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Monday, December 8, 2008

Missing Links: EiD, IED, IUD, IOU... emmmm oohhh youu esss eeeee

Sesame Street: Fairy Alphabet, circa 1970

Muslim indoctrination in USA TODAY, this is the actual headline:
Say 'Eid Mubarak' today (and ignore Bill O'Reilly)

Muslim indoctrination in the Detroit News:
Muslims celebrate Festival of Sacrifice
(In Islam celebrants sacrifice YOU, filthy kuffar)

Muslim indoctrination, local Sioux Falls, SD paper:
Local Muslims celebrate festival of sacrifice today

Muslim indoctrination in The Washington Post:
A Hollywood Screenwriter Goes to Mecca

GWB's down with EiD!

Oklahoma City Muslims observing Eid ul-Adha

Well ain't that special. The wind sweeping down the plains suddenly stinks.

Israel delays their traditional suicidal Eid gifting

Hezbollah: They are proud by the "courage and honesty "of Christian opposition Leader Michel Aoun's visit to Syria

Abbassholes vs Hamassholes over the Haj

Abassholes supposedly torturing Hamassholes
"They shouted 'You're Hamas! Tell us what you're up to!' as they were hitting me," one man recounted to Reuters of an ordeal last month in a Palestinian prison in Hebron. He spoke, too, of being forced to hang or stand for hours in "stress positions."
LOL! Lemme tell ya, the criteria for defining "torture" sure has gone downhill these days. They called me names, hit me, and made me stand in uncomfortable positions! Yahuh. And? When I was a kid, that was called a typical Tuesday at Catholic School.

World Bank: Gaza banks on brink of collapse

Iran urges OIC emergency session on Gaza

EU intends to cooperate actively with OIC countries

OIC-backed UN resolution on religious hatred deplored

Malaysia wants OIC countries to reconsider gold Dinar for trade

Iranian militants killed 16 kidnapped police

Iran and Ecuador sign 12 agreements

Head of nuclear watchdog calls efforts against Iran 'a failure'

Oil firm sidesteps sanctions on Iran

Video: More Than 160 US, NATO Vehicles Burn in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia, UAE to offer $2bn loan to Pakistan

U of Leeds and King Saud U announce nanotech partnership

The Saudis' New Man in Congress

CAIR Thanks Fox for 'Simpsons' Episode Challenging Islamophobia

Turkish Police: Culture of Impunity

Ambitions for 2009 UN climate pact fade in Poznan

UN defends carbon scheme after U.S. criticism

Sarkozy praises China amid uproar over Dalai Lama

SAfrica drops planned nuclear plant

Namibia has plenty of uranium to enable it to go nuclear

Dangerous trek to Israel for African refugees

Russia busy "renationalizing" everything in sight

Argentine President Heads To Russia Amid Talk Of Lukoil Buy In Repsol

Abu Dhabi, Gazprom Ink Dutch Gas Storage 'Partnership'

Gazprom, Serbia to sign energy deal by end Dec

Russia Allocates $2 Billion on New Arms, Countering US Shield

Russia backing Persian Pipeline

Iran Presses Europe with Gas

Turkey: Shall we carry on accession talks with the EU?

EU does not consider Iranian Gas as Resource for Nabucco Pipeline

Strategic Command Chief Urges Quick Nuclear Weapons Modernization

World leaders gather in bid to impose a ban on nuclear weapons

GOP appears in deep trouble in California

US Is Losing Global Cyberwar, Commission Says

Tribune Considering Filing for Bankruptcy Protection, WSJ Says
Isn't it just a formality? They've been morally bankrupt for decades.

OBAMA: Auto Industry Collapse Is Not an Option
Now, I want you to take a good long moment and think of all the reasons why they would drag out the "rescue" of the automakers as they are doing instead of bailing them out instamatically.... please post your thoughts in the comments, thanks.

Oil Halts Six Days of Declines on Possible OPEC Cut, Obama Plan

Castro wants to meet Obama

Putin makes warm overtures to Obama

Obama chides Russia but promises new relations

Obama team member linked to Hindutva fascist movement

Obama Offering No Support For Israel

EU commissioner: We expect Obama enter direct talks with Iran

Without a free market we are simply fascists

Retail sales dropping like a rock

Goldman Shopping Harvard Deal

Oh, Come Let us Abort Him!

Montserrat volcano continues violent explosions

6.2 off East Timor Coast

5.6 in Southern Iran

5.5 in Northern Japan

ABC ~ Jackson 5

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