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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Missing Links: Eyes to See?

Peter Gabriel
In Your Eyes

OIC: Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance and compassion
With the multiplicity of terrorist attacks perpetrated recently by deviant and fanatic individuals, the General Secretariat of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has noticed a tendency of a section of the media, to interpose the word "Islam" in reporting these incidences.
Who you gonna believe, Tovarich Dhimmi? Your own eyes, or the peaceful, tolerant, compassionate General Secretariat of the OIC?

OIC dispatches a joint mission to the Union of Comoros

WTF is the Union of Comoros anyway, and why send a "delegation"?
The "Union of the Comoros" is the only state in Africa to be a member of the African Union, Francophonie, Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Arab League, and Indian Ocean Commission, among other international organizations. However, it has had a troubled history since independence in 1975, marked by an inordinate number of coups d'état.

Rwanda now messing with the Congo too

Zimbabwe Declares Cholera Emergency

Iran studying long-term presence in Africa

EU Unveils 'Partnership' With Former Soviet Neighbors

EU calls for deeper ties with ex-Soviet states

NATO just says NO (again) to the Ukraine & Georgia

NATO Chief Defends Opening to Russia

Russia Claims Victory After NATO Delays

Russia to send warship through Panama Canal

Russia to buy out mortgages from banks

Russia heavily investing in nanotech

Hudson Scholar Faces 2nd Trial in Russia for Illegal "Extremist Writings"

Gazprom to prepare feasibility study on 'pre-Caspian' gas pipeline

Kazakhstan offers its oil to "anyone who wants it"

EU to push for Caspian gas line

Turkey agrees on need for body to champion Nabucco pipeline

TALKING about the global financial crisis can land you two years in jail in Latvia, under a new law that has seen a musician and economist arrested for wondering if their bank deposits are safe.

Candidate Wins Seat In Romania's Parliament With 34 Votes

The repressive regime in Belarus may be prepared to allow publishing of private newspapers which were forced underground three years ago after openly opposing the government

UK: Catholic Leaders Want Muslim Prayer Rooms In Each School
I am starting to think maybe the Crusaders really did go Muslim & worship Baphomet....

Homeland Security to be Headed by Advocate of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Naturally the thing to do to secure our borders is to leave them wide open, you morons. Who you gonna believe, Tovarich Dhimmi? Your own eyes, or the peaceful, tolerant, compassionate Advocate of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Lawsuit contesting Obama citizenship continues

Slew of Warnings on Nuclear, Biological Terrorism

Chevron may sell some refineries as demand, margins shrink
To who?

Goldman taps former head of NY Fed for chairman

Goldman Sachs mulling online bank

Goldman Sachs Plans New Funding For Drug Research
Consume. Obey. Sleep. Fuck. Eat. Spend. Watch TV. SLEEP.

NYT: Only by sacrificing American sovereignty to the GlowBall Oneness can we be saved
Consume. Obey. Sleep. Fuck. Eat. Spend. Watch TV. SLEEP.

Everyone's Favorite Crazy Uncle Says: End the Fed Now

Conservative Episcopalians Vote to Create Alternative Branch

JAMAICA: Soufriere Hills Volcano erupts

Montserrat volcano erupts, fires in former capital

Megathrust earthquake could hit Asia 'at any time'

6.1 in northern Japan

The Guess Who
These Eyes

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