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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Jew Desk

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by Emanuel A. Winston
Mid-East analyst & commentator

There are many "Jew Desks" or "Jew Sections" in Washington and such corporations with close connections to Arab Muslim nations and Arab oil companies. This phenomenon is common in the U.S., Europe and Russia. It is a given in the 56 Muslim nations of the world. In brief, their assignment is to watch Israel, evolve plans to subvert Israel whenever possible and plan to arm for a war against Israel, the Jewish State, when the opportunity presents itself. So much for the highlights of backgrounds.

At the moment I would like to back-track from the Chas Freeman appointment for a high and sensitive Intelligence post in America’s National Intelligence Council. Freeman was nominated by Dennis C. Blair, Director of the National Intelligence Council. While Freeman’s background as it surfaced and was profiled by many excellent writers, was as an Arabist who was linked to the Saudis outlook on Israel. Freeman was the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He reflected Saudi hostility to Israel in well documented speeches and drafts of his position.

He also had a certain relationship with China - wherein he was strongly biased for China’s government and hostile to those Chinese who opposed the abuse of human rights in China.

His background was well-known to Blair and the advisors to President George W. Bush and now advisors to President Obama, especially those in the State Department. Obama’s Middle East advisors understood that picking Freeman would have nicely rounded out Obama’s team whose background was well-categorized as pro-Arab and hostile to Jews and the Jewish State.

What interests me is the Blair mechanism that assists and advises the President on the MIddle East and Israel infrastructure. If a report is drafted with a decided bias and recommendations that furthers that bias, then the President’s policy would very likely follow that tilt. I wonder how long the Blair National Intelligence Council mechanism has been in motion with respect to Israel.

One is reminded of the elitist "Shadow Government" that seems to run the U.S. Government, slightly in the shadows behind the President and other elected officials. If Chas Freeman was considered a good fit for this influential Intelligence Council, then Blair (among others) would have a mechanism that influences and even controls Government policy.

I cannot help but wonder what role they played in completing the false NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) Report of December 3, 2007 that was offered to the President and the public claiming in the first sentence that Iran had ceased its enrichment of Uranium several years ago. You may recall that John Bolton, former Ambassador to the U.N., stated plainly that the State Department planted three of its people in the CIA in order to manufacture this false report - with the intent of stopping President Bush from taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities. If so, given that the U.S. is in a state of war with Iran, such manipulation or subversion of Government policy would be considered "High Treason". I wonder why this group would want Iran’s Nuclear capabilities and, therefore, in control of the region?

So what, if anything, did Director Dennis Blair, as a high advisory Intelligence Agency have to do with assisting the preparation of the NIE false report - for which the Director of the CIA later apologized to Congress, admitting it was inaccurate.

I am further reminded of what was exposed in John Loftus’ book "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992". In it Loftus spoke about what was literally called: "The Jew Room" by the participating Intelligence Agencies. He described how the FBI, acting as coordinator for all other U.S. Intel Agencies who pooled their information about Jews, Israel and such American Jewish institutions who supported aid to Israel. This was a shocking disclosure but, never brought before Congressional Hearings to hang out this dirty, undemocratic laundry.

Why not take a deep look at Director Dennis Blair and his Intel Council that reports directly to the President? If he thought so highly of Chas Freeman to nominate him, what does that say about Blair?

As Americans, supposedly free of biased institutions connected to foreign interests, we certainly have a right to know more about Admiral Blair and his advisory Intel organization.

Chas Freeman vitriolic withdrawal speaks more about a more sinister problem than merely exposing Freeman’s alliance with the Saudis and his accurately quoted hostile public statements about Israel.

I am also reminded of Admiral Bobby Ray Inman who, in collusion with then Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger, made an unauthorized decision to withhold vital information on Terrorist nations and the PLO’s planning against Israel. Although many (if not all) American Presidents had signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Israel to exchange vital information that affected each other, especially in life-and-death issues. Nevertheless Adm. Inman and Sec Def Weinberger - on their own - chose to abrogate that agreement and cut off Israel from information regarding Muslim Arab nations arms capability - especially regarding WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) using NBC (Nuclear, Biological and/or Chemical) warheads.

We must now look into Admiral Dennis Blair and his appointment of a well-known anti-Israel Ambassador who, like many of America’s foreign service Ambassadors and Diplomats serving in the Muslim/Arab/Oil nations became "Arabized" to the point that, when they resigned from the State Department, they were readily adopted by the Saudi Kingdom or other Arab interests at very high prices.

I also wondered about the State Department and Blair’s role in the National Security Council with respect to the NIE Report that was false but, nevertheless, killed any pre-emptive action against Iran’s nuclear development sites. By the way, it is not so difficult to find those site. National Geographic’s August 2008 issue featured a very detailed map, showing exactly where those nuclear sites are.

Perhaps it’s merely coincidental that one or two high ranking Admirals were subsequently fired without a deep explanation.

So, as I have written for many years about a "Shadow Government" actually running American affairs - Is Freeman merely the tip of a larger and deeper mechanism, bonded to the Muslim/Arab/Oil nations for reasons beyond greed, pushed by the multi-national oil maggots?

Is the "Jew Room" spoken about in the Loftus book still functioning as a mechanism that pulls together the 16 American Intel Agencies as a rogue sort of Ku Klux Klan?

Does each Agency operate their own "Jew Desk" dedicated not only to watching the Jewish State but to subverting it whenever they felt it was necessary to grease their lucrative back channel relationships with the Saudis and other Muslim "Jihadists" (warriors for Islam)? They are no friends of America.

It appears that Naval Intelligence plays a strong role in this interlocking Intelligence manipulation of American policy - all the way up to the Oval Office.

Congress should hold in-depth, serious Hearings because this kind of plotting has made America vulnerable. If proven, such activities would fall into the category of "High Treason".

If these "We Know Best" Intel Agencies, are connected to political figures, their actions are a form of "coup d’etat" or overthrow of the American Government’s Democratic tradition.

Let the Congress subpoena some of the known players and those likely to be involved in such a "Shadow Government" who then would know a lot about this if, indeed, such a subversive plot is in motion.

I would certainly subpoena former President George Herbert Walker Bush who was also former Director of the CIA and Vice President during Iran-Contra. Question James Baker III, former Secretary of State under Bush, Sr. And now running the Intel mechanism at Rice University. Consider President George W. Bush, who like his father had extraordinary relations with the Saudis. Certainly, the heads of all American Intel Agencies, e.g., FBI, CIA, NSC and the dozens of others past and present, to see it they will perjure themselves and deny their role (if any) in manipulating America’s foreign policy.

Americans are learning not to be surprised at anything as more and more comes unglued nationally and internationally. Now, some force has contributed to America’s and the Global financial meltdown. Do we know what it is? Do we want to find out?

We watched and felt the rape of our economies all over the world by the oil maggots plotting with the Arab oil countries to raise-raise-raise the price of crude until our system crashed with gas at $4 per gallon.

Americans are just beginning to really feel the rape of our system from rogue Intelligence Agencies to the pigs who feed on American industry. One can hear the denials vomiting out of contributing Media with the Directors of Intel insisting "we were only protecting America". We have already heard the bleating of some in Congress, denying their roles in feeding the economic collapse when some of them were also a guilty part of these burst bubbles. Hopefully, they could only be accused of greed and abysmal stupidity. Now, let them work at fixing the problem so America and the rest of the world can recover, heal and thrive.

Getting back to the selection of Chas Freeman... He clearly was chosen to round out a much larger mechanism to control American policy as part of a "Shadow Government".

This issue is too big for me - so those of you who know high ranking players in Washington and the Media should become investigative reporters who must dig deeper and enlighten us all before America and the Free West resemble Russia or Zimbabwe or Iran.

"The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992" by John Loftus & Mark Aarons St. Martins Press NY 1994

Many excellent writers have delved into this issue. Below is a list of them, their titles and sources:

1. "Israel Stance Was Undoing of Nominee" New York Times March 12, 2009

2."Disturbing D.C. Developments Exposed By Freeman’s Appointment" Jewish World Review March 13, 2009 & "Intelligence & the anti-Israel Lobby" by Caroline B. Glick Jerusalem Post March 12, 2009 & Center for Security Policy: National Security Brief March 13, 2009

3 "‘Blaming the Jews’ Doesn’t Always Work" by Wesley Pruden Washington Times March 13, 2009

4. "Nominees Links to Saudi Arabia and China Were His Undoing" by Barry Rubin Philadelphia Enquirer March 13, 2009 (this article is not posted on line)

5. "Blame the ‘Lobby’: The Obama Administration’s Latest Failed Nominee Peddles a Conspiracy Theory" Editorial Washington Post March 12, 2009

6. "Assassination" Led by a "Mob" Composed Primarily of Jewish Neocons" by Joe Klein TIME MAGAZINE March 8, 2009

7. "Who Really Sank Chas Freeman" by Greg Pollowitz March 11, 2009

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