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Monday, January 12, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Two Lips That Lied

A Blossom Fell
Nat King Cole

Queen Condi of the Amalekites & her secret October letter to Hamas

Iran urges Arabs to help Palestinians

Syria, Sudan Seek End To "Barbaric Gaza Massacres"

The executive committee of the Parliamentary Union of OIC would meet in Istanbul on January 14, and was expected to adopt a declaration regarding developments in Gaza

Malaysia plans to propose several measures at the upcoming Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Information Ministers Meeting aimed at "stopping the killing and maiming of Palestinians by the Israeli invasion of Gaza"

World Muslim Congress, HR 34:
Are we pleasing the lobbyists or the people? The question is about the House Resolution 34 which “barely mentions the human suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza.”We are the most powerful nation on the earth and Israel is the most powerful nation in the Middle East, both of us can decide whatever we want. Who will question us?
This is the actual Reuters Headline:
Gazan exiles aghast at Israeli assault

Israel advances on cities in Gaza

Israeli reservists enter war

San Jose demonstrators: Blame Hamas, not Israel

Supporters of Israel, Palestinians Rally in New York City

Joe da Plumba trades wrench for reporter's notepad in Israel

Behold the Mighty Glick

Israeli flag removed to calm Muslims

The Hamas Charter

Behold the Caliph Fate: Islamic rule 'from Alaska and Chile to South Africa'

The Taliban: Fat, happy, undisturbed and very hospitable to a visiting LA Times reporter:
In Ghazni province, at least, the Taliban militants are not frightened fighters skulking in caves, sneaking out to ambush and then scurrying off to another mountain hide-out. They live comfortably in the farming villages where many of them were born, holding territory, recruiting and training new troops, reveling in what they see as God's gift of inevitable victory against heathen foreign occupiers.
PetroChina sets pipeline route to take Turkmen gas

Stirrings in the Central Asian republics of 'Troublistans'

Russian gas crisis puts a flame under nuclear debate in Europe

Bulgaria seeks EU aid to ease Russia gas dependence

Energy Ministers To Meet Amid Europe`s Gas Crisis

Russia says EU tells it Kiev declaration non-binding

Russia-Ukraine deal on gas for Europe hits trouble

Gas tug-of-war: Ukraine's unconditional surrender

Russian Stocks Climb; Gazprom Rises After Gas Pact With Ukraine

Gas crisis gives fresh impetus to Nord Stream, South Stream, Nabucco

Vondra: Nabucco pipeline could be ready in 2015

Things that make me go hmmmm:
President Dmitry Medvedev's representative to Russia's lower house of parliament, Alexander Kosopkin, was one of the seven found dead on Sunday when rescuers finally located the wreckage of the helicopter in the Altai region of southern Siberia.
The helicopter was owned by Gazpromavia, an airline which belongs to Russia's state gas monopoly Gazprom.

Senior Gazprom staff killed in crash

Gunmen snatch leading Greek shipping boss

Thousands protest Sri Lankan journalist's killing

The Richard Dawkins Delusion

Cursed and Clueless

Director of Disease Control Centers Resigns
Dr. Julie L. Gerberding has resigned as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and will be replaced on an interim basis by a deputy as of Jan. 20, the day President-elect Barack Obama is inaugurated.
Gold Man Sacks cuts Harley to sell
Those heathen blasphemin' rat bastids!

Bush to Ask for TARP; Obama to 'Rebrand' It

Bush: Obama hasn't asked for TARP funds

Soros Flunky Runs Obama's Pro-UN Policy

Gay NH bishop to offer prayer at inaugural event

Obama's Cabinet Up For Approval

Iran asks Obama not to repeat old US policy on Iran

Biden meets with Iraqi leader in Baghdad

Costa Rica: Rescuers menaced by mudslides after quake

5.1 in West Sumatra

4.6 in New Zealand's South Island

Storm-hit Fiji declares state of emergency

The Great Wall of carbon credits

Lip Service
Elvis Costello

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