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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Blogpocalypse Now!

New Warning Issued to Iran's Election Protesters
Same as the old warning.
We will kill you right in the street, right now.
Failing that we will incarcerate your unlucky ass and kill you later.
Have a nice day.

Iran: Police fire tear gas in zero-tolerance approach to protest

Neda Named On Mousavi's Site
I have heard from several people that Neda was like me, she supported neither of them and none of it. Mousavi is coopting her for his own agenda. Mousavi could gives a rats ass who dies out there so long as it goes on long enough to give HIM the keys to hell and the grave.

Iranian Women's Key Role in the Iran Election Protests

UN's Ban urges halt to use of force in Iran
Yes yes, Iran, please, cut that out.
NOW, back to ISRAEL's war crimes.....

Why Europe Is Talking Tougher Than Obama on Iran

Britain expels two Iranian diplomats

Russia says Iran's election an "internal affair"
Obviously The Obamanable agrees.

White House: Obama Has No Plan to Alter Tone on Iran Protests

Iran election turmoil bad news for oil sector
Hey you uppity kids and women: Go TF home & quit dying for your freedom will ya?
Yer fuckin' up our profits over here!
Political uncertainty and unrest in the wake of Iran's disputed presidential elections are casting a deeper pall on the country's prospects of a near-term economic recovery, with the vital oil sector likely to witness a stasis it can ill afford amid faltering production and investments.
Tens of thousands of Chinese fight the police in Shishou
Tens of thousands of rioters torched a hotel and overturned police cars, after the authorities allegedly tried to cover up the murder of a 24-year-old man as a suicide.
Israel releases Hamas speaker of parliament
We are right out of our MFing minds.
RAMALLAH, West Bank, June 23 (Reuters) - Israel released on Tuesday the Hamas speaker of the Palestinian parliament, Aziz Dweik, who was jailed for nearly three years over his ties to the Islamist group, his lawyer said.

The release of Dweik came after the Israeli prosecutors failed to persuade a military court last week to extend his prison term, which was set to end in August.

Israel detained Dweik, 60, and dozens of other Hamas politicians in the occupied West Bank in 2006 shortly after gunmen from the Palestinian Islamist group and other militants abducted an Israeli soldier on the Gaza Strip border.
Palestinian state 'in two years'
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has set a two-year target for the creation of a Palestinian state, in a speech in Jerusalem.
Obama demands freeze on Jewish east Jerusalem
How would you like BiBi to dictate where you can live, Oymerikans?

Netanyahu: Settlements debate is a waste of time

Netanyahu heads to Paris to consider peace summit proposal

French parliament creates group to study burqa
WTF is there to study!?!

Israeli minister's visit to mosque sparks anger
Achmed, quick, my gun, there's a Jew in the Mosque!

18 Wounded In Muslim-Christian Clashes In Egypt
The trouble broke out after a group of young Muslims started throwing stones at the home of the priest Ishaq Castor and preventing Copts from reaching it to join the mass. Seven Copts were wounded along with 11 Muslims. The Middle East's largest Christian community, the Copts make up between six and 10 percent of Egypt's 80 million people but complain of frequent discrimination and harassment.
Muslim Mob Attacks Church and Loots Christian Homes in Egypt
An Egyptian Muslim mob attacked a church on Sunday, 6/21/2009 in the village of Ezbet Boshra-East, El-Fashn, smashing its windows and assaulting Copts with clubs and white weapons, wounding 25 Copts, in the presence and with the instigation of the State Security.
National Press Club to Host 'NEWSMAKER' Program: Muslim Leader to Outline 'New Beginning' in Relations With United States
When I first read this I read it as POGRAM which would actually be more accurate.

WASHINGTON, June 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, will outline ways to build on what the group calls the "new beginning" in U.S.-Muslim relations in the wake of President Obama's recent address in Egypt at a National Press Club Newsmakers press conference at noon on Tuesday, June 23, in the Lisagor Room, 13th floor, National Press Building, 529 14th St., N.W., Washington, DC.

Ihsanoglu will report on his meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which is scheduled for the afternoon of June 22. While in Washington, Ihsanoglu also is meeting with congressional leaders.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the second largest inter-governmental organization in the world after the United Nations, is comprised of 57 member and 5 observer states. Ihsanoglu was elected secretary general in 2005. He has been involved with OIC since 1980, when he became founding director general of the Research Centre for Islamic History, Culture and Arts in Istanbul. He has been a leader in increasing worldwide awareness about Islamic culture through research, publishing and organizing conferences on the history of arts and sciences and intercultural relations.

In 2005, the OIC adopted a ten-year plan to promote tolerance and moderation, modernization, good governance and family values and human rights in the Muslim world, especially with regard to rights of children, women and the elderly. It also is working to improve science and technology, education and trade relations.

UAE: Gas market is facing a new world order
STFU with the NWO shit you loon.
Can't you see none of this is happening?

Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World
I am sure this man is probably a troofer, and a knee jerk leftist, however - ya gotta glean - I am also sure he worked very hard researching all of this and there is much that is true here regardless of any agenda or errors in perception the author obviously bears. You have to read all sides and divide by 17. They are all biased and lying to us on some level.
With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, America's superpower supremacy depends on "precluding Eurasian countries from developing their own defense pillars or security structures independent of US-controlled NATO," especially to prevent a powerful China-Russia alliance capable of serious challenge, along with other Eurasian states, notably oil rich ones.

As geopolitical strategist Halford Mackinder (1861 - 1947) observed in his most famous dictum:

"Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
Who rules the World-Island commands the World."

Mackinder's World-Island was Eurasia, all of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


"Swarming" is a RAND Corporation term referring to "communication patterns and movement of" bees and other insects and applying it to military conflict by other means. It plays out through covert CIA actions to overthrow democratically elected governments, remove foreign leaders and key officials, prop up friendly dictators, and target individuals anywhere in the world.

Also through propaganda and activities of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute (IRI), and National Democratic Institute (NDI) - posing as NGOs but, in fact, are US government-funded organizations charged with subverting democracy, uprooting it where it exists, or preventing its creation by criminally disruptive means. Methods include non-violent strikes, mass street protests, and major media agitprop for regime change - much like what's now playing out in Iran after its presidential election.

Other recent examples include the Belgrade 2000 coup against Slobodan Misosevic, Georgia's 2003 Rose Revolution ousting Eduard Shevardnadze for the US-installed stooge, Mikheil Saakashvili, and the 2004-05 Ukraine Orange Revolution, based on faked electoral fraud, to install another Washington favorite, Viktor Yushchenko. The idea is to isolate Russia by cutting off its economic lifeline - the "pipeline networks that (carry its) huge reserves of oil and natural gas from the Urals and Serbia to Western Europe and Eurasia..." They run through Ukraine, a nation "so intertwined (with Russia) economically, socially and culturally, especially in the east of the country, that they were almost indistinguishable from one another."


Central to the current conflict is control of the region's vast oil and gas reserves, and as long as Russia can use its resources "to win economic allies in Western Europe, China, and elsewhere, it (can't) be politically isolated." As a result, Moscow reacts harshly to military encirclement and bordering Color Revolutions - hostile acts, the geopolitical equivalence of war.

For America to remain the sole superpower, controlling global oil and gas flows is crucial along with cutting off China from Caspian Sea reserves and securing the energy routes and networks between Russia and the EU.

It's why America invaded and occupies Afghanistan and Iraq, incited Baltic wars in the 1990s, attacked Kosovo and Serbia in 1999, threatens Iran repeatedly and imposes sanctions, and keeps trying to oust Hugo Chavez. For its part under Vladimir Putin, Russia's economy began to grow for the first time in decades. It's rich in oil and gas, and uses them strategically to gain influence enough to rival Washington, especially in alliance with China and other former Soviet states like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, united in the 2001-formed Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with Iran and India having observer status.

IMF to Step Up Its Engagement, Support in Central Asia

U.S. and Kyrgyzstan sign new air base deal
U.S. officials, eager to press ahead with plans to more than double its presence in Afghanistan by year-end, were banking on the ex-Soviet republic reversing its previous order to shut the base by the middle of August.

"The agreement was signed yesterday," deputy Kabai Karabekov told Reuters.

Under the new deal, annual rent for the Manas base, nestled in steppes outside the capital Bishkek, will rise to $60 million from $17.4 million, Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Kadyrbek Sarbayev told the parliamentary defense committee.

Washington also agreed to several large one-off payments.

Uzbekistan builds wall on border with Kyrgyzstan
Where is the UN to scream aparthied?
Oh.. No Jews. Nevermind!
On the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border, a wall is constructed and trenches are dig to divide the disputed border areas in favor of Uzbekistan under the pretext of the terrorist threat, Expert on Central Asia, Leonid Gusev believes.
Central Asian, Caucasus energy rivalries intensify

Caspian Dispute: Turkmenistan requests US aid against Azerbaijan & Iran
Turkmenistan refuses from recent drift of foreign energy policy from Russia to the European Union and re-orients itself to the United States.
English not first language of IGOR so STFU!
Meantime.... Iran and Turkmenistan start new round of gas talks

Oil Exporter updates: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Announces Int'l Tender To Construct Border Outposts

Kazakhstan sends 754800 tons of oil through BTC pipeline in Jan-May

Visit of Foreign Minister of Spain to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan delegation to take part in meeting of G8 Ministers

Soviet nuclear tests still haunt Kazakhs
"I was born in 1947 and the explosions started in 1949. I remember it all very clearly," said Abishev, whose village is perched on the fringes of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site.

"All the kids had to lie face down in the ditches during those explosions to keep safe. But I watched anyway. Everything trembled, and the wind was very strong. It was very scary."

Moscow tested about 500 bombs here between 1949 and 1989, exposing 1.5 million people like Abishev to extreme levels of radiation and contaminating an area roughly the size of Germany.

Putin Wants to Centralize Mineral Resource Management

Medvedev to Pursue 'Bigger Mandate,' Energy Deals in Africa

Medvedev Trip Looks to Secure Africa's Riches

Medvedev: Moscow to hold Mideast peace conference by end of 2009

European gas war looms as Ukraine seeks cash to pay Gazprom
Say it.

Ukraine faces 'serious' gas situation
As do we all.

Georgia conflict "could erupt again" - thinktank
Could. Think Tank.
Please, stop....
Vlad can not take much more glorious laughing!

Gazprom Neft on buying spree, mulls bonds
Yet more dangerous Mullers.

“Beltransgaz” refuses to pay debt to “Gazprom”
No one refuses GAZPROM.

Leader of Russian Region Is Attacked
You must now to say RUSSIAN REGION 10 times fast.

Key facts about Russia's region of Ingushetia

Putin met with Moldovan President

Russia to give Moldova $500 mln loan
Tovarich, you won't believe it.
Today I bought Moldova, cheap!

Uranium Rises to Seven-Month High as Energy Commodities Gain

Afternoon Stocks To Watch - URRE - Uranium Resources, Inc
Uranium Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: URRE - News) (URI), announced that it plans to file today a petition with the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals for an en banc review regarding its ruling on April 17, 2009 that determined URI’s Section 8 in Churchrock, New Mexico is Indian Country and, therefore, comes under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) for the issuance of an Underground Injection Control Permit (UIC). The New Mexico Environmental Department has previously issued a UIC permit to the Company, which continues to be in timely renewal.

Dave Clark, President and CEO of URI, noted, “As we’ve stated previously, we intend to proceed in a manner that will allow us to obtain an effective UIC permit. Our objective remains to resolve issues with the Navajo Nation regarding uranium mining in New Mexico, so we can be well positioned to begin production as quickly and as safely as possible.”
Powertech Announces Significant Increases in Inferred Uranium Resources
Powertech Uranium Corp. ("Powertech" or the "Company") is pleased to announce a 42% increase in inferred uranium resources at its Dewey-Burdock Project in Custer and Fall River Counties, South Dakota and an 18% increase in inferred uranium resources at its Centennial Project in Weld County, Colorado.
Waseco to Drill Extensive Uranium Discovery
Waseco Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that an initial diamond drilling program will start on June 29th, 2009, on its Du Portage uranium claims in the Quebec Labrador Trough, Canada. The drilling is part of the $1.1 Million 2009 exploration program being funded by the AREVA group.

Significant surficial uranium was first reported by Waseco in 2007, following a high resolution geophysical survey. Uranium zones extending up to 4 km, with widths of 500m to 1km, were reported, with the smallest of the six (6) zones being approximately 800m by 400m in size. Several of the areas have potential for iron formation hosted gold and copper, as well as uranium.

“The Navajo Nation is going to greatly benefit from that,” she said
• Drinking Water – $3 million for phase 1 for Sweetwater-to-Shiprock drinking water.

This will serve 93 homes without piped water near three unregulated water sources that have been contaminated with uranium, 845 homes served by public water systems that exceed the arsenic drinking water standard, and 982 homes with inadequate water supply.
Zimbabwe's mines minister barred from Britain

Uranium Star Releases 15 Additional Trench Results
Uranium Star Corp. ("Uranium Star" or "the Company") announces it has received results from 15 additional trenches on its Green Giant Vanadium Project in Madagascar.
Significant Vanadium Values Confirmed A total of 21 trenches have been established to date. All have been mapped, sampled and analyzed. The Company is greatly encouraged by the recently received trench results that are confirming that the host structure along its entire 21 km strike length contains vanadium values of economic interest.
AIG Trading Partners Put Squeeze on Insurer Before US Bailout
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Societe Generale SA extracted about $11.4 billion from American International Group Inc. before the insurer’s collapse as the firms demanded to hold cash against losses on mortgage-linked securities, according to regulatory filings.

Goldman Sachs got $5.9 billion and Societe Generale received $5.5 billion of about $18.5 billion in collateral paid by AIG in the 15 months before the September bailout. The payments helped settle AIG’s obligations on $62.1 billion of credit-default swaps that the Federal Reserve later removed from the New York-based insurer as part of the rescue. Officials at AIG, Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale declined to comment.
Financial Stocks Tumble Amid Valuation Worries, World Bk View
STFU! Fundamentally sound!

NCUA Keeps Power Under Obama Plan; New Agency Would Oversee Products
A near nakba, decrees Obamanable. But no cigar?
The NCUA would maintain its authority over credit unions, but there would be a new agency to regulate many of the financial products issued by credit unions, according to a regulatory restructuring plan released last Wednesday by the Obama administration.

While the NCUA would remain intact, some of its consumer protection responsibilities would be shifted to a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that would regulate mortgages, credit cards and other financial products. Currently, many consumer regulations are issued jointly by the NCUA, the Federal Reserve, the FDIC, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision.

In a White House speech attended by lawmakers, regulators and lobbyists, President Obama said the changes were needed to avoid a recurrence of events and policies that “led us to near catastrophe.”
Obama calls for new 'rules of road' for finance
OK. Behold new hoboriffic theme song of brave new Oymerikan pipplez!

Bernanke Set to Defend Record Amid Debate on New Term

What the Fed is mulling at this week's meeting

Between the Mullers and the Mullahs we are pretty well fucked.

FACTBOX-Major US financial regulation initiatives

TARP creates economic quagmire
TARP was first passed by Congress in the crisis environment of October 2008 out of fear that if a few large banks were allowed to fail the entire banking system would collapse. TARP gave the Bush administration wide latitude in spending $700 billion to salvage the banking industry by having the government purchase toxic mortgage assets. Regrettably, TARP has become a metaphorical blank check for U.S. government officials to spend taxpayer funds as they see fit to subsidize various businesses to keep them from failing.
Wall Street Stocks Set To Open Lower On Negative Sentiment
Watch out, right after negative sentiment comes malcontented malaise!
It's a gateway sentiment!

Are you deaf? STFU!

Poll: Optimism over stimulus fading
Somebody you know had stimulus optimism?

Obama's Post-Capitalist America
We don’t have to work too hard to envision what Obama’s Post-Capitalist America will look like, because it’s here already. The basic ingredients bureaucratization and overregulation have already destroyed sizable chunks of American industry and business over a number of decades. Now with nationalization on the table, we’re getting the first glimpses of what the American auto industry and medicine will look like, nationalized.
"Years ago, there's no way we could do this," said Keith Sadler, Lancaster's police chief. "It brings to mind Big Brother, George Orwell and '1984.' It's just funny how Americans have softened on these issues."

"No one talks about it," agreed Scott Martin, a Lancaster County commissioner who wants to expand the program. "Because people feel safer. Those who are law-abiding citizens, they don't have anything to worry about."
Foreign spy agencies probe US computer systems
William RAYTHEON Lynn:
A top Defense Department official has warned that the nation's computer networks are under regular, relentless and threatening attacks from more than 100 foreign intelligence organizations. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn III said the attacks threaten about 15,000 government networks connecting about seven million computers, representing a national security challenge unlike any other we've faced before.
This will be the excuse to militarize cyberspace and they will do the same shit they are doing with everything else - they will not use this force primarily on the enemy - they will use it on US. And RAYTHEON will make bazillions.

Multiple cybersecurity reforms launched

Willie Raytheon Lynn issues the ubiqutous preemptive denial that this power will be turned on us. Which of course means that is exactly what they intend to do.
“It’s really an incredible cultural breakthrough to say, we’re not going to have a separate process at Defense, we’re going to trust the other parts of government,” said Tony Sager, chief of the National Security Agency’s vulnerability analysis and operations group. “There’s always this belief that, well, my problem is different than your problem … and we have to get over that.”


Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn stressed that the new command, if created, would not have jurisdiction outside of the Defense Department.
House panel shifts most of Military Health System's IT budget
A House committee transferred most of the Military Health System's proposed fiscal 2010 information technology budget to the Defense secretary's office because none of the IT projects MHS has proposed during the past two years "have found their way into the president's budget request," said a report accompanying the Defense authorization bill, which was released on Monday.
New US Nuclear Detectors Show Same Weaknesses as Older Technology
I feel safer already.

Defense stalwarts see cash in cybersecurity

AP source: DHS to kill domestic satellite spying
LIES! PLEASE NOTE: The operative sentence is the final one.
They have killed ZERO.
A government official says Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano plans to kill a controversial program begun by the Bush administration to use U.S. spy satellites for domestic security and law enforcement.The program was announced in 2007 and was to have been run by Homeland Security. It has been delayed because of privacy and civil liberty concerns.

The official said lawmakers who objected to the program, known as the National Applications Office, will be notified about the decision Tuesday. The official was not authorized to discuss the decision and spoke on condition of anonymity Monday.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Interior Department will continue to have access to this satellite imagery.

DHS Leadership to Participate in United We Serve
I serve only GOD, so fuck off.

First lady touts volunteerism in San Francisco

Woman - you ain't even qualifed to be last lady.

FEMA Chief Visits Denver To Push Volunteerism
The head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency visited Denver Monday to help kick off President Barack Obama's campaign to promote public service.

He said Obama's campaign, called United We Serve, goes back to the president's early days of community service, when he took action and didn't assume someone else would.
Raytheon and Ultra Electronics Team to Pursue Next-Generation Bomb

Secret abortion donor hearing set in Sioux Falls
The lawsuit over whether to identify the person who gave $750,000 toward the failed 2006 vote to ban most abortions in South Dakota goes back to court Tuesday in Sioux Falls. Secretary of State Chris Nelson sued state Rep. Roger Hunt, the Brandon Republican who set up the corporation Promising Future Inc. and gave the money to Hunt said the corporation did not meet the legal definition of a ballot question committee required to file financial reports. But Nelson disagreed, saying campaign finance laws required the donor's identity to be public.
Steve Jobs, Apple and the Liver Transplant
BTW I run this only because it chaps my ass that poor people do not get livers instamatically like the Dolla Bills do. The regular shmos die on waiting lists. But Steve Jobs & Larry Hagman and Mickey Mantle all managed to get livers snaptomatically. Meantime Mickey, that absolute drunkard, only used his a couple of months. That liver could have saved someone elses life, given them decades. Justice and Health are wholly determined by the size of your stack. And wait till they nationalize it, you will need a stack like Jobs to get anything stat.

FACTBOX: Climate bill pending in US House

Senate energy bill's key elements go beyond eastern gulf
It all goes beyond the back of the balls of beyond the fucking beyond if you ask me.

Mama they done took mah kodachrome away

Intact ancient tomb uncovered in Bethlehem
They dated the grave to the Early Bronze Age, between 1,900 B.C. and 2,200 B.C. Jerusalem-based archaeologist and historian Stephen Pfann called the find "an important reference to the life of the Canaanites," adding that it could give a glimpse into life in the area before the time when the Biblical patriarchs are said to have lived.
Queering the Schools
At a high school in prosperous Newton, Massachusetts, it’s “To B GLAD Day”—or, less delicately, Transgender, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Awareness Day. An advocacy session for students and teachers features three self-styled transgendered individuals—a member of the senior class and two recent graduates. One of the transgenders, born female, announces that “he” had been taking hormones for 16 months. “Right now I am a 14-year-old boy going through puberty and a 55-year-old woman going through menopause,” she complains. “I am probably the moodiest person in the world.” A second panelist declares herself an “androgyne in between both genders of society.” She adds, “Gender is just a bunch of stereotypes from society, but I am completely personal, and my gender is fluid.”
Our Father, Who Art a Straw Man
Hollow be thy name.
A group of atheists and agnostics is challenging the city of Warren, Mich. for allowing a church to set up a "prayer station" in the lobby of city offices for people struggling with lost jobs, financial problems and other troubles, The Detroit News reports.
Officials investigating DC Metro crash that killed 9
It was a probably one of the millions of Christianist Terrorists currently roaming our landscape.

There were so many earthquakes in the last 24 hours this post would become twice as long if I listed them all here
Iran, Iceland, Alaska, California, Mexico, Japan, Italy, the Pacific, The Atlantic, The Caribbean, The Aegean, The Mediterranean.... well shit. Let's just say there is no place that ain't been shaking like a whore's ass. But here's the high score of the day:

Magnitude 6.7 quake hits off Papua New Guinea -USGS

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