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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WFRL: The Hopium of the Asses


When you look at me
From your own century
I may seem to be
Strange archeology
But when the winds blow
From this direction
You may sense me there
In your reflection
I think I feel you
But I will never know
As the swallows leave
And the children grow

Ya know what kills me?
The sheer idiocy of it all.

You do not have a dialogue with EVIL.

You do not make truces with it, try to make peace treaties with it, try to win it's heart and mind,
none of that shit

You cast it out,
you kick it's ass,
you walk away from it, you shun it,
you annihilate it ...
but you do not ENGAGE with it as an equal ~

NEVER! (see Eve & her slithering friend)

To have a dialogue with evil telegraphs this, establishes this dynamic: You have now deemed evil as legitimate as the POV you are representing.... you have elevated it,
given it gravitasmosis.... (see glossary on sidebar)

You have now supplied EVIL with THE FUEL IT NEEDS TO DESTROY YOU and everyone who looks like you.

You have now LOST the moral high ground, as it were...
Actually, you let it commit "assisted suicide" and basically it's all over from there. You have now had intercourse with it, and you wonder why you are fucked.

That is the entire world's problem in nutshell actually.
The minute you elevated the evil to the level of negotiating partner you had already capitulated to it. What follows after that act is basically a dramatization for your edification.

But Babba, you scary, crazy bitch you, how do YOU know what is evil, how can you call anything evil? Tolerance! Tolerance! All cultures are created equal..... to THEM it is not evil......

Like anything else, it's all there in the instruction manual. Read it.

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