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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Deep Purple
California Jam ~ 1974

The sky is red, I don't understand,
past midnight I still see the land.
People are sayin' the woman is damned,
she makes you burn with a wave of her hand.
The city's a blaze, the town's on fire.
The woman's flames are reaching higher.
We were fools, we called her liar.
All I hear is "Burn!"

I didn't believe she was devil's sperm.
She said, "Curse you all, you'll never learn!
When I leave there's no return."
The people laughed till she said, "Burn!"
Warning came, no one cared.
Earth was shakin', we stood and stared.
When it came no one was spared.
Still I hear "Burn!"

You know we had no time,
we could not even try.
You know we had no time.

Interpol reviews Iran's request for Israeli arrests
Iran, which does not recognize Israel's right to exist, said in December it had set up a court to try Israelis for attacking Gaza. Earlier this month it said it had asked Interpol to arrest what it called 15 Israeli "war criminals."

Interpol, which is based in the southern French city of Lyon, said Iran wanted to issue 25 so-called Red Notices for senior Israelis, but did not give any names.

US, Israel Disagree on Iran Arms Threat
Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair said that Iran has not decided to pursue the production of weapons-grade uranium and the parallel ability to load it onto a ballistic missile.
Iraq inaugurates oil deal with China's CNPC

Tariq Aziz, Saddam-era official, gets 15-year term
There are people in America serving more time than that for WEED.

Shoe Hurled at Ahmadinejad

Assad says US could mediate Syria-Israel talks

Syria launches stock exchange
The Damascus Securities Exchange, or DSE, which will be indirectly supervised by the government, began with only six listed companies, including banking, publishing and transport firms, and will be open just two days a week.
BMB sets trend by managing Islamic charity fund
BMB Group, a global alternative asset management and financial services firm, has been chosen to manage a charity fund for International Zakat Organisation (IZO), a newly formed charitable body of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).
BMB Group today announces a dramatically increased commitment in the Middle East following the absorption of EMP Global, the world’s largest private equity house dedicated to emerging markets.
The combined group will represent one of the world’s leading alternative asset management houses, with assets in excess of $12 billion. It will have offices in Dubai and Bahrain, and intends to expand significantly in Saudi Arabia. David Gibson-Moore, deputy chief executive officer of the group will be based in the Middle East.


EMP staff will be taking up key positions within the BMB Group. The distinguished EMP partner Moeen Qureshi, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Operating Officer of the World Bank is today appointed Vice Chairman of the BMB Group. He will act as a senior advisor to BMB Group’s global strategy, and the development of its sovereign wealth focus. EMP’s partner Don Roth, the former head of Merrill Lynch Europe, and Treasurer of The World Bank, is today appointed Head of Principal Investments for the BMB Group.
Islamic Finance and Global Security
The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) played a key role in the formation of the World Islamic Economic Forum. Its influence on the agenda was clear, with underlying recognition that South-South co-operation, particularly between Arab and Muslim states, still fell far short of being able to absorb available liquidity in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, or to increase intra-trade between OIC members.
Leaders and Officials Gather for Tehran Summit
Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan, Kai Eide, are in Iran for a regional economic summit focusing, in part, on efforts to rebuild Afghanistan.

Mr. Karzai is expected to address the Economic Cooperation Organization summit that begins Wednesday, March 11. The ECO says it will review progress made so far in Afghanistan, consider new projects, and review transit and trade agreements. Host Iran also says the global economic crisis will be a major topic of discussion.

The leaders of ECO member states Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan also are gathering in Tehran for the summit.
Somalia Gets It's Sharia On:
The cabinet in Somalia has endorsed a proposal by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to implement Islamic law in the country.
Blast Kills Security Official in Somali Capital

EU-Gulf free trade agreement would be 'mutually beneficial'


Turkmenistan ready to extend participation in ECO

US Business Exec explores deals with Turkmenistan

Russian Resources Can Fuel Europe for 100 Years, Putin Says

Eurovision axes 'anti-Putin' song

Putin: Nabucco not feasible without Iran

Sarkozy likes heat and hot water too:
Forty-three years after General de Gaulle threw American forces out of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, his political descendant, is expected to explain to a sceptical nation today why he is taking the country back into the core of the US-led Nato alliance. Mr Sarkozy's decision, outlined after his 2007 election and to be consummated at Nato's 60th birthday summit next month, will restore France's voice in the alliance command that de Gaulle expelled from its Paris headquarters in 1966, along with 100,000 French-based US personnel.
Financial Times: Top Kyiv spy welcomes Nato’s Moscow overture

Putin says Naftogaz raid discredits Ukraine as transit country

Gazprom to provide Poland with natural gas

Russia's Putin talks gas with Hungarian PM

MOL to build gas storage facility in Hungary with Gazprom

Medvedev upbeat before Obama meeting
Those with the upper hand are generally upbeat.

Bolivia gives US diplomat 72 hours to leave
Bolivia ordered a senior US diplomat to leave the country within 72 hours after President Evo Morales accused him of participating in a "conspiracy" against Bolivia's far-left government.

Francisco Martinez, the second secretary of the US embassy in La Paz, was "persona non grata," Morales said in a public address at his official palace

Freeman Goes Down
On Monday, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair announced that Charles Freeman had withdrawn his name from consideration for the post of Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), ending weeks of acrimonious debate that had been triggered by Freeman’s nomination. But while Freeman has receded from the spotlight, his selection to a critical intelligence post – despite a deeply troubling political background – lingers as a dark cloud over the Obama administration.
Freeman blames ‘Israel lobby’ for withdrawal

Freeman lashed out at his critics Tuesday evening, releasing a statement blaming "the Israel Lobby" and "unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country" for his exit.

"The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth," he said. "The aim of this Lobby is control of the policy process through the exercise of a veto over the appointment of people who dispute the wisdom of its views, the substitution of political correctness for analysis, and the exclusion of any and all options for decision by Americans and our government other than those that it favors."

Freeman's appointment as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, where he would have overseen the production of National Intelligence Estimates, had drawn criticism as soon as it became public.

Obama musters campaign army for economic fight
Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, has stressed that Organizing for America is not aimed at twisting the arms of members of Congress but meant to keep activists engaged on issues such as health care, energy and the economy.
That the asshole felt the need to voluntarily "stress" that shit at all is the tell.

Obama Administration Struggling to Live Up to Transparency Pledges


Drug control director nominated

Who Wants to be Cyber Czar?

Congress May Need to Fund Another Stimulus, Pelosi Says

South Carolina governor rejects stimulus money

Madoff to Plead Guilty as Focus Turns to Employees

Bernanke: "Worst Financial Crisis Since the 1930s"

When France, Germany, and Italy are to the right of the United States … something is wrong.

A Zealous Watchman to Follow the Money

UN climate chief: US carbon cuts could spark 'revolution'

Carbon offsets scam

Raytheon reject weapons claims

German school massacre gunman killed 16 before police shot him

Ten wasted years: UN drug strategy a failure, reveals damning report

Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts

Severe Sandstorm Blankets Saudi Arabian Capital

Miles Davis & Carlos Santana

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