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Monday, September 7, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Blessed Are the Whip Makers

Next time someone asks you,
"What would Jesus do?"..
Tell them that sometimes the answer is:
Make a whip,
scream and yell,
and chase all the assholes out of the courtyard.

IDF uncovers Hamas 'Tora Bora'
Acting on intelligence, the IDF recently raided a mountainous area in the Judean Desert filled with caves that lead to underground tunnel networks and have been used as training camps for Hamas operatives in the West Bank, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
'We tried to kill Carter and Blair'
Now - here they are setting up Hamas to look like the good guys again - so take it with a grain of salt...

Hamas denies imposing dress code on Gaza school girls

Hamas Fights Over Gaza's Islamist Identity

Hamas supports Abbas's decision not to meet Netanyahu

Arab League, Hamas slam Israel over settlements

In other news: FIRE HOT! BURNS OG!

Hamas commander: I may harm Schalit
Asshole. I am so sick of this game. How can you harm what has been gone for years?

Palestinian Judge: Jews Have No History In Jerusalem

Indian police arrest Hamasshole in New Delhi

Sweden's foreign minister cancels Israel visit
Neutrality Akbar! Hey Sven....Get me a spleen.

EU urges Israel to rethink settlement plans

Where the fuck you want us to live, anyway? Guam?

Israel News: Arabs Moving Into Jewish Areas of Jerusalem

Israel approves 366 new West Bank apartments
Spanish politico: Interview with Holocaust denier Irving helps Israel
Israel's image in Spain can only benefit from the upcoming publication of an interview with Holocaust denier David Irving in a Spanish paper, a senior member of Spain's ruling party told Haaretz. "Israel can only score points from this, because it will infuriate people," Congress Member Delia Blanco Teran, who is president of the Socialist Party in the city of Madrid, said Friday during a visit to Israel. She went on to criticize coverage of Israel and Jewish issues in the Spanish media.
Arabs wave to close normalizing ties door with Israel
OK... WTF does that even SAY?

IRAQ: Baghdad warns neighbors, airs militants' confessions on TV
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has turned the heat up on his Arab neighbors after last month’s double bombings at the foreign and finance ministries, which killed about 100 people. Maliki and his government have repeatedly accused Syria of providing shelter to those behind the blasts. Syria has denied the charge, and some Iraqi politicians have raised serious questions about whether Syria or the Baath Party was involved.

Today, Maliki once more slammed his neighbors. “We will continue looking [for a way] to close all the gaps and the doors from which the killers can breathe again. We censure the others from our brothers, friends and the neighborly countries,” Maliki said on a visit to the southern city of Karbala. “They used to say that they are with us and they did stand with us in certain situations, but how can we describe the practice of embracing the killers. To where will they be exported [next] time, to Iraq again or to a different country? Can the evil be contained to one specific country?”
Iraq presses for tribunal for Syria bomb suspects

Iraqi Arabs protest US plan for Kurdish patrols

Inauguration of the World Class Auditorium of Atharva Group
In a letter to OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Obama said he would work to improve relations with the grouping, the Jeddah-based organization said in a statement.
El Al Flight Makes an Emergency Landing in Iceland

UN nuclear agency to discuss Iran, Syria

EU mulls Afghan stability plans

Gordon Brown faces Labour motion to pull out troops from Afghanistan

McChrystal goes on Afghan TV to promise airstrike "death inquiry"

Gen McChrystal flew to the northeern Kunduz province to see the damage done by the F-15 fighter jet attack on two hijacked fuel tankers, around which villagers had begun to gather shortly before dawn when NATO missiles struck. Before he did so, Gen McChrystal - who has said that protecting Afghans is the centrepiece of a new NATO strategy - made an unprecedented televised address to the Afghan people, promising to make the outcome of an investigation public
Blast Targets German Troops in Afghanistan

Target Germany: A Second Front in Afghanistan?

New Afghan 'poll frauds' emerge
All hail the purple finger of fraud!

Afghanistan postpones latest vote result release

Iran deplores US stand over new defence minister
Yeah well....Deplore me all ya want, mini-man.
Iran on Sunday deplored Washington's stand over Tehran's controversial new defence minister, who is wanted by Argentina in connection with a deadly 1994 bombing against a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires. Washington called the appointment of Ahmad Vahidi a "step backward" for Iran after MPs rallied behind him in a confidence vote on Thursday. Vahidi was approved as defence minister in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government despite Argentina triggering a global outcry against his nomination.

On Sunday, Tehran hit back at the United States."This attitude shows that America does not believe in democracy in other countries," foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi was quoted by state media as saying."We deplore America's stand in this case, and we think America had better not fall into the deceptive trap of global Zionism which spearheads terrorism," he said of the Islamic republic's arch-foe Israel." We advise the US government to respect Iran and the choice of its MPs and correct its position."

Vahidi is wanted by Argentina in connection with a July 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people and wounded 300.
Iran's Vahidi says he has beaten Israeli propaganda
Nice beast mark ya got going on yer forehead there, chappy.
Vahidi, a military commander, said in a statement carried by most Iranian news agencies on Sunday that his approval for the post was a sign that the people want a stronger defence establishment."It is also a stamp which nullifies the wave of propoganda and psychological war started by the Zionists," he said of Iran's arch-foe Israel.

Iran develops cruise missile seek and destroy system
I doubt they developed it they probably bought it from Raytheon somehow.

Arms dealer's arrest exposes Iran's smuggling

Iran, Venzeuela sign several accords

Fearing Protests, Iran Quashes Shiite Religious Events
No Shiites for you! SUNNI!

Christians Arrested, Tried for Helping Sichuan Earthquake Victims

China Oil Deal Is New Source of Strife in Iraq
“We get nothing directly from the Chinese company, and we are suffering,” said Mahmoud Abdul Ridha, head of the Wasit provincial council, whose budget has been cut in half by Baghdad in the past year because of lower international oil prices. “There is an unemployment crisis. We need roads, schools, water treatment plants. We need everything.”
China's great deal in Iraq
Jesus save me.
China's giant national oil company CNPC is reaping the benefits of our foreign expedition to create a democracy and free the world from terror.
Chinese shares rise, led by drugmakers

No Radioactive material on Korean Ship: final report

Gambling shifts from Russia to Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan

Borisov's Blind Man's Bluff with Putin
Bulgaria attended the celebrations in Poland’s Gdansk on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, but Sofia’s focus was on the meeting between Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
'Mossad staged Russian ship hijacking'
Ohhhh us tricksy Zionists and our ubiquitous clandestine hair rays!
A Russian military official is quoted as saying, "The official version is ridiculous and was given to allow the Kremlin to save face, I've spoken to people close to the investigation and they've pretty much confirmed [the] Mossad's involvement. It's laughable to believe all this fuss was over a load of timber. I'm not alone in believing that it was carrying weapons to Iran."
Kyrgyzstan expects Hungarian help in transforming armed forces
Kendzhesariev said the Kyrgyz side was especially interested in how Hungary converted its conscript army into a professional force a few years ago, raised the social-welfare situation of professional soldiers and promoted the reintegration of veterans into civilian society. Vadai said Hungary was prepared to transfer its experience provided that the two countries sign a military framework agreement. She said that cooperation would focus on training and education.
Chaarat Gold uncovers encouraging new findings from Kyrgyzstan
There's gold in them thar Kyrgyzic hills.

Iran to Open Highly Specialized Hospital in Tajikistan
Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe, is scheduled to witness today the inauguration of a highly equipped medical center for heart surgery and cardiac diseases built and run by the Iranian private sector. The hospital which will be run by the most skillful Iranian physicians and nurses is unique in Central Asia.
President Patil arrives in Tajikistan on state visit
Patil, who is the first Indian President to visit this Central Asian country, will meet with her Tajik counterpart Emomali Rakhmon, the Prime Minister and the speaker of the lower chamber of the parliament Sadullo Khairullayev. The President would be exchanging views with the Tajik leadership on important issues of bilateral relationships as well as on the developments in the region and in the world, aimed at consolidating the ties in political, economic and other spheres.
CII business delegation (India) to visit Tajikistan

Venezuelan President Chavez Arrives In Turkmenistan For Energy Talks

Ahmadinejad to visit Turkmenistan in December

Kazakhstan Blows Its OSCE Leadership
Wake up and smell the pogrom:
Thus, I need to come clean: I was not only wrong, but horribly wrong in thinking the OSCE Chairmanship would be a boon to Kazakhstan. It has been the opposite: a cover for worse repression than before.
Oman, Uzbekistan to Step Up Industrial Trade

Uzbekistan: sentenced for religious practice
Two mass trials which ended in July have brought to 47 the number of followers of the late Turkish Muslim theologian Said Nursi known by Forum 18 News Service to have been sentenced to long prison terms under various articles of the Criminal Code in Uzbekistan in 2009. A total of 21 men – all in their twenties and thirties - received sentences of between eleven and five years’ imprisonment at separate trials in Samarkand and Khorezm.
UK: Dark days when banks reached brink of oblivion

Michael Moore Slams Bailout of Wall Street, Wants 'Money Back'

You fat fucking hypocrite. I say you should give me all YOUR money, power to the pipple and all that good communist crap.. right? No? Okeedokee then.

BP to strike it rich with Libya contracts

Fannie & Freddie on the Brink
Well aren't we all and who could blame us?

OPEC to Hold Quota After Oil Reaches $75 Saudi Target

Opinion: Health care 'myths' have some truth to them
How dare you say that! Stone the heresy zoo monkey journalist!
In short, funding for abortions remains an open question.
Omaha archbishop prays outside abortion clinic
Stone the intolerant vigils of praying heresy monkeys!
Hundreds of abortion opponents turned out for a prayer vigil and march led by Omaha's new Roman Catholic archbishop that ended at Dr. Leroy Carhart's clinic.
PNG: Women dying in filthy, overcrowded and understaffed hospitals
THE stream of blood running down the concrete path to the maternity wing of Papua New Guinea's main referral and teaching hospital tells the story.
Deadly force: Venezuela's police have become a law unto themselves
The question hung in the air, leaving an awkward silence. Martha Lia, a human rights advocate, looked at her class of 18 police officers and repeated the query. "You can't just kill anyone," she said. "Can you?" The officers, heavy-set men wedged behind desks, said nothing. Some scribbled in notepads, some chewed gum and gazed out of the window.
White House Discloses 10 More Ethics Waivers for Administration
Waiving ethics is ethical! So STFU, racist.

US government has a funny take on transparency, partisanship

Canada plans mock IED attacks in Washington, D.C.
"Canadian authorities plan to build a sham Afghan village in Washington, D.C... ?" Too late, we already got one.
Canadian authorities plan to build a sham Afghan village in Washington, D.C., then attack it with IEDs and fake Taliban fighters, in an effort to illustrate what it's like to be a Canadian soldier deployed to the country. On Sept. 23 and 24, during a two-day military conference, the Canadian embassy will set up the dramatic assault on its courtyard. The demonstration will include armed soldiers and explosive displays, with U.S. generals and members of the U.S. Congress expected to be looking on.


U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) released a statement confirming that the agreement had been signed between US NORTHCOM and Canada Command, namely between the military commands of each country. Canada Command was established in February ...
The inevitable Marxist Zoo XVI: Obama's three-cornered crown
STFU, you Unhinged Loon!
In Henry Kissinger's own words on the floor of Wall Street's Stock Exchange: "His task (Obama's) will be to develop an overall strategy for America … in this period … when really a New World Order can be created … it's a great opportunity. It isn't just a crisis." Hmmm … it is not "just a crisis".

Nowadays, anyone and everyone who raises a disparaging word about the Obama Administration’s policies is immediately assigned the stigma of “alarmist,” “scaremonger,” or “paranoid.”
The rise of militant atheism
My karma ran over your dogma!
A new, militant atheism has arisen. The New Atheists, as they have been dubbed, have been carrying out their work with evangelistic and evangelical zeal. It's about time, they say, as for too long thinking, rational people have allowed Christians to dominate the public space, influencing public policy to great societal damage, with their myths and dogmas.
Meantime, Holy Science Sez: We are born to believe in God
Hardwired by "evolution" mind you lololololol
ATHEISM really may be fighting against nature: humans have been hardwired by evolution to believe in God, scientists have suggested.
Divine intervention from the scientists

Pope meets Berlusconi aide amid scandal fallout
Uccchhhh. Chaching! Absolvo!
Berlusconi adviser Gianni Letta pronounced relations were "solid" after meeting briefly with the pontiff during a visit by the pope to Viterbo, north of Rome."My smile says it all. I'm happy and serene," Letti said, according to the ANSA and Apcom news agencies, although he added that there was always work to be done to "further strengthen" relations.
Farm Market Fascism!
Because of government and corporate control and meddling, most successful farms in upstate New York seem to fall into three basic models. One, members of the “milk mafia”. Join, Do what you are told, all the while hoping that your number does not come up. Two, develop a unique growing technique (ie: greenhousing, hydroponics, organic/biodynamic) or a specialized product niche (buffalo, ostrich, sheep’s milk cheese, marijuana) that will allow you to concentrate on producing a few niche market items really well. Third is to grow a hybrid of the old time traditional family farm where many different crops are grown and sold within season.
Prepare for the Big One, northern Utahns warned
Utahns? Is that what you call them? How do you even say it? Utaheennnnz? Okeedokee then.

Congo "Conflict Minerals" Fuel Brutal Civil War
The ores that produce the minerals are cassiterite (source of tin ore), wolframite (source of the element tungsten) and coltan (source of tantalum). tin is used for tin cans and solder on the circuit boards of electronics ...
Chevron awaits verdict in environmental damage case

India hunts for uranium

Toxic legacy of South Texas uranium mining

Fallout from nuclear tests leads to health crisis
NO! Unheard of! Absurd!

Past health problems need not be repeated in uranium mining
Listen, uranium whore, it's real simple: Just don't mine uranium.
There are undoubtedly many reasons why people wish to support or oppose current attempts to restart uranium mining in Western Colorado. But if anyone is planning to base their opposition on the fear that health effects like those experienced in the previous uranium boom will be repeated, the argument will be a hard sell. Specific information about the effects of radiation at different dose-levels, and new regulations and procedures to protect both uranium workers and the public from unsafe radiation exposure, can be used to demonstrate past harms need not be repeated.
Medication in case of meltdown for residents, workers

Father Frank urges caution on new uranium mining, nuclear
Father Frank heard the call of the Church after spending a year working at a chemical plant in coal-rich Silesia, Poland.
Iceland's mysterious wilderness

Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'

Nicaragua's San Cristobal volcano spews ashes, gas

Akrotiri, Santorini: the "Minoan Pompeii" - part 5

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