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Friday, January 16, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Glowballistically Frozen

The Four Seasons ~ WINTER

Oil is weapon against Israel, US, says Iranian aide

Hamas’s Iranian Guardian

Iran's leader issues fatwa against Israel trade

So? I hereby issue an Obesetwa against Iran's leader...

Ahmamadmanjihad: 'Not feasible' for Israel to live
Helllllooooooo, Haman!

Iranian lawmaker slams Saudi, Egyptian positions on Gaza issue

Israel's pointman on Gaza in Egypt for truce talks

Israeli charged with passing information to Iran

Kashmiris torch effigy of Israeli PM

OIC president to visit Tehran

OIC, AL asked to announce ‘Jihad’ against Israel

OIC envoy may be sent to Gaza

The UN Lynch Mob

UN-acceptable censorship

U.S. Signs Nuclear Pact With U.A.E.

Turkey's Erdogan: Israel should be barred from UN

Turkey: Police forces alleged to be under Gülen

In American Pravda: China Works to Raise Mideast Profile

Obamanable Snowjobman sez:
"We are going to start on day one, we are going to take a regional approach, we're going to have to involve Syria in discussions, we are going to have to engage Iran..."
Saudi Arabia:

Kyrgyzstan Enacts Controversial Religious Law

Azerbaijani Family Disappears After Protesting Police Actions

Council Of Europe Slams Azerbaijan Over Foreign-Broadcast Ban

CEOs suggest OPEC temporarily stop oil production to up prices

Crude Oil Declines After OPEC Reduces 2009 Demand Forecast

Iran Wants Increased Stake In Azerbaijani Gas Field

Russia committed to build Bushehr nuclear plant in Iran

Gazprom the Great

Russia proposes summit of EU gas importers

Gazprom looking for extra gas routes

EU impotence seen in continuing gas crisis

EU premiers plead with Ukraine and Russia for gas
Bad Vlad, He Must Break You

Russia Proposes European Companies Share Cost of Transit Gas

Solving Europe's Gas Problem
Maybe they can harness whatever is experiencing massive flatulence on Mars

Former German Chancellor Schroeder To Join BP's Russian Venture

Rep. Howard Berman calls for "new approach to Russia"
A key goal of Berman's is to beef up U.S. diplomacy and foreign aid, which he said had been eroded and militarized in recent years.
Russia Devalues Ruble for Third Time in Four Days

Kazakh uranium output fails to meet target

Tajik President Fires Energy Companies Chiefs

Arts Stagnating in Turkmenistan


China's CNPC signs deal for Iran oilfield

Iran and China sign $1.7bn oil contract

CentGas denies rumor on Turkmenistan's delayed gas export

China sends officials to handle Sudan hostage standoff

China to Cut Fuel Prices After Global Oil Declines

China to build a refinery in Syria

China becomes world's third largest economy

Chevron delays offshore drilling

South Africa: Chevron Mum On Cape Plant

Georgian Opposition Parties Call For President To Resign

Venezuela Reopens Oil Exploration Bids To Western Co's

Far-left Greek commies threaten police, call for armed uprising

Paulson's 'understudy' wrong to head Treasury

Ex-Goldman partner 'Goldfinger' launches buyout fund

Goldman Sachs Said to Plan Takeover of Universal Studios Japan

Gold Man Sacks Finds a Way to Dole Out Cash

Businesses, Environmentalists Set Plans on "Climate Change"

They sure as hell can't call it Glow Ball Warming when half the country is calling in at temps well under zero right now ~

EU Parliament Approves Abortion and Same-Sex Unions

An Emptiness Only the Holy Spirit Can Fill

7.3 between Russia & Japan, Tsunami Warning Issued

4.7 in Kazakhstan

5.0 in Southwest China

Viewers Reporting Earthquake Near Idaho-Wyoming Border

Johnny Winter ~ Highway 61
The Prophet Zimmy's BD Party ~ 1992

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