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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Dirt Nap Tango

Podhoretz asks: Why are Jews liberals?
Everything is a first commandment violation, all else is commentary.

Syria 'keen on seeing internal dialogue in Lebanon'
“Syria is keen on seeing internal dialogue in Lebanon reach solutions. Formation of the national cabinet fortifies the country and works on solving all issues. This reflects positively on the situation in Lebanon and consequently Syria,”
Syria accuses Iraq of exploiting Baghdad attacks

Turkish FM says talks in Iraq and Syria were 'positive'

Is something brewing with Syria?
Former Bush NSC official Elliott Abrams today declares that Obama's policy of reaching out to Syria is failing
Venezuela's Chavez to Visit Syria, Meet President Assad

Analysts play down expectations from Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu talks
There are increasing signs that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will meet Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu later this month, with United States President Barack Obama chairing the session. However Israeli analysts are playing down the chances of an early breakthrough in Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.
Israel, Palestinians hold high-level economic talks
Listen up. Your money is our money, Jew, or we go kaboom, see?
~ "Palestine"

Israeli, Palestinian ministers meet

Arranging for the Jizya!
"This meeting was not related to (peace) negotiations," Khuri told AFP. "Our position is clear, no negotiations without a settlement freeze."Shalom said that "our goal is to reach economic peace and this goal does not prevent political dialogue but only helps reach it."

2 Hamas gunmen killed by malfunctioning explosive device

Haneya calls for reconciliation with Fatah

Haniya: Hamas Will Never Recognize Israel

Israel frees 9 Hamas lawmakers in West Bank
You call these lawmakers?

More on UNRWA, Hamas and Holocaust denial

UN 'Special Report' Panel on Renewing Push for Mideast Peace

Obama offers iftar to help bridge gap
The feast of the beast.
Barack Obama was scheduled to host an iftar dinner at the White House yesterday in honour of Ramadan, the latest gesture by a president who has vowed to improve relations with the Muslim world. The feast was scheduled to be held in the State Dining Room to “highlight the contributions of American Muslims”, according to an announcement by the White House Press Office. The president was also scheduled to make brief remarks at the dinner.
Obama Banned National Day Of Prayer, But Applauds Islam Ramadan
Obama stated in his inaugural address that atheists and Muslims are to be honored as well as Christians. Why that sentence was written into that address is beyond reason. Obama is quickly ridding our nation of its biblical ethics and Christian backdrop. This is exactly what the knowledgeable citizens stated throughout the presidential campaign.
White House Iftar
Tuesday night's White House Iftar had both a courtly feel and a common touch. Servers circled the ornate reception rooms of the White House with glasses of juice and bowls of dates at fast-breaking time. Prayers were led by a Muslim chaplain in the U.S. military.

Dinner attendees included Congressmen (Andre Carson, Keith Ellison, John Conyers, Rush Holt, Richard Lugar) and Cabinet Secretaries (Bob Gates, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius), but the loudest applause was reserved for the guest of honor -- an American Muslim girl wearing a headscarf who broke Massachusetts state records in high school basketball.

She was seated at the head table, to the President's left.

In his opening remarks, Obama emphasized one of the key themes of his presidency -- that there are common things that all faiths share, and that these commonalities should bring us together, even as we respect our differences. He quoted that great Muslim American philosopher (and boxer) Muhammad Ali on religion: Rivers, streams and ponds are all different names, but each is made up of the same element: water. So it is with religion. Traditions have different names but share fundamental truths, of which the pursuit of peace and the affirmation of human dignity are among the most important. I have often said that Islam and America were made for each other. Both have a profound emphasis on binding together that which was previously separated.
Ramadan Dinner at the White House: The Guest List
WHORES of the Caliphate!

Ellison celebrates Ramadan at White House

California Politicians Break Fast with Hamas Front Group
Dozens of California lawmakers are expected to gather in the state Capitol this evening for an Iftar dinner - the meal breaking the daily fast for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. In doing so, the politicians are partnering with a group that federal law enforcement officials say is a Hamas-front. The Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) California chapter issued a news release Monday boasting that the dinner is co-hosted by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Speaker Karen Bass and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and 35 other lawmakers. The governor is not expected to attend. An aide in Steinberg's office confirmed that, while a co-host, he would not be attending the dinner. Public use of the Capitol's Eureka Room requires a member of the California Assembly's sponsorship. Assembly Member Dave Jones, who has spoken at numerous CAIR functions, helped reserve the room, records at the Joint Rules Committee show.
Turkey defines terrorism as anyone who opposes the government, and the Alliance for Civilizations is a stealth branch of the Caliphate, like the OIC.
Erdogan also referred to Alliance of Civilizations, an initiative launched in 2005 by Turkey and Spain under the auspices of United Nations
Turkey flexes its geopolitical muscles

Turkey, Iraq, Syria to discuss Tigris and Euphrates water sharing

Ex-DHS chief Michael Chertoff sees risk in current anti-terror policies
You call those anti-terror policies?

The Soviet Roots of Terrorism
Americans have been conditioned to fear Islamic terrorism, but most Americans have been told little about how much of the international terror web was created by the former Soviet Union. The roots of Soviet sponsorship of international Islamic terrorist organizations go all the way back to the beginning. And the beginning of “Islamic” terrorism can be laid at the feet of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
Hasan al-Banna: Brotherhood, Jihad and Nazism

Arrested for Conspiracy to Supply US fighter jet engines to Iran
Jacques Monsieur, a Belgian national and resident of France suspected of international arms dealing for decades, has been arrested on charges alleging that he conspired to illegally export F-5 fighter jet engines and parts from the United States to Iran. Monsieur is scheduled to have his arraignment today in federal court in Mobile, Alabama.
Humanity Assassinated: Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Bangladesh
We now know the Holocaust of the Jews, after Hitler and his Nazi Party found out “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, which is written in History with human blood. Today change the names of the murderers (and their religious belief) and the name of the country, and we will see that history is repeating itself in Bangladesh. It was Genocide of the Jews in Germany and now it is Genocide of the minorities in Bangladesh. And yes; as Horowitz said, listen carefully to every dead human. Each one of them has a pathetic story to tell you; pay attention and you will hear an unmistakable whisper in their silence, the stories of their suffering and injustice caused to them because of their minority status in a Muslim majority country. Those who are still fortunate enough to live for few more days are in mental wreck so much so that they are all living dead. Today not only the victims but the Humanity itself is crying bitterly for your attention.

First In depth BBC Persian Interview with Bahai International

Iran Plans to Offer New Nuclear Package to Spur Talks
Dig the language. They should be in no position to offer anyone anything. He who makes the offer is occupying the dominant position.
“It seems to be another take at the same package offered by Iran last year,” said Samuel Ciszuk, a Middle East energy analyst for London-based business intelligence company IHS Global Insight. That package “proposed some grand solution to re-order the international scene and solve many of the world’s problems,” while falling short of offering a compromise on the country’s nuclear program, he said.
Sanctions Won't Work Against Iran
By John Bolton
John, motek, believe me, they know it. They are not interested in stopping Iran from going nuclear is the bottom line. If they were, YOU would be president right now. And this did not start with Obama, we made moves years ago to begin to "engage" Iran under Bush, following the dictates of The Baker Plan, and these moves became public knowledge in 2007. Obamanable only finishes up on an established "bipartisan" policy, based in it's entirety on The Baker Plan , which may as well be called the FUCK THE JEWS plan.

See Also:
IRAN: Genocidal nuclear wannabe Islamic theocracy directs US as to exactly what it can and cannot say

American Ambassador Crocker "agrees broadly" with Genocidal Theocracy

Same Crocker Shit, Different Day

Diplobabbling Whoredoms of Doom & the Dhimmise of the American Way

Bush policy shift reflects Iraq Study Group goals

Patty cake, patty cake, Baker's Man...

Iran From Baker Straight Into A Bush ..... Again
Russia calls for diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear row
Naturally as they helped build the Iranian plant!

Iran anoints anti-Jewish bomb suspect as defence minister
General Ahmad Vahidi – wanted for Buenos Aires attack that killed 85 – is due to be confirmed after no objections by MPs
Iranian IAEA chief named Mohammad downplays Iranian nuclear threat

Report: Iran offers to arm Lebanese army

Yemen warns Iran over media bias
Iran may suffer negative diplomatic consequences if it continues to skew its reporting on battles with Shiite rebels, the foreign minister of Yemen said. Yemen blames the Iranian media for bias in its reporting of the Yemeni government battle against Shiite rebels loyal to the guerrilla movement al-Houthi operating in north Yemen.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said he summoned the Iranian envoy, warning him Yemen may make "serious diplomatic decisions" over bilateral ties, the official Saba news agency reports. Security forces last week claimed to have uncovered six weapons caches belonging to the Shiite militant group that contained short-range missiles and light machine guns made in Iran.

Iranian prisoner beaten to death, coroner says

Iran replacing envoys who backed "rioters"

Obama's Foreign Policy: Abandon Democracy

Groundwork Is Laid for New Troops in Afghanistan
The classified assessment submitted Monday by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, who took over American and NATO forces in Afghanistan in June, did not request additional American troops, American officials said, but they added that it effectively laid the groundwork for such a request in coming weeks.
Are we approaching a tipping point in Afghanistan?

Afghan tribal leaders call for Karzai to quit

Deputy Chief of Intelligence Is Slain in Afghanistan
The purple finger of fraud strikes again

Spy chief among 23 killed in Taliban suicide blast

Locals: Karzai's brother took ballot boxes

Brazen Ballot Stuffing Casts New Doubt on Karzai

Warlord's Switch to Taliban Shows Rising Afghan Threat

He'd rather switch than fight. My warlord is better than yours!
HERAT, Afghanistan -- Ghulam Yahya, a former mayor of this ancient city along the Silk Road, battled the Taliban for years and worked hand in hand with Western officials to rebuild the country's industrial hub. Now, Mr. Yahya is firing rockets at the Herat airport and nearby coalition military headquarters. He has kidnapped soldiers and foreign contractors, claimed the downing of an Afghan army helicopter and planted bombs in central Herat -- including one that killed a district police chief and more than a dozen bystanders last month. Mr. Yahya's stranglehold over the outskirts of Herat has destabilized a former oasis of calm and relative prosperity. "The security situation here is critical," said Herat's current mayor, Mohammed Salim Taraki.
THE NYT ASKS: Is It Time to Negotiate With the Taliban?
Which means they are already doing so.

Two Koreas resume border traffic

Energy: China turns tables on U.S.

Stupid Gwylo! We buy your ass with your own cash! AHAHAHAHA!
While the entire Western world remains cash-strapped, cash-rich China has been buying oil and natural gas assets around the world while expanding its coal production and investing in renewable technologies; in short, they are investing heavily in energy.
Refiners In China At Risk As The Government May Delay Price Hike

Oil rebounds as lower inventories seen

Sinopec, PetroChina Gain as China Raises Fuel Prices

China denies limiting fuel price adjustments

China raises fuel prices for 4th time this year

A Close Look at Chinese PMI Data

Raytheon Awarded $27 Million to Support Taiwan's Patriot Systems
Isn't THAT special!

China denies visas to producers of earthquake film


Michelle Malkin: The Beslan attack: 5 years later

Russia may hike power prices
~ Vladdest of them all

Russia's Putin dodges WWII criticism in Poland


Putin ignites new anger during WWII cermony
Either way, Vlad is laughing.

Putin demands clarity over occupied territories
What Putin demands Putin gets, Dogskis!

Putin Wants from Borisov Quick Decisions on Russia-Bulgaria Energy
And what Putin wants Putin gets. OR ELSE, comrade Bulgaria.

Shell appoints new Russia and Caspian chief

SOCAR drills deep
The State Oil Co. of Azerbaijan Republic announced three new wells were established near Sahil near the capital Baku, the Trend news agency reported.
Azerbaijan Denies Passage for NATO Surveillance Planes to Afghanistan

Police and protesters clash over Gazprom tower
St. Petersburg residents on Tuesday (01.09.09) clashed with police and OAO Gazprom security guards during a public hearing over the plan to erect the tallest skyscraper in Europe. Around 12 people who attended Tuesday’s meeting were removed, as calls of ‘shame on Gazprom’ rung in the air
Gazprom Guards, Protestors Clash Over St. Petersburg Skyscraper
Please to realize that GAZPROM has a private army.

Gazprom wants Japan to co-fund gas pipeline

Putin attacks Polish gas firm's role in key venture

Gazprom meets with Far East officials
Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller met with local officials in Kamchatka Krai to discuss the construction of a gas trunkline, the gas monopoly said. Miller met with Alexei Kuzmitsky, the governor of Kamchatka Krai, to discuss contraction of the Sobolevo-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky gas trunkline for gas supply for the Far East region. Gazprom in 2007 moved on gas supplies and developments in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the administrative center of Kamchatka Krai.

Gazprom to double shelf reserves by 2020

Russian Oil Trade King Buys More Gas Assets

Gazprom shuts in pipeline for repairs
The Yamal-Europe pipeline, which runs from Russia's Arctic north to Germany via Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, was shut down for similar repair work on 2 September 2008 and gas deliveries returned to normal levels two days later.
Transneft Fights 27,000-Ton Oil Theft as Violence Surges
Transneft opened an office in Dagestan, between Chechnya and the Caspian Sea, and now has 700 guards along its 300-mile pipe after thieves stole 27,000 tons of oil.
Russians discuss military command reforms

Ayatollah Putin, an interview with our friend Konstantin

Tajikistan's Lone Private University Defies Order And Opens For New School Year
Tajikistan's education authorities, citing unspecified "technical reasons," have ordered the closure of the country's only private university. The Institute of Technical Innovations and Communications, known as the ITIC, employs many prominent opposition politicians and outspoken government critics among its professors. It was set up by a Tajik-born U.S. citizen and receives funding from various U.S. and Western grants.

Among locals it is known simply as the "American" university.
India's new dynamics with Tajikistan and Russia
The current visit of Indian President to Tajikistan and Russia will help shape in realigning the future strategy.
Turkmens banned from foreign private education-HRW

Chief of Turkmen State News Agency leaves post

Turkmenistan - Giant carpet finds new home
Yeah, OK... but is it Magic? Does it fly & buzz?
On the same day, a new 9-storey building of the Turkmenhaly (“Turkmen carpet”) State Joint-Stock Corporation with a facade decorated with carpet designs was commissioned in Ashgabat.
Turkmenistan rather lags behind, than begins to lead in arms race
Engalllassshh not Igor's first language. SILENCE!

Turkmenistan Plans Caspian Naval Base
Glorious Turkmen Navals Akbar!

Turkmenistan plans military base in gas and oil hotspot

Yushchenko to visit Turkmenistan to secure natural gas supplies

Rabbi Addresses Sheva Mitzvos
Sadly the Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan appears to be a dhimmi politician of Shuliasm, gloriously whitewashing the religious persecution in his country and praising the president of one of the world's most repressive regimes. Mazel tov, Rabbi... nu? GOD save us all.
The Chief Rabbi of Almaty and deputy Chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan, Rabbi Elchonon Cohen, praised President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s decision to allow the citizens of Kazakhstan to follow their beliefs and to promote respect among different religions.
Prominent Kazakh Rights Defender Goes On Trial For Manslaughter

Kazakhstan: Give Rights Defender Fair Trial
The Kazakh government should ensure that Kazakhstan's most prominent human rights defender, who faces manslaughter charges following an automobile accident, gets a fair trial, Human Rights Watch said today. The government's past harassment of its critics and its handling of the case thus far raise concerns that it could be used for political purposes, Human Rights Watch said.
Iran Produce Joint Films With Afghanistan, Kazakhstan

Uzbek envoy seeks transport facilities through Pakistani ports

Uzbekistan To Halt Participation In SCO Military Exercises

Uzbekistan - Tashkent Hosts Grand Meeting at Newly Built Palace

Dear compatriots!
Distinguished guests!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Kyrgyzstan to establish supreme national assembly, executive council

People in Kyrgyzstan Still Feel Threatened

Kyrgyzstan to increase grain harvest by 30%

Women and Radicalisation in Kyrgyzstan

BofA Seeks to Repay a Portion of Bailout
Let's see if The Seizer LETS them repay.

If TARP Was So Smart, Why Are So Many Banks Failing?

A reminder: TARP belongs to GWB, NOT Obamanable. Thank you. Bush to Ask for TARP; Obama to 'Rebrand' It Their headline, mine proples...not mine!

Internal review blasts SEC over Madoff

Ghana Oil Find and BRICs
Lots of activities are going on by individuals and institutions to reap the benefits of the black gold. An Accra based Think Tank, Africa Next Knowledge is today deliberating on some issues in anticipation of the black gold. Being discussed is the role of emerging economics in developing countries. Brazil, Russia, India and China constitute what is known simply as BRICs. Discussions on BRICs is becoming important to Africa because of China’s interest in Ghana’s black gold.

Unexpected oil price hike
Unexpected by who? Sleeping people?

Why Do Oil Prices Swing So Wildly?
Whhhheye do ya think?

Japan's Victors Set to Abandon Market Reform

Bioethics and Health Insurance
Bioethicists might prefer to be seen as wise non-partisan sages, dispensing timeless wisdom. But now, albeit with great reluctance, they are forced to take an active role in the increasingly divided biopolitical landscape.
Key Republicans bail on 'Obama-care'; Dems' options narrow

Grassley: Public Option Not Included in "Gang of Six' Plans

Lefty Groups Raise $60,000 — In One Day — For Ad Attacking Grassley

White House Not Pleased With Republican Senators Enzi and Grassley

No Doubt! LOL!

Obama developing new healthcare strategy -official


Liberal Lesson No. 242 - Smoke and Mirrors: The Spy Game Edition

Raytheon to buy BBN, a firm that helped create the internet
Raytheon Co. has struck an agreement to buy BBN Technologies, a privately held Cambridge firm that played a vital role in the creation of the Internet.Raytheon said the deal should close before the end of the year. The price was not disclosed, and executives of Raytheon, a Waltham-based defense contractor, and BBN declined to comment further.

Raytheon launches new cross-domain tech
Raytheon announced the release of its new High-Speed Guard 3.0 cross-domain information-sharing technology. The next-generation High-Speed Guard, which is designed with performance speeds of 5 gigabytes per second, provides government authorities with an information-sharing technology that can secure data transfers from different levels of security clearance.
DHS building cyber workforce

Napolitano in NY to Unveil Obama's New Emergencies and Natural Disasters plan
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will be in New York today to unveil the Obama Administration's new national "Ready Campaign", aimed at improving household preparedness for emergencies and natural disasters.Today's national rollout comes several weeks after Napolitano appointed a panel to review the controversial five-color terror threat matrix, implemented by the Bush Administration. A report is expected next month.Currently the nation's threat level is set at "elevated" or code yellow. The threat level for all domestic and international air travel has been set at "high" or elevated.

SAIC wins federal contract
500 million to provide operations and maintenance support for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

The art of agitprop
Last month, Patrick Courrielche, a Los Angeles-based arts consultant, was invited by the National Endowment for the Arts to join a 75-person conference call “to help lay a new foundation for growth, focusing on core areas of the recovery agenda - health care, energy and environment, safety and security, education, community renewal,’’ according to the invitation.

Pardon me? The taxpayer-funded NEA is trying to recruit sympathetic artists to push the Obama agenda?

Yes, it sounds wacky, and it sounded wacky to Courrielche, too. “Artists shouldn’t be used as tools of the state to help create a climate amenable to their positions, which is what appears to be happening in this instance,’’ Courrielche wrote in an Internet post. Speaking on the phone, he explained in greater detail how the organizers - NEA communications director Yosi Sargent, a promoter of Shepard Fairey’s famous “Hope’’ poster; Buffy Wicks, a former Obama field organizer now with the White House Office of Public Engagement, and three others - “said we had the ability to shape the people around us.’’

Gesundheit, Elmo: US Teams With Sesame Street to Slow Swine Flu

Flu Trackers Encourage Patients to Blog About It
Scary shit.
Say you feel sick, but before you see a doctor you search the Web for information, or blog or Twitter about the flu. Your worries will be detected by companies prowling the Internet for disease trends
Obama says Americans should get swine flu vaccine
Elmo, also..too!

What's the Minnesota Joint Analysis Center?
The Minnesota Joint Analysis Center — a so-called fusion center — has access to multiple databases, dozens of which were created or dramatically bolstered after 9/11. There is SIPRNet, a Department of Defense network used to transmit classified information, the Homeland Secure Data Network, which maintains secret-level communications on mitigating threats to the nation, and LEO, the Justice Department program for sharing antiterrorism and intelligence information with state and local governments.

Minnesota's Department of Public Safety, the FBI and several local police departments created the state's fusion center in May 2005. Much of its deployment costs were covered by nearly $4 million in federal homeland security grants received by the state between 2005 and 2007, according to figures supplied to the Center for Investigative Reporting in response to an open-records request.
Colorado officials refused records request on Democratic convention
The Center for Investigative Reporting sought to examine documents from fusion centers in both Denver and St. Paul to better understand what roles they played in the security preparations for last year's Democratic and Republican national conventions. But authorities in Colorado refused a public-records request sent by CIR.
Leaders Meet to Discuss Coordination for Emergency Response Efforts
Gov. Timothy M. Kaine met Tuesday with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to discuss coordination on emergency preparedness and response efforts in the National Capital Region
Napolitano Calls DC Area 'Model' In Security Plans

EU ban on traditional lightbulbs goes into effect
All Hail Glow Ball Bulb Dhimming!

EU probes French subsidy for state television

Found in "Socialist Resistance" UK: The Respect conference, the crisis, and the general election
'Respect", BTW Is Galloway's party.
This has to change rapidly. Respect has to point out that all talk about green shoots of recovery have been a cruel deception. That we are in the grip of a double economic and environment crisis which is going to go on for a long time and the working class is going to be made to pay.
A Laughable Double Standard
The Duke University-Rape Case Nobody Knows About (except us)
When the Duke University-lacrosse-rape story broke in the spring of 2006, it sparked massive media coverage nationwide for more than two years and endless liberal posturing about white privilege vs. a disadvantaged black woman – three Duke lacrosse players were charged with raping and kidnapping a black stripper. It all turned out to be a lie, as we now know, and the politically correct house of cards collapsed.

The liberal media quickly moved on with few regrets about a rush to judgment. Now there is another Duke University-rape story with a strong evidence trail of e-mails, photos, and videos, as well as investigative work by the FBI, an Internet Crimes Against Children task force, the State Bureau of Investigation, and police forces in Washington, D.C. and in Durham, N.C. But this time, the liberal media aren’t saying much.

That’s because this case involves a homosexual Duke University official who does AIDS research; who lives with his partner in a sexually liberated and eco-friendly housing community; who adopted two black boys; who allegedly drugged and sodomized one of the boys; who allegedly broadcast the sodomy online; and who reportedly offered the 5-year-old boy up to other gay abusers on the Internet.

This is not a politically correct storyline: ‘Gay White Duke Official Rapes Adopted Black Boy.’ It doesn’t fit the liberal worldview. ‘Angry White Male Rapes Black Girl’ does – but that’s not the story here. Thus the meager media coverage. Let’s look at what’s known so far.

Kennedy's Mass: The Politics of Ritual

The Pope's Response to Ted Kennedy's Letter: Pro Forma
He got a form letter response with a bogus signature. Which says it all about everyone involved.
The subsequent response from a papal aide offering Benedict's prayers for his health, according to a veteran ambassador to the Holy See, was likely of a pro forma nature. Such letters are typically handled either by the office of the sostituto, the No. 2 official in the Secretary of State's office or by the Pope's private secretary. "It's very rare to have a letter with the Pope's own signature," says the diplomatic source. In any case, coming in July, it was clearly not a response to Kennedy's death.
Was an Anti-Abortion Bishop Too Vocal for the Vatican?

Fluor names new head of federal nuclear site
Engineering firm Fluor Corp. said Tuesday that Garry W. Flowers is replacing Charles E. Munns as head of a Fluor-led team that contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy to run its nuclear materials storage and processing site near Aiken, S.C.
Free Potassium iodide available for residents near nuke plants

Democratic Republic of Congo: the sale of the century
COLTAN is Tantalum.
The minerals include rare or strategic uranium, niobium, coltan and cobalt. And there is the recently discovered oil.
Foreign companies funded Congo unrest

Human cost of mining in DR Congo

Balkans power supply needs may spur nuclear push
Environmental and health concerns over high-polluting coal plants as well as a critical need for stable power supply could push Balkan countries to welcome nuclear energy.
Welcome to the Hotel Uranium
There was an uproar in Egypt about two weeks ago when it emerged that a group of seven foreigners had entered a site where a nuclear power plant is slated to be built. For 15 whole minutes, the group walked around and received explanations about the site, until the security guard arrived and threw them out. Rumors were rife: Who were these people? And mainly, how did they manage to enter this protected site?
Nuke deals' first gains for India, power from imported uranium

INDIA: 'Efforts on to acquire uranium assets abroad'

Energy Company Calls Halt to Drilling Project
A $17 million energy project in California that was supposed to demonstrate the feasibility of extracting vast amounts of heat from the earth’s bedrock has been suspended indefinitely after the drilling essentially snagged on surface rock formations.
The sobering news about geoengineering

Ecuadorian judge, Chevron dispute secret recordings

Chevron makes oil and natural gas discovery off Angola

The Yoruba and other Canaanite/Hebrew Israelites of Nigeria
Yorubas and the neighbouring nationalities located in Nigeria have this oral tradition of an origin extraneous to West Africa. Hugh Clapperton in 1820s reported a work by Sultan Bello, the Caliph of the Sokoto Caliphate, where he asserted that the Yorubas were descended from Canaanite tribe from Palestine.

Around the 1880s Samuel Johnson, a Yoruba christian, also wrote a book that made similar claims for Yoruba origins as Sultan Bello’s. In 1880, Johson naively sent this work to the Church Missionary Society in England for review and publication. The Church Missionary Society suppressed the manuscript upon realizing the explosive information it contained. The Society declared the book lost. It was not until 1923 that Johson’s brother was able to publish an edited copy of this work. Johnson’s thesis was that the Yorubas were descended from Lamurudu (Nimrod) the first King of Mesopotamia. Johnson died in 1901.
Millenniums-old fortification discovered in Jerusalem
From the time of Melchizedek and Abraham

Passage Found, May Have Been Used by Abraham

Europe's oldest axes discovered
Sophisticated tool-making skills more widespread than previously thought.
Lizard Heart
Those of you descended from apes got your hearts from lizards. Which explains everything!

Stephen Fry: In search of the planet's most endangered species
I'll make it easy for you Mr. So Smart. We are called JEWS.

Darwinista Agitprop:
Australian art takes evolutionary turn
just as firmly as Darwin linked chimpanzees to humans!
THE anniversary of Darwin's birth in 1809 and publication of Origin of Species in 1859 is connecting past to present, science to art, philosophy to biology, just as firmly as Darwin linked chimpanzees to humans. Evolution is being presented to us by all kinds of writers, artists and scholars in widely different registers.
Fusion's Kept and Broken Promises
The door reads: Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

World's deadliest volcanoes

Volcano stirs, may blow soon

Whole World Shakin' Like a Broke Whore's Ass

An overview of deadly Indonesian earthquakes

Japan Holds Earthquake Drills

California wildfires expected to blaze for another two weeks

Update on false Bob Dylan GPS story

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