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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Missing Links vs Whirling Hate & the Dervishes

Judas Priest
Turning Circles

STEYN: Mumbai could happen just about anywhere

India Says: Mumbai attack in part a CONSEQUENCE of "the war of terror"

But what angered Mr D'Souza almost as much were the masses of armed police hiding in the area who simply refused to shoot back. "There were armed policemen hiding all around the station but none of them did anything," he said. "At one point, I ran up to them and told them to use their weapons. I said, 'Shoot them, they're sitting ducks!' but they just didn't shoot back."
Whirling Dervishes of Hate

20,000 Muslims attack a church in Cairo

Suicide Kings: Beverly Hills synagouge to hold "interfaith dialogue" with 9/11 hijacker mosque and Al Qaeda spokesman mentor

Kuwait’s Government Resigns

Jordan to join Middle East nuclear mix

New Guinea has given up one of its darkest secrets - the systematic slaughter of every male baby born Oh my, how very ............. BIBLICAL

Speaking of Biblical ~ MARCEL:
The Yoke Around Israel's Neck

Melanie Phillips on Israel's destruction

The UN's obsession with demonizing Israel

Pirates Must Be Blown Out of the Water

Over 3,000 Dead From Cholera in Zimbabwe

A new Russian computer game called "Confrontation -- Peace Enforcement," which simulates a new war between Russia and Georgia, is due to appear in shops in December. In the game, NATO member Poland supports an effort by Tbilisi to take back the breakaway South Ossetia region, while Ukraine blockades Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. Russia then launches an attack on Georgia in response.

Human Rights Watch Says Ossetian Militias 'Running Wild'

On 12/4, Vladimir Putin will answer all your questions

Like clockwork, when the frosts and first snows arrive in Ukraine, Gazprom starts talking about Ukraine's gas debts. The debts become veiled threats, then the veil slowly comes off and the Russians turn the gas off. As they once did in 2006, terrifying Europe more so than Ukrainians, who somehow always manage to find ways of keeping warm

Claims of Secret Arms Sales Rattle Ukraine’s Leaders

I find this headline hysterical:
Putin's Intentions Debated After Shift on 4-Year Term
Ya...OK... g'head ~ debate the obvious, we have nothing better to do

Russia to complete Iranian Nuclear Plant in 2009

Russia, Venezuela Formalize Joint Naval Operations

Medvedev and Chavez in nuclear deal

The Coming Oil Shock

Corridors of Power: The G-20, Future Energy, and the IMF

"The Americans didn't appreciate Nicolas Sarkozy's explanation that the summit was being held [in the United States] because that was where the crisis originated"

A Fistful of Euros - A Realignment is Coming

Ahmadinejad: "Iran ready to help in drawing up justice-based economic system"

Goldman Sachs Wins NY State Approval for Banking License

Banks Hoarding Cash

(Belarus) Lukashenka: Best Friends With Bill Clinton
Belarus is considered the last open dictatorship in Europe, BTW

Communist Manifesto Bingo

Doublespeak and American Socialism

Obama Asks Gates To Stay On As U.S. Defense Secretary
NATURALLY. Do you begin to understand yet?

"From ME" (Obama redefines change)

Two earthquakes rattle remote Alaska

The Return of the Gay Penguins

Batman pronounced dead

Billy Preston on the Midnight Special ~ 1973
Will It Go Round in Circles

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