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Friday, January 23, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service & The Inevitable Rude Awakenings

Awaken - Part One

Kuwait Purchases 5.4 Million Doses of Emergency Nuclear Radiation Drug
Now why would they feel the need to go and do a thing like that? KUWAIT's Population: 2,505,559
So.... where are the other 2,894,441 doses going?

Obama's very first official call as POTUS was to Abbas

Karzai hails Guantanamo closure

Israel names justice minister to fight war crime charges

Peace will come when Israel is allowed the right to exist

January 21, 2009
Dear President OBAMA:

With great respect, the Organization of the Islamic Conference would like to congratulate you on behalf of the Muslim world on your groundbreaking election as President of the United States. The Muslim world has cheered your election and holds high hopes for your historic presidency. The eyes of the world now eagerly await your leadership and the fulfillment of your vision, promises, and pledges beyond America’s shores.

The desire for peace is universal. Yet as the conflicts of the last decade have shown, the quest for peace is easily frustrated. We warmly welcome your expressed desire to give a major address in a Muslim nation soon after you assume the presidency and hope that it will mark the beginning of a more fruitful and better-informed dialogue between the West and the Muslim world.

Above all, what is needed is the restoration of mutual confidence. Throughout the globe, Muslims hunger for a new era of peace, concordance, and tranquility. We firmly believe that America, with your guidance, can help foster that peace, though real peace can only be shared—never imposed. A nation can either be great or feared, but rarely both at the same time.

Many myths about Islam, fostered by extremists in both the West and East, have proliferated in the last decade, and a new word—“Islamophobia”—has even entered the world’s lexicon to describe anti-Muslim acts of prejudice and violence. Despite these pernicious myths, you will find that Islam is a religion of peace. Tolerance is its benchmark and borne of the very nature of Islam. Nor is Islam an exclusive religion. It is an integral part of the history of world religions. It continues and confirms the previous scriptures. Along with Christianity and Judaism, Islam emanates from the same part of the world, comes from the same God, and holds to the same Prophets, mainly Abraham. It has been tested over fourteen hundred years, and shown itself to be a religion of compassion, mercy, justice, and equality.
Extremists in any faith or tradition are rare, though they often command disproportionate attention. But the often overlooked truth is Islam is also the religion of moderation. It celebrates diversity and acknowledges and venerates a wide array of religions.

Islam, in fact, abhors extremism and fanaticism and calls for treading the path of the “middle way” in favor of tolerance and reconciliation. It exhorts Muslims to be morally responsive to the truth and to goodness, and to be alert to all that is false, evil or destructive.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which I have the honor to represent, is not a religious organization. After the United Nations, it is the largest official, inter-governmental organization in the world. It is composed of 57 sovereign states, almost all of whom are secular. The population of these states collectively amounts to 1.5 billion—or one fourth of humanity.

Moderation and Modernization
One of the OIC’s guiding principles is to practice “moderation and modernization.” To cite one example, it was at our demand that the UN General Assembly organized a host of events and activities around the world to disseminate the idea of “Dialogue among civilizations” as an alternative to those who predict a coming “clash of civilizations.”

We have been alarmed by this tendency to divide the world into rival civilizations—civilized and uncivilized, good and evil, friend and enemy. As a youth who spent part of his childhood abroad, you are well aware of the dangers of stereotyping. We believe you will have a unique opportunity to promote tolerance and nurture vibrant multi-cultural societies.
It is for these reasons that the OIC has been in the forefront of the Muslim battle against terrorism.

Terrorism is a global phenomenon. It has no specific culture, race, or region. The root causes of terrorism are surely complicated but they include deprivation, poverty, despair and, most importantly, political injustice. Children do not emerge from the womb to announce they will become terrorists. They learn to be terrorists when injustice and tragedy are twinned with powerlessness. The decades-long suffering of the Palestinian people provides only the most recent and potent illustration of the link between oppression, injustice, and violence. The violence in the Mideast and the Palestinian people deserve an urgent and just remedy.

Change and Partnership
The most powerful word in your election campaign was “change.” Change must make the world a better place, correct wrongs and right the twisted. As an organization, we too have undergone substantial reform in charting an enlightened future for the Muslim world. As Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, I wish to assure you that we will be at your side to see that justice prevails and that the forces which are out to undo peace are defeated. At the OIC we are firmly committed to cooperating with you and your new administration to foster constructive dialogue and facilitate solutions to the intractable predicaments plaguing the Muslim world and beyond.

In this regard, we are keen to build on the commendable initiative taken recently regarding the appointment of a U.S. Special Envoy to the OIC, and opening an office for him in the U.S. State Department. We are confident that this useful post will be endorsed and perhaps expanded under your leadership.

We also look forward to working with the new Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is no stranger to the Muslim world. In the coming months, we hope to build on the existing channel of communication between the United States and the OIC and open new ones.

Muslims today, around the world, believe that they have compelling strategic and moral reasons to cooperate and peacefully co-exist with the United States in particular, and with the West in general. Past episodes of short-lived misunderstandings should give way to a long future of peaceful cohabitation, making use of our shared civilizations and values to build a better future for all mankind. As you eloquently stated in your election-night acceptance speech in November, “our stories are singular but our destiny is shared.”
The Mighty Glick on "Special ME Envoy" Mitchell, & more

Iraq and Iran agree on a key deal
You may thank GW Al Bushki for this one

IDF killed several Iranian military advisers in Gaza

UN: only a credible independent investigation into alleged wrongdoing can quieten growing Palestinian anger

UK: Sir Gerald Kaufman said in Parliament that the Israeli government "ruthlessly and cynically" exploits "the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust."

Examining The Islamic Campaign To Destroy Free Speech

Solana Declares EU Readiness to Monitor Gaza Ceasefire
EU is ready to monitor implementation of ceasefire in Gaza, EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said in a meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari.
This spoken from Solana to IRAN.. Solana, who is Grand High Whore of the Caliphate and Head of the Department of EUDhimming... Even Zappy Dhimmhead reports to him.
Mass Hangings This Week in Iran

Russia links Afghanistan to help to better NATO ties

Naturally the Headline belies what it really is - a threat:
Russia could help NATO re-supply its forces in Afghanistan IF the alliance restores contacts with Moscow
EU: Nabucco gas pipeline, a transit route
She said the European Union had been in contact with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan on Nabucco for the past two years.
Iran is not disclosing price it paid for Turkmenistan's gas


Hungarian Envoy Sez: Nabucco possible
Spleen sez: Possible yes, but not probable


Turkmenistan: No Foreign Bases

Turkmenistan increased prices for wheat and rice

Meantime, back in SODOM ON THE POTOMAC:

U.S. intelligence agencies should seek ways to work with Muslim leaders and countries such as Iran on issues of mutual interest, President Barack Obama's choice for spy chief said on Thursday.

Retired Adm. Dennis Blair also urged a break with Bush administration policies on treatment of terrorism suspects in a Senate confirmation hearing on his nomination as director of national intelligence.

BTW: Blair is on the boards HERE and HERE

Director of National Intelligence: Who is Dennis Blair?

German FM: Vows to Work w/ Clinton on ME, Iran

Moldovan President Says Communists Will Win Election

Romania, Moldova Agree To Sign Key Treaties

Lenin Back In Vogue In Moldova

Why the UK isn't Iceland

Speaking of Iceland:
Since Iceland has zero natural resources that anyone wants to rape , this situation goes unattendended to by the Glow Ballin' MFers of Stan:


From yesterday's links:Iceland: police tear gas protesters

Today: Iceland's PM to bow out

Switzerland: Officials blast handling of nuclear secrets case

Kyrgyz Journalists Ordered To File Personal Information

Norwegian Police Put Chechen Family Under Protection

RFE/RL Kazakh Service Editor Severely Beaten

Kazakh Politician: Obama is America's Gorbachev

US judge ordering Russia to preserve Jewish texts

Russian Newspaper Proposes Arming Journalists

Poland: What's bad for Ukraine is good for us

Gazprom to up shelf oil, gas reserves by 2020

KazMunayGaz and Gazprom agree on 21% increase in gas transit fee

JUNE, 2008: Gazprom warns 2009 gas price for EU will triple

Gazprom lobbyist suspended from EU

Lebedev: Anglophile oligarch Britain believes it can work with

5.0 in the Kuril Islands, Russia
on the 15th there was a 7.3 there

Russia's Ignatyev: Will Continue To Intervene In Ruble Trade

Bolivia to Seize Energy Firm

NK's Kim meets Chinese official

China to unveil stimulus package for petrochemical industry

China's CNPC to invest up to 300 billion yuan on oil/gas projects

San Francisco hedge fund goes Shariah Compliant

Dollar confrontation looming

Is Tim Geithner Too Close to Goldman Sachs?
Naturally, you fools!

Goldman Sachs keeps buy rating on China Life

China Securities Firms 2008 Operating Expenses down 31%
BTW: Gao Hua Securities IS Gold Man Sacks - That's Fang's area.

Merrill Ex-CEO Agrees to Leave Bank of America

Your TARP Recipients

Belgian bicycler stabs 3 to death at child care center

Obama to Lift Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding

And they said we were crazy:
Defense for polygamists cites gay marriage
You just wait till they want to marry apes... first case will be in Al Andalus , where they now have equal rights to humans ~ this merely a prelude to eventually permit perverts to begin fucking them.
EU to propose $200 bln climate tax on rich nations

UN: Worldwide deaths, economic losses caused by disasters jump in 2008

The power of Gold Man Sacks:
Harley profit tumbles; plans closures, layoffs


Awaken - Part Two

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