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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Insolent Middle Finger of the Apocalypse~

The Bar Kays
Soul Finger

MIAMI: Dawa for Grandma
The audience was just what you would expect in a Presbyterian church fellowship hall: mostly white and elderly. The speakers were not.

Two Muslim imams, one African-American and the other Kuwaiti-born, were there to lead Islam 101.

Foad Farahi spoke first, softly and in Arabic: Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim.
Abbas, Netanyahu have 'warm, friendly' conversation
Koom bah MFing humbug.

Gaza boat explodes in attack attempt

Lebanese ex-general accused of spying for Israel

Israeli army on high alert on Egyptian border

U.S., Israel to hold huge military drill
The United States and Israel will conduct their most complex military exercise ever, jointly testing three ballistic missile defense systems, officials said.

The exercise, called Juniper Cobra, will be conducted in Israel later this year, and include the Arrow 2 missile interceptor system, the U.S.'s terminal high altitude area defense and the ship-based Aegis ballistic missile defense system, The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

The test also would likely include launching interceptors from these three systems, Israeli military leaders said.

meantime ..... from this post:

Obama, Gates take aim at Israel's Arrow-3 missile

Israel's Arrow-3 anti-ballistic missile may be one of the first victims of U.S. President Barack Obama's defense spending cuts. Ynet, the Web site of the respected Tel Aviv daily Yediot Aharonot, reported Monday that U.S. funding for the Arrow-3 program is likely to be eliminated.

However, in compensation, the Obama administration is prepared to help Israel buy the U.S. Navy's Standard Missile 3 anti-ballistic missile system instead, the report said. The SM-3 is built by Raytheon as its primary contractor.

Israel Says Its Ready to Intercept Iranian Nukes
With Arrow-3's....

SEE ALSO: August, 2008: US & Israel Sign Murder-Suicide Pact

Israel selling reconnaissance drones to Russia

If the US abandons Israel, will Russia fit the bill?
DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that the Obama administration is on the threshold of a major rapprochement with Tehran, a reversal of US policy dramatic enough to block out international sanctions. Iran will be allowed to keep its nuclear program, including military elements and enriched uranium stocks, up to the point of actually assembling a weapon. [..]

The US president is willing to ditch Israel as a friend. This will be brought home to Jerusalem when he makes his big speech on April 7 appealing for a grand US-Muslim global reconciliation.

The US president is preparing to tie a Palestinian-Israeli settlement - on Washington’s terms - to such unrelated issues as Afghanistan and Pakistan as the currency for purchasing Muslim and Arab backing for accommodations of these outstanding terrorist fronts.

Scary stuff.

Israel may decide to say “no” to a sovereign Palestine and “no” to giving up the Golan, in which case Obama’s entire Muslim outreach crashes. He will have no choice but to go to the mat with Israel. In fact the more he beats up on Israel, the better his relations with Iran will be. He needs Iran to be a partner, not an enemy. He needs Iran to help in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama will have to convince Saudi Arabia and Egypt that such a rapproachment is good for them, too. That leaves Israel out in the cold.

The hands that were sent to establish the terror cells in Egypt and run the smuggling network bringing arms and money into Gaza indeed belong to senior Hizbullah activists, yet the brain that came up with the plan to arm Hamas and undermine President Mubarak’s regime is in Tehran.
Israel: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah deserves death

LA TIMES: Lebanon's Hezbollah savors increasing legitimacy

Muslim Brotherhood Chief Defends Nasrallah
Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat: Against the backdrop of the "Hezbollah in Egypt" case, and Hassan Nasrallah's acknowledgement of Hezbollah's connection to it, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahdi Akef, has called for support of the resistance "by any means necessary."

Hussein Ibrahim, the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc again called for the opening of the Rafah Crossing "along with the protection of the sovereignty of the Egyptian state" adding that "Our enemy and Hezbollah's enemy are the same." Regarding the Egyptian media's coverage of the "Hezbollah in Egypt" case Akef said that "there is no need for media incitement, the judiciary are looking at the case, there is no need for media incitement to portray the case in this manner…Hassan Nasrallah's words said that there was nothing between him and Egypt, and there was no connection between him and Egypt, and there was no connection between him and the Egyptian people."
Islamic Bloc Wants to Set Up its Own Human Rights Body
OH the huge manatee....
A bloc of the world’s Islamic states, which has been accused of undermining human rights at the United Nations, is planning to establish its own “independent human rights commission.”
Honeymoon in Tehran

Iran welcomes nuclear talks plan

Iran vows to make new rockets, nuclear fuel

PAKISTAN: Zardari OKs Shariah law for Malakand
Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has signed a controversial law to allow Islamic law in an area of the North West Frontier province, observers said.
US, China and Russia Agree on North Korea Response
Agreed Upon Response = Do Zero

Japan supports US goal to eliminate nuclear arms

Gazprom Neft To Develop Iraqi Oil, Gas Deposits

Gazprom gets major deal to supply gas to US

Gazprom-Shell Contract Sends Russian Gas to America

Gazprom, Libya agree work on hydrocarbon production

Serbia in Gazprom's embrace

Gazprom to fine Ukraine $530 mln for gas import cut
Fine Your Ass!

Naftogaz denies Gazprom fines
Defyin' Your Ass!

Turkmen Say Gazprom Broke Deal

Turkmenistan, Iran plan to set up a joint water consortium

Turkmenistan hosts UN international conference on gender issues

Kazakh FM meets Turkmen President in Ashgabat

Olmert due to speak in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan to host energy security conference April 23- 24

Gazprom’s delegation visits Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev assigned to liquidate organized crime in Almaty
Round up the usual suspects.

Kazakhstan's secret service arrests their Deputy Defense Minister

Kazakhstan deports over 10 thousand people for "violation of rules of stay"

The implications of Ahmadinejad’s visit to Kazakhstan
The Central Asian state of Kazakhstan is a rising power with enormous natural gas and oil reserves as well as vast quantities of uranium. Its phenomenal rise has regional as well as global implications. Regionally, it can affect the balance of power more than any other state in the region, and being a Caspian littoral state, it can also play a positive role vis-à-vis Iran, which is also a Caspian littoral state.
IMPLICATION # 999: Kazakhs say Israel supplied flawed military hardware

Kazakhstan, China in negotiations over joint ownership of major Kazakh energy company

Kazakhs look at China's yuan as reserve currency

Gorbachev's Great Expectations

Saakashvili: Russian Oligarchs Fund Georgia Opposition

Georgia's Opposition Set Up Tents Outside President's Office

Georgia Girds for Standoff at Parliament

Russia's VEB to issue $2 bln Eurobond in May

About this Site: Born on March 26, 2009, this website is an open forum for facts and discussion about what part Goldman Sachs and their executives played in the current Global Economic Crisis. This site is NOT affiliated with Goldman Sachs, nor has this site been approved by Goldman Sachs. In fact, Goldman Sachs has threatend to file a lawsuit to shut down this website.

Information: If you have helpful links, articles or any kind of information relevant to exposing Goldman Sachs for it's part in the worldwide financial crisis, please email me But for now all emails will go into a folder until we have our volunteer base organized. We will respond to all emails once the team is up and running.
Goldman Sachs could lead US asset-relief program
GOLDMAN Sachs Group may put pressure on other banks by selling stock to help it repay $US10 billion ($13.9 billion) to the US Treasury, as it reportedly plans to do.
Goldman Sachs plans $6bn rights issue to repay Treasury loan

Geithner unveils "sweeping reform"
New! Improved!
Fortified with 90% more plundering!

And Beijing Said: Let There Be Loans

Shell (US), China Weigh Joint Iraqi Bid

CNPC (CHINA) eyes US$5-bln Canadian oil fields

Governments: The World's Own Banks

Biden's Chief Economist on Obama's Plans for the Economy

Excerpts of Obama's economic speech @ Georgetown (AKA Whore of the Caliphate Central)

Treasury's Plan for Financial Restructuring

The Treasury Department's Titanic Takeover

Will We See the Gradual Nationalization of Government Contractors?

1961: Ike's Military Industrial Complex Speech

1963: Current Communist Goals

Michelle Malkin: Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real

Don't Profile Me, Bro!

Interior deputy secretary in Bush admin now consulting for EDF
Lynn Scarlett, who held the Interior Department's No. 2 post during the Bush administration, is now working for an advocacy group that was frequently at odds with her department during her time there.

The former Interior deputy secretary is consulting for the Environmental Defense Fund, working on three white papers on climate change, ecosystem services and landscape-scale conservation. Said Scarlett, "I love it. It's great."
'Star Trek' Cast Visits Soldiers in Kuwait, MSM Couldn't Care Less

Latin Leaders Will Push Obama to End Cuban Embargo at Summit

China, Venezuela agree to speed up increased oil shipments

Fiji's military tightens control

Would George Washington or Robert E. Lee have walked the labyrinth?
This potentially New Age tool is now available at Christ Episcopal Church in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, which both generals once soberly attended.
Moses is Departing Egypt: A Facebook Haggadah
God has written a note on Moses' Wall: Yeah, you!
King of the Jews:
The movement he founded was immensely apocalyptic and appealed to a broad section of the Jews. Like many of his fellow Jews, Jesus firmly believed that Yahweh, the God of Israel would intervene to fulfill those messianic predictions of old Hebrew prophets. James D. Tabor maintains, in The Jesus Dynasty, that two thousand years of unrelenting hostile separation and alienation between Judaism and Christianity had tended to obscure the fact that Jesus grew up in a religious and cultural world which is almost unacknowledged and obscured in the subsequent development of Christianity.
Atheism: The religion of hatred and intolerance?
To my shame, I believe it was this that made me lose faith and heart in my youth. It felt so uncool to be religious. With the mentality of a child in the playground, I felt at some visceral level that being religious was unsexy, like having spots or wearing specs.
Moral Education for the New Order

INDONESIA: Three Volcanoes Placed on Alert Status

Galapagos volcano erupts

10,000 Aftershocks Reported After Italian Earthquake

Scientists are Stymied:Earthquakes’ Many Mysteries Stymie Efforts to Predict Them

Phil Spector found guilty of second-degree murder

Stevie Wonder
Fingertips Parts I & II

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