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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Missing Links: The Punklegum Resistance

The Ramones
The KKK Took My Baby Away

Israelis and Palestinians reach secret peace deal, says Blair

Iran to send relief ship to Gaza

UN chief tries to block Israeli ambassador's speech

PFLP calls for end of peace talks with Israel

At Mecca: Abbas demands release of all Palestinian prisoners

Israel readies for Gaza border attacks

Olmert condemns settler 'pogrom'

Israel will allow Gaza cash transfer

Obama supposedly to offer Israel 'nuclear umbrella' against Iranian nuke attack

OK Obama, you can stick the umbrella up my ass... just please don't open it.

Cairo protests anti-Israel demos at its Iran mission

Iranian nuclear workers arrested for spying

Iranian VP wants to destroy Israel, after earlier calling it a 'friend'

Iran to participate in Iraq's oil projects

Crude Oil Rises on Speculation OPEC, Russia Will Coordinate Cut
Who is the superpower in this world? He who controls your fuel.

Arabtec may shave Gazprom project budget
Arabtec Construction could shed Dh3bn (US$11bn) from its Dh10bn contract to build Gazprom’s new headquarters in St Petersburg
In September, Korea Gas signed a 30-year accord with Gazprom

Russia's oil company interested in developing Iran's oil fields

Russian working for nuclear company dies in Iran

Nabucco Dreams

Russia & Argentina tout world without US domination

Russia, Argentina sign cooperation deals

Russia Issues a New Warning to West
VOA is like American PRAVDA

Russia's Putin creates anti-crisis body
Really, Dr. Frankenstein? Where did he get the parts?

China, Russia to hold anti-terrorist exercise in 2009

"A serious setback to human rights"

Middle Schoolers Suspended for Sex Activities in Class
I give you Brave New World, Chapter 3

Our role in the Divine's global corporation, World Inc.
The soul reason for existence

The Ramones
I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement

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