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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Pony Up!

Sources: Fatah and Hamas working on truce
Listen, Achmed, all Jews should be dead right?
Of course right.

UNRWA asked to teach Holocaust, defy Hamas
Yeah OK.

Fatah, Hamas receive Egypt's proposal to advance reconciliation
Listen, Achmed, the holocaust never happened, right?
Of course right!

Fatah rejects making "arrangement" with Hamas on Gaza visit
Arrange you. No arrange YOU. No, you. KABOOM!

Hamasshole tells Sudanese they produce and smuggle weapons
The leader of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas who is visiting Sudan said today his group produces and smuggles weapons. Khaled Meshal, leader of the militant Palestinian group Hamas (Reuters) Khaled Meshaal who arrived to Khartoum on Tuesday said the purpose of his visit is to consult with the Sudanese leadership on the political developments regarding the Palestinian issue.

"Your brothers in Palestine, despite the blockade and the closing of border passages ... despite the fleets from east and west, despite all of this, we buy arms, we manage to produce arms and we smuggle arms," he said in a speech to youth conference of the ruling National Congress Party.
Israel-Europe relations strained under Netanyahu
EU to BiBi: DIE FASTER, Juden!

German student fined for waving Israeli flag

Shalit letter offers no news, but reveals mental anguish
Shalit wrote the letter two or three months after he was abducted by Hamas and two other Palestinian factions on June 25, 2006.
Special Report: Evidence Against KindHearts, an Islamic Charity
Treasury officials accuse KindHearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development of taking over fundraising for Hamas in the United States after the government forced the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) to shut down.
Stormy Iraq-Syria talks on militants issue

Spanish FM: Syria optimistic about talks with Israel
Sure. Optimistic. That's what they are calling it?

Former Gaza Strongman Dahlan Appointed to Fatah Information Post
I have information!
What is it?
Of course right. Good information!

Netanyahu visited Russia to discuss Kremlin arms sales to Iran, Syria

Anti-Aircraft Missiles Arrive in Syria
According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, the first shipment of advanced Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft missiles have been delivered to Syria in a major deal between the two countries. Syria has ordered 36 missile batteries from the Russians. The deal was signed a number of years ago, valued at $700 million.
UK - MFA - Statement by EU Presidency to IAEA Board of Governors
The EU Presidency issued a statement on Syria during the IAEA Board of Governors meeting in Vienna. " I have the honour to speak on behalf of the European Union. [The candidate countries Turkey, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,[1] the Countries of the Stabilization and Association process and potential candidates Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia, the EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, members of the European Economic Area, as well as Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia associate themselves with this statement]."
Israeli group to start drilling for Dead Sea oil

IDB, KAU join hands - Arab News
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) signed a memorandum of understanding with King Abdulaziz University (KAU) on Tuesday in order to promote nanotechnology in IDB member states, projecting KAU’s nanotechnology center as a scientific reference. The campaign will be carried out in cooperation with OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) and other related bodies
Pakistan - Foreign Secretary Receives Malaysian Secretary General

Protest Held Against Demolition Of Baku Mosque
Police dispersed a group of demonstrators on September 1 protesting an Azerbaijani court ruling that allows for the demolition of the Fatimeyi Zehra Mosque in the capital. The protesters addressed their appeal to President Ilham Aliev, demanding an end to the demolition of mosques. One of the protesters suggested to an RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service correspondent that other mosques might be torn down in the absence of protests. Some of the protesters threatened to commit suicide if the Fatimeyi Zehra Mosque was razed.
U.S. Investigates Misconduct Allegations At Kabul Embassy
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered an investigation after a damning report alleging hazing and wild, alcohol-fueled parties by private security guards at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.
Former Death-Row Student Flees After Afghan Pardon
Twenty-four-year-old Sayed Pervez Kambakhsh was condemned in a hasty northern Afghan trial in January 2008 to die in connection with his purported distribution of an article on women's rights under Islam. Kambakhsh and his relatives have said the case was the result of a vendetta by a local warlord.
US in Delicate Spot as Fraud Claims Mount in Afghan Vote

Afghanistan Election Dispute Rises to Top of Clinton's Agenda

US walks a fine line as Karzai electoral fraud allegations mount

Prosecutor In 1994 Argentina Bombing Implicates Iran
RFE/RL's Radio Farda correspondent Mohammad Reza Kazemi interviewed Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor handling the case of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina. The prosecution asserts that the attack, which killed 85 people and wounded 300, can be traced to Hizbullah and Iran. Ahmed Vahidi, recently named to be Iranian defense minister, is alleged to have been involved in planning the attack.
Officials: Iranians Funnel Money, Weapons to Insurgents in Afghanistan

US says Iran nearing atomic bomb capacity
Ya and Seizer intends to fiddle till Israel burns.

Agencies Say Iran Has Enough Nuclear Fuel to Build a Bomb

Iran's Mousavi Warns Supporters Of "Dangerous" Days Ahead

'Shocked' Islamic world demands respect for Uighur rights
They should be shocked, 10,00 missing people is no joke. But since China is far from Israel and there are no Jewish oppressors to blame we will hear zero about this. Also China's seat on the Security Council protects them the same way it protects Vlad. No one wants to piss them off for fear they will stop covering for them with their votes in the council. So the Islamic world will stay shocked and STFU about it too.
The report cited the OIC chief as saying China and many Muslim countries had vital political and economic ties and mutual investments while the fact that China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council makes it an important partner for the Muslim world.
CNPC Gets $30 Billion Loan for Overseas Oil Takeovers

North Korea extols "friendship" as US presses sanctions

Global Witness knocks Norwegian program with Sudan
Norway must tighten safeguards of its Oil For Development (OFD) program to prevent misuse of funds to fuel conflict and corruption in Sudan’s oil industry, said Global Witness Ltd., the London-based anticorruption organization. In a Sept. 7 report, Global Witness warned there is confusion over conditions attached to the 24 million kroner ($4 million) awarded by OFD to Sudan to develop its oil and gas resources. Norway also offers funding for a petroleum envoy, capacity building, and technical assistance.
A Snag in Sudan's Oil Revenue-Sharing Plan?

Iran will not permit its Caspian Sea interests to be jeopardized
Iran will not permit? HAHAHA! Vlad says what is permitted in Caspian, not you. Let Vlad to remind you it is he who has seat on UN security council, not you. It is Vlad who protects you there, nu? Now go, run along and blow up Israel, like a good little boy.

Why They Flee The North Caucasus
The reasons why young people from the North Caucasus seek asylum in Europe are well-known -- abductions and disappearances; persecution on religious and political grounds; and even extrajudicial killings. Journalists, human rights activists, and young people who profess allegiance to branches of Islam outside the mainstream are most frequently subject to such persecution.
Daghestani Journalists, Activists Protest 'Death List'
Lawyers, human rights activists, and journalists who have been put on a "death list" distributed at markets and mosques in Daghestan will hold a protest in the capital, Makhachkala, RFE/RL's Russian and North Caucasus services report.
Venezuelan Leader's Gas Cartel Idea Unlikely To Interest Russia
Comrade Hugo, please.

Venezuelan Leader Praises Putin's Tough US Policy
That is better. Now go back to your hot little jungle please, you annoy Vladimir, you clown.

FACTBOX- Gazprom's growing global gas interests

Gazprom CEO sees oil at $100 a barrel in 2010
Forget $85! $100!

Gazprom expand Kaliningrad pipeline

Gazprom opens new pipeline through Lithuania

Tensions Rise Over Georgia's Sea Blockade Of Abkhazia
A war of words is heating up between Georgia and Abkhazia over the Tbilisi's imposition of a sea blockade on the breakaway region. The latest tensions focus on Georgia sentencing a Turkish sea captain to a lengthy jail sentence for carrying cargo to Abkhazia.
Georgia, Russia Spar over Black Sea Shipping

Is The New Georgian Defense Minister A Psychopath?
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has incurred harsh criticism by naming as his new defense minister Bacho Akhalaya, who during his tenure as head of the Justice Ministry department responsible for overseeing prisons was accused of triggering two separate prison riots by arbitrarily maltreating prisoners
BiBi's tour was 'secret trip to Russia'

Putin congratulates North Korea on 61st anniversary

Glorious Communist Greetings to you, Norky MFers!

Polish president wanted to ban Putin

He should have.

Diary Of A KGB Mole
The Belarusian opposition is reeling from the publication of an online diary in which an activist admits infiltrating the opposition for the KGB secret service. The confession, which contains damaging accusations against opposition leaders, has raised questions both about its authenticity and its author's motives.
Relatives Of Missing Belarusians Protest Lukashenka Visit To Lithuania
Relatives of three prominent missing people in Belarus have expressed their concerns regarding a planned visit by Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka to Lithuania later this month
Belarus Hosts Joint Military Maneuvers With Russia

Belarus police break up anti-Russia protest

Baton-wielding police in Minsk on Wednesday detained more than 20 protesters opposed to joint military exercises with Russia as the country seeks to balance close Kremlin ties with improved European Union relations.
Russian Journalist Accused Of Libel In Dam Disaster Attacked

'Arctic Sea' Critic Flees Russia

Activists Want Verses Praising Stalin Removed From Moscow Subway

Ukrainian Former Head Of Court To Start Hunger Strike
The jailed former chief of the Court of Appeals in the Ukrainian city of Lviv says he will start a hunger strike on September 4
Author Of Censored Putin Article: U.S. Publisher 'Worried'
Something in Scott Anderson's investigative article for "GQ" on Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin scared his U.S. publisher into canceling the magazine's print run in Russia. Anderson talks to RFE/RL about how the article came to be written, and why he thinks it was quashed
Interview: Romania's Last King Recalls War's Start
RFE/RL interviews the abdicated king of Romania, King Michael, about his involvement in World War II, the future of Romania, and the problem with Moldova.
Hungarian business Firtash moved people with the surname Putin
Russia's journalists, tracked down one of Russia's enigmatic businessmen who helped Dmitry Firtash to part with his Hungarian gas trader Emfesz. is a former KGB officer, businessman Sergey Prokop. In partner with Prokopieva just two of Putin - Igor and Oleg. Writes about this thing. In late April, the Ukrainian partner of Gazprom, Dmitry Firtash (controls half of Rosukrenergo, RUE) has lost a valuable asset - the Hungarian trader Emfesz: CEO of the company took advantage of Istvan Gozzi issued to him a few years ago, power of attorney at its sale, and Emfesz for $ 1 went to the Swiss RosGas AG.

In June, Gozzi said he sold Emfesz Russia's businessmen. Call them names Gozzi declined, but the manager of the company, part of Group DF Firtash, said that one of these entrepreneurs called Sergei Prokopieva. Rossiyskaya Gazeta found Prokopieva. He, in his own words, a businessman, served in the KGB. Prokop'ev confirmed that participated in the transaction with Emfesz. Owners of the Swiss RosGas he does not disclose, but said that he knew Gozzi since that time, when he worked in Sibur.

According Prokopieva, he made a deal not for himself, but received orders from above and performed a civic duty: it was necessary to save the Hungarian market for Russia and for Gazprom - money. There were suspicions that Firtash can not return the money, and the only way not to lose control of the situation was the sale of Emfesz. have Prokopieva have partners with a known name. According USRLE, he owns 25% of OOO bitumen, the remaining 75% - in Tyumen OOO Zapsiboylgaz , 76% of which, in turn, belongs to the Seychelles Integrity Investments, and 24% - Oleg V. Putin. Prokop'ev also owns 25% of the Moscow OOO Stroyformat, where another 25% - at Kolomoiskiy Putin.

Prokopiev said that Oleg and Igor - brothers, but whether they are relatives of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, he does not know. These people are not relatives of Putin, said spokesman of Prime Minister Dmitry Peskov.
Policemen Charged In Kyrgyz Journalist's Slaying
Almaz Tashiev was reportedly brutally beaten by a group of police officers in Osh Oblast's Nookat district on July 4 and later died in a local hospital.
First Official Kyrgyz Madrasah Opens
The first official regional Islamic school, or madrasah, has opened in the southern Kyrgyz city of Batken.
Are Azeri Activists Hooligans, Or Merely Pests?
The trial of two Azerbaijani bloggers arrested on charges of hooliganism has begun in Baku in a case that rights groups say is an attempt by authorities to stifle dissent.
India to explore uranium in Tajikistan

Glorious Putin Sends Beneficent Greetings to Tajikistan!
"Allow me to express satisfaction with the current level of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan, which is based on the longstanding tradition of friendship between the Russian and Tajik people. The recent commissioning of the Sangtudinskaya-1 hydroelectric power plant in Tajikistan is our shared success. It was a very large bilateral project, and one of great significance for the development of the Tajik economy and to provide the country's population with power. "I hope that both counties will continue consistently abiding by all the agreements reached, aimed at further consolidation of the alliance between Russia and Tajikistan."
Belarus views Tajikistan as reliable partner

Tajikistan's KNA Eager to Cooperate with (IRAN) FNA
Azartass. Ahahaha!
"Getting acquainted with the method of activities in different countries' news agencies and using their positive experiences and advancements is among the major goals of Khavar," Shamsoddinov told FNA in Dushanbe on the sidelines of his meeting with one of the officials of Azerbaijan's news agency, Azartass. "Hence, we are keen to further cooperate with the Islamic republic news agency and specially Fars news agency," he added.
I Divorce U :)
The head of the Wedding and Divorce Department in Tajikistan's Rasht district, Gulob Nizomov, told RFE/RL that more and more Tajik men, working as labor migrants in Russia, are divorcing their wives by text messaging.
Islam Becomes Mandatory Study in Secular Tajik Schools

Uzbekistan - Uzbek-Chinese business forum held in Tashkent

Collective Security Treaty Organization needs Uzbekistan
"Uzbekistan holds an important place in the military cooperation between Russia and the Central Asian countries, Gusev told Trend News via E-mail. Uzbekistan, together with Kazakhstan, are key countries in the region, because of their geopolitical, economic and military potential."
Human rights activist goes missing in southern Uzbekistan
Human rights activists have been trying to establish the whereabouts of their colleague Gaybulla Jalilov since 5 September when he was detained by police.
UZBEKISTAN: Local activists say 3,000 missing, over 1,000 dead after Andijan killings

Russia's Medvedev eyes gas links on Turkmen visit

Turkmenistan says Jan-July trade surplus $2.2 bln

NATO Envoy Plays Down Turkmen Base Plans
NATO special representative for Central Asia and Caucasus Robert Simmons has downplayed the controversy over Turkmenistan's plan to establish a naval base on its Caspian coast, saying it's natural for littoral states to boost border security to protect against an increasingly active transit route for illegal activities.
World Music Library - Instrumental Music of Turkmenistan

Estonia invites Kazakhstan to use Tallin seaport

ANALYSIS-Kazakhstan ready to sacrifice growth for stability

Kazakhstan: Aktau Meeting Not to Cover Caspian Sea Legal Regime

Kazakh Journalist Faces Libel Suit
A city court in Zhezqazghan, central Kazakhstan, has started hearings in a libel lawsuit against Vladimir Prutik, the editor in chief of "Nashe Vremya" (Our Time), RFE/RL's Kazakh Service reports.
Supporters Say Kazakh Activist Is Political Prisoner

Kazakh court says paper guilty of BTA deposit drain
A court in Kazakhstan on Wednesday found an opposition newspaper guilty of causing a run on deposits at BTA BTAS.KZ, a bank which went into default after its nationalisation this year, the paper's lawyer said. The court has ruled that the newspaper, Respublika, must pay BTA 60 million tenge ($400,000) in damages for running a story that had caused the bank to lose 6.8 billion tenge ($45 million) in deposits, lawyer Sergei Utkin told Reuters. Utkin said Respublika was unable to pay the money and would challenge the ruling.

Kazakhstan’s Movement Towards Greater Democracy is Unequivocal and Unambiguous
Kazakhstan is ready for further development of legislative framework and consistent alignment according to international standards of human rights. Promotion and protection of human rights can’t be implemented without taking into account international experience and that fact has determined Kazakhstan’s decision to accede to relevant UN covenants and treaties on human rights including International Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and also on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Active work is going on in this direction: the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is working on possible ratification of the Covenant on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities, the first international treaty in the sphere of human rights of the XXI century. According to the Secretary of State - Minister of Foreign Affairs, “there are necessary prerequisites for their further improvement at the present stage of political development in Kazakhstan. For our country, developing as a secular, democratic and legal state, this statement is not a simple tribute to legal traditions. It is a firm tenet and absolute condition for further progress of the country.
Uranium soars on takeover speculation

The Coming Wave of Resource Nationalizations
Let's define what we mean by "Nationalization". We agree with Wikipedia's definition, but for the purpose of this discussion we'd like to broaden it just a bit. In this context, by "nationalization", we mean not only outright expropriation of private property but all other forms of "creeping" or indirect nationalization which ultimately leads to increased control of natural resources by governments at the expense of current stakeholders in a non-free market way.

These may include any flavor or combination of increased taxation, excessive/retroactive taxation, breach of contracts, delay or revocation of permits and licenses required to exercise legal owner's rights, support or tolerance of other groups/interests' illegal activities to the detriment of property owners, and so on. For instance, two of the more popular tactics used to push this agenda today are allegations of environmental irresponsibility and unpaid back taxes.

Certainly, natural resource exploitation or, by another name, extractive businesses can be messy, and its participants are far from perfect. Especially from the point of view of paper-pushing bureaucrats, who have long lost the concept of "If it can't be grown, it has to be mined".
Paladin Raises A$419 Million for Uranium Acquisitions, Mining

Investment Bank Profits May Drop on Regulations, JPMorgan Says
Aww poor wittle bankers.

Lazard, Goldman May Get $91 Million in Fees From Kraft, Cadbury
The Gold Man stole Akak's chocolate! Fatwa!

Ex-Goldman banker to head Lloyds capital markets

TARP Panel Chimes In On GM, Chrysler

One Year After Financial Crisis, Banking Reform Looks Unlikely

Crude Oil Rises as Dollar Weakens to Lowest Level This Year

OH but we have been told "the recession is over" by all the biggies in the know don't ya know. How can the dollar possibly be weak? Fundamentally Sound!

McClatchy Announces Financial New World Order
There's that phrase again. STFU!
Banks are building reserves and hoarding cash. And governments are fashioning a new global financial order.
Wall Street sees brighter days for Textron
Naturally, they have a man inside, just like RAYTHEON does. And you people that bitched about Haliburton for 8 years straight... where are all of you now?

US First Circuit Changes Course On Textron
Gee I wonder how THIS happened.
This panel majority opinion, however, was subsequently withdrawn as the IRS successfully sought a rehearing en banc, which was heard by all five active First Circuit judges in June. United States v. Textron, Inc., 560 F.3d 513 (1st Cir. 2009).
US Court of Appeals Rules That IRS is Entitled to Tax Accrual Work
Textron is an important decision that may have far-reaching implications, particularly for publicly traded companies.
Textron CEO Sees Signs of Stabilization In Economy

Textron spent $880,000 on lobbying in the last 1/4
A veritable bargain compared to times past!
Textron Inc., parent company of Cessna Aircraft and Lycoming Engines, spent $880,000 lobbying in the second quarter, according to an Associated Press story at That compares to $1 million during the same time period last year and $2.1 million in the first quarter, according to the story, which notes that company officials lobbied lawmakers on several defense and military projects, as well as general aviation user fees, fuel taxes and aerospace flight testing standards.

Administration Discloses Ethics Waivers Granted by Federal Agencies
We don't need no stinkin' ethics. WAIVED!

OK here comes the headline whiplash:
Obama Gets Failing Grades From Privacy Advocates

Report: Obama administration improves openness

Raytheon Awarded $19 Million Contract for Lightweight Torpedoes

US Navy Awards Raytheon $93 Million Contract for Standard Missile-6

Internet Innovator BBN Merges With Raytheon Division

Actor Charlie Sheen Adopts 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
So, are we supposed to care what has been, never was, debauched, drugged and drunken I'm a son of a Hollywood star bitch slappin' whoremongers think about world events? Didn't he say this shit right after it happened if I remember correctly? Anyway, STFU Charlie no one gives a rats ass WTF you think. Hey, tell ya what... here's a beaner, go buy a woman. [Charlie runs off clutching beaner in hand] And Alex Jones is a "Paleoconservative" and a friend of Pat Buchanan? LOLOLOL! Does that make Van Jones one too? Who knew?
Actor Charlie Sheen has bought into conspiracy theories being spread around by controversial paleoconservative talk show host Alex Jones. According to the Los Angeles Times today, Sheen is “demanding” that the U.S. government comes clean in showing the world that 9/11 was an “inside job.” Charlie Sheen is the latest actor in Alex Jones’ arsenal of famous people who are propagating “New World Order” ideology. Jones aligns himself with the politics of Pat Buchanan, but his theories go beyond right wing conservatism.
On the other hand... Jon Voight AKBAR!
Ever since dude played Noah the word been haunting his ass. GO JON.
Jane Fonda is backing the wrong people again. She is getting into the mix of a very serious situation that many Israelis have given their lives for. Her whole idea of the "poor Palestinians" and "look how many Palestinians the Israelis killed in Gaza" is misguided. Does she not remember what actually took place in Gaza?
Rape Declines, Duke Responds
If the Duke feminists were truly concerned about rape – as opposed to gender politics – they would begin to police members of their own administration. Over the summer, administrator Frank Lombard (white but, fortunately for him, gay) was arrested after sexually assaulting his adopted black child on a webcam and then broadcasting it to another pedophile on the internet. He also offered his child to be raped by a stranger he met on the internet.

I’m supposed to note that Duke administrator Frank Lombard is only an “alleged” rapist who enjoys the benefit of the presumption of innocence. But administrators at Duke don’t believe in the presumption of innocence so we’ll just call him a rapist instead.

Regardless, feminists at Duke are unlikely to read anything about Frank Lombard. He gets a pass because he’s gay. And his victim wasn’t a woman. And talking about his case won’t help increase funding for the Duke Women’s Center. The new policies at Duke University show just how manipulative and cunning campus feminists can be. But they don’t prove these characteristics are directly correlated with IQ or, for that matter, any interest in pursuing the truth. The evidence, if anything, leads to the opposite conclusion.
Voices of Power: Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napalitano
Behold Bruno, feminist empowered dyke deluxe, interviewed for your elucidation! Hey can someone keep her away from those girl scouts please? Thanks.

Homeland Security secretary shares tips

Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex

What does the so-called 'Extremism and Radicalizaton Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division' actually do?

Eight Years after 9/11: Analyzing Congress's Homeland Security Agenda

9/11 Eight Years Later and No Safer

Another Organizing for America Party
Uccchhh! Communism! It's a Party!

Obama campaign chief tries to inspire Mexico youth
Plouffe Gringo and the Obama Youth of La Raza!
Mexico's youth should change their nation just as young voters in the United States did during the 2008 election, President Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe said Tuesday."Believe in your ability to make a difference," Plouffe told about 10,000 young Mexicans gathered for a motivational conference here. "We need you to lead now."

Support remains high for Obama in Europe
Good, you like him? Take him. I give him to you as a gift.

World Socialist Web Site's take: Obama addresses public school students
As it has repeatedly done—most recently in the firing of “green jobs czar” Van Jones—the White House responded to its reactionary critics by seeking to appease the Republican right. The administration released the text of the president’s speech on the Labor Day holiday so it could be reviewed beforehand and dropped its request that school officials accompany the speech with a class project, in which students write letters on how they could “help the president.”

Regardless of the efforts to push him further to the right, Obama had no intention of using the occasion to provide any insight into the conditions young people are facing, let alone encourage any questioning of the status quo. On the contrary, as is his wont, the Democratic president went out of his way to conceal the social realities in America and to suggest that the problems facing students are essentially of their own making.

The rein of the cuckoo birds
STFU, Racist! Obama is such a nice man and you are all insane.
President Obama has a history of “strange” and radical choices in everything from his preacher, Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ, to his friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who were Weather Underground bomb makers in the 1960’s.
“Reality-Based” Science?
First, we had John Holdren making a mockery of science in the Obama White House. Now, we have David Michaels helping Holdren along
Czars, Kids, Books, Drugs
Oh my!

Van Jones' resignation may lead to further examinations

I would certainly hope so.

GOP Rep. Wants '44 Czars' to Testify Before Congress
44 Czars. Sounds like a Peter Sellers movie. MEIN FUHRER I CAN CZAR!

Analysis: Obama tries many tacks to make health bill stick

The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today
Bales estimates some 27 million people labor as slaves today—more than at anytime in history. Bales has also helped expose modern-day slavery in the United States, where he estimates between 14,000 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the country each year.
Chevron Starts Angola Project as Focus Shifts From Nigeria

Ecuador Seeks Legal Action Against Chevron

Chevron May Foot Legal Bills for Man Who Taped Ecuadorean Judge

AMC Mentioned in Report on Conflict Minerals from DRC
Ever thought of where the metals that make up your mobile phone come from? After all a modern mobile phone is a pretty sophisticated piece of equipment. I heard somewhere it has more computing power than was available to the Apollo astronauts when they landed Eagle on the moon. I am not sure if that is correct but I wouldn’t mind betting it is pretty close to the truth. The fact is the sophisticated touch screens, long life batteries (considering the size) and huge range of capabilities in a modern phone requires some very clever electronics and hence the properties of some comparatively rare metals such as niobium, tantalum and others.
New, Increased Forecasts for Global Nuclear Reactors
Since 2007, UxC has presented its unique nuclear power forecasts in the NPO, using detailed research and analysis to generate bottom-up, country-by-country reactor estimates. As a result of UxC's recent efforts to comprehensively analyze nuclear power prospects in China, India and Russia, our new global forecasts indicate dramatic growth in the use of nuclear power in these and other parts of the world over the coming two decades. Specifically, our Base case 2009 Q3 NPO forecasts show:

-- 435 reactors totaling 370 gigawatts-electric (GWe) operating in 31 countries today

-- 55 reactors currently under construction in 12 countries

-- By 2015: 492 reactors totaling 428 GWe in 31 countries

-- By 2020: 568 reactors totaling 517 GWe in 42 countries

-- By 2030: 697 reactors totaling 702 GWe in 52 countries

Denison plans $118 million Zambia uranium mine

CRC identifies rare earth zone at Eldor in Quebec

Get ready, cause here they come.

Western Lithium Commences Additional Drilling in Nevada

A Nuclear Renaissance Stumbles Forward

US needs own supply of medical isotopes - experts
The glow ball needs more uranium! Dig you dogs, dig!
Lantheus got most of its medical isotopes from the Canadian reactor, which made a third of the world's medical isotope supply. It is one of six aging reactors worldwide -- none located in the United States -- to produce molybdenum-99 or Mo-99, the most commonly used medical isotope. The rapidly decaying substance has a shelf life of just 67 hours, making it impossible to stockpile. Technetium-99m, a radioactive byproduct of Mo-99, is used in over 14 million nuclear medicine procedures in the United States each year. Although Lantheus has established supply deals to get isotopes from reactors in other countries, Duffy said the company is still "not fully able to meet our weekly demand."

Ten Top Discoveries in the field of Biblical archaeology

Cracking The Copper Scroll Code
“Congratulations,” I replied, “but what’s the Copper Scroll?”
“A treasure map,” Barfield answered, “from the prophet Jeremiah.”

Archaeologists find 120 coins from the Bar Kokhba Revolt era

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes—and Their Role in Prophecy
Earthquakes and volcanic activity are on the rise. The Bible prophesies that the greatest period of earthquakes lies just ahead.
MONTANA: Earthquake simulation to be held

Obama, earthquakes and more
He's looking forward to it!
I'm looking forward to the New York state National Guard's earthquake training exercise that will take place in November at the Spaulding Fibre site!


... it’s plausible that a magnitude 5.2 quake — the scenario that will unfold at Spaulding Fibre — could occur in the area.The economic impact will be a nice little shot in the arm for the area as well, with roughly 4,500 people coming from adjacent states, Canada and even the Virgin Islands. The first week of November is an opportunity for us to showcase a part of Western New York that most people don’t see.
Hijacker of plane in Mexico 'wanted to warn president of earthquake'
The hijacker, José Mar Flores, 44, reportedly told police that yesterday's date, 9/9/09, is the number 666 turned upside down. Flores used a fake bomb to hijack the plane, then ordered the pilot to circle Mexico City seven times. He said he wanted to warn Mexico's president, Felipe Calderòn, of an impending earthquake.
Hijack priest had vision of 'great danger, earthquake'
Make sure you specify he was carrying a bible!
A BOLIVIAN priest said he was acting on a divine revelation when he hijacked a Mexican plane mid-air with 104 people on board triggering a brief airport drama, officials said. Mexican police said bible-carrying Jose Flores Mar Pereira hijacked the Aeromexico plane after it left the popular tourist resort of Cancun on a flight to Mexico City.
In Georgia, there was yet another earthquake

Strong quake rocks New Zealand's White Island
WELLINGTON - An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale Wednesday night jolted the White Island in northeast New Zealand


4.9 - Pakistan

4.7 - Pakistan

Hey! This pony is defective!

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