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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Exodus Decoded

The Exodus Decoded ~ 93 minutes
Simcha Jacobovici


I saw this show for the first time tonight. Excellent work. I knew of all these finds separately (except for the "Save Me, El" Hebrew Egyptian slave graffiti in the mines) but had not seen anyone string them all together so succinctly. God bless Simcha Jacobovici . I am surprised this program ever made it to air.

I am particularly fascinated at the links between the ancient Minoans and the ancient Hebrews, the Mycenaean burials (the"Danians") and the tribe of Dan - linguistically they are now thinking that both the Etruscans and the Minoans were using language most closely related to ancient Hebrew, this he does not mention in the piece but it is relatively new information and from what I understand this documentary was made in 2006. Shows you how much TV I watch.

Great job. Watch the whole thing.

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