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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WFRL: The Nothing Changes

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
The Nothing Changes

From Debbie Schlussel:

For daring to ask and to criticize those on "our" side, I've now come under fire yet again with vile attacks, many of them obscene and anti-Semitic from the Sarahmessiah crowd. The same people are the ones who now ask why Obama is sending nearly $1 billion, when they didn't ask so loudly or, many of them, even at all, for the last eight years, as George W. and Condi Clueless sent several billion and brought us to this point. They had eight years and they blew it. And now they've set the standard for Barack and Hillary to continue the downward spiralling course of amputating Israel and funding the cancer being amputated. You simply can't expect from Obama that which you didn't expect from Bush (and could have gotten, had you been as vocal with "your guy").

Like George W-messiah worship passed, so too will this. But still, you must demand the same on aid to Gaza from ALL Presidents, as in "Don't send it." We gave gazillions to rebuild Gaza, and Hezbollah-conrolled South Lebanon--post-Hezbollah war, and to UNRWA . . . all under Bush, to the silence of most alleged conservatives. Do you recall the Bush corporations set up with hundreds of millions to bail out Palestinian mortgages and to help Palestinians start businesses? I complained about them here. Conservatives did . . . nothing.

Remember, Hillary and Barack didn't invent the conferences to raise money for the Palestinians and other uncivilized Muslims. That was a trend started by Condi Clueless and the even more clueless George W. We could have protested louder to stop the trend then. Now, it's too late. We are howling at the wind, a wind who campaigned on doing this and is now doing it.

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