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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: 108 Battles on the Journey to the Center of the Mind ~

Kula Shaker
108 Battles of the Mind


President of Indonesia calls for increased cooperation among Muslim countries
They got them a ten year plan for your doom, dhimmi.

Gunmen attack Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan

Saved from Durban II
Fortunately, Samantha Power and Susan Rice lost this round. We will not legitimize Durban II with our presence. However, we can expect that the UN Human Rights Council and International Criminal Court will be their next internationalist causes for the U.S. to join.

The Human Rights Council is run by the same pack of jackals who are leading the preparations for Durban II. It has specialized in Israel-bashing while protecting the most flagrant abusers of human rights such as Sudan. As for the International Criminal Court, FrontPage Magazine has long reported how it is preparing to assert jurisdiction over a new universal crime of aggression that would exempt the leaders of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and al-Qaeda from prosecution for this crime because they are not leaders of a member state. However, leaders of democratic states who use military force against the terrorist strongholds would be fully subject to prosecution.
CLINTON: We will pursue Middle East peace on many fronts
She said "we take inspiration from" the Arab peace initiative under which Arab states have proposed the diplomatic recognition of Israel in return for the creation of a Palestinian state with a capital in east Jerusalem and an agreed solution to the fate of Palestinian refugees.
Tick MFing Exigent Tock.

Clinton: US to 'vigorously' promote peace efforts

Clinton, Obama Dispatch Envoys to Damascus for Talks
For years I have been saying it, it's straight up Baker Plan, surrender to Iran through Syria.

Egypt: $4.4B raised for Gaza "reconstruction"
Is that what they call it these days?

Russia sends Palestinians armored vehicles

Russia wants US to limit nuclear delivery vehicles

Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter
The officials who described the contents of the message requested anonymity because it has not been made public. While they said it did not offer a direct quid pro quo, the letter was intended to give Moscow an incentive to join the United States in a common front against Iran. Russia’s military, diplomatic and commercial ties to Tehran give it some influence there, but it has often resisted Washington’s hard line against Iran.

“It’s almost saying to them, put up or shut up,” said a senior administration official. “It’s not that the Russians get to say, ‘We’ll try and therefore you have to suspend.’ It says the threat has to go away.”

Moscow has not responded, but a Russian official said Monday that Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov would have something to say on missile defense to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton when they meet Friday in Geneva. Mr. Obama and Mr. Medvedev will then meet for the first time on April 2 in London, officials said Monday.
Iran dismisses US nuclear bomb statement

Russian foreign minister: US should talk to Iran

Obama reaches out to Russia over nuclear Iran

Spain to sign energy agreement with Russia

Turkmen Dictator Finds Help in United States
A number of beltway lobbyists I approached offered to represent that Central Asian country, and implement a PR campaign to help promote the Stalinist regime there to the American government and public.
More Lobbyists in the Obama Administration?

Bush administration memos claimed vast war powers
Which The Obamanable Snowjobman was gifted with on a silver platter.

Pope to issue encyclical on economics
Tick tock to a Universalist Catholic version of "moral capitalism".....

Can we call it a Depression yet?
STFU and shoot the hopium.

Obama's Trade Pick Owes IRS $100,00

Bernanke: US May Need to Expand "Bank Rescue"

Roubini: The Banks are Already Nationalized

Bank Nationalization and the TARP

Bernie feels your pain:
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Tuesday that massive government spending and bailouts remain necessary to revive the economy, even though he shares their concern about aid for foundering companies like American International Group.
And so it begins:
Time to nationalize GM?

Chrysler Talks Stall as Banks Balk at Trading Loans for Equity

Toyota wants a government loan. Let the outrage begin.

Goldman Sachs downgrades US defense sector

Gold Man Sacks expands glow ball capabilities with SIGMA X in Hong Kong
"The growth potential of Hong Kong's market remains significant and we think alternative pools of liquidity will play an important role in its development going forward," said Gene Reilly, managing director and head of trading & execution for Goldman Sachs in Asia.
Alternative pools of liquidity!

Goldman's Asia banking co-head relocates to Beijing (from Japan)

China & Russia may build delayed refinery in 2010

CNPC (CHINA) Talks to US Firms On Iraq Oil Bids

5.3 in Guam

The Amboy Dukes
Journey to the Center of the Mind

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