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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: TANDEM

Bicycle Race

  1. two-wheeled carriage drawn by horses harnessed one before the other.
  2. A team of carriage horses harnessed in single file.
  3. A tandem bicycle.
  4. An arrangement of two or more persons or objects placed one behind the other: driving horses in tandem.
adj. Having two identical components arranged one behind the other: a tandem axle.

[Latin, at last, at length; see to- in Indo-European roots.]
tan'dem adv.

uphill, downhill
all over town
on our bike of red,
we ride with me behind
(of course)
and i hate the the back of your head.
you get to steer
and i have to pump,
hopelessly chugging on;
i can't even watch
the kids in the park
or see the coming dawn.
it takes a lot
to keep us going
through these streets so worn;
still unknown,
destinies unborn.
we got this bike
when oh so young
and all thought it so random;
i'm tired and must find MY way...
i'm jumping off
this tandem.
I read the links today
Oh Boy!
Ten million muzzies live in Hoboken!
And though the numbers may seem small
We can’t deport them all-
Hell we aren’t even working
on the bloody southern wall!
I’d love to turn you out!
I saw a film today Oh boy!
The British army clad in mufti now.
The crowds of people ran away
But Bonnie Charlie stays
Limping off in random
and in tandem lines of punk parades
I’d love to turn you out!

This is not a race
You cannot overtake me
Tandem Bicycle.

Just me and the tumble weeds
On a dusty springfield street
Six guns blazing at phantoms
Bad men won their six feet
Will no one come to play
I have another Roy Rogers gun
And a stick horse to spare
We'll ride in tandem into the sun
Under a mesa by the sofa
I will make my bold last stand
If you'd just cross the lane
And play with me, it'd be grand
But momma made you stay at home
You can't play with kids like me
My momma and your momma fight
Can't cowboys like us just be?

Tan dem hides
As tandem rides
Ten damn slides
She know not how to shift
Ran dem kids
Ran, den skids
Random bids
Yeah mommas' sore miffed

The Japanese have different tastes
They eat sea urchins and live squid
They live in houses made of paper
Sleep on straw like Buddha did
But of all the things they do enjoy
Of one I can't help to marvel most
Is the Hentai genre Futenari
Of which I'm too ashamed to post
What is it about these mix-ed beasts
With plumbing heterogeneous
That attracts the passion of readers all
In comic books with pictures heinous?
I suppose it reflects a selfish wish
Quite "I me mine," not random
To revel in thoughts hermaphrodite
And imagine them in tandem.

Tandem Pandemonium

Inseparable to me they are,

even though they claim to be opposites.

I watch them on TV from afar,

from newsclips and blog journalists.

Ones a loon;

the bronze, stretched-skinned House Speaker.

The other’s a governor. They say he’s like me;

that he’s the new Republican of the future.

I don’t believe either one,

that Govenator or San Fran Lib Femme!

No matter what they say, or how much they deny it,

To me Arnold and Nancy are BOTH..


~ paxnhymn

Rollin with the Floatin Powa in tandem
Words that are rhymed
with a purpose not random
Might get crazy and it might get mean
But you aint seen nothin
like the outraged spleen.
This is not like a fashion
for you to try on
Not to the outraged spleen of Zion
Jewtian mind melds run in tandem
Couldn't stand the truth
so the Mountain banned 'em..
Dropkickin' those that need to be dropkicked
Smokin more herb than a Rasta Coptic
Roll with the Floatin Powa in tandem
Smite all the haters, bless the fandom
~ Q-Burn a spliff

The middle finger of GOD
is also the center
and the point of furthest extension
of the palm of His hand.
There is nothing random
in tandem.
~ BabbaZee

The Beatles
Two of Us

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