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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missing Links: Born To Raze Hell by Defying Death

Born To Be Wild

The UN's War on Israel

Operation Cast Lead ~ Update No. 9

UK: Mass Rally for Israel - Sun 11 Jan Trafalgar Square
Join the Jewish community and other friends of Israel this Sunday in Trafalgar Square. Organised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council, and with the support of the major organisations of Anglo-Jewry and other friends of Israel. Placards and flags will be provided.
Sunday 11th January 2009
11.00am - 12 Noon Assemble 10.40 prompt
Nearest Tube - Charing Cross Station (Northern and Bakerloo Lines)

Israel rejects EU, UN efforts for immediate Gaza ceasefire

Iran's Hamas Strategy

Iran's supreme leader urges Muslim nations to "break silence over Gaza"

OIC : Israeli attacks are war crimes

Sarkozy, Israel, and the Neurotic Mind

Caucasian Muslims Office addresses OIC concerning Israel
OOOoooo, mighty white of 'em

Swedish Jews in Danger

John Bolton's 3 state option

Islamic states to issue statement on Gaza
What, "Kill the Jews" isn't good enough anymore?

Russia: Working tirelessly for a truce in Gaza

OOOoooo, mighty red of 'em

Europe's heat goes off

Ukraine: Russia Has Shut Down All Gas Supplies to Europe

Balkans freeze as Russia cuts gas supply
Bad Vlad, he must break you.

Italy-Russia deal threatens "US business goals" in Libya

Putin to visit Berlin

Gas fires up nuclear in Europe

Energy Wars

Russia, Ukraine & E.U... The Politics of Natural Gas

UAE eyeing "investment opportunities" in Turkmenistan
I'll bet.

RFE/RL Correspondent In Turkmenistan Facing Harassment

RFE/RL Freelance Correspondent Beaten in Tajikistan

Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline

China unveils oil, gas, coal blueprint

Red Chinese celebrate at NYSE

UK: Atheists break first nationwide advertising campaign

Carbon Offset Kiosks Coming to SFO

Lawyers to launch association for "climate change officers"

Sallie Mae shares falter despite financing

The Bailout to end all Bailouts

And now for the Goldman Sachs Global Energy Conference

BTW The Gold Man Sacks Glow Ball Healthcare Conference was yesterday.
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ROAR from a distant cosmos

Public Image Limited
The Order of Death

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