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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pat: The Art of Muslim Jew Hate

Rav Shmuel
The Protocols

London gallery shows anti-Semitism in Arab media

An exhibition documenting the widespread use of anti-Semitic cartoons in the Arab press opened in London on Tuesday.

At  the launch of an...

At the launch of an exhibition on anti-Semitism in the Arab media, London

"Cartoons and Extremism: Israel and the Jews in Arab and Western Media" will run until January 16, with a possible extension, at the Political Cartoon Gallery in central London. The exhibition shows the frequent use of classic anti-Semitism to demonize the State of Israel . Appearing in publications across the Arab world, the cartoons revive depictions of Jews as sadistic and bloodthirsty monsters, solely interested in money, power and blood, to use as anti-Israel propaganda."

As is usual in such cases, the newspapers fails to actually depict samples of offensive cartoons, thus reducing the story profile. This is all too common now, and it occurs because the writers and editors are afraid to offend the distributors and audience of this vile trash - Muslims. This art is actually religious dogma in modern Islam and it is sick. To show you what we mean, here are a few selected examples, including some at this very show

Palestinian, with the Orthodox clothing and the requisite hooked nose.
A European stereotype is often used in depicting Jews.

Actually Iranian and so not Arabic. Note that Iran does not officially believe in the Holocaust, but it is used regularly in cartoons by Muslims.

Blood Libel. The idea that Jews drink the blood Arabic children in religious rituals.
Another European ripoff.

Palestinian. Arabs love to compare Jews and Israelis to Hitler. Hitler is a hero to Arabs, so the comparison is mixed. Their attempt to bestow quilt on the Jewish people is flavored with the express desire of Muslims for another holocaust.

Euro stereotypical appearance along with an American anti-Semitic theme of media control.

World control.

This is just laughable.

And lastly, a new theme:

Pre-emptive strike, Arabs hoping to pull Obama in their direction by ridicule.

Nazis, holocaust denial coupled with Jews as holocaust guards, blood libel, greed, clothing and facial stereotypes, media control, USA puppeteers. Day in, day out. Childish and often directed at a European media where some are actually published.

After 8 years of Bush, America has witnessed the degeneration of political cartoons descending into pure hatred. The left, throughout the West, has engaged in a hate contest amongst themselves that deteriorated into misogyny (think Palin), racism (Rice as perceived by Ted Rall), bigotry (Catholics, The Pope, born again Christians), and lunacy ( any Bush policy and Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Constitution) and despicable delusion. But this behavior barely approaches the accepted norm in Muslim countries for Jew hatred. And it is creeping Westward. We can guess who will be first onboard this new wave of mendacity. ~ Pat


Iranian Cartoon

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