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Sunday, January 11, 2009

FPNS: What's Black & White & Read All Over?

The March of the Black Queen

MARCEL: Judgment Cometh, America
Clop clop.

"Love Long Hitler, Put Jews in Ovens"
Love Long Hitler? oooooooohhhh kaaaaayyyy.....

A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery

Hamas gunmen falling like flies, cowering in holes

Red Cross to halt ambulance escorts in Gaza

Rockets hit Western Galilee

Refusing to exit, France's Sarkozy grabs Gaza spotlight

Operation Cast Lead ~ Update No. 10

NYT: Bush Protested Planned Israeli Strike on Iran
We posted many links on this here at the time it happened, it wasn't like articles did not appear in the Israeli and overseas press at the time. No one in the American MSM cared.

Here's the Times piece: US Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

Hamas Rejects Ceasefire, Backed by Iran

Iran's Ahmadinejad presses Egypt on Gaza stance

Somali pirates release Iran charter ship

Lethal Technology Making Way From U.S. to Iran via Front Companies

Iran to Discuss Russia Swaps at Gas Forum

Turkey in talks with Russia, Ukraine to end gas dispute

Ukraine says wants to supply gas to Bulgaria

Slovakia restarts Soviet-era nuclear reactor
Because thanks to Bad Vlad they are freezing their asses off!

Russia, EU sign deal on gas transit across Ukraine

Naftogaz Says Talks With Gazprom Collapse

Gazprom turns taps back on (MINIMALLY) as "gesture of good will"

No Signs of Gas Dispute Ending Between Russia, Ukraine

First EU monitors arrive at Russian gas station

Gas row forces EU production cut

The Coming Unrest in Russia

UAE: More joint investments with Turkmenistan

Mid-eastern petroleum investor buys into German steel company

China Planning Gas Price Increase

Sinopec, PetroChina in Hot Price War in Guangzhou

Corrupt Officials Seize Sichuan Earthquake Relief Funds

Whack-a-mole: The Story of Goldman Sachs and the US Economy

Logistics Monster

Ponzi's Original Swindle

Commodity Funds Could Take Another Scary Ride

Obama vows to tackle Middle East 'on day one'

Obama said he will not restrict abortion

Ignoring issue of black abortions

Pravda Sez: Global Warming My Soviet Ass: Earth on Brink of Ice Age
Which is why the Glow Ballers are now calling it "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming"- so they can be right either way.

On the buses with the unbelievers

FCC chief: Don’t delay digital TV switch

The Media Collude in Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity

Australian "Cultural Conservative" Relies on Muslims

Previously beaten in a mosque, evangelist has faced opposition for more than a year

On The Earthquake Swarm @ Yellowstone: Dec 2008-Jan 2009

4.5 in Kamchatka

80-year-old lobster heading back to the ocean

140-Year-Old Lobster Released From NYC Eatery
Yea well is he 80 or 140? Make up yer minds! Freakin' MSM.

William Zantzinger, villain in Dylan song, dies

Islamists vow to behead Madonna
[insert your own bawdy head jokes here]

White Queen

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