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Friday, December 12, 2008

Missing Links: My Back Pages

The Prophet Zimmy
My Back Pages

Bettie Page, 1950s pin-up queen, dies in LA
Every sizzlin' hot brunette honey with bangs you have seen on tattooed men for the last 40 + years was based on the Notorious Miss Bettie Page

Obama's cabinet name by name

Concern for Climate Change Defines Energy Dept. Nominee

Blagojevich's Tangled Web: A Who's Who of Illinois Politics

Ex-Nasdaq Chair Arrested on Fraud Charge in NYC

Madoff Charged in $50 Billion Fraud at Advisory Firm

Houdini's Hedge Fund

Goldman Sachs Bets Against State Bonds It Sold

Bush administration urges FCC to vote against free broadband mandate

Faux America learns to stop worrying & love Obama

Clinton & Rice go to State

Rescue Bid for Detroit Collapses in Senate

U.S. Plans Nuclear Pact With U.A.E.

U.S., North Korea deadlocked in nuclear talks

Obama plans to speak from mysterious unnamed "Islamic" capital
Don't make me speak what I think he is thinking

Samantha Power — who has served for years as one of Obama's closest foreign affairs advisors and now serves as a member of his transition team for the State Department — called for US forces to be deployed to Judea and Samaria in what she referred to as "a mammoth protection force" to protect the Palestinians from Israel which she claimed was guilty of "major human rights abuses."

Iran detains Iranian-Canadian blogger

Iran holds massive anti-Israel rally

Iranian Police Crack Down On 'Satanic' Dress & Western Hairdos

Israel's Netanyahu tells EU he will pursue peace

Anti-Israel Christmas carols at UK church

A leading UN official has said Israel's policies against the Palestinians amounted to a "crime against humanity"


GEERT WILDERS: Our Culture is Better

So call it what it really is already
Terrorism expert Steve Emerson says there’s no hope of victory in the war on terrorism until we call it what it really is.

The great Islamophobia fake-out

U.S. Backs 'Central Role' For UN In War Against Terrorism

Islamic banking - Is Treasury complicit?

Treasury Investments Already $16 Billion in the Red

Treasury Criticized on Hill Over TARP

Kneel Cash Carry Gets Grilled

Rep. Manzullo (R-IL) tells Cash Carry to Step TF Down

Oil recovery rests on........CHINA

Oil prices surge on production cuts and promises of more

Russia May Join OPEC, Cut Oil Output to Boost Price

Gazprom wants to join Venezualan oil consortium

Russian troops wearing Gazprom uniforms will invade Ukraine to “protect” natural gas pipeline

Ascopiave (Italy) in talks to increase Gazprom supplies

Gazprom conducts negotiations to purchase Azerbaijani gas

US, Russia to discuss missile shield in Moscow next week

Sino Russia military-technical cooperation update

Fresh clashes erupt in Athens

Nkunda's men massacre 150 in Congo town

Congo "Peace Talks" collapse

Somali peacekeepers want out

Ethiopian troops enter Somalia to kick jihadi ass

Mugabe's 'no cholera' remark to taunt West

Magnitude 5.4 - SOUTHERN IRAN

6.3 in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Earthquake Supercycles Inferred from Sea-Level Changes

Corals Indicate Another Sumatra Quake Is Likely

The Nice
My Back Pages

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