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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Missing Links vs: Glow Ball I Me Minery

The Beatles
I Me Mine

Mahdi Scouts
A frightening youth movement evolves in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. To the proximate north of the Jewish homeland goosesteps a graduating class of saluting young Muslim men adorned in disarming Boy Scout like uniforms, known as Mahdi Scouts, weaned on the fundamentalist Jew despising hatred of Hizbullah, pictured on the front page of the November 21st edition of the New York Times in an article entitled ‘To Fuel Quest, Hizbullah Harnesses Youth Piety’
US military defines Mahdi Army as 'militia insurgency group'

Thug Hugging Mother Jones Readers Fellate the Mahdi Army Whilst Singing Mahdi Songs!

The Shiite-dominated government in Iraq is driving out many leaders of Sunni citizen patrols, the groups of former insurgents who joined the American payroll and have been a major pillar in the decline in violence around the nation.
Nuclear, biological attack 'likely': US commission

Gates Stresses Nuclear Responsibility at Minot Air Force Base
I watched him speak yesterday- Dude does not inspire any confidence, that I can tell ya. The voo in his doo is markedly pliable....subservient, nervous... obedient. Not good. Not a leader. We're on our own in this insane world, so prepare yourselves
Iran launches naval maneuver in the Sea of Oman

Iranian Parliament Speaker mulling talks with US Congress

Iran Announces Installation of Additional Centrifuges

Iran wants to replace ‘Nabucco’ with ‘Persian Pipeline’

Armenia inaugurates Iranian pipeline

Iran proposes joint nuclear power plants with Arab neighbors

"New" report calls on US to accept nuclear Iran, recognize Hamas
LOL - same as the OLD REPORT.
Do you see now why for years I have been screaming it is all ONE? I think they should call these reports: Just STFU jump in the oven now, Filthy Jewtians! It'd be more accurate.

Paris Academy awards OIC head medal

Beatings and abuse made Barack Obama's grandfather loathe the British
Naturally! Welcome to The Cult of the Professionally Aggrieved ~

Obama's economic team shows influence of Robert Rubin

WTF did Robert Rubin DO at Ciitigroup Anyhow?
What IS clear is that Mr. Rubin encouraged the changes that led Citi to the brink of collapse.

Chevron In the White House
The left will be so conflicted over Jones - since he is so pro-Pali, they should love him....and yet ..... because of the Chevron connection they object.... and here they are STILL missing the deeper points.... idiots.

Israel says no NATO troops in 'West Bank'

Arabs crack Jewish teen's skull in Hebron

Jews, Arabs attack each other in Jerusalem

Nigeria: Governor Ohakim Commends Chevron Nigeria Limited

Goldman Sachs given direct access to Warsaw Stock Exchange

NC Radio Host Jeff Katz has lost his show for speaking truthfully about / mocking Islam:
In light of the Islamophobic and hate-filled programming on WBT 1110 AM’s Jeff Katz show, a boycott is being called for all advertisers that have a financial relationship with Jeff Katz. Since the arrival of Jeff Katz at WBT there seems to be a move to profit off ignorance and hate at the expense of the Muslim Community. We are calling on people of faith, conscience and decency to boycott those that financially support this purveyor of hate. The boycott can be enacted by signing this petition on-line (or paper), and/or calling the businesses and not shopping with the advertisers. This petition is being sponsored by the Islamic Political Party of America (IPPA) and is inspired by the U.N.’s ‘Stop the Hate’ campaign.
Apparently Katz was hastily replaced by some dull & obedient snivleing lefty dhimmi

Criminalizing Christianity

German Soldiers too Fat to Fight

NATO agrees return to talks with Russia
Naturally! Europe likes heat & hot water, just like America does.

Turkey, EU holding talks on Nabucco

Gazprom hosts meeting on Yamal megaproject implementation

Yamal Penisula
Yamal holds Russia's biggest natural gas reserves.

Yamal Peninsula's Contested Terrain

Thera eruption in 1613 BC
Two olive branches buried by a Minoan-era eruption of the volcano on the island of Thera (modern-day Santorini) have enabled precise radiocarbon dating of the catastrophe to 1613 BC, with an error margin of plus or minus 10 years, according to two researchers who presented conclusions of their previously published research during an event on Tuesday at the Danish Archaeological Institute of Athens.
1600 B.C.
  • Thothmes I became Pharaoh in Egypt and ruled 22 years. He first invaded Asia.
  • A little over half of Israel's 215 years in Egypt had passed.
  • Amram and Jochebed married. (Circa 1589 B.C.)
  • Miriam was born to Amram and Jochebed. (Circa. 1580 B.C.) Miraim became a prophetess and leader in the Israelite exodus.
  • Thothmes II became Pharaoh of Egypt and reigned 13 years.
  • Atlas, the Astronomer, came on the scene. (1588 B.C.)
  • Aaron was born to Amram and Jochebed. (1574 B. C.) Aaron lived 123 years and fathered four children. It was through Aaron's line that the Levitical priesthood was founded.
  • Hatasu became Queen of Egypt (daughter of Thothmes) and reigned 20 years. (It is said she wore men's clothing).
  • Moses was born to Amarm and Jochebed and was adopted into the Egyptian royal court. At the age of 12 he was taken to live with the Egyptian royal family. (Troy, Athens and Thebes were founded during the days of Moses.) (1571 B.C.)
  • Cecrops, from Egypt, founded Athens. (1556 B.C.)
  • Thothmes III, The Great, became Pharoah of Egypt and reigned 40 years. As Egypt's greatest conqueror Thothmes III, became known as "The Egyptian Alexander." He adorned Egypt with magnificent temples and works of art and erected the New York Obelisk. "Egypt was at her climax, under Thothmes III. His conquests embraced the then known world of Arabia, Syria, Assyria, Babylonia, Phoenicia, Armenia, Asia Minor, the Isles of the Daniai (probably in the Archipelago), Cyprus, Ethiopia, Libya and Nubia." Dr. Birch.
  • Scamander founded the kingdom of Troy. Homer immortalized its history. (1546 B.C.)
  • Joshua, son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, was born. Joshua lived 110 years and became the leader of Israel after Moses' death. (1536 B.C.)
  • Moses escaped Egypt and settled in Midian. (Circa.1530 B.C.)
  • Moses and Zipporah married.
  • Aaron's sons, Nadab, Eleazar, Abihu and Ithamar were born.
  • Moses' sons Gershom and Elezer were born.
  • Amen-Hotep II became Pharoah of Egypt and reigned 31 years.
  • Amram died. (1509 B.C.)
  • The institution of the Areopagus was founded in Greece. (1504 B.C.)
DNA Found to Have "Impossible" Telepathic Properties
DNA has been found to have a bizarre ability to put itself together, even at a distance, when according to known science it shouldn't be able to. Explanation: None, at least not yet.
It is through the sciences that the secular will come to know the Face of God~
~ Maimonides

6.0 in Taiwan

Seismologists study desert earthquake ‘swarm’

The Beatles
9 minutes of random I Me Mine meandering & mumbling
from the cutting room floor

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