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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing Links: Africa Screams

Bob Marley ~ Africa Unite

North Korea: We will turn South Korea into "debris"

Soldier defects to South Korea across heavily guarded border

I reported this weeks ago but now the MSM has it:
The U.S. is actively considering talks with elements of the Taliban, the armed Islamist group that once ruled Afghanistan and sheltered Al Qaeda, in a major policy shift that would have been unthinkable a few months ago.

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Summit Talks Fail to Break Impasse

China condemns Sudan oil killings

Soldiers, UN retreat as Laurent Nkunda's forces advance in Congo

Who TF is Laurent Nkunda?

WTF is going on in the Congo?

MSNBC interview with Laurent Nkunda
(The breathless reporter makes me as sick as he does, BTW)

August 2008: War Against Women The Use Of Rape As A Weapon In the Congo

The Use of Child Soldiers in the Congo

Digging up the Congo's Dirty Gems

Blood Diamonds

Brief history of conflicts in the Congo

TODAY: UN draws up Congo evacuation plan

So, why did I post all this Congo stuff, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you:

The world is in a race to own and exploit Africa's natural resources - if you follow the missing links posts you will have seen plenty of links related to that over the past 6 months.

Islam wants the entire continent Muslim, a base for global war, and they have been killing people at breakneck speed in order to achieve that. Diamonds from Africa (among other things) fund Al Qaeda and have for quite a long time. You may be wearing a diamond right now that was mined in blood.

Russia, China and to a lesser extent the US are all in a race right NOW to co opt African resources (especially the oil, Nigeria has a greater output than Iraq for instance) and buy the various Kleptocracies favor through World Bank and UN "grants", etc.

It appears to me that all sides are attempting to use the jihad as an infantry, a proxy, like a fire that goes in first, destroys everything, but out of that destruction the land is cleared for planting. It also seems to me no one I speak to cares how many die in Africa. No one. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not Christians, not Jews, not black people, not white people, not anyone. The deaths from the various tribal wars and the jihad are in the millions, every year. Millions of Christian and Animist Africans, dead, every year. Millions more raped and enslaved. Even the so called UN Peacekeepers who are supposed to protect them rape them. And then ministries and celebrities go through the UN or UN bodies in their money raising efforts for Africa? How is throwing money at them going to help anyway, even if the UN COULD be trusted? All it does is assuage the guilt of the money thrower. It's all bullshit. Practically no one truly cares about Africa.

GOD forgive us.
Africa Screams.

Tanzania’s Christians Unhappy About Push to Join Islamic Body
As well they should be.

Georgia president dismisses PM in post-war government shake-up

PRAVDA: Russia and US conduct secret operation

Senior Al-Qaida Leader Killed in U.S. Raid Syria, Officials Say

US cites self - defense in raiding Syria from Iraq

Russia says US fuelling tension with Syria attack

The Great Russian Firewall?

Gazprom Teams with Petro-Vietnam

Romania opens the door to Gazprom

Current Market Situation Will Not Impact Gazprom's Social Programs

Russia's Jerry-Rigged Oil Pump

IAEA still undecided on nature of Iran nuclear program

An Aging Nuclear Weapons Stockpile

Lord's prayer up for debate in Australia

Archeologists confirm existence of Solomon's copper mines

Why is the West funding Mahmoud Abbas' hate TV?

Don King professes his love for Israel

Fed meets, new rate cut expected

AIG gets new restructuring chief

Chevron Replaces BP as Third-Biggest Oil Major

Goldman Sachs In Pact With Carbon-Market Firm
A move the bank hopes will position itself in the US market as it moves from voluntary carbon offsetting to mandatory

Judas Priest

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