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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take me to the Gazprom

The Millionaire Waltz

Oil, Gas, Natural Resources & Energy Related Missing Links for the last week or so. He who owns and controls your energy is Superpower of the New Order of the Glowing Ball. Why do I look at all of this crap? Because these stories also telegraph future events as well as the Gold Man Sacks stuff I posted below:

Nuclear Energy Heads to the Gulf

UAE seeks US congress nod for nuclear agreement

U.S. and UAE forge nuclear-cooperation deal

French Utility to Buy 49.9% of US Nuclear Giant

Acergy Gets $250 Million Deal To Develop Pipeline Network In Angola

Entrepose Contracting Unit Sees Making $300 Million On Angola LNG Job

Southcentral Alaska's gas situation is grim

Chevron’s new CFO joins SF Fed’s board

Oil Giant Chevron Ties with Burmese Military Junta

Amazon pollution case could cost Chevron billions

MUSD, Chevron and Bank of America complete energy efficiency project

Petroleum companies delay expansion, new projects

Oil Companies See Cloudy Future

Oil Companies Are Hitting the Pause Button

Oil Falls Below $36 as Worsening Economy Increases OPEC Doubts

Iran proposes up to 2 million bpd OPEC cut

StatoilHydro expects OPEC cut of up to 2 mln bpd

Oil Rises to $50 as OPEC’s El-Badri Says Sizable Cut Is Needed

OPEC cuts oil output by 2.2 million barrels a day
That's the largest cut, ever.

OPEC Loses Its Muscle

EU exec to seek more information on OPEC oil cut

Venezuela to Cut Chevron, BP, Shell Output to Meet OPEC Quota

OPEC Asks Russia to Cut Oil Supply by 400000 Barrels

OPEC system 'not applicable' to Russia: top Gazprom official

Russia may cut in limited sympathy with OPEC

Russia Dashes OPEC's Hopes

Energy deal with Russia splits Serbian government

Russia may not join global deal on climate change

Gas Exporting Countries Forum: The Russian-Iranian Gas Cartel

US says no fuel shipment to DPRK without nuclear verification deal

Russia urges for oil aid to DPRK

Russia to make N. Korea fuel shipment

Misreading the Kremlin Costs BP Control in Russia Venture

The TNK-BP Autopsy - Robert Amsterdam

Former Television Correspondent to Advise Gazprom

Gazprom to Develop Five Sports Complexes in St. Petersburg
The Czar is always building

Ukraine, Russia will stockpile $89 billion of carbon credits

Gazprom, Rosatom ink 6-year cooperation deal

Arabtec to finalise Gazprom deal

Gazprom may court foreign investors

Gas exporting nations to meet in Russia

Moody's changed Gazprom's outlook to stable

Gazprom moves on Yamal development

Gazprom, Shell JV Begins Year-Round Oil Export From Sakhalin

Gazprom Predicts 40% Drop in Natural Gas Prices for Bulgaria

Gazprom, Naftogaz to continue talks over Ukraine gas debt

Gazprom is preparing for a new gas war with Ukraine

Gazprom issues warning on Ukraine pipes

Gazprom brass cancel holiday, raising specter of New Year standoff

Naftogaz head leaves for Moscow for talks with Gazprom

Naftogaz of Ukraine CEO Oleh Dubyna returns to Kyiv

Gazprom, Japan to build gas processing facilities

Gazprom interested in majority stake in Fõgáz (FRANCE)

Gazprom invests in Sochi

Gazprom Wins Hydrocarbon Development Tender in Algeria

Gazprom is setting the stage for the February showdown

Gazprom Says Gas Supply To Hungary May Be Cut In January

Hungary Doubling Efforts for Nabucco Ahead of Budapest Summit

Nabucco needs EU solidarity

Time for EU-Turkey 'Urgency'

New push for Nabucco

Czechs to push for Nabucco gas pipeline at EU helm

Turkey: Iran, Iraq could supply gas for Nabucco

Topolánek: Nabucco has to be European project to have a chance

Italy: There could be no Political Objections to a "Suitable Libyan Stake in Eni"

Emerging-Market Stocks Fall Most in 3 Weeks; Russia, China Drop

The Big Gas Troika: A Lot of Hot Air

Australian firm to build zinc plant in Iran

Nuclear Industry Growing Without Federal Handouts

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