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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Grave New World

Black Sabbath
Children of the Grave
California Jam ~ 1974


A meeting was held clandestinely in Detroit on June 23- 25th as 32 of the most well-known Palestinian activists in the United States met to formulate and organize policy for continued attacks on Israel on American campuses, at churches and elsewhere through the media.

Billed as the first mass national meeting in the USA of ISM and organized Palestinian anti-Israel activist leaders since 1988, the attendees produced what they called the "Detroit Declaration." Its purpose was to guarantee that there will be no peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians as long as Israel continues to exist.


Their internal press release continued, "At the Shataat conference, Palestinians gathered from Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Arab World to discuss the need to re-invigorate grass-roots organizing and rebuild community-based institutions within the framework of a reformed, dem ocratic, inclusive and genuinely representative Palestinian National Council."

Translated that means Palestinian protests, fundraising for Hamas, the tearing apart of our campuses in America and the Western countries and attacks on Jews and Jewish organizations and interests worldwide will be stepped up.

It appears to be working.

Clinton Announces Million-Dollar Scholarship Program for Palestinian Students
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students enroll at Palestinian and American universities.

Mrs. Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle.

Once funds are approved by Congress, Mrs. Clinton hopes to begin the program in the 2010-11 academic year. The money is in addition to $900-million in aid to the Palestinian Authority announced by the secretary last week at the donors’ conference, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

3/8/09: Hillary Clinton interview on Ali-Soutak, Palestinian teen show, PA TV
Boy host:
"Both you and President Obama have spoken about your interest in bringing about a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinian people. What are the concrete steps that you are planning to take to bring out such an agreement?"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:
"Well, we already have taken some. One of my first recommendations to president Obama was to appoint Senator Mitchell as our Middle East Envoy, to do it immediately, and to send him to the region to begin his work, and the president and I were able to make that announcement on the second day of the administration. Senator Mitchell left on one of the first few days. We wanted to send a very clear message to the Palestinian people, to the Israeli people, to the region, that this administration is dedicated to working towards a two-state solution. My appearance at Sharm El Sheikh at the Gaza reconstruction conference hosted by the Egyptians, was intended to send another message: that the United States will commit nine hundred million dollars to the people of Gaza because we want to alleviate humanitarian suffering in Gaza, but some of that money will also go to the West Bank because the work being done by President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayad is very effective and successful and we want to support that. Of course once an Israeli government is formed, Senator Mitchell will go back and talk with them."
'Help Gaza' Included On Iran's Cell Phone Bills

EU to press for Palestinian "unity government"

Press 1 to achieve GlowBall Unity through universal Jew Hate!

Hezbollah Chief Vows to Never Recognize Israel

In other news, fire is hot..... and it burns.

OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu visits Hamas

OIC stresses solidarity with Sudan in spite of ICC decision

OIC head meets Bashir in Sudan's Khartoum

White House defends pick for Iraq ambassador
President Barack Obama is standing by his nomination of Christopher Hill as the next U.S. ambassador to Iraq despite opposition from at least three Republican senators who want him to reconsider, Obama's chief spokesman said Friday.
OK so WhoTF is Christopher Hill?
In November 2006 President George W. Bush nominated Hill for the grade of career minister, the second-highest rank for career diplomats. The elite title is one step below career ambassador.


Hill said in an interview on April 21, 2008 in the Seattle Times that the United States' relationship with China is the most important bilateral relationship in the world


Obama's Final Solution:
The only understandable answer is that the Obama administration believes that Israel is as much or more of a problem as it is an ally
I love Bolton but the truth is Bush Administration's approach was no different. And this he neglects to mention. Nothing about this "approach" is new. Nothing.

The United States is facing what has been described as its "most serious instance of domestic terrorism" to date, the FBI has warned:
The day before President Barack Obama's inauguration, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies warning that al-Shabaab or its sympathisers might be planning an attack in Washington.

Terrorism and Blood Libel at UCLA

Behold as TIME magazine does rip roaring thug hugging dhimmitude in the bodice ripping Jackie Collins style:
If there were an ex-Pope, if he had a beauteous daughter, if she became secretly engaged to the eldest son of "The Richest Man in the World," then Catholics would be as excited as Moslems were last week.

In a sun-drenched Riviera villa, high above champagne-soused Nice, lives the ex-Caliph of Islam who has no successor. Deposed and physically ousted from Turkey in 1924 by agnostic President Mustafa Kemal, Caliph Abdul Medjid Effendi is still to millions of Moslems "Commander of the Faithful" and "Viceregent of Allah."

Expenses of the Caliph's huge villa (a palace in size and ornate furnishings) are paid voluntarily by Islam's rich & pious, notably by His Exalted Highness the Nizam of Hyderabad, richest Indian potentate, reputedly "Richest Man in the World." In Nice last week the "secret engagement" of the Exalted Nizam's eldest son, Sahib Zada Nawah Azam Jah, to the Holy Caliph's beauteous daughter, Durri Chehvar, was ostentatiously bruited. If the secret proves popular with 200,000,000 Moslems it will become no secret but a thumping fact.

Austria: Fascism is poised to explode across Europe

The ideas and racial hatred that I have heard over my two weeks in Austria are just as threatening and just as sickening as any I have ever heard. And they are a lot more sinister because they are spoken with the veneer of respectability.

The open defiance of these men honouring their Nazi ‘war hero’, and the support they are gaining in these troubled economic times, should be setting off alarm bells in Europe and the rest of the world.
Venezuela offers Russia bases for bombers

Russia weighs Cuban, Venezuelan bases

The Booming Business of Contract Killings in Russia

Russia outlines plans to support oil prices

Gazprom Eyes Japanese Power

Afghan attack kills NATO soldiers

Central Asia and Russia: Countries can't afford to say no to Kremlin

Turkmenistan to become associated member of ECO

Prominent Kyrgyz Journalist Stabbed In Vicious Assault

TV Cameraman Severely Beaten In Southern Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Rights Activist Taken To Psychiatric Clinic

Armenian Photojournalist Severely Beaten

More Religious Intolerance In Central Asia
There are, to put it simply, no signs of any easing of restrictions on religious practices by non-Muslims in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, or Kazakhstan, even though the constitutions of all four countries "guarantee the rights and freedoms" of their citizens, including freedom of belief and religion. While on paper the relevant laws treat all religious denominations equally, in practice governments do everything they can to impose stricter control over religious groups, including so-called traditional religions.
Obama Administration Tries to Reassure China on Treasury Debt

At AIG, Good Luck Following the Money

Pentagon inks Raytheon deal on portable milli-wave raygun

DC Technology Office Scandal Revives Questions of Cronyism

Is that what they call it these days?

Insemination fight ends in "wife's" arrest
When liquored up lesbians with turkey basters attack.

Jennifer A. Lighten, 33, told police that Stephanie Lighten, her wife, was "all liquored up" when she returned to their Lincoln Street apartment, where the defendant then allegedly tried to use a syringe to inseminate her, according to a police report.

Brain Scans Can Read Memories, Scientists Find
"By looking at activity over tens of thousands of neurons, we can see that there must be a functional structure – a pattern – to how these memories are encoded," Maguire said. "Otherwise, our experiment simply would not have been possible to do."
All hail GLOW BALL DHIMMING, now manifesting in the literal:
Earth's Dimming Skies: Before and After

Illinois "takes the mark":
Sellers Will Be Required To Provide Thumbprint Before Deal Is Approved
The new law, which is set to go into effect June 1, 2009, will force anyone selling property in Cook County to provide a thumbprint from their right hand.

5.1 in Papua, Indonesia

5.0 off New Zealand coast

Five Earthquakes in China's Sichuan Province

Byzantine Chant
"Grave Tone"
Chanted by Byzantine Master
and Professor of Byzantine Music
Mr. George Papanikolaos
from Samos, Greece

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