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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Natural Mystics vs GlowBallistics

Bob Marley
Natural Mystic

Israeli Security forces find bomb lab under mosque
Unheard of! Absurd! Religion of Peace!

‘Sharia doesn’t permit us to lay down arms,’: Taliban Muslim Khan
‘Sharia doesn’t permit us to lay down arms,’ Muslim Khan said by telephone. ‘If a government, either in Pakistan or Afghanistan, continues anti-Muslim policies, it’s out of the question that taliban lay down their arms.’

News of Terrorism & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 4/7-14/09

Afghan women protest marital law
One group of women, encountering men yelling at them and calling them "whores," quickly climbed back on their bus.
The Horrors Of Female Circumcision
Four-year-old Shwen screams during her circumcision in Suleimaniyah, in Iraq's Kurdistan.
Israel will not cooperate with UN Gaza inquiry
Good for them. I wouldn't either.
You wanna crucify me?
You do it...
don't expect me to hold the nail steady for ya.

Mitchell meets with Lieberman:
"I reiterated to the foreign minister that U.S. policy favors, with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a two-state solution which will have a Palestinian state living in peace alongside the Jewish state of Israel," Mitchell told reporters after meeting with Lieberman, who has rejected negotiations begun toward statehood last year at Annapolis, Md.

The Israeli government will have to formulate new ideas and a new approach to achieve peace with the Palestinians and Arab states in the region, Lieberman was quoted as telling Mitchell, in a statement released from the Foreign Minister's office. Lieberman also said Israel would work to improve the economic situation for the Palestinians. "We anticipate close cooperation and coordination with the U.S. administration," he said.

Security stepped up in Jerusalem on fears of riots

Muslims hold protest outside Old City

Mitchell takes time out to meet Algerian president

UN rights chief urges the Glow Ball to join them at Jew Hate Junction
The UN human rights chief on Wednesday urged countries to take part in a controversial conference against racism next week, following boycott threats by Western nations.

Navi Pillay sharply criticised progress made in fighting discrimination and xenophobia since the World Conference Against Racism in 2001 in Durban, South Africa, where more than 160 countries agreed on a landmark declaration to fight racism.

She urged governments to "transcend their differences", after a row over anti-Semitism in recent weeks prompted several Western states to threaten a boycott of the meeting in Geneva next Monday.

White House: US won't attend 'Durban II'
Is you is.....

Obama may attend Durban II after all
Or is you ain't?

The Durban II Snow Job: One giant leap backwards for humankind

Nigeria signs OIC Charter

The battle for Iraq's oil

Shell seeks Iraqi oil prize with Chinese

North Korea orders UN nuclear inspectors to leave

North Korea to reactivate nuclear facilities

Iran complains to UN about Israeli "threats"
Iran demanded on Tuesday that the U.N. Security Council respond firmly to what it described as Israel's "unlawful and insolent threats" to launch an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.
The Insolent Middle Finger of the Apocalypse Salutes You!

Gates warns against Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities
Just in case you were wondering whose side we are really on here...

Obama drops uranium precondition for Iran nuclear talks
In what amounts to a major policy shift, the Obama administration is set to drop a precondition for the start of negotiations on the nuclear issue - that Iran first suspends its uranium enrichment process.
Ahmadinejad said "circumstances have changed"
He spoke a day after the Obama administration said its immediate goal was to get Iran back to nuclear negotiations. Though the U.S. government declined to publicly discuss possible new strategies for dealing with Tehran, one senior official said they could involve allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium at its current level for some time.
Iran Says It Plans New Nuclear Offer

Iran, Armenia Strengthen Ties Through Joint Projects

Lehman Brothers sitting on a stockpile of uranium 'yellowcake'

The rump of the bankrupt bank Lehman Brothers is sitting on a stockpile of 450,000 lb of uranium "yellowcake" which could be used to power a nuclear reactor or, theoretically, to make a bomb.Lehman's potentially explosive asset is a hangover from a commodities trading contract undertaken before the Wall Street bank went bust in September. The substance, yellowcake, is a solid form of mined uranium which is yet to be enriched.

Ukraine arrests 3 in radioactive material sale
Ukrainian security agents have arrested a regional lawmaker and two companions for trying to sell a radioactive substance that could be used in making a dirty bomb, officials said Tuesday.
Russian Black Sea Fleet Preparing For Maneuvers

Gazprom officials arrive in Libya

Gazprom, Conoco Discuss Alaska Offshore Exploration

Bad Vlad, He is knocking at your back door, Post American Proles!

Gazprom seek access to Sakhalin blocks

Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review
Kazakh deputy defense minister arrested by KNB on corruption charges
Former KGB agent reportedly expelled from Russia Winter Olympics city mayoral race
Russian Federal Security Service officer extorted millions from Moscow businessman
Latvia’s Information Analysis Service is to be winded up
Nalyvaychenko: situation in Crimea is normal, its parliament and government actively collaborate with SBU
Anti-terrorist exercises in Sevastopol used by Russian media to accuse Ukraine’s security forces of violation of human rights
Ukraine’s Security Service explained why billboards of Project Russia had been dismantled in Kiev
Flags of Romania and EU over Moldova’s presidential office building were run up by employees of Moldavan secret services
Self-proclaimed Transdnestr republic tightens security on border with Moldova
Day of Serbia’s Department for Security Management and VIP Protection marked
In Uzbekistan activists threatened after spurning secret service offer
Kyrgyz Lawmaker Shot Dead In Bishkek

Russia Ends Counterterrorism Operation in Chechnya
Now why do you think that is?

A Stalinist Legacy In Chechnya

Decision to investigate ex-Chechen president's death overruled
Russia's top investigators overruled a decision on Thursday to resume a probe into the 2004 death of Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov. The Investigation Committee of the Southern Federal District Prosecutor's Office announced earlier in the day it had resumed a probe into the May 9 explosion, in which Kadyrov died during a Victory Parade to mark WWII at a stadium in the Chechen capital. "The decision... was declared groundless and premature, and was revoked," the Investigation Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General's office said in a statement.

Official visit of President of Kazakhstan to China began

China Development Bank accommodate Kazakhstan with loan

Moscow and Ashgabat fail to agree over the Caspian Coastal Pipeline
I'll bet.

Meetings of the heads of the military bodies of Russia and Kazakhstan are ongoing....

The Russian guests were particularly interested in the institute of sergeants of the Kazakh Army.
Turkmenistan to build 'Palace of Happiness'
The Central Asian country of Turkmenistan has found an original way of coping with the global financial crisis: if your people are sad, build them a "Palace of Happiness."
Watch out the palace of happiness don't fly straight up your open nose looking for the freakin' bluebird.


MOLDOVA: Communist President, Capitalist Heir
Romania, Vladimir Voronin has said, was Europe's last empire; Romania was a would-be invader casting its greedy eye upon Europe's poorest country's riches; Romania was most recently the scheming neighbor behind the protests in Chisinau.

What Voronin has failed to mention is that, according to local media reports, Romania had been a rather good place for his son, Oleg, allegedly Moldova's richest man.
Obama: Latin America on equal footing with US
All hail the death of Amerian Exceptionalism!

Fusion Centers Major Target of Louisiana Homeland Security Grants

House Hearing on Fusion Centers; ACLU Calls for DHS Investigation

Global Fusion: The G20, IMF, and World Government
STFU and go back to sleep Igor.
None of this is happening, & the government would never lie to us.
But it is the American globalists, especially those serving as elected and appointed federal officials — not the Chinese, Canadians, or Europeans — who should most concern American citizens.
NYT: N.S.A.’s Intercepts Exceed Limits Set by Congress
WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews.
The American Spectator: Thoughtcrime Redux

The Washington Times: Top Dem 'dumbfounded' by 'extremism' report
The top House Democrat overseeing the Department of Homeland Security is demanding that officials there explain how and why they wrote and released a controversial report identifying veterans as potential terrorist threats. Rep. Bennie G. Thompson of Mississippi, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said in a letter to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano that he was "dumbfounded" such a report would be issued. "This report appears to raise significant issues involving the privacy and civil liberties of many Americans -- including war veterans," Mr. Thompson said in the letter sent Tuesday.

NRO: The Obama Administration Is Criminalizing Dissent?

Consequence Management Response
Never forget the potential VALUE for the STATE in manufacturing "populist anger"...
speaking of which, the Feral Reports from various Tea Parties around the country will be posted later today.

GM: One Step Closer to Nationalization
That's Government Motors to you, prole.

Fannie chief favourite to head Tarp
Herb Allison, chief executive of Fannie Mae, the US government-controlled mortgage group, is leading the shortlist to run the Obama administration’s $700bn bail-out fund.However, the former Merrill Lynch executive still has several hoops to jump through before replacing Neel Kashkari as head of the troubled asset relief programme, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bernanke's PR Push Rewrites Fed Script
Mr. Bernanke delivered what amounted to an Economics 101 lecture on the crisis. On a day when the government said U.S. retail sales had fallen a worse-than-expected 1.1% in March, Mr. Bernanke told students he's "fundamentally optimistic" about the economy's prospects
Gold Man ‘Mystified’ by Interest in AIG!
David Viniar, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s chief financial officer, said he’s “mystified” by the interest investors and government officials have shown in the bank’s trading relationship with American International Group Inc.
World markets climb after Goldman profit surprise
LOL. I got a prophet surprise for ya too.

US Regulators Plan to Release Stress-Test Results May 4
He's dead, Jim.

Spain rejects US 'torture' probe

Raytheon reels in $15M in Navy deals

Raytheon wins Army radio deal

Navigation satellite deployed in Chinese launch
Officials predict the Compass system will be completed by 2015 to provide global navigation coverage, supplanting the U.S. Global Positioning System in Chinese cars, cell phones and other commercial applications.

Other applications for the system include transportation, meteorology, petroleum prospecting, forest fire monitoring, disaster response, telecommunications and public security, according to Xinhua.

Yah, I feel more secure already.

Georgetown hides the name of Jesus during Obama speech at WH REQUEST
Officials at Georgetown University covered over a sign that displayed the name of Jesus, at the request of the White House, when President Obama spoke on the Catholic campus on April 14, CNSNews reports. A sign reading "IHS"-- a Greek reference to Jesus-- was covered "so as not to be seen out of context," a Georgetown spokesman told CNSNews.

Vatican vetoes Barack Obama's nominees for US ambassador
Conservative Catholic groups called the potential nomination of John Kennedy's daughter, who is a prominent Obama supporter, "inappropriate" and "a calculated insult to the Holy See" because of her outspoken support for abortion rights.

The Vatican also rejected another potential nominee, Douglas Kmiec, a professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University and former head of the office of legal counsel for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. Kmiec, a Republican who endorsed Obama during the last election campaign, has said that Catholics who support the right to abortion need not follow the church's admonition to vote for an anti-abortion presidential candidate.

5.1 in Hawaii

6.4 Indonesia / West Sumatra

The Beatles
The Magical Mystery Tour

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