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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missing Links: Stone Cold Crazy

Stone Cold Crazy

CNN: Hajj makes Muslims more tolerant, study suggests
Somali jihadists: "Muslims slaughter animals in this holiday but I call for the Mujahidin (Islamic fighters) to slaughter the Ethiopian soldiers"

Links to Somalia jihad divide Minnesota community

Sudan's untrustworthy peace

Iranian prof who "Islamized" Iran's universities now teetering on the edge of heresy

Tehran: Students slam Egypt for 'collaborating' with Israel

Iran Urges Obama to Change Approach

Iran tests medium-range missile in naval maneuver

Qatar joins Iran now in urging OIC meet on Gaza

Transcript: Queen Condi of the Amalekites on 'FNS'

WALLACE: But Secretary Rice, there's a complete split among the Palestinians between Fatah and Hamas. There's a sharp disagreement among the Israelis about the peace process. We're nowhere near a peace agreement.

RICE: Well, I simply don't agree with that, Chris. Since the Annapolis process, these parties, Israel and the Palestinians, have been negotiating seriously on all the so-called core issues — borders, refugees, etc. They are moving toward that agreement. There is better situation on the ground with Palestinian institutions, security institutions beginning to take responsibility. And when the president says that there is an international consensus, he means the Annapolis process that brought 54 countries together, including by the way the leading Arab states — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, even Syria — to back a particular process to get to this accord. Finally, I would just note that Hamas is pretty isolated. It is true that there is Hamas in Gaza. But Hamas has few friends, with the exception of Iran and to a certain extent Syria. The major Arab states are backing Mahmoud Abbas, backing the Palestinian authority, in the Annapolis process to try to find a peace with Israel. And Israelis, since Ariel Sharon, the father of the settlement movement, said that it was going to be necessary to split the land, Israelis have been united — more united behind the two- state solution than at any other time as well.
Last night's Hillary-Condi dinner

Bush, the Middle East and the full Bilbassy

Supreme Court Declines Obama Birth Case

"The need for easier monetary policy is intense," said Gold Man Sacks

Special Situations Heads At Goldman Leave
Let's see where their special heads resurface...

Senate Confirms NY Prosecutor As Inspector General for Bailout

Treasury Weighs Steps to Track TARP Goals

Deal Close Between Congress,White House On Auto Loans

AIG - 38 more get bonuses, even million$

Chevron Consortium to Make Final Investment Decision

Turkmenistan Joins the Natural Gas Elite

The key to the Caucasus


India, Russia, China Strengthen Ties

China wants to put billions into Brazilian oil

Russia, China to continue loan talks in Moscow

S&P lowers Russia's sovereign credit ratings

Gazprom asks for $3.5 billion

A subsidiary of Gazprom and Marubeni Corp plan to sell UN-backed carbon credits in Japan

Ford to halt production in Russia for 1 month

"Putin Youth" blame migrants for Russia's woes

100s of items missing from Russia's Hermitage

Student Activist Goes On Trial In Minsk

Nanny moves to Israel with boy orphaned in Mumbai

Abortion: One Of The Ugly Heads Of Socialism

UK: Man's suicide to be aired on TV

Crook County Newz: Details Of Complaint Against Blagojevich

Climate change experts 'lose faith' in renewable technology

5.2 in Pakistan

6.4 in Indian Ocean

Will Virgin Killer be a Wikipedia killer?

Faggifying The World

Prop. 8 foes set 'Day Without a Gay' boycott
LOL ! When I was working, if my subordinates had called me with this crap I would have said,
"ya OK fine ... you can stay TF home forever for all I give a rats ass." and hung up.

Robert Conquest On Genocide And Famine

And now for a world government
I am not insane, most excellent Festus...

Alice Cooper
Luney Tune

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