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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service vs The Porpoise Driven Popes of Laodicea

The Prophet Zimmy
Man of Peace
He got a sweet gift of gab
he got a harmonious tongue,
He knows every song of love that ever has been sung.
Good intentions can be evil
Both hands can be full of grease.
You know that sometimes Satan
comes as a man of peace.
The Laodiceans can have this present world and all its kingdoms and glory. It is destined to burn, according to Peter. "But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word, are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men"


Thank God, there is a sanctified, separated remnant hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, and they cannot be deceived or caught unawares. They are the watchmen who have detected the wiles of the enemy; they are bold to expose the frothy doctrines of demons. Those who hear what the Spirit is saying know what the Lord is about to do. They see the gathering storm -- they hear the approaching thunder -- they know God is already judging the house of God and their nation in particular.


The Laodicean church has self-elected itself, without any guidance of the Holy Ghost, not to light the world, but to subdue it. She has become the greatest teacher of lies in the universe. She is confident of her own strength and wisdom, while mingling anti-Christ falsehoods with the truth of the gospel. She has decided to break down the great distinction Christ put between the church and the world.
~ David Wilkerson
Stay alert, for you do not know the day or the hour.
~ Jewsus

Cease Fire My Jewish Ass
Olmert, being among the most corrupt people on the planet, needs to make sure the way is cleared for Obamanable to give his mystery speech in the Muslim half of the newly split Jerusalem, nu?
DECEMBER 4th, 2008: President-elect Barack Obama’s aides say he is considering making a major foreign policy speech from an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office....

Israel declares ceasefire; Hamas keeps shooting

Turkey says Gaza cease-fire is 'first step'
Yeah? To what?

Pope condemns violence in Gaza
The pope did not specifically mention either the Israeli or Palestinian side in the conflict but said he wanted to encourage those who believed that "there is room for everyone in the Holy Land."
Jewsus sees you. And your little Porpoise too.

Egypt hosts Gaza summit after Israel declares truce

Iranian FM calls Gaza cease-fire a defeat for Israel

Iranian cleric calls for shooting Israeli FM

Hostile reporters ambush Israeli FM in Washington

Hamas's civilian population in Gaza

Pro-Israel crowd rallies in Madrid

Behold the Mighty Glick:
The US's abstention from the vote on Resolution 1860 is a stunning statement of hostility toward Israel. As former UN Ambassador Dore Gold wrote in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, Resolution 1860 is drafted in a manner that presumes moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. Both Israel and Hamas - an illegal terrorist organization - must stop fighting, it says. The resolution also draws a false moral equivalence between Hamas's illegal rocket campaign against Israeli civilians and Israel's assertion of its right to close its borders to enemy traffic.
Did Monty Python negotiate Israel's ceasefire?

Gaza to eclipse Arab economic summit

Executed for breathing while Christian in Mosul
The Christian owner of a car repair shop was killed execution-style in Mosul, police said Saturday, raising concern about the possibility of new attacks against the religious minority in the northern Iraqi city
A Veritable Cavalcade of Inaugural Blasphemies
Homosexuals to Celebrate The One's Coronation With DC Pig Sex Orgy!

Muslim Brotherhood affiliate to lead prayers at the National Cathedral during Obama's inauguration
They better hope they find a way to keep the pig fucking fags, the gay bishops, the porpoise driven popes, the phony rabbis and Al Ikhwan's Imams far apart.

The National Prayer Service and the Wahhabi Lobby

Obama, Warren and the new evangelicals
The Popes of Laodicea.

Poet invited to recite at Obama inauguration
Here is a sample of her "work":

Science, science, science!
Everything is beautiful
blown up beneath my glass.
Colors dazzle insect wings.
A drop of water swirls
like marble. Ordinary
crumbs become stalactites
set in perfect angles
of geometry I’d thought
impossible. Few will
ever see what I see
through this microscope..
Cranial measurements
crowd my notebook pages,
and I am moving closer,
close to how these numbers
signify aspects of
national character.
Her genitalia
will float inside a labeled
pickling jar in the Musée
de l’Homme on a shelf
above Broca’s brain:
“The Venus Hottentot.”
Elegant facts await me.
Small things in this world are mine.

Your at-home guide to the Obama inauguration
Funny... I can't seem to find the homosexual pig fuckers ball in here

A Church For Atheists

Welcome to the Canadian National Pagan Conference (CNPC), Gaia Gathering, blog
Yea well, I seem to recall some National Pagans morphing into National Socialists the last time. Just sayin'.

Progressives Hope US Shifts Global Social Policy
The Hopium of Glow Balling Asses

U.S. War College member insists Islam does not "promote kidnappings, beheadings and other unlicensed hostile actions"

Bin Laden's Son No Longer Under Arrest in Iran

Iran: Court convicts 4 over alleged US-backed plot

CIA chief: No proof of Iranian nuclear weapons
With CIA chiefs like this, who needs enemies?

European Banks Probed Over Iranian Transactions

Monetary Union has left half of Europe trapped in a depression

Events are moving fast in Europe. The worst riots since the fall of Communism have swept the Baltics and the south Balkans. An incipient crisis is taking shape in the Club Med bond markets. S&P has cut Greek debt to near junk. Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish bonds are on negative watch. Dublin has nationalised Anglo Irish Bank with its half-built folly on North Wall Quay and €73bn (£65bn) of liabilities...

EU Companies Propose Temporary Plan to Solve Ukraine Gas Crisis

Price details unclear in murky Russia-Ukraine deal

Gas Summit On: Russia seeks permanent transit deal

Russian Gas Majors Expect to Agree With Gazprom During Weekend
NATURALLY! [insert me laughing at this headline maniacally here]

Meet Gérard Mestrallet, Glow Ball Energy Kingpin

Gazprom Seeks to Participate in Nigerian Gas Pipeline to Europe
Africa screams.

Algeria signs $272 mln of energy exploration deals
With Gazprom and friends.

Gazprom, Belarus reach 'understanding' on gas price
He made them an offer they can't refuse.

South Stream created to kill Nabucco

Russia Mulls Metals Merger
Say it ten times, fast!

Gazprom officials killed in ‘illegal poaching expedition’

Israel eyes gas bonanza from large offshore find
GOD's a funny guy.

Putin Reaps Praise at Home for Freezing EU & Ukraine
Please sir, may we have some more?

Putin’s First Painting Raises 37 Million Rubles for Charity
That's over 1 million in USD. Why oh WHY are they always frustrated, shitty artists?

WHEN John Beyrle, the new American ambassador to Russia, appeared on a Russian radio show shortly after Russia’s five-day war with Georgia, the questions he got were predictably in-your-face.

Is it true that the United States is sneaking weapons into Georgia disguised as humanitarian aid? Can you prove that planned American missile defense sites are not aimed at Russia?

And then: Is it true that your father was a Soviet soldier?
Tuvakmammed Japarov appointed deputy prime minister of Turkmenistan

Minister of energy and industry of Turkmenistan fired

Turkmenistan may develop efficient cooperation with US

Turkmenistan aims to double gas output

TURKEY: Why you shouldn't take everything written in the US seriously

North Korea has plutonium ready for up to five nukes
It's only gonna take one.

North Korea Vows to Retain Its Nuclear Status

Prospects of new UO pipe deals for China

China: National Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Chavez: Gas the Uppity Purple Proles!
Hugo Chavez ordered police on Saturday to use tear gas on anti-government protests that block roads, heating up a campaign for a referendum that could allow him to run for re-election.
Somali Islamists execute "spy" for Ethiopians

Paulson's Next Stop: Johns Hopkins

Goldman Sachs to pay $7 million to Enron creditors

Obama backs Treasury pick "absolutely"

Leave the New Deal in the History Books

Meet the New Deal. Same as the Old Deal.

Big risk in Obama's economic stimulus plan

Bedlam breaks out at Circuit City
Fundamentally Sound!

Citigroup Splits Up After Fifth Straight Quarterly Loss

How the Government Forced BofA to Marry Merrill Lynch

Landfills generate 'green' cash in northern Utah

2009 Green Inaugural Ball Selects NativeEnergy As Sole Carbon Offset Provider

UCCCCCCCCCCCCCHH already.... the language of this Glow Ballin' scam just kills me.

Land Deal Is Reached for a 9/11 Memorial

New cloaking surface throws an electromagnetic curveball

Our world may be a giant hologram

7 States File Suit against US on Abortion

Peace Sells (But Who's Buying?)

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