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Monday, May 11, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: For the Love of GOD~

Lonnie Liston Smith

By this, all will know that you are my disciples:
If you have love for one another.
~ John 13

Iraq wants Israel to pay for bombing reactor
Iraqi parliament discusses demand to sue Israel for billions in damages, after learning that Jews who left country years ago are now demanding compensation from Iraqi government
King Abdullah in Mid East warning
That is no warning. That is a THREAT.
King Abdullah of Jordan has warned that failure to reach an agreement for peace in the Middle East will result in a new conflict within 12-18 months. In comments to the UK newspaper The Times, he said the US was finalising an ambitious "57-state solution" for peace that he is helping to prepare.

Hamas leader rejects two-state solution
Hamas will accept no less than a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital

Islamic Jihad says to accept conditioned truce with Israel
OOOOooooo, they must be moderates!
Hudna hudna hudna....

Netanyahu Wants Palestinian Talks in 'Next Few Weeks'
BiBi.... Don't you do the wrong thing now.

Secret plan aims to 'strengthen Jerusalem' as Israel's capital

It's no secret. Read your Torah. Jerusalem belongs to GOD.

Pope Calls for Palestinian Homeland

Pope Benedict has called for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict - a position that could put him at odds with Israel's new government.

During a speech in Tel Aviv Monday, the pope said he was pleading with "all those responsible" to explore every possible avenue for a just resolution so that "both peoples may live in peace in a homeland of their own" with secure, "internationally recognized borders."
Every Catholic who reads this blog should storm their Vatican representatives with fucking torches and pitchforks and scream for the blood of Israel. Cause if you don't, the Pope is taking you down with him. Woe. Times eleventy. Plus infinitude. Period.

In Jordan, pope backs efforts for 'alliance of civilizations'
Monstrous Woe unto him. Colossal Woe unto us all.
At an airport welcoming ceremony in Amman May 8, the pope expressed his “deep respect for the Muslim community” and paid tribute to interfaith dialogue initiatives launched by Jordanian leaders.

“We can say that these worthy initiatives have achieved much good in furthering an alliance of civilizations between the West and the Muslim world, confounding the predictions of those who consider violence and conflict inevitable,” he said in a speech.

He commended Jordan for curbing extremism and protecting the religious freedom of the country’s Christian minority and said its leaders had promoted “a better understanding of the virtues proclaimed by Islam.”
Israeli PM to Egypt for tenuous talks

How Obama's America Might Threaten Israel
And - one more time -
this did not start under Obama.
He only gets the credit, the blame, and the photo-op.

The Iranian Revolution and the Rise of Militant Islam

Khatami heads to Saudi to attend Interaction Council meeting
The Interaction Council consists of a group of former heads of government who meet periodically to discuss world issues. The council was formed in 1983 by Takeo Fukuda, the former Japanese premier.

Khatami’s five-day trip takes place upon an invitation by former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt and former Australian premier Malcolm Fraser.

The meeting will discuss dialogue between Islam and Christianity, the current global situation, ways to defuse crises, energy, and the world’s future.

Khatami is to deliver speeches on Islam and Christianity as well as the current situation of the world
US: Iran threat underlines need for Israel to seek peace
General James Jones, President Barack Obama's national security advisor, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would hear the US message on the need for a "two-state" solution first-hand when he comes here soon.

"We understand Israel's preoccupation with Iran as an existential threat. We agree with that," he said on ABC television.

"And by the same token, there are a lot of things that you can do to diminish that existential threat by working hard towards achieving a two-state solution," he said.

Woe unto us. Gird up.

Iran Continues Shelling Kurds In Iraqi Territory
To monumental [CRICKETS] from the MSM and the Glow Ball

US journalist in Iran freed from prison
We threw you your bone you infidel dogs.
Now STFU, lay down and die.

US sets October "dealine" for Iranian Talks
Ohhhh it's a dead line. I'll give you that.
The United States has set October as its target for completing the first round of talks with Iran on its nuclear program, according to confidential reports sent to Jerusalem.
How fucking confidential can they be if I am posting it here?

Iran to procure Chinese defense system

Many Try to Run in Iran, but Few Will Be Allowed

Pakistan in crisis amid anti-Taliban offensive

360,000 civilians flee Pakistani offensive
Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has denied his nuclear-armed nation is on the verge of collapse as top US officials welcomed his government's bloody military offensive against the Taliban.
Petraeus confident Pakistan nuclear arms secure
Glad he's confident. WTF he bases that shit on I have zero idea.

'More than 1000 civilians killed' in attacks on Sri Lanka safe zone

If that's the safe fucking zone GOD help those in the unsafe zone.

Hundreds flee Somalia's capital after fighting
Hundreds fled Somalia's capital Monday after at least 35 were killed over the weekend in some of the worst fighting in weeks, while masked Islamic fighters were seen heading toward Mogadishu.
Iran-OIC trade surpasses $27b in calendar year

1st Meeting of OIC's stock exchanges forum was held May 6 in Tehran:
The representatives of the Exchanges, regulators and financial institutes from Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran attended the event to discuss over the feasibility of establishing a common securities exchange and its pre-requisites.

The working committee includes four task forces, whose coordinators presented their activity reports on the following issues in the meeting:

- Studying the Feasibility of Establishing an Islamic Securities Exchange (by Tehran SE)
- Customized Indices, ETFs, and Islamic Depository Receipts (by Istanbul SE)
- Post-Trade Services (by Takasbank of Turkey)
- Promotion of Awareness and Education of Investors about Islamic Capital Markets (by Bursa Malaysia)
Thrust for global zakat fund initiatives
Shariah! I just met a fund named Shariah!

Kosovo eyeing international recognition with Turkish backing

Erdogan to talk energy in Tehran

Venezuelan oil companies occupied, nationalized by troops
Caracas ­ Venezuelan troops Saturday occupied about 60 privately owned companies that provide support to the country's oil industry. The move follows an order on Friday from President Hugo Chavez, who ordered the full or partial takeover of about 60 firms in the state of Zulia. Chavez's order came after legislative enactment of a new hydrocarbons bill.
Russia 'ready to rebuff aggression'
Dmitry Medvedev said on Saturday the country should remember the lessons learned from the Soviet Union's victory in World War II.

"Our victory over fascism is a great example and a great lesson to all nations, a lesson which is still topical today when, again and again, people appear who indulge in military adventurism," Medvedev said from a podium front of the tomb of Vladimir Lenin in Red Square.

"Defence of our homeland is our holy duty ... We are sure that any aggression against our citizens will be decisively rebuffed."
Russia-Japan nuclear pact
RUSSIAN Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told Japanese media his country expects to sign a nuclear power pact with Japan during his visit here this week, reports said on Sunday.

In an interview with Japanese media in Moscow, Mr Putin said he would also present a list of economic cooperation projects during his three-day visit beginning on Monday.

Southern Corridor, RWE and Turkmenistan
As I was writing this article, the European Commission and the Czech presidency of the EU was hosting a summit in Prague with its partner countries on the development of the Southern Corridor for energy and transport.

The participating partner countries were Turkey, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
The main objective of the summit was to provide strong political support and concrete commitments for the development of the Southern Corridor, including the trans-Caspian interconnection, which immediately brings to mind the significance and importance of Turkmenistan above all, because Turkmenistan possesses the world’s fifth largest reserves of natural gas.

It is estimated that the country’s reserves stand at 72.67 trillion cubic meters. It currently produces about 70 billion cubic meters of gas annually and plans to extract more. Its export commitments are substantial. Russia is, of course, the number one customer with 50 billion cubic meters, followed by Iran, with 8 billion cubic meters.
Caspian nations reject EU Nabucco deal
Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan refuse to sign

Gas deal between Turkey and European Union breaks Russian stranglehold
HA HA! My name is Bad Vlad.
I am Glorious. I must break you.
My stranglehold is great.
You will see.

A gas pipeline has exploded in the Russian capital, Moscow, sending flames 100m (300ft) high into the air and setting fire to a nearby building.
Several people are reported to have been injured. More than 30 fire-fighting teams were sent to the scene, in the south-west of the city. The authorities have shut off the gas supply to the area and are investigating the cause of the blast. Ageing pipelines have been blamed for recent gas explosions in Russia.

Putin: NATO Exercises in Georgia Hinder US-Russia Relations
Be warned!
~ Bad Vlad

Russia Denies Involvement In Alleged Georgian Military Coup

Thousands rally to mark one month of Georgia protests

Georgian Opposition Decries Police 'Excessive Force'

Georgia's political stalemate could end in violence

CPJ Urges Russian Authorities To Investigate Journalist's Brutal Injuries

Kazakh Foreign Minister visits Germany

Scandal in Austria: ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan imprisoned his father
Everything old is new again!
STFU or we imprison you too, just like daddy.
~ Bad Vlad

Kazakhstan is due to assume the helm of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010

No I am NOT making this up, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!

The amendment also required both parents to give permission before a child could attend a religious event, and it would ban believers from expressing their faith beyond their "own circle."

Speculation is rife over the international pressure that played a role in the Council's decision. Kazakhstan is due to assume the helm of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in 2010. Such a restrictive religion law flies in the face of what the OSCE stands for.

India to receive uranium from Kazakhstan
They ain't called The Stans for nothing.

Kazakhstan hosts scientific conference
Azerbaijani Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Kazakhstan, candidate of economic sciences, doctor Latif Gandilov opened the conference with the report "Philosophy of politics: Role of personality in contemporary history".
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, even!
Well Excuuuuuuse me!

Russian Tatars Concerned By Skinhead 'Day Of Revenge'
In April, calls by right extremists groups for attacks against police buildings on May 5 appeared on several ultranationalist websites.

Skinheads declared the day the "Day of Revenge."
Uzbekistan vetting lawyers for loyalty, say rights activists

Uzbek Children Told To Grow Cotton At Home

Jump down, turn around, MFers!
~ Vladimir Vladmirovitch Czar Supreme

Uzbek Human Rights Activists Meet In France

Korean President Lee Leaves for Uzbekistan on State Visit

S Korea Inks Pact To Explore 5 Oil Blocks In Uzbekistan

Uzbek/ Egyptian Water Deal

North Korean army takes over drug trafficking

China's Influence over North Korea Questioned

Nepal: Maoist protesters clash with police
Police in Nepal used batons on hundreds of Maoist protesters rallying Monday in the capital Kathmandu in support of their party leader Prachanda, who resigned as prime minister last week.
Pentagon 5-year budget to build on 2010 plan

Gates's Plan to Shift Military Spending
Mr. Gates toured a secret intelligence fusion center, where a series of oversize screens showed real-time video broadcast from surveillance drones
Drones: America's New Air Force

Early American Government Intervention in the Economy
The phrase "exigent circumstances" has even been used by the Federal Reserve to justify several of its more extreme actions of late...
Naturally. The smart thing to do now is DISSOLVE & REBRAND:
In the world of banking, too-big-to-fail may be in the process of morphing into too-big-to-exist. After hundreds of billions in federal aid and even more in lost investment capital, both the government and investors may be ready for a big sea change. The only question, for some, is how quickly it will happen.
“In the next few months, we'll see the tacitly nationalized banks—Bank of America, Citigroup, sold off rapidly into pieces, turned into much smaller banks,” Sanders Morris Harris Group Chairman George Ball predicted on CNBC Thursday, adding the government wants to send a strong message, to “punish too-big-to-fail banks that have blotted their copy and not exonerate their management.”
Render unto Seizer what is Seizers, MFers.

Fed seeks to halt conflicts of interest at its 12 banks
[insert your own sarcastic pith here, I'm tired]

Nassau Broadcasting gets out of dept by giving control to Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs will take a controlling stake in Nassau Broadcasting, the Princeton-based owner of WPST 94.5 FM and 53 other East Coast radio stations in exchange for forgiving part of the company's debt.
The Gold Man be up in your media controlling your broadcasts.....

Barclays Capital raids the Gold Man's Sacks for equities staff

Standard Raids Goldman's M&A Squad

Hedge Funds Are Piqued by White House
They are also a wee tadling vexed it appears.
Hedge-fund managers are showing rare public outrage against the Obama administration, saying that it has wrongly rebuked investors necessary to salving the financial crisis.
It is Vital for Obamanable and the Glow Ballers to make hedge funds SHARIA COMPLAINT. Therefore they must destroy you.

White House Seeks Tax Changes to Fund Health Efforts

Flu vaccine may be shot in arm for drug industry
I see a very dim bulb flickering just above this headline

Northrop Grumman Space & ISR Systems Joins Raytheon-Led Team IBCS

Raytheon Supports US Army Exercise Using Portable Training Technology
Oh great, behold yet another Orwellian "phrase to follow":
Joint Multinational Readiness Center:
The mobilized JMRC Instrumentation System shipped to North Carolina provides the Army with the multimedia captures and detailed data needed to conduct analysis and after-action reviews that improve soldier and unit readiness before they deploy to a real-world conflict.

5 dead as U.S. soldier in Iraq opens fire on fellow troops
It said an investigation was ongoing into the incident, and did not specify the nationalities of the soldiers involved.
There have been several instances in recent months in which Iraqi army soldiers have shot Americans on military bases. However, no Iraqi troops are located at Camp Liberty, part of a sprawling complex of bases housing tens of thousands of troops adjoining Baghdad's airport.
Ben Stein Speaks at Liberty University

Ecuadorian Coast Shaken By 6.1 Earthquake

Earthquake ceremonies banned in China

Odd Volcano's Black Ooze Explained

Frogs Rescued From Deadly Fungus Ravaging Montserrat

Missing poet Craig Arnold presumed dead

I'm tellin' ya, the asshole jumped in.

CHICAGO: Explosion reported at high school
A suburban Chicago high school is on lockdown after a device was found in a hallway that may have contained toxic substances.

John Coltrane
A Love Supreme

In your unfailing love you will lead
the people you have redeemed.
In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.
~ Exodus 15

Love Covers a Multitude of Sin.
~ Jewsus

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