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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eugenically Yours in the UK

FRANKENSTEIN ~ Edgar Winter Group

"Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution"

Hat Tip: Strul Z

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed a few stories regarding the passage of laws that are advancing eugenics in the UK in my missing links posts. What is happening there is nearly unfathomable, but everyone seems to think it is all just fine and good and normal, and the most important thing is to be sure those lousy ass backwards "creationists" don't get a chance to speak about GOD creating the world in our public schools. Yes... sane people must fight that horror tooth and nail.

It is far more important to revere the High Priests of Science and be thought of as acceptably modern and so smart among your peer group than it is to revere the word of GOD, and don't you forget it, or you are nothing more than an unhinged loon. There is no such thing as modern eugenics, there is no connection between ideological evolutionists, eugenics and the policies of the Third Reich, and furthermore, STFU, you maniacal "creationist", Ben Stein is an asshole.

In my view the word CREATIONIST is utterly meaningless. Either you believe that GOD created the world and everything in it, or you believe that GOD did not do this. 6 days, 6 billion years, none of that matters and is, in my opinion, a load of utterly useless diversionary bullshit. Time as we know can not be accurately defined by science or by theology so both "time frames" are right and both are wrong, and who cares. Not me.

Anyone who professes "belief in GOD" and simultaneously denies that GOD is the creator of all things does not believe in the Biblical GOD of Abraham. They believe in an impotent god of their own making who obviously can create nothing, they believe in an idol, and I don't care how they try to justify it or by what name they call themselves or how many holy people will vouch for them or how many times they daven a day or how many times they attend a church in a year.

Either GOD created this world or he did not. Either life is sacred or it is not.

He put before us LIFE and DEATH and we were told to make a choice.
There was no "IN BETWEEN" choice offered. And GOD help you if you want to stick to that today because even the ones claiming to be "Christian" or "Jewish" will flip out and run you outta town on a rail. Not that I am one bit surprised by any of it. I got the book. There is zero new under the sun.

So, as the UK rapidly descends into scientifically approved so smart depravity I am sure America will ignore yet another object lesson from Europe entirely and continue to rail against all the "religious nuts" who believe that GOD created the world and that LIFE is sacred.

SO SMART you all are! Congratulations!

Embryo bill like Nazi atrocities, says Cardinal

Cardinal Keith O'Brien claims in an open letter to Gordon Brown that some of the procedures that would be allowed under the Bill were "utterly horrifying". ...

He wrote: "Should this Bill become law, removing tissue from incapacitated adults or children, without their specific consent in order to create animal-human hybrid or other embryos would be permissible. ... Such behaviour was last seen under the Nazis. Following the liberation of the concentration camps in 1945, the full horrors of the Nazi's atrocities were revealed to a shocked world. The hideous savagery of their experiments convinced the civilized world that such practices must be outlawed forever. I am appalled that you are promoting a Bill that seeks, by stealth, to create a regime where extracting tissue and cells from human beings no longer requires their consent or involvement."

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