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Monday, March 2, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Billion Dollar Glow Ballin' Babies

Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies

Glow Ballin' One World Koom Bah Humbug MFing Book of Revelation kinda shit:
GORDON BROWN hopes to forge a partnership with President Barack Obama in Washington this week, to call for a “global new deal” to lift the world out of recession
The special relationship is going global....

Is a form of state capitalism really what Gordon Brown wants?

Feds give AIG $30 billion more

Never mind the TAKAFUL... We're AIG!
Having witnessed the diversity and vast growth of the Takaful Insurance Market, we at AIG as a premier International Insurance leader launched AIG Takaful-Enaya in 2006, as a regional company headquartered in Bahrain, providing Shariah Compliant Insurance Solutions (Takaful).

AIG Takaful-Enaya today is expanding its scope and vision to global proportions providing a range of Takaful products, including Property & casualty, energy, accident & Health, Financial Lines, Motor, Personal Contents just to name a few.

The phenomenal growth of the Takaful Market is something that we as a market leader recognize. We want to support this growth with AIG Takaful Enaya’s commitment to offer consumers greater choice based not only on need but also social preference.”

We as AIG Takaful-Enaya, a member company of AIG, benefit from AIG’s disciplined global underwriting standards and 89 years of experience in delivering innovative insurance solutions to the international community through a network that currently spans more than 130 countries and jurisdictions, reaching 74 million customers.

AIG continues to build on its history as a pioneer in the Global marketplace with the launch of AIG Takaful-Enaya. As a world insurance leader, we see AIG Takaful-Enaya as an investment in the future of socially responsible insurance.

Launching our flagship headquarters in Bahrain was just the start of our global expansion strategy. Welcome to Global Takaful with a local perspective!
12/16/08: Lawsuit Seeks to Stop U.S. Bailout of AIG as Anti-Christian, Anti-U.S.
The complaint states in part:

"The Shariah-based Islamic religious practices and activities that the government-owned AIG engages in-- activities that are funded and financially supported by American taxpayers, including Plaintiff, who is forced to contribute to them-- are antithetical to our Nation's values, customs, and traditions with regard to religious liberty, religious tolerance, and the proscriptions of the First Amendment. These government-funded activities not only convey a message of disfavor of and hostility toward Christians, Jews, and those who do not follow or abide by Islamic law based on the Quran or the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, but they also embody actual commercial practices which are pervasively sectarian and which disfavor Christians, Jews, and other 'infidels,' including Americans."
[SNIP] [crickets] KILL THE JEWS!
According to the lawsuit, use of taxpayer funds to acquire ownership of a business that "intentionally promotes, endorses, supports, and funds Shariah-based Islamic religious practices" violates both the Establishment Clause that prohibits the government from backing a religion and of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

According to the lawsuit, AIG, which is now a government owned company, engages in Shariah-compliant financing, which subjects certain financial activities, including investments, to the dictates of Islamic law and the Islamic religion. This includes any profits or interest obtained through such financial activities.

Also, according to the lawsuit, as part of Shariah financing, companies pay a religious tax. The suit maintains that this money must be used to financially support Islamic charities, some of which the lawsuit alleges have ties to terrorist organizations that are hostile to the U.S., Christians and Jews.

The complaint does not show that AIG has supported any such charity. According to David Yerushalmi, the attorney handling the case for the plaintiff, what, if any, charities AIG is supporting in not known at this time and "what AIG has in mind" will only be known after discovery.

"We don't know yet. Typically, the 'halal' or approved charities has to
go through the Shariah authorities-- at least that is what most European and Middle Eastern banks/financial institutions do," he told Insurance Journal.

AIG established a company, AIG Takaful Enaya, in Behrain in 2006 to sell Takaful products, including accident and health, auto, energy, property and casualty products.

Last month, Risk Specialists Companies, Inc. (RSC), a subsidiary of AIG Commercial Insurance, introduced a Takaful homeowners insurance product in the U.S.

Takaful is similar to mutual insurance but investments of funds are restricted to avoid companies involved in entertainment, alcohol, pork and other elements prohibited by Islamic law.

According to Ernst &Young's 2008 World Takaful Report, Takaful was estimated to be a $5.7 billion market globally with over 130 providers in 2006. The Takaful market is estimated to be in excess of $10 billion by 2010.
[SNIP] [crickets] KILL THE JEWS!
According to the lawsuit, AIG, which is now a government owned company, engages in Shariah-compliant financing
[SNIP] [crickets] KILL THE JEWS!

2/5/09: The Continuing Sage of ...Who Owns AIG?

Back on Nov. 19, I provided a pop quiz asking who owned American International Group. From the best that I could determine at the time, no one knew, but we had some clues.

In exchange for bailing out out A.I.G., the United States government received stock entitling it to 77.9 percent of A.I.G.’s shareholder vote. Whoever controls these shares controls the A.I.G. board, and therefore A.I.G. As of November, the government had arranged to have these shares issued to a trust for the benefit of the Treasury. However, as of the time of my pop quiz, the trustees and the trust agreement had yet to be disclosed. Hence my quiz — we had no idea who was going to wield this power.

Now we have an answer.

TEXT: Joint US Treasury, Fed statement on AIG
The U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board today announced a restructuring of the government's assistance to AIG in order to stabilize this systemically important company in a manner that best protects the US taxpayer. Specifically, the government's restructuring is designed to enhance the company's capital and liquidity in order to facilitate the orderly completion of the company's global divestiture program.
10/3/08: AIG Announces Global Divestiture
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) today indicated its intent to refocus the company on its core property and casualty insurance businesses, generate sufficient liquidity to repay the outstanding balance of its loan from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and address its capital structure. AIG had drawn $61 billion on the Fed credit facility as of September 30, 2008.


AIG's global coordinators for the divestiture program are The Blackstone Group and J.P. Morgan.
In September they were trying to raise 75 billion outside of the Fed, at the Fed's behest:
Fed asks Goldman, JPMorgan for $75 bln AIG loans

AIG posts $61.7B 4Q loss, bailout is restructured

WAIT - where have I seen that 61 billion number before?
10/3/08: AIG had drawn $61 billion on the Fed credit facility as of September 30, 2008

Question: Who's the deputy secretary of the Treasury?

Answer: Trick question ~ no one!

Wall Street touches 12-year low

Citigroup’s Third US Rescue May Not Be Its Last

At "THE NEW SOCIALIST": The Meltdown of Finance Capitalism: A Marxist View of the Crisis

Stimulus Provision May Inhibit Watchdog Investigations

The global economy of corruption

OIC condemns Israeli TV channel for Anti-Islam rhetoric

Mr. Wilders Goes to Washington

In the Tehran Times: Bolton: US lost nuclear race with Iran

Iran says US reporter 'illegally' gathering news

Iran's former president to visit Iraq

Russia 'not involved in Iran sanction plan'

Gates says Russians seeking role in world affairs
You don't say! Dude must be a veritable genius.

Russia cuts gas to Ukraine, but not rest of Europe

MERKEL: Nabucco pipeline must not get public money

More Russians Believe Putin Holds Real Power

Putin Says Russia Will Lend Armenia $500 Million to Ease Crisis

GAZPROM: ‘We’ll Be a $1 Trillion Company’

Gazprom Signs Agreement With Kamchatka Region

Gazprom considers investment in Yemen

Turkmenistan: Talks on Turkmen-Jordanian cooperation in Ashgabat

Nigerian Militants: We Will Sabotage Sahara Gas Pipe

Chechnyan President tells why 'loose' women deserved to die
The president of Chechnya emerged from afternoon prayers at the mosque and explained why seven young women who had been shot in the head deserved to die.

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya's president, is trying to impose Islamic values and strengthen traditional customs in mostly Muslim Chechnya.

Ramzan Kadyrov said the women, whose bodies were found dumped by the roadside, had "loose morals" and were rightfully shot by male relatives in honor killings.
Hugo Chavez orders army to take over Venezuelan rice mills
Gearing up to starve them if he feels the need.

Japanese steel mills loose out in CNPC (CHINA) deals

5.7 in northern Japan

North Korea requests rare meeting with UN forces

Money Makes the World Go Around
Liza Minelli & Joel Grey

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