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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Sacred Ground

Jerusalem of Gold
Liel Kolet & Klaus Meine (Scorpions)

I will speak in the anguish of my spirit. ~ Job 7:11

Europe Reimports Jew Hatred
The mythical Arab Street now reaches deep into Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid

Anti-Israel Protests in America Cross the Line of Decency

Calgarians were surprised Saturday to see members of the Aryan Guard, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group, at a local protest of Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip
Me? I am surprised they were surprised. All evil meets three times daily at Jew Hate Junction.

Gaza Bedfellows: UNRWA And Hamas
Once upon a time, terrorists had to hide from the forces of the free world and filch their living on the sly. That's changing, thanks to long-running efforts by the United Nations, bankrolled most prominently by the U.S.

In the current violence of Gaza, we are seeing the fruition of one of the most bizarre creations of modern diplomacy: a UN-supported welfare enclave for terrorists.

UNRWA : "Nowhere is safe" for trapped Gaza civilians

UN chief heads to Mideast to press "Gaza resolution"

Olmert Says He Made Rice Change Vote

Bush Calls for "Sustainable Cease-Fire"

Palestine Appreciates Malay'sia's Efforts For Peace

Awwwwww ain't that sweet......

Abdullah Urges UN To Set Up War Crimes Tribunal

Indonesia asked to seek coalition against Israel

Is that right? Key disasters in Indonesia since 2004
Iran Calls On All Nations to Cut Ties With Israel

Iran to punish foreign traders with Israel

Larijani to attend OIC meeting on Gaza in Istanbul

Iran's Hamas Patronage Almost Two Decades Old

Pakistan "Nawaz" for convening OIC session to halt Israeli attacks

Operation Cast Lead ~ Update No. 11

Hamas: Damaged But Not Destroyed

Jordan denies gunfire into Israel

Barack Obama signals that door is open to talks with Iran

Iran says OPEC likely to make fresh output cut in March

Turkmen Leader to Keep Lid on Democracy

Reminded me immediately of Ceausescu's Romanian "demographic policies".....

Turkmen President Wants Laws That Match International Standards

5 committees created in national Turkmen parliament

As I told you in an earlier post they have also just changed their currency. Turkmenistan is in the process of "rebranding". Why?

USA to assist Turkmenistan to develop telecommunications

Supply Route to Afghanistan via Russia Almost Open

Putin extends olive branch to Turkey

Russia Says Ukraine Signs New Gas Monitoring Deal

Accusations reignite Europe's gas row

Russian gas to Europe 'blocked'

Europeans 'afraid of tomorrow'

Slovakia tests EU's patience with nuclear plant relaunch plan

Go with Putin, or Go Nuclear

EU to grant financial aid to Bulgaria over gas crisis

Putin’s Davos Pitch Won’t Thaw Europe’s Chill

Russia's Medvedev opens his blog to comments

Gazprom may be liable for causing harm

Ya think?

One Way For Europe to Sidestep Gazprom

Stanishev to Discuss Nabucco Project at Forum in Budapest

China to Expand Mauritanian Port
I know some of you are going: Where TF is Mauritania & why should I care?


(Arabic: موريتانيا‎ Mūrītāniyā), officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country in northwest Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, by Senegal on the southwest, by Mali on the east and southeast, by Algeria on the northeast, and by the Morocco-controlled Western Sahara on the northwest. It is named after the ancient Berber kingdom of Mauretania. The capital and largest city is Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.

The civilian government of Mauritania was overthrown on 6 August 2008, in a military coup d'état.

China urges better ties with EU, still angry with France

60 Minutes oil piece doesn't deliver the goods

Short End of the Pipeline

Chevron Exec appointed to board of Latin American & Caribbean Foundation

New TNK-BP chief executive to be named in weeks

Pfizer Upgraded at Goldman Sachs

Carbon trading can fetch Gulf $5bn annually
Sponsored by Cha-Ching, the preeminent god of Glow Ball Dhimming

Bernanke Says Stimulus Alone Won’t End Crunch

Depression Looms

Businessman Parachutes From Plane, Vanishes

Clinton vows 'smart mix' of diplomacy and defense

Genachowski to Lead FCC

Small earthquakes continue at Yellowstone

Large Earthquakes Trigger A Surge In Volcanic Eruptions

Jerusalem of Gold / Theme from "Schindler's List"
(written by John Williams, performed by Itzhak Perlman)
from the ending of "Schindler's List"

Itzhak Perlman performs the theme from "Schindler's List"

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