ~ Aboo-Hoo-Hoo)

Russia's Parliament has voted to restore the communist-era hammer and sickle to the official flag of the Russian Army.

It is expect President Vladimir Putin will ratify the move in time for next week's commemorations marking the end of World War II in Europe.

If so, Russians will again have the Soviet version of the victory banner for next week's Victory in Europe parade in Moscow.

For many Russians, especially the elderly, its symbolism is immense.

The red banner, together with the hammer, sickle and a white star, was the one raised on the Reichstag roof on May 1, 1945.

Millions of people all over the world know that photograph, but in Russia its significance is much deeper, with the Soviet victory over fascism in World War II remaining something seen in almost religious terms

/Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophecy against him, and say, 'Thus says the Lord God, "Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. And I will turn you about, and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords; Persia, Ethiopia, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north with all its troops, many peoples with you.
~ Ezekiel 38:2-6


Relates to this and the story above...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Our Friends The Bush Administration

(Hat Tip ~ Selpaw)
AKA The Galled Bladder of Zion

( Israeli officials are worried about a set of so-called “benchmarks” presented last week by U.S. diplomats that would be used as steps toward final status negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

As before, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will fly to the region, this time on May 15th to drag the powerless PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and unpopular Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert back to the bargaining table to enforce the implementation of those benchmarks.

The eight-month timeline calls for a series of steps that resemble the “confidence-building measures” laid out in the tattered Road Map plan, another U.S. initiative which Israel began to carry out and the PA basically ignored.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert already tentatively agreed last week to comply with America’s latest laundry list, according to the Reuters news agency. U.S. officials said the PA had also agreed to carry out the plan, which is set to begin this month and carry on through December.

Neither Israel nor the PA, however, has officially responded to the document, which becomes a binding contract if both sides formally accept it.

Israeli officials are deeply concerned about the viability of the plan, authored by U.S. Security Coordinator Keith Dayton, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones and U.S. Consul-General in Jerusalem, Jacob Walles.

The benchmarks include a deadline by which Israel will allow PA bus and truck convoys to shuttle between Gaza and PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria.

Israel is also expected to remove the security roadblocks in Judea and Samaria and extend operating hours at the major border crossings with Gaza.

More ominous, Israel will be forced to provide arms, ammunition and equipment to PA security forces in an “immediate and ongoing” manner, whenever U.S. Maj.-Gen. Dayton “requests” it.


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Rice Walks In, Iranian Envoy Slips Out

Reader Realwest's Letter to President Bush:

Dear President:

I've been a fervent and faithful believer in you and in your attempts to do what's right for America, since the year 1999. In spite of some differences of opinion with you, on certain very specific issues such as immigration, I have always stood up for you and HONESTLY believed you have been trying to protect us all from the barbarians in the Middle East.

When Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi made her trip to Syria, I wrote all my friends and to every organization with which I have had any contact at all to protest this usurping of Presidential power. I even mentioned the Logan Act.

I have of course realized how constrained you are, and perhaps justifiably so in the eyes of our Founding Fathers, by Public Opinion as to what may or may not be possible in foreign affairs.NOW I read where Secretary of State Rice may meet (obviously with your blessings) with Syria, since, apparently Syria is reducing it's assistance to the "foreign fighters" who are killing Americans in Iraq.I just HAD to tell you that you are both morally and politically wrong for allowing this meeting to even be discussed, much less occur.
1. Syria - by our government's own statements has been and continues to be (perhaps more slowly than before, but still at it) enabling other people to kill Our Troops - Your troops as Commander in Chief. Sir, that is morally unconscionable.
2. By allowing even the discussion of such a meeting, you - and I emphasize YOU -have made Nancy Pelosi the de facto President of the United States. She goes to Syria and many, many people complain about that - including your adiministration. The Syrians, of course, rejoice in the fact that they are no longer as isolated by the US, else why would Speaker Pelosi visit them? Then YOU turn around, FOLLOW Speaker Pelosi's ill conceived and morally wrong visit to Syria by authorizing your own Secretary of State to discuss having meetings with Syria. Politically you have just handed the Democratic Party a MAJOR victory domestically ("see, Pelosi LEADS, Bush follows") and may just in fact have turned over, at the least, our foreign policy leadership in the middle east to the Democrats for which they will have NO legal or political responsiblity over the outcome. IF it turns out badly YOU will be blamed; if Ms. Rice gets anything of aid to the United States out of her meeting with Syria, the Democrats will get the credit.
I honestly don't know who is advising you on political matters but whoever it is is totally incompetent. On the Moral Issue of meeting with those who are actively engaged in enabling the murder of American troops, the good Lord knows who is your guide.

British support for the next Holocaust continues


LONDON (EJP)---A group of 130 British doctors have called for a boycott of the Israel Medical Association and its expulsion from the World Medical Association.

In a letter to The Guardian newspaper in England last week the physicians, headed by the notoriously anti-Israel Dr Derek Summerfield and Professor Colin Green claimed "Persistent violations of medical ethics have accompanied Israel's occupation."

Outlining how they believe the Israeli Defence Force has "systematically flouted the fourth Geneva convention guaranteeing a civilian population unfettered access to medical services and immunity for medical staff", the letter blamed Israel for destroying "any coherence in the (Palestinian) primary health system".

The doctors then claimed the IMA has "refused" to protest about "war crimes" something, the doctors said they believe it "has a duty" to do. The letter compared Israel to apartheid South Africa. "We are calling for a boycott of the Israeli Medical Association and its expulsion from the WMA. There is a precedent for this: the expulsion of the Medical Association of South Africa during the apartheid era," it read.

"A boycott is an ethical and moral imperative when conventional channels do not function, for otherwise we are merely turning away," the doctors added.

The letter came after 18 Palestinian health organizations appealed to fellow professionals abroad to "recognize how the IMA has forfeited its right to membership of the international medical community."

Claims rejected

IMA chairman Dr. Yoram Blachar, who also acts as the council chair of the WMA, rejected all the claims, noting that the Palestinian Authority refused to accept from Israel drugs and dialysis solutions that it was ready to transfer.

Martin Sugarman, the head of a twinning group between Homerton Hospital in London and Haifa's Rambam Hospital in Israel, said he was shocked by the call.

"If suicide bombers from Gaza and the West Bank never dressed as pregnant or sick patients trying to reach and blow up Israeli hospitals, if PLO ambulances did not transport terrorists and arms, then maybe there would be no need for the security fence, check points and free access to medical care by peaceful citizens," he told London's Jewish News. "Despite all this, Israeli hospitals still treat free, Palestinian civilians from the West Bank and Gaza, with severe illnesses and conditions."

European Jewish Press. Hat tip: Janet Levy

And I will bless those who bless you and curse him who curses or uses insolent language toward you; in you will all the families and kindred of the earth be blessed
[and by you they will bless themselves].

~ Genesis 12:3


(Hat Tip ~ Shug)

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A former warlord who has long lived by his gun was sworn in as mayor of Mogadishu on Friday and immediately ordered residents of the Somali capital to get rid of their weapons.

But Mayor Mohamed Dheere offered no clear details on how that could be accomplished in a city awash in Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns and hand grenades. Previous efforts to get residents to give up their weapons have been unsuccessful.

"No weapons are allowed in the city," Dheere, who spent 16 years as a warlord struggling for power in this Horn of Africa nation, said at his inauguration ceremony. "Anyone who violates this directive will be punished."

The new police chief, Abdi Qeybdiid, also called for residents to disarm Friday, and said cars with blacked-out or tinted windows must go.

"Anyone who fails to abide by these rules will be brought before the court," he said — a surprising assertion in a city that has seen little more than chaos for more than a decade.

Dheere is trying to build on a fragile peace carved out by clan deal-making and a fierce military crackdown on Muslim militants.

Aid groups say 1,670 people were killed between March 12 and April 26 and more than 340,000 of the city's 2 million residents fled for safety as the government, backed by Ethiopian troops, pressed to wipe out an Islamic insurgency.

It was not clear how long the calm would last — extremist Islamic leaders have vowed their forces would rise up again. But the violence was also spurred by a struggle for power among Somali clans, and that element may have subsided because of efforts to appease the clans, including the weekend appointment of Dheere as mayor. Dheere's powerful clan, the Hawiye, had complained of being ignored by the government.

Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and then turned against each other. The current government was established in 2004, but has failed to assert full control.

With the crucial aid of troops from neighboring Ethiopia, Somali forces ousted a militant Islamic group known as the Council of Islamic Courts over the New Year. But the group promised to launch an Iraq style insurgency, and the capital was soon enduring weeks of artillery battles and shelling between the warring sides.

The relentless violence is among the reasons many Somalis have been reluctant to give up their arms. But in a hopeful sign for the government, several members of the powerful business community in the capital handed over 25 boxes and 20 sacks filled with weapons, saying they would now depend on government forces to protect them.

But violence and crime continues to be a challenge. On Thursday, gunmen seized three boats off the coast of Somalia's semiautonomous Puntland region, said Andrew Mwangura, head of the Kenyan chapter of the Seafarers Assistance Program. Mwangura had no update on the situation Friday.

Ali Mohamed Gedi, the Interim prime minister of the Somali Transitional Federal Government left, and Mohamed Dheere, right, the new mayor of Mogadishu leave the Mogadishu Municipality center after the inauguration of the new mayor Friday, May 4,  2007. Mogadishu's new mayor used his swearing-in ceremony Friday to make a call for residents to disarm, trying to build on a fragile peace carved out by clan deal-making and a fierce military crackdown on Islamic insurgents.   (AP Photo/ Farah Abdi Warsameh)

MFers. I see you.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tancredo on Israel

Video clip from tonight's "debates"

Stuttering and eqivocating. How derivative.
Spleen sez strikeout.

Remember this guy?
Do he stutter?

Stupid Biatch Doesn't Like Hagee

From The Forward:

As Evangelical Firebrand Hooks Up With Federations, Liberals Speak Out

Pastor John Hagee, the firebrand evangelical Christian minister from San Antonio, Texas, had thousands of pro-Israel activists standing, clapping and chanting at this year’s annual convention of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Hagee’s virtuoso performance at the conference in March underscored his emergence as a linchpin in the growing political alliance between Jewish and evangelical pro-Israel activists. Less well known is that Hagee, who in February 2006 founded the first Christian pro-Israel lobbying group — Christians United for Israel — is working to extend his influence beyond power centers in Washington, to Jewish and evangelical communities across the country.

In little more than a year since its inception, Hagee’s Christian Zionist group — with an almost entirely volunteer staff of 13 regional directors, 46 state directors and more than 85 city directors — has hosted 40 dinners in cities nationwide, well-attended by Jews and evangelicals alike. To date, the events, billed as “Nights to Honor Israel,” have raised more than $10 million for charitable causes in the Jewish state.

Setting aside their initial skepticism — and taking Hagee at his word that he is not out to convert them — the heads of local Jewish federations have supported, or at least attended, the dinners.

[SNIP ~ A bunch of liberals bitching]

“I don’t like that they would not like to see Israel trade land for peace, because in my view that’s a very important formula,” said Rabbi Jonathan Biatch of Temple Beth El in Madison, Wis. “The real bottom line is the fact that this organization would like to exacerbate tensions in the Middle East so it will lead to Armageddon.”

Biatch is among a handful of Reform rabbis who are opting out of the federations’ warm embrace of CUFI.

Over the past year, heated discussions over whether or not to participate in Hagee’s events have set the Internet list-serve for Reform rabbis ablaze.

Biatch spoke out against the alliance with Christian Zionists in a March 23 sermon to his 700-family congregation after he saw an ad in his local paper stating that “A Night to Honor Israel” was set to take place in Madison. In his address, Biatch also expressed concern over what he views as Hagee’s anti-Muslim rhetoric broadcast in speeches on the pastor’s Web site and elucidated in his books.

[SNIP] Read it all...

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Christians United for Israel

Pastor Hagee's Site

Gramscian Churchianity and the High Priest of Duplicitous Gay Whores

McGreevey seeking to become Episcopal Priest

(Hat Tip ~ Digger)

Former Gov. James E. McGreevey has started the process to become a priest in his newly adopted Episcopal faith and has been accepted into a three-year seminary program starting this fall.

McGreevey, who often described himself as a devout Catholic while in public office, was officially received into the Episcopal religion on Sunday, at St. Bartholomew's Church in Manhattan.

He also has been accepted into the Master of Divinity program at Manhattan's renowned General Theological Seminary, seminary spokesman Bruce Parker said in a statement this afternoon.

"He has met all of General's admissions requirements and, as with all students accepted for admission, his application was evaluated by a committee composed of faculty members and several students, along with the Director of Admissions. We look forward to welcoming him as a member of the General Seminary community," Parker said.

McGreevey also has begun the church's "discernment" phase that usually precedes any seminary work, said the Rev. Kevin Bean, vicar at St. Bartholomew.

"This process that he's in right now, is not going to be some snap of the finger, overnight process. That will not happen. That's not how it works. He knows that," Bean said. "And so at the parish level, and at the diocesan level, everyone knows that this is a process that ... intentionally is deliberate. You don't enter into it unadviseably."

McGreevey declined to comment today. Messages left for officials at the seminary were not immediately returned.


The Muslims in Thailand Are Most Restive

Buddhist murdered in Thai muslim south as OIC chief visits

YALA - A Buddhist man was shot dead and six others injured Tuesday in Thailand's Muslim-majority south, as the head of an intergovernmental group visited the country, police said.
The 35-year-old rubber tapper was gunned down by militants as he pulled into a service station in Yala, one of three insurgency-plagued provinces bordering Malaysia.
Four other people, including the victim's two children, were injured in the attack, police added.
In neighbouring Pattani province, a roadside bomb injured two police officers, leaving one in serious condition, officers said.
The attacks were carried out as the head of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) visited Bangkok to discuss the three-year insurgency in the south.
Its secretary general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu met with Thai Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram on Monday, and was set to meet with army-installed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont and junta leader Sonthi Boonyaratglin on Tuesday.
Sonthi is the first Muslim to head the army in the overwhelmingly Buddhist country.
Ihsanoglu also planned to meet with Muslim community leaders before leaving Thailand late Tuesday, foreign ministry spokesman Piriya Khempon said.
"The OIC praised Thailand's peaceful approach to resolving the violence in the restive southern region. The organisation has monitored the situation closely and is ready to provide supports," Piriya told AFP.
More than 2,100 people have been killed in three years of unrest in the southern provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani.
Four were killed on Monday alone, including a man and his son who were shot and then set ablaze. Militants decapitated the father, leaving his head about two kilometres (one mile) away.
The military-backed government, which came to power after a September coup, has made peace-building efforts in a bid to rein in the insurgency, but violence has escalated over the past six months.

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Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Thailand

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The Religion of Pieces and the Caliph Fate of Africa

DEATH OF A THOUSAND CUTS - A slow death by the torture of many small wounds, none lethal in itself, but fatal in their cumulative effect. This torture was a form of execution in ancient China, reserved for the most heinous crime. The more literal translation from the Chinese is 'one thousand knives and ten thousand pieces,' the scariest possible description, designed to deter criminals.

British terrorists using Africa as secret staging post

Home-grown British terrorists have been flying to countries in Africa that do not require visas from London before transferring to Pakistan for training in al-Qaeda camps.

The countries are believed to include Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar, where visas are available on arrival, and South Africa, which requires no visa for a stay of fewer than 90 days.

There is evidence that al-Qaeda has been looking for loopholes and weaknesses that can be exploited by volunteers in order to evade intelligence services in the West.

Africa is fast becoming the continent preferred by British Pakistanis who want to reach Pakistan to enter the terrorist training camps without alerting the authorities. Countries in Africa that do not require a visa from London are seen as ideal staging-posts for terrorist recruits who do not want to risk flying directly to Pakistan.

About 30,000 British Pakistanis fly to Pakistan every year, which poses a substantial challenge for the British and Pakistani authorities in their attempt to identify those who are planning to link up with groups affiliated to al-Qaeda.



Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas invited to South Africa by South African Cabinet minister

(Hat Tip ~ Zulubaby)

South Africa on Thursday invited Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas to visit the country, in what would be his first trip outside the Arab world. The invitation was issued by visiting Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, who met with Haniyeh.

"We stand by you and support you," Kasrils said of the new Palestinian unity government, a coalition of Hamas and the Fatah movement of moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. "We in South Africa look forward to you being able to lead a delegation to our country," Kasrils told Haniyeh in a joint news conference. (AP)

Our Friends The Bush Administration

Rice to Meet With Syrian FM

SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will meet Syria's foreign minister Thursday in the first high-level talks between the two countries in years, a U.S. official said.

But a substantive meeting between the United States and Iran — another staunch U.S. Mideast foe — appeared less certain.

"We expect that there will be a discussion between Secretary of State Rice and the Syrian foreign minister about Iraqi security issues," said a senior State Department official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was still being arranged.

Both the United States and Iran also had spoken favorably of a possible meeting, but the chances for that remained unclear, and neither side had commented publicly on any immediate arrangements.

The confirmation of the Syrian meeting came as Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki opened the conference by calling on all countries to forgive his country's foreign debts.

But Saudi Arabia's foreign minister made no immediate public pledge — saying only that his country was in talks with Iraq and would consider such forgiveness.

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Rice and Iran's Mottaki had brief exchange
Hizballah Preparing for All Out War

Shin Bet: MK Bishara spied for Hiz'b'Allah

Accused of helping Iranian-backed terror group "deepen strikes" against Israel

One of Israel's most outspoken Arab politicians, Azmi Bishara is suspected of spying for Hizb'Allah during the Second Lebanon War and providing the group with targets and classified military information, Israel's Shin Bet security agency announced on Wednesday.

The investigation, carried out by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police over the past few years, revealed a long list of serious spying charges and activity against the state of Israel,
Jerusalem Post reports.

According to the suspicions against Bishara, revealed to the press on Wednesday, the former MK transferred information, predictions, assessments and recommendations about the political echelon, the IDF and the Israeli public during last summer's war with Hizb'Allah.

Bishara also reportedly gave advice to Hizb'Allah on how to "deepen their strikes againstIsrael." He also gave advice concerning the use of long-range missiles south of Haifa, and Israel's response to the attacks.

In addition the former Balad party leader is charged with providing classified intelligence material to other nations, assisting the enemy at a time of war; maintaining contact with a foreign agent; passing information to an enemy; money laundering and terror financing.

"Bishara caused severe harm to the security of the state of Israel," a high-ranking Shin Bet official said Wednesday. "He maintained secret contact by secret lines of communication with Hizb'Allah...he walked around the Knesset where decisions were being made by the prime minister, ministers and government officials."

Bishara was questioned by the Israel Police's International Serious Crimes Unit in late March. He informed interrogators then that he planned to travel abroad for several days. Due to his parliamentary immunity, authorities were unable to prevent him from leaving the country.

He appears to have no immediate plans to return to Israel to answer the charges.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spielberg in Dubailand

Universal Park Tataweer Dubailand

Duo to launch new theme park

Dubai just keeps getting bigger. Execs from the United Arab Emirates-based Tatweer have launched the $2 billion Universal City Dubailand in partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts.

The 505-acre development will include a 149-acre Universal theme park along with more than 4,000 hotel rooms, 100 restaurants and a range of retail outlets.

The theme park will be Universal's fourth, after existing parks in Los Angeles, Orlando and Tokyo. Rides will center on the likes of "Jurassic Park" and "King Kong," with Steven Spielberg acting as creative consultant. Park is due to open in 2010. Majority of park will be indoors, given Dubai's soaring temperatures.

Universal Parks & Resorts chief executive Thomas L. Williams unveiled a model of the park in the presence of Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum, son of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum. Al Maktoum Sr. owns Tatweer through his Dubai Holding investment company.

Launch of Universal City Dubailand comes only days after the announcement of a $1 billion Marvel theme park, set to open in Dubai in 2011.


Exclusive! One of the Zionist Hobby Center's Ubiquitous Clandestine Informants managed to translate a flyer found under the burka flap of an unidentified woman in Tataweer this morning:


Allah Fubar, Seekers of Death!
I am your Host Stephen Spielberg!
Welcome to the Islamorama Unfair!

This morning we will be getting our Unhappy Meals at McAllahs,
where all children will receive a complimentary plastic AK 47
and a genuine "future shahid" Hamas headband!

Then, our first attraction will be The Hall of Beheaded Infidels!

After that, get ready!

Because The House of the Atomic Djinn has lots of suprises in store for you!


Attentions sisters in Allah!

The Clitorectomy Mobiles are gassing up for
your exciting diversion.
This is the only ride the women are permitted to enjoy!

And then..
it's off to the Camel Races!
Kaboom El Blammo Rammalamma AlKilya is everyone's favorite jockey!

Then.... the House of Zionist Mischief will terrify and amaze you!

And finally we will arrive at the House of Shahids
where Imams will be on call to sign up suicide bombers and issue fatwas.

Enjoy the day as if it were your last! Because it may be!

Spielberg, veteran Whore of the Caliphate, was off Califellating Castro a while back too...

Also see: Robert Duvall slams Spielberg

The Right Rodney Wright

Cinema BabbaZee/Spleenie Fellini Productions

Lawsuit Aims to Halt Mosque Construction

MIAMI (AP) - A man fighting the opening of a mosque in his suburban neighborhood filed a lawsuit Tuesday to try and halt construction, a move derided by Arab leaders as anti-Muslim.

Rodney Wright, who is Christian, claims the relocation of the Islamic Center of South Florida to a new, larger building in his Pompano Beach neighborhood "presents a substantial harm to the well-being, safety and health" of the community.

The lawsuit claims the leader of the mosque, Imam Hassan Sabri, has repeatedly been associated with others who are tied to terrorist groups including Hamas, al-Qaida and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The connections outlined in the filing appear loose and there is no accusation of direct wrongdoing.

Sabri has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing and neither he nor his mosque have been the target of any publicized investigation. The imam did not return a call seeking comment.

Larry Klayman, the attorney for Wright, said the filing does not amount to an anti-Muslim action but maintained that the mosque sacrificed public safety.

"The mosque is radical, the imam is radical," Klayman said. "We believe they will go out and recruit people in the African-American community to do their bidding."

Klayman would not make his client available for questions and a message left at a telephone listing for Wright was not immediately returned.

"I'm very much disturbed that in this day and age you'd find people going to such extreme measures to prevent a house of worship from being built in any American city," said Altaf Ali, executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. "I look at this as an act of religious intimidation."

Besides the lawsuit's terrorism claims, it makes more routine complaints, including that prayer meetings could cause substantial traffic and taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for increased infrastructure and police protection.

The Islamic Center of South Florida has been in Pompano Beach, about 30 miles north of Miami, for more than 20 years. Klayman became well-known after founding the conservative, Washington-based watchdog group Judicial Watch in 1994 which, at its outset, primarily targeted Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Klayman also has brought cases against Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden, Fidel Castro and the Teamsters, as well as his own mother.

/There's no bias inherent in the language of that story.
It's all just a figment of my fevered spleen's imagination.

Harvard Report Examines Media Coverage of Lebanon War

In the No Shit, Sherlock Department:

An academic report concludes Hezbollah succeeded at using the media as a weapon against Israel.

Jackie Mason asks: How moronic can you be?


Take the fork away, he could poke your eyes out with the fork!
Everybody who has a chair can be a menace to society!
Take every tall person's hands away!
Eliminate cars!
Kill the murderers! That's the only way!

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Bush administration draws up timetable for peace talks, sets ‘benchmarks’ to be completed by December

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When Joram saw Jehu, he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And Jehu answered, How can peace exist so long as the fornications of your mother Jezebel are so many, and her witchcrafts fill the land?
~ 2 Kings 9:22

The Bush administration has drawn up an eight-month timetable setting dates for when Israeli and Palestinian leaders would complete steps meant to bolster prospects for peace talks, US, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.

The US timeline, the first of its kind presented to both sides, includes specific dates for when Washington envisages Israel letting Palestinian bus and truck convoys travel between the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank, a demand that has raised some Israeli objections.

Washington, at the same time, has set dates for when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah would step up deployment of his forces and take specific measures to begin curbing rocket fire by militants, officials who have read the document told Reuters.

The security moves by Abbas could bring a backlash from the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement and other militant groups behind the rocket attacks, which, according to the US timeline, would come to an end before the end of 2007.

Read it all. Your life depends on it.

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge
~ Hosea 4:6

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cut Off a Head for Al-Jazeera!

Taliban Behead Afghan Police Officer
May 1, 2007 -- The governor of the southern Afghan Kandahar Province says Taliban militants today beheaded an 18-year-old police officer.

Niaz Mohammad Sarhadi said the police officer was returning to duty from holidays when he was captured by insurgents in the village of Mushan in Panjwayi district.

"Terrorists beheaded the officer, and his headless body was left in a school in the village," Sarhadi said.

Then I saw thrones, and sitting on them were those to whom authority to act as judges and to pass sentence was entrusted. Also I saw the souls of those who had been slain by beheading for their witnessing to Moshiach and for preaching and testifying for the Word of God, those who had refused to pay homage to the beast or his statue and had not accepted his mark or permitted it to be stamped on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived again and ruled with Moshiach for one thousand years.
~ Revelation 20:4


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Tehran, 30 April (AKI) - A group of supporters of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday forced their way into the campus of top Tehran university Amir Kabir Polytechnic and assaulted a group of student activists who were staging a peaceful rally against the detention of their spokesman Babak Zamanian, who was arrested last week.

About a dozen students who were stabbed and attacked with chains were transferred to hospital. A similar attack by Ahmadinejad supporters was carried out Monday against activists at the university of Lorestan, in western Iran.
About a dozen government supporters wounded with knives students who were staging a demonstration on campus. One of the protesters, Siamak Nadali is in hospital in a critical condition. Students at the university of Lorestan were carrying out an all-out protest, following the example of their peers in the capital Tehran, in Babol near the Caspian sea, and Shiraz in the west, who are rallying against new government measures imposing strict new dress codes and opening hours on campus as well as restrictions on political activity.

Last December, dozens of protesters burned pictures of Ahmadinejad crying 'dictator go away', 'death to dictatorship' and threw firecrackers when Ahmadinejad was visiting Amir Kabir university in Tehran. The rally forced him to interrupt several times a speech he was giving and leave before scheduled. The students’ complaints largely mirrored public frustrations over the president’s crackdown on civil liberties, his poor economic policies and a Holocaust denial conference his government had organised early December. They also protested against the president’s campaign to purge the universities of all aspects of the reform movement of his predecessor, Mohammad Khatami. It was the first time since his landslide victory in June 2005 that Ahmadinejad was challenged in public.


At noon, Elijah began to taunt them. "Shout louder!" he said. "Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened." So they shouted louder and slashed themselves with swords and spears, as was their custom, until their blood flowed. Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time for the evening sacrifice. But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention.
~ 1 Kings 18 27:29