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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: One Step Beyond the Back of the Great Beyond

One Step Beyond

China's Middle East special envoy to visit Egypt, Palestine, Israel
That's the actual headline. PALESTINE of course being distinct from Israel.

Special indeed!

OIC Expands Global Education

Kazakh Secretary of State, US Special Envoy to OIC discuss cooperation

Ex-Calif exec pleads guilty in $1 million bribery
The bribes were made to officials of government-owned energy companies in China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. They included such entities as Brazil's Petrobras, China Petroleum, Petronas in Malaysia and the Maharashtra State Electricity Board in India, prosecutors said.
Chinese refiners cutting production

Oil slips on weak global demand

Energy stocks fall as oil slides, Chevron warns

Work continues on schedule in Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline

German RWE talks energy with Turkmenistan

Germany embraces Caspian gas

Turkey hopes to become Europe's gas alternative

EU needs to invest in Nabucco

Gas conflict 'highlights importance of Nabucco'

Iran raises Feb crude prices to Europe, Asia

FACTBOX: 18 countries affected by Russia-Ukraine gas row

What Russia is trying to do at this point is get Europe to blame the UKRAINE for this and it is starting to work.

Russian Gas Flows Still Halted Amid Monitoring Delays

Russia, EU Sign Accord on Gas, Paving Way for Supply to Resume

Medvedev Meets With Gazprom Head

New EU President Faces A Baffling Array of Challenges
Yea well.... so do we all.

Obama Sez: Iran is a threat, but US should try diplomacy

Cheney Counters US Assessment of Iranian Nuclear Ambitions

Petraeus Sez: US & Iran Share Common Goals in Afghanistan
It's so insane I can't even mock it ~

Iran Moved Billions via US Banks

Lashkar-e-Taiba in America

DOD Task Force: Keep US Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Cuban leader meets with Iranian official

Somali pirates drown with ransom

Gold Man Sacks Sez: It's about to get much worse in tech

Paulson Bailout Didn’t Give Taxpayers What Goldman Gave Buffett

Gold Man Sacks gives Sallie Mae $1.5 Billion for Private Loans

Goldman Sachs Buoyed by International Funds

Bloomberg Tears the TARP

Industry Recoils at Citi's Mortgage Deal

Boeing Cuts 4500 Commercial Jobs as Economy Weakens

Months ago I told you the Airlines and /or Railroads would be nationalized right after the auto industry - the pre-bailout MSM propaganda looks to be pointing in that direction. Also realize that when they nationalize certain airline related industries they are also going to get a ton of technology industries which are attached to the parent aero-space-tech companies, which I suspect is why Gold Man Sacks issued the missive devaluing tech stocks.

Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds

Obama wants access to remaining bailout money

Obama to honor McCain on inauguration eve

Homeland Security to build 3.4 billion $ facility in DC

Chertoff the Humanicobra Sees No Credible Threat on Historic Day

4.5 & 3.3 in San Bernardino

Why worry? Be atheist

The Great Beyond

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