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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Purple Proles of the Apocalypse

Gogol Bordello
Start Wearing Purple
Start wearing purple
wearing purple

Start wearing purple for me now

All your sanity
and wits

they will all vanish

I promise,
it's just a matter of time...

So, this is what the Sovereign LORD says:
"See, I lay a stone in Zion,
a tested stone,
a precious cornerstone
for a sure foundation;
the one who trusts
will never be dismayed.
~ Isaiah 28

Ten attorneys general defend Israel
Gee. All they need now is 15 jugglers and 5 believers.

Israeli police bust Palestinian artifact thieves
Israeli authorities have arrested two Palestinians who tried to sell a looted 1,900-year-old papyrus document in Hebrew worth millions of dollars, police said Wednesday.
Hamas claims responsibility for attack

Barkat presents first master plan for Jerusalem in 50 years
There is only one master plan for Jerusalem and it's a hell of a lot older than 50 years.

Vatican Presses for Possession of Jerusalem Sites

'Arab world formulating new peace plan'
We call it KILL THE JEWS.
It is remarkably like the old peace plan.

Jordan says new approach to Mideast peace emerging

Biden says viable Palestinian state 'must be achieved'

Over our dead bodies. Literally.

Secret US-Israel Nuclear Accord in Jeopardy
How secret can it be if I am posting it here?

US wants Israel, India in anti-nuclear arms treaty

Israel brushes off call to sign nuclear arms pact

Man stoned to death in Iran for adultery

Iran planning to execute juveniles

Dissident Cleric Allegedly Tortured in Iran

Iraq protests Iran air raid on Kurd villages

Iran 'continues PJAK bombings in Iraq'

Morgenthau: Iran Threat 'Deadly Serious' to US

Foreign analysts cite Iran bomb progress

US still open on Iran, Gates says

Though discouraged by Iran's moves since the Obama administration extended its "open hand," the United States is "not willing to pull the hand back yet," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.
When you do pull it back you will be horrified to observe you have only a stump left.

Gates: US will not abandon our Arab allies to Iran

Gates tells top brass: Talk to me before Congress
The Pentagon's top military and civilian leaders have been reminded by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to alert him, before Congress, of any "unfunded requirements" they detect in President Barack Obama's fiscal 2010 budget request.
Zardari flies to US amid fears over Pakistan's nukes

Thousands of civilians flee Pakistani war zone

Taliban holds human shields in battle with military
Khushhal Khan, the senior government official in Swat, said: "The Taliban are using the people as shield. Taliban aren't allowing the people to through the checkpoints in Kanju and the surrounding areas."
Free the Lone Pig of Afghanistan!

Syria backs Philippines on OIC bid

Yemen takes part in preparatory meeting of OIC FM

OIC's "relief convoy" leaves for Gaza

Saudis Turn Down Moscow's Request to Boost Russia's Haj Quota

Iran sez: We can meet Europe's growing energy needs
Talk about being stuck between the devil and the deep red Vlad.....

Wary of Russia, EU works on eastern ties

Putin's energy Royal Flush, Ukraine's Dead Man's Hand

Amnesty says rights in Russia remain weak

Obama to host Russian foreign minister Thursday
Obama will hope his invitation will help smooth relations ahead of his meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in July.
Few Russians believe Medvedev controls power
They oughta know.

IMF in Kazakhstan to discuss economic crisis
The International Monetary Fund sent a delegation to Kazakhstan this week to discuss the impact of the economic crisis on Central Asia's biggest economy, officials said on Thursday.
The World Bank has suggested Kazakhstan should consider a precautionary stand-by deal with the IMF to ensure additional money is available in an emergency but the oil-rich nation says it has enough state cash to fight the crisis.
Some analysts have speculated that the deepening crisis may force Kazakhstan to change its position.
Kazakh PM meets with new head of Exxon Mobil
Some heads are gonna roll.

Kazakhstan moves to tighten Internet, media controls
The Kazakh Parliament made a first step on April 29 towards tightening state controls over the Internet and the media, in a move criticized by human rights watchdogs.

If adopted, the law would allow courts to block websites, including foreign ones, and enable prosecutors to suspend media operations. It would also treat blogs and chatrooms as media.
Assistant General Public Prosecutors of Kazakhstan appointed

Soviet geologists once boasted that Kazakstan was capable of exporting the entire Periodic Table of Elements

Russia boots Canadian diplomats
Canada will ask the Russian ambassador to explain why two Canadians who worked at the NATO Information Office in Moscow had their diplomatic accreditation revoked, Canada's foreign ministry said Wednesday.
Georgian war games launch despite Russia's fierce objections

Croatian officers to join NATO exercises in Georgia

Gazprom's Murky Games in Hungary

Uzbekistan Improving Relations With Israel

Saudi Arabia Sez: Uzbekistan beckons

Egypt: Foreign Minister receives Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan receives second Korean Air A-300-600 cargo plane

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will remain the focus of Obama's administration in Central Asia
It is important to notice that U.S. supports current policy of the Turkmen President and routinely sends its envoys to Turkmenistan attaching importance to the prospect that Turkmenistan might become a long-term energy supplier to the world markets.
Belarus and Europe inch closer..

Belarusian mining concern Belgorhimprom is to invest in Turkmenistan’s first facility to mine and enrich potassium salts for fertilizer compounds, the semi-official news website reported May 4
NUCLEAR Coolant:
A substance circulated through a nuclear reactor to remove or transfer heat. The most commonly used coolant in the United States is water. Other coolants include heavy water, air, carbon dioxide, helium, liquid sodium, and a sodium-potassium alloy.

....and a sodium-potassium alloy
Potassium IODIDE is also an anti radioactive compound..

Turkmen Media Workers Thirst for Freedom

Tehran protests Turkmen mistreatment of Iranians

Iran summons Turkmen ambassador

UNESCO director general arrives in Turkmenistan

Goldman Sachs's $100 Million Trading Days Hit Record

Goldman Sachs exec, bank VP spend $5.55M in Key Biscayne

World Bank May Lend Russia 'Several Billions' of Dollars

Speaking of the World Bank:
The Bank Information Center, along with several other civil society representatives from across the globe, participated in the Washington, DC round of consultations on the World Bank’s Policy on Disclosure of Information as part of the 2009 Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF. The consultation consisted of a brief presentation by the World Bank on their recently released approach paper entitled “Rethinking the World Bank’s Disclosure Policy” followed by a Q & A session with civil society representatives.
Ex-Democratic fundraiser pleads guilty in NYC

US Senate debates future of newspapers in a digital age
Nationalize your Pravda, and fill it with the Purple Proles of Oymerika!

MTA bailout deal reached

GM loses another $6 billion

FDIC's Bair calls for 'systemic risk council'

Bernanke: Regulators Must Be More Vigilant, Forceful
Ach Tung Mine Fucko.

Judicial Reform Proposal Is a Political Trojan Horse

Obama Wants Additional $300 Million for FDA

GE to invest $6 bln by 2015 in healthcare push


Obama Seeks a Global Health Plan

Raytheon Awarded up to $138 Million for Information Assurance
Information Assurance....

Government Secrets Found on Computer Sold on eBay
Secret details about the U.S. missle defense system were found on a computer hard drive bought on eBay during an investigation into personal data stored on computers being carelessly discarded, the Guardian reported.
Homeland Defense and the US Military
Basically it says we have no discernable strategy in place to defend our Homeland.
And we don't. Everything they said was instituted to defend our Homeland is actually being used to destroy it and us from within.

Pentagon plans 20,000 new jobs to manage arms-buys
President Barack Obama's Defence Department plans to create 20,000 new jobs to manage a revamp of the way the United States buys billions of dollars of weapons each year, the Pentagon's No. 2 official told Congress.

The Pentagon also plans to tie more contract fee structures to performance and will make sure that multiyear contracts are awarded only when "real, substantial" savings result to taxpayers, Deputy Defence Secretary William Lynn told the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee on Wednesday.

The Pentagon's top suppliers by prime contract value, in order, are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, BAE Systems and Raytheon.

Alaskan volcano showing increased activity

Right Wing Bob

Santa Barbara fire burns homes, spur evacuations

No Sign of Poet Lost in Japan
I'm tellin ya.. MFer jumped in the crater in a fit of neopagan shitty poet lust.

Obama breaks from Bush on prayer day
While former President Bush held formal events in the White House each year to mark the National Day of Prayer, Obama is opting today for a private observance and will later issue an official proclamation.

Alan Keyes to be Arrested at Notre Dame
Meet us at the Red House, Alan!

Somali pirates seize Dutch boat, chase US ship

CT:Wesleyan suspect targeting school, Jews
He is only trying to achieve Glow Ball Peace Through Jew Shooting!

Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers

I am returning
the echo of a point in time

Distant faces shine

A thousand warriors I have known

And laughing
as the spirits appear
All your life

Shadows of another day

A strand of silver
hanging through the sky
Touching more than you see
The voice of ages in your mind

Is aching with the dead of the night
Precious life
our tears are lost in falling rain
And if you hear me talking on the wind
You got to understand
We must remain
Perfect strangers

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